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Mecha Pulse is a set mod that grants bonus armor when killing a marked enemy.


Rank Bonus Armor Duration Radius Cost
0 +15% 5s 7.5m 6
1 +30% 10s 15m 7
2 +45% 15s 22.5m 8
3 +60% 20s 30m 9

Set Bonus[]

This mod is part of a set, whose set bonus increases with each additional mod equipped from that set.

Mecha Set: Your Companion marks a target every X seconds for X seconds. Killing the marked target spreads any status effects on the target to all other nearby enemies within X meters.

Mods Equipped Cooldown Mark Duration Spread Range
1 60s 3s 7.5m
2 45s 6s 15m
3 30s 9s 22.5m
4 15s 12s 30m


  • This mod's effect applies based on who killed the marked enemy, with companions passing the effect onto their owner. Accordingly, if an ally or a specter kills the marked enemy, they will get the armor bonus instead of you.
    • The Operator can also get and benefit from the armor bonus.
    • Killing a marked enemy while still under the effect of Mecha Pulse will override the current armor bonus with the new armor bonus.
  • The range of this mod is based on the killing ally's location, and not the location of the marked enemy. Despite this, it will always grant a minimum of +60% armor, even if there are no enemies within its range.
    • Due to this, despite the similar range to the set effect, it cannot be used to estimate how many enemies were affected unless you specifically were directly adjacent to the marked enemy when you killed it.
  • If your Kubrow is equipped with Link Armor, the bonus armor will benefit it as well.
  • Must have a Kubrow companion equipped to make use of the set bonus.
  • The marked enemy will display a blue Mecha Set icon above its head.
  • Additive to the bonus from Steel Fiber.


  • If an ally has Mecha Pulse equipped at a lower rank, it may override the armor bonus from a higher-ranked Mecha Pulse with its weaker effect, regardless of which marked enemy was killed.

Patch History[]

Hotfix 29.0.5 (2020-08-28)

  • Fixed a script error related to Kubrow’s Marking an enemy with the Mecha Mod set, the Kubrow dying, then somebody else killing the enemy while they are still marked.

Update 24.1 (2018-11-22)

  • Updated the Mecha Mod descriptions to include that to achieve the ‘Marked Enemies’ mechanic you must have a Kubrow equipped.

Hotfix 24.0.10 (2018-11-21)

  • Fixed Mecha Mods not transferring Damage-over-time Status Effects to other enemies, resulting in no damage dealt.
  • Fixed Mecha Pulse Mod having lower (incorrect) buff values in-game than what is shown in the Mod/Arsenal UI.

Update 24.0 (2018-11-08)

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Update 24.1 (2018-11-22)