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Summon Merulina, a rideable creature of the waves, and the inspiration for K-Driving. Merulina protects Yareli by absorbing a large portion of incoming damage.

Introduced in Update 30.5 (2021-07-06)

Strength: N/A
Duration: N/A
Range: N/A
Misc:4 s initial invuln. time
Secondary only restriction
Ragdoll immunity
Stagger & knockdown resistance
1.5 s dismount invuln. time

Strength: 3,000 / 4,500 / 6,000 / 7,500 HP health pool
Duration: N/A
Range: N/A
Misc:90% damage redirection
∞ duration
18 m/s move speed
21 m/s boost speed
3 m jump height
12 m double jump height
1.25 s jump charge time
17 m charged jump height
10 m dash distance
1,000 DmgImpactSmall64 Impact damage on landing
5 DmgImpactSmall64 Impact damage on slam shockwave
2 m slam shockwave radius


  • Yareli expends EnergyOrb25 energy to summon her faithful aquatic creature from the watery depths and rides aboard Merulina after it emerges. Upon activation, the board is Invulnerable for 4 seconds, during this time all incoming damage it takes is added to its total health. While riding Merulina, Yareli switches her combat and movement controls to K-Drive controls; aboard her transport, Yareli unholsters and only wields her equipped secondary weapon, becomes immune to Ragdoll b Ragdoll and resists RollingDroneAvatar Stagger and Knockdown b Knockdown from most sources. Yareli may manually dismount from Merulina for 0 energy cost by pressing the ability key again (default 2 ), press or hold and release the quick melee attack key (default E ), or hold and release the interact key (default X ) to despawn it and switch back to normal Warframe controls.
    • Yareli is Invulnerable for 1.5 seconds when dismounting manually or on Merulina's destruction.
    • She is immune to K-Drive ragdoll effects from dismounting Merulina, does not eject off from failing K-Drive board grabs and flips, nor from strong impact collisions with the environment and obstacles.
    • She will resist self-stagger effects inflicted by her equipped area-of-effect secondary weapons, as well as knockdown effects from enemies such as Grineer Heavy Gunner, Shield Lancer, Scorpion, Corpus Shockwave MOA, Laser Barrier, Infested Ancients, and Arson Eximus units.
    • Merulina is immune to the slowing effect of a Hobbled Dragon Key.
    • She is able to collect Pickups such as orbs and ammo.
    • She is able to use selective Gear items such as equipping the Codex Scanner or deploying Team Bonus Consumables.
    • She can also initiate interaction (default X ) with some entities and Objects such as opening doors and lockers, using elevators, picking up/inserting a datamass, picking up Ayatan Star/Sculptures and Granum Crown, Hacking consoles, activating Survival Life Support Capsules, etc.
      • Attempting to revive an ally in Bleedout forces Yareli to dismount when the interact key is pressed.
      • Interacting with objects requires Reload with Context Action Input enabled otherwise you will dismount.
    • She is able to perform Transference while aboard Merulina. This will not cause her to dismount.
  • Merulina is Yareli's personal deployable vehicle that possesses unique attributes and K-Drive maneuvers:

  • Merulina has a base Health pool of AbilityStrengthBuff3,000 / 4,500 / 6,000 / 7,500 Flesh and 50 Ferrite Armor that protects Yareli by redirecting 90% of all incoming damage from Yareli to Merulina's health. The ability lasts indefinitely until its health pool fully depletes, or Yareli dismounts or falls out of bounds. Upon destruction, Merulina prevents the damage from the last lethal hit from spilling over to Yareli's hitpoints.
    • Merulina's health pool is not affected by Damage Reduction from abilities and mods such as Mod TT 20px Total Eclipse and Mod TT 20px Adaptation.
      • However, Adaptation stacks can still be accumulated while riding Merulina.
      • Merulina benefits from armor from Azure Archon Shards, but not other sources.
    • Merulina cannot be healed by conventional means, such as picking up Health Orbs and triggering Arcane Enhancement effects.
    • While active, Merulina's health indicator is displayed above Yareli's ability icons. The UI element consists of Merulina's animated portrait on the left, the current numeric total of remaining health points on the right, and a health bar at the bottom that drains from left to right.
  • Merulina's hidden K-Drive stats include:
    • Move Speed of 18 meters per second and Boost Speed of 21 meters per second
    • Jump Height of 3 meters and Double Jump Height of 12 meters.
    • Jump Charge Time of 1.25 seconds and Charged Jump Height of 17 meters.
  • Merulina is not affected by K-Drive mods, including those equipped on a custom-built K-Drive in Yareli's Vehicle tab in the Arsenal screen.
  • Merulina gradually loses a percentage of health per second when Yareli is within an ability nullifying sphere created by special enemies, such as the Nullifier Crewman.
  • Merulina's colors can be customized via its own Appearance tab in the Arsenal screen, once the ability is unlocked on Yareli at Warframe Rank 3.
    • Energy colors on Merulina will instead match the chosen selections in Yareli's Appearance tab.
  • Merulina visually appears as an Infested aquatic creature with physical characteristics commonly found in real world stingrays (flat body with flaps and tail), Portuguese man o' war (translucent membranes, multiple stingers), and crustaceans (spiked chitinous carapace). The creature's frontal beak, fin flaps, and tails use cloth and jiggle physics, allowing them to sway along to Yareli's movement. The bioluminescent central cavity holds flowing liquid in motion that glistens and shimmers to the light.
    • Merulina produces liquid splashes and bubbles beneath its belly as it moves and lands on surfaces.
    • Merulina audibly makes chirping and gurgling creature sounds while Yareli is riding on it and performing K-Drive tricks.

  • K-Drive trick scores earned with Merulina yield Ventkids Standing in any mission.
  • While riding Merulina, Yareli can holster away her secondary weapon by pressing the switch weapon key (default F ) to enable her to perform more K-Drive tricks such as board grabs (default LMB ) and flips (default RMB ).
  • Yareli and Merulina will dash toward the input direction for a distance of 10 meters when performing a dodge maneuver:
    • Merulina's dash can be used on the ground, while in midair, and during casting animations to quickly reposition and break free from falling.
    • Each dash triggers a short cooldown before another can be performed.
  • Action PC PSN Xbox NSW
    Dash Tap LShift Tap L1 /LB Tap LB Tap L
    • When moving at cruising or boosted speed (default hold LShift ) with enough momentum, Yareli aboard Merulina can slide through some environmental barriers such as small railings, and surf on top of Defense Objects such as the Warframe Cryopod and Excavator.
    • Merulina can ollie and double jump (default Spacebar  x2) to reach greater heights than Warframes' jumping.
      • Double jump can be performed after a charged jump (default hold and release Spacebar ).
    • Landing directly on top of an enemy from any height with Merulina inflicts 1,000 DmgImpactSmall64 Impact damage and knockdown.
    • Performing a K-Drive slam shockwave (default while in midair, tap + tap and hold down LCtrl ) causes Yareli to dive toward the ground, emitting a 2 meter expanding shockwave on landing that inflicts 5 DmgImpactSmall64 Impact damage with a status chance to all enemies inside, causing guaranteed heavy knockdown and knockback away from the impact point.
    • Merulina is able to surf on some allied summoned objects, such as FrostIcon272 Frost's SnowGlobe130xWhite Snow Globe.

    • Ability Synergy:
      • Merulina's innate K-Drive drifting momentum helps activate and sustain Yareli's Critical Flow passive.
      • Yareli performs her other abilities' casting animations without stopping her movement while aboard Merulina.
      • SeaSnares130xWhite Sea Snares' casting animation is faster while aboard Merulina.
      • Mod TT 20px Surging Blades costs 0 energy to cast while aboard Merulina.
    • Cannot be cast if spacing around Yareli is obstructed. Merulina will self-destruct if Yareli attempts to mount it while she is standing in an out-of-bounds zone, usually below the playable area of a mission such as the pillar protrusions in the Simulacrum.
    • Mounting and dismounting from Merulina are full-body animations that carry forth Yareli's momentum while stopping other actions.
    • Yareli visually leaps gleefully into the air as she spins counterclockwise, summoning Merulina beneath her as they land onto the ground with a splash.
      • When performing a moving dismount from Merulina, Yareli hops off spinning clockwise and lands several meters away, while creating a splashing wave for Merulina to dive forward back into the abyss.
    • When dashing with Merulina, various animations play for Yareli depending on the input direction:
      • Without moving, she twirls clockwise as she lands back onto Merulina's back.
      • While moving, she holds onto Merulina as they launch forward, flipping upside down and returning upright similar to a Bullet Jump.
      • While moving backward, she recoils raising both her hands up with open palms.
    • Subsumed abilities injected into Yareli via the Helminth system can not be cast while aboard Merulina.
      • Developers noted that due to the amount of new custom animations required for this to function properly, this interaction will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future.


    Main article: Loyal Merulina

    Loyal Merulina is a Warframe Augment Mod for YareliIcon272 Yareli that disables riding Merulina130xWhite Merulina in exchange for it to shoot SeaSnares130xWhite Sea Snares at enemies as it follows her. Loyal Merulina

    Main article: Merulina Guardian

    Merulina Guardian is a Warframe Augment Mod for YareliIcon272 Yareli's Merulina130xWhite Merulina that causes enemies killed while affected by SeaSnares130xWhite Sea Snares to heal Merulina and grant increased Reload Speed and Fire Rate to secondaries for a duration.

    Merulina Guardian

    Tips & Tricks

    • While Yareli herself is rather fragile, Merulina vastly improves her survivability. Deploying her during a fight, even when standing still, makes Yareli deceptively durable.
      • Bringing a secondary weapon with good crowd control and not dependent on accuracy, such as Atomos Atomos and her signature Kompressa Kompressa, can compensate for the disabled primary and melee capabilities while riding Merulina.
      • Akarius Akarius is also a viable sidearm while riding Merulina due to its homing ability, its reload speed increase while moving, and because Yareli can resist knockbacks from explosions while riding.
    • Riding Merulina counts in Nightwave challenges involving K-Drives, though she should take down enemies with her equipped secondary weapon and not with her abilities.
    • Unlike most sources of healing, BloodAltar130xWhite Blood Altar will work with Merulina, providing healing even over the initial total health
    • On mouse and keyboard, steering on Merulina with mouse is much more precise than using movement keys.


    • Gameplay
      • Cannot trigger ArcanePulse Arcane Pulse while aboard Merulina.
      • Yareli can fall through a moving elevator while riding on Merulina.
      • Yareli on Merulina can be slowed down by bumping her head on doorframes in older Tile Sets such as Corpus Outpost and Grineer Galleon as she moves through them at any speed.
      • Yareli's Critical Flow passive does not activate when falling from heights aboard Merulina, while it works when Yareli is on foot.
      • Yareli aboard Merulina is incapable of picking up Resurgence Tokens in Arbitrations and Index Points in The Index without crouching.
      • Yareli aboard Merulina is able to stand on FrostIcon272 Frost's SnowGlobe130xWhite Snow Globe.
      • Performing a mercy finisher while on Merulina will occasionally completely disable the ability to shoot, reload, or use abilities until her secondary weapon is swapped off of for a few seconds.
      • In rare instances on the Corpus Ship tileset, dismounting Merulina close enough to the ceiling of some hallways can cause Yareli to be placed out of bounds.
      • Yareli aboard Merulina counts as separate unit.
        • Any affinity gained while on Merulina is shared to yourself as if an ally killed the enemy.
        • Damage numbers from procs or other delayed attacks that would have been dealt while on Merulina disappear after dismounting.
    • Menus
      • When customizing Merulina's Appearance via the Arsenal, it does not appear properly on screen when Yareli is in Captura or Relay hubs, including Cetus, Fortuna and Necralisk.
      • Merulina can sometimes be seen leveling up and accumulating Affinity at the end of mission summary screen.
    • Visuals
      • Playing as client, Yareli does not play an animation when picking up an object such as datamass or excavator power core.
        • Activating Life Support Capsules and hacking a console will trigger the latest ability cast's animation.
      • Yareli on Merulina inside LimboIcon272 Limbo's Rift Plane does not show the Rift overlay effect on the player's screen.


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