Medi-Pet Kit is a companion Index mod that provides health regeneration and an increase in bleedout timer to Kubrow, Kavat and MOA companions.


Rank Health Regen Bleedout Reduction Cost
0 +1/s +12% 4
1 +2/s +24% 5
2 +3/s +36% 6
3 +4/s +48% 7
4 +5/s +60% 8
5 +6/s +72% 9


  • Unlike Mod TT 20pxLoyal Companion, this mod provides a flat reduction in the bleedout timer, rather than acting as a bleedout link.
  • Stacks with all other bleedout reduction mods.
  • When used by itself, bleedout timers for companions can be in excess of one minute. When used in conjunction with other bleedout reduction mods or effects, it can become even longer.
  • Heals only the companion it is equipped on, and does not bestow health regeneration on a Warframe.


  • When fusing, the bleedout reduction increase is displayed in red, which makes the stat look detrimental when it is not.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update: The Index Preview
  • Introduced via The Index event.
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