A 50-hit Combo Counter with a 3.0x Damage Multiplier

Each successful consecutive melee hit against enemies within a short period of time will start a combo counter that appears above the weapon UI, which tracks how many hits have been performed or how many instances of damage have been blocked. Once a certain number of consecutive hits or successful blocks have been made, a damage multiplier will be displayed. This multiplier does not increase normal melee attack damage, it only applies to Heavy Attacks and partially towards certain melee-based Warframe abilities.

Stacking ComboEdit

Depending on the particular stance/weapon, some hits in a combo may add more than 1 point to the combo counter. That is, while a single strike with a blade may add only 1 point per hit, a single strike with another weapon, or a different combo with the same weapon, may add 2, 3, 4, etc. points per hit to the combo counter instead. Point gain is determined by the damage multiplier a hit in a combo has, i.e. a weapon with a 200% damage multiplier will add two points to the combo counter.

Combo DurationEdit

Melee Combo resets after this time. Refresh the timer by adding to the Combo Count with melee hits or blocks.

—In-game Description
The combo counter resets if no enemies are hit after 5 seconds, which is represented by a grey horizontal bar below the combo counter. The combo counter duration can be increased up to either 39 seconds with Mod TT 20pxBody Count, Mod TT 20pxDrifting ContactMod TT 20pxGladiator Rush, and Mod TT 20pxSwift Momentum (57 seconds with 4x Mod TT 20pxSwift Momentums) or to 75 seconds if the Aura Mods used in addition are 1x Mod TT 20pxSwift Momentum (used on yourself) and 3x Mod TT 20pxMelee Guidance (used from squadmates). AshIcon272 Ash and the Furax Furax family can increase this number to 88 seconds when used with Mod TT 20pxRising Storm and Mod TT 20pxAmalgam Furax Body Count. Further increases are only possible with Riven Mods (7.2 to 8.8s × disposition). The only weapon with infinite combo duration is the​ Xoris Xoris​.

With the Power Spike passive from the Naramon School, the Melee Combo Counter decays by 20 / 15 / 10 / 5 every reset, instead of depleting completely. Whenever the counter goes below a multiplier threshold, it decreases the multiplier to the new value. At max rank without combo counter duration mods, it takes 220 seconds, or 44 reset ticks, to fully deplete. Combo duration mods greatly increase this time, as they apply to every reset tick. Replenishing the counter works the same as without the passive.

Combo MultiplierEdit

The Bonus Damage Multiplier starts at 2.0x after 20 consecutive hits. The multiplier is increased by +1.0x every consecutive 20 hits until 220 consecutive hits have been made, at which point the bonus damage multiplier will cap at 12.0x. VenkaPrime Venka Prime has a passive ability that allows it to reach 240 consecutive hits though, making it the only weapon capable of a 13.0x multiplier.

View table of the values of damage multiplier List
Combo Counter Bonus Tier Heavy Attack Multiplier Base Damage Multiplier (Certain Warframe abilities) Minimum Consecutive
Hits Required
0 1.0x 1.0x 0
1 2.0x 1.25x 20
2 3.0x 1.5x 40
3 4.0x 1.75x 60
4 5.0x 2.0x 80
5 6.0x 2.25x 100
6 7.0x 2.5x 120
7 8.0x 2.75x 140
8 9.0x 3.0x 160
9 10.0x 3.25x 180
10 11.0x 3.5x 200
11 12.0x 3.75x 220
(only with VenkaPrime Venka Prime)
13.0x 4.0x 240
  • Certain Warframe abilities benefit from and contribute to the Melee Combo Counter, albeit at a reduced damage multiplier, allowing them to further enhance their damage as the Combo Counter increases. The following are the list of abilities that use the Combo Counter:
  • Despite its name, the Combo Counter should not be confused with the Combos performed using Stance Mods. The Combo Counter will count all melee attacks performed while equipping Melee weapons, including stealth attacks.
  • Melee hits against objects, like Storage Containers, do not count towards the Combo Counter.
  • A negative combo counter duration prevents the combo counter from increasing beyond 0.

Combo EfficiencyEdit

Unmodded, 100% of the current combo counter is consumed per heavy attack. Mods such as Mod TT 20pxFocus Energy offset this cost, leaving a portion of the combo counter after a heavy attack. For example, Focus Energy will decrease the number of combo points consumed by 40%, meaning only 60% of the combo counter will be spent after each heavy attack. This effect is capped at 90%, so even with both Mod TT 20pxFocus Energy and Mod TT 20pxReflex Coil 10% of the combo counter will still be consumed upon a heavy attack. When modded for positive melee combo efficiency, performing heavy attacks without hitting any enemies will reset your combo duration, allowing players to keep their combo indefinitely, albeit losing some combo in the process. Some Riven Mods give Combo efficiency (65.4% to 80% × disposition)

The Focus School FocusLensZenurik b Zenurik includes the Way Inner Might that increases melee combo efficiency by up to 60%, thus allowing a Tenno to reduce the Mod requirement for maximum melee combo efficiency.

Initial ComboEdit

By default, the initial combo is 0, and increasing it will change the minimum value that the combo can be at. Mod TT 20pxCorrupt Charge at rank max gives 30 Initial Combo, Mod TT 20pxCovert Lethality give 16s, some Riven Mods give Initial combo (21.8 to 26.7 × disposition), and PrimeFragor Fragor Prime and the WraithFurax Furax Wraith have 30 Initial Combo. It allows these weapons to use only Heavy Attack and still have a combo multiplier.

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