Mastery Rank

Mastery Ranking, commonly abbreviated as MR, is a method of tracking how much of the game's total content a player has experienced with points earned by ranking up Warframes, Weapons, Companions, K-Drives, Necramechs, and Archwings with Affinity; successfully completing Junctions and nodes on the Star Chart; and ranking up Intrinsics.

In-game, every rank after MR30 is called a Legendary (L) and or Legendary Rank (LR).

Players can view their own Mastery Progress and Rank by hovering the cursor over their Avatar on the top left corner of the UI. The profiles and Mastery progress of the player and other squad members can also be viewed by clicking "Profile" under their equipment tab. These details of other players in chat or in communications can be viewed by selecting their name and clicking "Profile."

Increasing Mastery Rank

Mastery Points

To increase Mastery Rank, a player must earn Mastery Points through the following methods:

  • Ranking Weapons, Kitgun Chambers, Zaw Strikes, Amp Prisms, Sentinel weapons, and Archwing weapons will earn 100 mastery points for each rank gained up to Rank 30 for a total of 3,000.
    • Kitguns, Zaws, and Amps must be ranked up to 30, gilded at their respective vendors, then ranked up again to award mastery points.
    • The Paracesis Paracesis, all Kuva weapons, and all Tenet weapons can exceed Rank 30 by 2 ranks per polarization by Forma and will continue to grant mastery points for each additional level until they reach Rank 40 at 5 Forma, totaling 4,000 mastery.
  • Ranking Warframes, Companions, Archwings, K-Drives, the Plexus, and Necramechs will earn 200 mastery points for each rank gained up to Rank 30 for a total of 6,000, or 8,000 for a Necramech that has been polarized 5 times.
    • MOAs, Predasites, and Vulpaphylas must be ranked up to 30, gilded at their respective vendors, then ranked up again to award mastery points.
      • K-Drives, despite their modular nature, do not require gilding to be able to award mastery points.
    • Necramechs can exceed Rank 30 by 2 ranks per polarization by Forma and will continue to grant 200 mastery points for each additional level until they reach Rank 40 at 5 Forma.
  • A total of 190 Forma is required to fully rank up all Necramechs, Kuva/Tenet Weapons, and the Paracesis.
  • Clearing the main objective of any Mission node for the first time and extracting will grant a predetermined number of mastery points (Map progress can be viewed in the general stats in the profile menu).
  • Victory against the opponent specter in a Junction grants 1,000 mastery points.
  • Each rank of a Railjack's and Drifter's Intrinsics grants 1,500 mastery points.

Take note that each individual equipment will only grant its mastery points once per variant; polarization or selling a Rank 30 equipment and then purchasing & reusing it will not grant mastery points again, including in the event that a copy of already max-ranked equipment is obtained and used. If equipment below max rank are sold, then purchased and reused, only the ranks previously not gained will grant mastery points.

Variants of original equipment count as a different equipment for mastery ranking; MK1, Prime, Syndicate, Vandal, Wraith, Prisma, Dex, Kuva, Tenet, the MaraDetron Mara Detron, the CetiLacera Ceti Lacera, and the CarminePenta Carmine Penta. For example, Braton Braton, Braton MK1-Braton, BratonVandal Braton Vandal, and BratonPrime Braton Prime are all considered different weapons, each with their own set of mastery points, with a total of 12,000 mastery points for fully ranking all four weapons. The same goes for different breeds of same-species Companion such as Chesa Kubrow, Raksa Kubrow, and Helminth Charger. Completing missions in The Steel Path also awards mastery that is separate from normal missions and Junctions.

Excess mastery points are not lost if a player reaches the amount required to advance a rank – these will automatically fill the next mastery bar, displayed only once the player has succeeded on the rank-up test.

Mastery Rank Tests


Mastery Test prompt with option to practice

In order to be promoted to the next Mastery Rank, a player must pass a test for each progressive rank they are trying to achieve. Mastery tests can only be accessed in solo play. Each test is different and usually harder between ranks.

When a player becomes eligible for their next Mastery Rank they will be alerted and be given the option to proceed to the test immediately or wait. If the player chooses to wait they can access the test by simply hovering over their profile icon and selecting the "Rank Up" option later. The player's next Mastery Rank test will also be available for practice and, if eligible, for rank up in Cephalon Simaris' Relay room, alongside the player's past completed Mastery Rank tests.

There is a 24-hour lapse in between consecutive attempts, whether having failed and to retake the current test or having succeeded previously and to qualify for the next rank.

It is recommended players go along the right aisle of the Cephalon Simaris room in most relays to practice for the current test beforehand. Outside of practice mode, inability to complete a test due to forfeiting or disconnection will consume the allowed attempt for the current day.

Players are also able to redo previous tests along the Cephalon's aisle. Players will be able to access all the tests previously passed, as well as the one for the next level.

The Operator cannot be used for Mastery Rank tests at 23 and below.

Tests for Rank 1-10

Exterminate Test (Primary)
This test requires players to exterminate three waves of enemies with their primary weapon.

The player starts in the center of a room encircled by eight pillars. From here they must eliminate 3, 5 and 8 enemies within 1:00, 2:00 and 3:00 for each wave respectively.

Exterminate Test (Secondary)
This test requires players to eliminate three waves of enemies with their secondary weapon.

The player starts in the center of a room encircled by eight pillars. From here they must eliminate 8, 12 and 16 enemies within 0:45, 1:00 and 1:15 for each wave respectively.

Exterminate Test (Melee)
This test requires players to eliminate three waves of enemies with their melee weapon.

The player starts in the center of a room encircled by four pillars. From here they must eliminate 5, 7 and 9 enemies within 0:45, 1:00 and 1:15 for each wave respectively.

Survival Test
This test requires players to endure an unlimited onslaught of Infested for a given period of time.

The player starts in the center of a room surrounded by several walls and platforms. From here they must survive for 1:30.

  • Leaving the center will relocate players to starting center instead.
  • Stealth skills can be used to complete the test without issue.

Terminal Hacking Test
This test requires players to hack six terminals within a time limit of 1:45.

The player starts in the center encircled by terminals. From here they must hack three Grineer terminals and three Corpus terminals to pass the test.

  • Failed hacks do not automatically fail the test, so long as they are completed before time limit ends.
  • You may use Ciphers, despite the test's purpose.

Target Tracking Test
This test requires players to track targets quickly and accurately with their primary weapon.

The player starts the test standing on a brightly lit circular platform in a dark room encircled with metallic spheres. The metallic spheres will act as targets during the test. The player's camera will be turned toward the first target at the beginning of each round. The sphere that is currently the target will glow red. Once the player shoots the first target, lines will connect unlit spheres in succession before stopping at another glowing red target. The player must follow the lines to find the new target to be shot. This process will repeat itself until the test has ended.

  • Upon missing the white sphere, the original red sphere will be voided, reverting into a normal sphere. A new red sphere will appear elsewhere, thus it is better to take your time aiming rather than attempting to rush your aim.
  • If you take too long to hit the sphere, the test will move on to a new target. A 100% success rate is not necessary to pass the test, so again, take your time.
  • Any accurate weapon with a large magazine size (to avoid wasted time reloading) will do nicely. Shotguns are also a viable option since the test counts one shot per round, not per pellets.

Timed Exterminate Test
This test requires players to eliminate three waves of enemies within 1:00.

The player starts in the center of a white room with pillars circling the center. Grineer, Corpus, and Infested units will spawn in waves and must be dispatched of before time ends.


Movement Test
This test requires players to jump across several platforms, with a varying distance between each one. Shooting the red orbs that appear spawns the next platform. Players have three tries to complete the test; any fall from the platforms counts as a try.
  • This test is not timed, so give yourself some time to gauge each distance before you jump.
  • Using advanced movement maneuvers (Bullet Jump, Double Jump, Wall Dash and Aim Glide) is necessary. If you have no experience with them, expect to have to try the test in practice mode (at Larunda Relay, Mercury, with Cephalon Simaris) several times. Note: bullet-jumping from a crouch rather than a slide makes this trial MUCH easier.
  • You are limited to your secondary weapon for this test, so make sure to bring one with at least some range (and not, say, Atomos), or you might have trouble reaching the spheres.
  1. First red orb: Bullet-jump to the platform. Remember to look up, not at the platform, while doing so, to jump higher.
  2. Second red orb: Double-jump to the first platform, then bullet-jump to the second.
  3. Third red orb: Bullet-jump to the platform.
  4. Fourth red orb: Bullet-jump towards the wall, then wall-jump up it to land on the platform at its top. Jump to the next platform.
  5. Fifth red orb: Bullet-jump towards the nearest, lower platform, again looking up. Then at the apex of your jump, aim-glide towards the platform in order to be able to reach it. Once landed, bullet-jump up to the final platform marked with a bright arrow.

Stealth Test

This test requires players to make use of cover and track enemy movements in order to assassinate targets without being detected using their equipped melee weapon only.

Players start in a room equipped with only their melee weapon. They make their way through three stages with increasing numbers of enemies and increasingly complexity patrol routes. Successful elimination of all enemies in a stage will unlock the next one.

Players are allowed three tries. Alerting an enemy counts as a try and will reset the stage. Falling off a platform does not count as a try. Also, there is no time limit.

At any point in time each enemy will be in one of 4 alert states: "Calm", "Investigative", "Suspicious" and "Alerted".

  • "Calm" is the default state all enemies start in. They will be slowly patrolling along their predefined patrol routes, speaking random phrases in their language. They can be killed with a stealth finisher while in this state.
  • "Investigative" is the state an enemy enters when they briefly see the player for a split second. E.g. showing to an enemy from behind the pillar then quickly hiding back in is what could cause this state to be activated from "Calm". They will pronounce a suspicion phrase that sounds like a question, and alter their patrol course to start moving to the point where they saw the player. The test does not yet fail if an enemy enters this state.
  • "Suspicious" is when they see the player for longer still than what is required to enter "Investigative" state. E.g. falling off the platform in front of an enemy is an example of what could cause them to enter this state from "Calm". They will pronounce a suspicion phrase, then simply stop dead in their tracks and wait for a few seconds. In this state they cannot be killed with a stealth finisher. If they don't see a player within several seconds, they will fall back into "Calm" state and continue patrolling. The test does not yet fail if an enemy enters this state, and in fact it is quite possible to kill a nearby enemy that is transitioning from "Calm" into "Suspicious" state without failing the test.
  • "Alerted", is the state an enemy in "Suspicious" state enters when they only glance momentarily at a player. The test instantly fails, even if you subsequently kill the enemy that entered this state.
  • Primary and secondary weapons, as well as abilities and companions, are disabled.
  • Ranged melee weapons like the Glaive Glaive or the Vastilok Vastilok can be used for taking out enemies from a safe distance.
    • Note that the other Gunblades are not silent and cannot be silenced with any mods, although Banshee's Passive Ability can counter this.
  • Skiajati Skiajati's passive can make the player go invisible on Finishers.
  • Enemies can see far ahead of them in a cone-shape that expands with more distance. The sounds of running, jumping and falling do not alert them. Swinging your weapon will not alert them either, except if they are in a close proximity.
  • Enemies are also very weak; one melee hit kills them.
  • Increasing field of view in the options helps in glancing around corners.
  • Mods that increase enemy radar (Mod TT 20px Enemy Radar, Mod TT 20px Enemy Sense, Mod TT 20px Vigilante Pursuit) are extremely useful. It is also useful to open the full map (default M ) immediately on starting the test.
  • Hitting ESC  will pause the test, which is very useful when following a video walkthrough.
  • First stage: Three enemies. Kill the immobile enemy whose back is turned. Wait until one of the other two is hidden behind the pillars and the other has his back turned; run up to and kill that one. Then jump to the top of a pillar; the enemy can't see you there and you can jump down and kill him from behind at your leisure.
  • Second stage: Four enemies, two at ground level and two on an elevated walkway. Run towards one of the pillars closest to you and jump up it; the lower two can't see you and you can jump down to kill them whenever it's convenient. Then move below the walkway, keeping the other two in view; they can't see you standing below them, so you can jump up behind them and kill them whenever they are far away from each other.
  • Third stage: Six enemies, three in the courtyard enclosed by pillars nearer to you, and three towards the back. First, kill the nearer three: As soon as they appear, run towards the closest pillar on either side and hide. Wait until you are out of line of sight and kill the three enemies one at a time whenever convenient. Then, kill the two in the far corners: Move towards them, hiding behind pillars, and kill them when their back is turned. Finally, watch the last one on his small platform: when his back is turned, jump carefully up behind him and kill him.

Disappearing Platform Test
This test requires players to eliminate targets at range while maneuvering on platforms in a 3x3 grid that will permanently disappear after a few seconds of standing on them.

The player will spawn in on a normal platform and the test will begin once you enter the grid area. You must kill all enemies spawning periodically atop five elevated platforms which line the far end of the grid. Once the player steps on a platform it will begin flashing increasing in speed until it disappears 8 seconds later.

Players have three chances to complete the test. Falling from the tileset counts as a try.

  • The number of targets is always 15, or, approximately, 1.6 per platform.
  • It is recommended to go on all the edge platforms then use the one in the very middle to make use of all platforms and provide additional time.
  • There are invisible walls preventing players from accessing the elevated platforms.
  • Using TitaniaIcon272 Titania's Razorwing130xWhite Razorwing form can make this test trivial.
  • Using a Continuous Hit-Scan weapon, such as the Quanta Quanta can make hitting targets easier.
  • Using the Ignis Ignis can make the test inconsequential; as without having to aim precisely, you are free to focus on ensuring you have a safe platform to stand on. Mod TT 20px Sinister Reach is suggested for this approach, but not required.
  • It is possible to stand on a tiny protrusion on one of the enemy platforms removing the urgency to maneuver the disappearing platforms.

Tests for Rank 11-20

Time Trial Test
This test requires players to make their way through an obstacle course while shooting red orbs to increase the amount of time they have to finish the course. Each orb adds 5 seconds of time.
  • Fast moving frames such as VoltIcon272 Volt or LokiIcon272 Loki are very handy for this test as speed can significantly ease completion.
  • Using ZephyrIcon272 Zephyr's TailWind130xWhite Tail Wind can make it possible to reach the end of the test without the need to go through the entire course. Especially the maze towards the end as she can go over the walls.
  • Be sure to bring hitscan weapons as well, as some orbs move. At one point, you will take a hovering platform slowly up, during which moving orbs will appear. It is critical to shoot these as the time it takes for you to reach the top may run your time out.
    • Using the Ignis Ignis with Mod TT 20px Firestorm is an easy way to hit all the orbs without much focus.
    • Using the Phage Phage without focusing the beam-lasers is another easy way to hit the orbs.
  • When attempting to complete the challenge, it is best to keep moving in the case that you miss an orb. Stopping to shoot the orb can result in you basically using the time you just gained.
  • Using TitaniaIcon272 Titania's Razorwing130xWhite Razorwing allows the player to fly through the test.

Carousel Test
This test requires players to eliminate enemies while being aware of their surroundings.

Players start on a platform facing a carousel-like structure with two disks connected with a large pillar at their centers. Between the disks are a set of lasers which separate the quadrants of the disks and slowly rotate around the disks, essentially circling the "carousel".

The object of the test is to reach the carousel, eliminate 16 enemies spawning on the outer disk, all while avoiding the moving lasers.

  • The lasers move at about walking speed, and position can be judged by the set in front of the player.
  • The lasers heavily damage shields, but the player is permitted to use revives available to them if they die.
    • RhinoIcon272 Rhino's IronSkin130xWhite Iron Skin can prevent this instant kill.
    • IvaraIcon272 Ivara's Prowl130xWhite Prowl with Mod TT 20px Infiltrate augment can be used to easily pass this test, as players will be able to walk through lasers unharmed and will still be able to kill enemies on the outer ring.
    • LimboIcon272 Limbo's Rift Walk can be used to pass through the lasers unharmed.
    • Using TitaniaIcon272 Titania's Razorwing130xWhite Razorwing allows the player to fly above most of the lasers and towards the enemies, killing them easily.
    • WukongIcon272 Wukong's CloudWalker130xWhite Cloud Walker ability allows you to pass through the lasers unharmed. His passive 5 masteries of death can also allow you extra revives.
  • A relatively accurate weapon is recommended, as the enemies are at mid to long range.
  • Sentinels with DethMachineRifle Deth Machine Rifle or Stinger Stinger can help with eliminating targets.
  • Ballistica Ballistica, its burst fire producing a projectile "fan" when mobile, makes this test trivial.

Advanced Disappearing Platform Test
This test requires players to eliminate enemies while remaining extremely mobile.

Players start facing a number of platforms surrounded by walls which can be run across. Once the player touches a platform, it begins to flash increasingly rapidly and will disappear after a few seconds. The platforms are arranged with one in each corner, and three stacked vertically in the center.

Players have three tries to eliminate all enemies on surrounding platforms. Each fall counts as a try and returns all previously exhausted platforms.

Companions cannot be used in this test.

  • The number of targets is always 16, or, approximately, 2.3 per platform.
  • Plan the order by which you will use the platforms, to avoid getting stuck in a corner.
  • Utilize Power Wall Climbing to stand on top of walls and shoot enemies easier above disappearing platforms.
  • MesaIcon272 Mesa can use her Peacemaker130xWhite Peacemaker ability to take this test.
  • TitaniaIcon272 Titania can use her Razorwing130xWhite Razorwing ability to hover above the platforms, and ignore the mechanic. Since you only start with 50 energy in the test, using either a Squad Energy Restore or Mod TT 20px Preparation is suggested.
  • Similarly ZephyrIcon272 Zephyr can use her charged TailWind130xWhite Tail Wind ability to hover, delaying the need to move to the next platform.
  • Using the Akarius Akarius makes this test extremely inconsequential, since the homing rockets fired out of the gun explode upon hitting the ground and deal splash damage.

Advanced Exterminate Test
This test requires players to eliminate three waves of enemies of levels 15-20.

The player starts on the first level of a tower with multiple cover points and must eliminate targets until they are warped to the next level. There are three waves with Grineer, Infested, and Corpus units respectively.

  • Be careful of the gaps in the level.
  • Transference and Companions (except Venari) are disabled, so try to use a well-rounded loadout.
  • It appears that there is no time limit.
  • Enemy numbers: 10 Grineer, 20 Infested (including both crawlers and ospreys), 15 Corpus.


Warframe - Mastery Rank 15 Test

Interception Test
This test requires players to capture and hold points in an Interception mission.
  • Some targets may not be standing on the same Interception point or are being blocked by consoles. Punch through will be of some use mitigating this issue.
  • Vauban can use his Tether or Bastille to hold enemies in place to prevent them from capturing points.


Warframe - Mastery Rank 16 Test

Defense Test
This test requires players to defend a Cryopod for 3 waves of level 25 to 30 Corpus.
  • Wave 1: 8 enemies; Wave 2: 12 enemies; Wave 3: 16 enemies


Warframe - Mastery Rank 17 Test

Advanced Timed Exterminate Test
This test requires the player to kill 30 Infested targets within a short time limit. Players can melee attack orbs that spawn to add extra time.
  • Taking WukongIcon272 Wukong and using CelestialTwin130xWhite Celestial Twin can make the test fairly simple by having the twin use your primary weapon to kill the enemies while you use your melee to hit the orbs as they spawn.
  • There will be a sphere that upon destruction will grant the player +7 seconds. It can only be harmed with melee.
    • Thrown melee weapons like Glaive Glaive, Kestrel Kestrel and Halikar Halikar don't deal any damage to the spheres when thrown.
    • Spin attack of TelosBoltace Telos Boltace can destroy the spheres. As the spheres have object-based health, line of sight is not required to damage them.
    • The charge attacks from Redeemer Redeemer and Sarpa Sarpa cannot harm the spheres.


Warframe - Mastery Rank 18 Test

Advanced Defense Test
This test requires the player to defend a Cryopod for 5 waves of level 25 to 30 Corpus.
  • Enemies per wave – Wave 1: 8; Wave 2: 12; Wave 3: 16; Wave 4: 18; Wave 5: 20.


Warframe - Mastery Rank 19 Test

Stealth Rescue Test
This test requires the player to destroy six orbs without being detected by the 12 patrolling Grineer Lancers, and then escort a rescue target to the extraction point.
  • The player gets three attempts to complete the test without detection, after which the test will fail.
  • Primary and Secondary weapons are restricted, you only have access to your Melee weapon.
  • Active warframe abilities are disabled, however passive abilities (such as BansheeIcon272 Banshee's Hush) remain in effect.
  • Glaives are ideal for taking out enemies from a safe distance.
    • Mod TT 20px Whirlwind increases the throw range of glaives, letting you kill the enemies without being close enough to be seen.
  • The Heavy Attacks of Gunblades create noise and cannot be silenced with any mods, although Banshee's Passive Ability can counter this.
    • Bug: After falling off the map the Gunblade may become unusable, and players can no longer aim glide. The only complete solution is to retake the trial since even failing the attempt in progress doesn't fix the issue. Workaround: assuming one managed to kill all the enemies beforehand, or at least the majority, it is possible to destroy an orb using jump kicks. One has to take a good running start, aim at the orb, run, bullet jump and press and hold crouch (CTRL ) while in the air until the orb is hit. This may not destroy it at first so it might take a few attempts. Moreover, the orb sometimes explodes spontaneously soon after hitting it.
  • As of Update 28.0 (2020-06-11), equipment and gear items are disabled during the test.
  • IvaraIcon272 Ivara's passive as well as mods such as Mod TT 20px Enemy Radar, Mod TT 20px Enemy Sense and Mod TT 20px Vigilante Pursuit will allow you to see enemies on the minimap, making locating and avoiding them easier. Using Mod TT 20px Rush, Mod TT 20px Armored Agility, and Mod TT 20px Speed Drift will allow you to sneak up on enemies quicker, and Mod TT 20px Coaction Drift will increase the Mod TT 20px Enemy Radar further.
  • Wisp's passive invisibility during jumps and aim-glide works very well with aim-glide mods and enemy radar. Jumping continually, landing behind and melee attack clears the map easily.
  • RaktaDarkDagger Rakta Dark Dagger will help you sneak up on the enemies, as this weapon reduces enemy visibility. You will need to ensure that it can damage the enemies quick enough or you will be detected.
  • Using the Skiajati Skiajati can trivialize the test, because its unique ability (five seconds of invisibility on Finisher attacks) functions during the test.
  • The best approach is to ignore the orbs and first observe the enemies' patrol patterns and eliminate them one by one. Once all enemies are down, get all the orbs, then get the rescue target. Most importantly DO NOT RUSH the test - a slow and methodical approach makes this test much simpler.
  • Open Mission Progress with (ESC } > View Mission Progress, or TAB ) to see how many Grineer enemies have been killed so far. There is a total of 12 Grineer enemies in the test, and they never respawn once killed.
  • In Practice mode there are up to ~20 enemies, instead of 12.


Warframe - Mastery Rank 20 Test

Archwing Time Trial Test
This test requires the player to fly between two platforms in Archwing mode before the timer runs out. There is a series of rings between the two platforms that grant additional time of 2 seconds when flown through. The player starts out with 10 seconds.
  • Your Warframe's Mod TT 20px Sprint Boost aura mod and max or nearly max Mod TT 20px Hyperion Thrusters will make quick work of this mission. You should also sprint (with toggle on) and immediately go for afterburners, and use blink between the rings.
    • Using Blink will NOT take you through the rings, and thus will NOT add additional time.
  • Naturally, take Itzal into this mastery test to grant you an upper edge on the challenge thanks to its higher base speed.
    • If you are not very well oriented with the maximum velocity of the Archwing, consider taking slower Archwing such as Odonata or Elytron to retain more control. You do not need to collect every ring, just make it to the platform at the end of the course.

Tests for Rank 21-30


Warframe - Mastery Rank 21 Test

Timed Exterminate Test
This test requires the player to kill 35 enemies before the timer runs out. The player must destroy several orbs with their melee weapon to extend the timer, which spawn in random locations around the map.
  • The timer starts at 20 seconds, and each orb adds 15 seconds to the timer.
  • A total of 8 orbs will spawn, after which the player will be unable to further increase the remaining time.
  • Ranged melee weapons, such as the Glaive Glaive and ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur's ExaltedBlade130xWhite Exalted Blade can be used to destroy the orbs from a distance.
  • The map is very vertical, and thus an agile loadout is preferred. Consider bringing a Bullet Jump mod to help travel between platforms.
  • Utilizing a Warframe with AoE abilities such as AshIcon272 Ash, EmberIcon272 Ember, and SarynIcon272 Saryn, will allow the player to eliminate enemies with minimal effort.


Warframe - Mastery Rank 22 Test

This test consists of three rounds requiring the player to kill 12 / 18 / 24 Executioners (level 40). The player is given 3 respawns before the mission will fail. Executioners will spawn in pairs, a maximum of 6 simultaneously. The first round has a speed boost modifier, the second round has a health drain modifier (drains 100 health periodically until you have 3 health, killing enemies restores all health) and the third round has a scaling enemies modifier. Falling out of the map uses one respawn.
  • Falling off the arena counts as a death. Take extra precautions to avoid the edge of the platforms or being knocked over them.
  • As gear use is not allowed, it is advisable to equip Mod TT 20px Energy Siphon, Mod TT 20px Streamline, or Mod TT 20px Fleeting Expertise for energy regen/ability efficiency.
  • AshIcon272 Ash's BladeStorm130xWhite Blade Storm can make quick work of the Executioners.
  • Mod TT 20px Rapid Resilience is recommended to help counter enemy DmgColdSmall64 Cold procs.
  • Ammo is not replenished between rounds; bring ammo efficient weapons.
  • There are ammo, health, and energy spawns scattered around the map; energy is marked on the map with a blue circle, ammo and health have no markers.
  • Loki trivializes this test. Put on Vitality to minimize accidental death in the second round due to health drain.


Warframe - Mastery Rank 23 Test

Mobile Point Capture Test
This test requires the player to capture 6 mobile control points before the timer runs out by standing within a radius as they move along set paths. Various types of Grineer enemies will spawn throughout the map, attacking the player as they capture the points. Capture progress will quickly decay while the player is outside of the white radius. The point will gradually turn green and then stop moving upon reaching 100%.
  • The player has 5 minutes to capture all 6 control points, with no way to increase the remaining time.
  • The points can move very fast along certain paths, making it particularly difficult to aim at the surrounding enemies. Therefore, area-of-effect weapons and abilities are highly recommended.
  • Control of an incomplete point will rapidly decay if it is not actively being captured.
  • Area-of-effect crowd control abilities can trivialize the test if modded for sufficient range and duration.
  • Some of the control points move much faster than base movement speeds. Equipping max rank Mod TT 20px Rush, Mod TT 20px Armored Agility, and Mod TT 20px Sprint Boost together grants enough speed for most Warframes to keep up with all but the fastest points with little effort.
  • There are no sources of energy outside of enemy drops, so Mod TT 20px Energy Siphon, Mod TT 20px Rage and/or Mod TT 20px Hunter Adrenaline, and high Ability Efficiency are recommended.
  • A high-duration LokiIcon272 Loki is ideal as it will allow players to ignore incoming damage by utilizing Invisibility130xWhite Invisibility.
  • LimboIcon272 Limbo trivializes this test. Using Rift Walk at the beginning of the test, Limbo can remain in the Rift Plane indefinitely, effectively becoming immune to all damage for the duration of the test at no cost.
  • An alternative way to make this test bearable would be to utilize Warframes with abilities that can distract or divert the enemies' attention.
    • SarynIcon272 Saryn's Molt130xWhite Molt will divert enemy attacks while the speed boost allows her to catch up with the mobile control points. Equipping Mod TT 20px Regenerative Molt also lets Saryn heal up, further increasing her survivability.
    • RevenantIcon272 Revenant's Enthrall130xWhite Enthrall can take command of some of the enemies without needing to pause in order to cast it, creating a diversion as the enemies fight amongst themselves while providing ample time to focus on capturing mobile control points.


Warframe - Mastery Rank 24 Test

Operator Test
This test requires the player to use their Operator to destroy an orb in the center of a small arena, while being attacked by Infested Brood Mothers. The player is given 3 respawns before the mission will fail.
  • Jumping off the platform doess not kill the player.
  • The player has 3 minutes to destroy the orb, with no way to increase the remaining time.
  • The Operator is stripped of their Amp, and thus must carefully choose between using energy for Void Sling, Void Mode, or Void Beam.
    • In the past dying during the test allowed the player to use their equipped amp, but this is no longer possible.
  • Despite how short the obstacles on the arena appear, they cannot be stood on, even using Void Sling.
  • The orb's size and hitbox shrink as it takes more damage.
    • If the player dies - this does not refresh the orb's hit points, giving an opportunity to finish it off after respawning.
    • However orb's hit points will regenerate over time if it stops taking damage for a while.
  • There are two respawning energy orbs on opposite sides of the arena. Use these to your advantage.
  • Falling off the platform will not kill the Operator, but it is still recommended to be careful, as reappearing on the platform can trigger the heavy landing animation and leave them open to attack.
  • Void Mode will detach Maggots, though it will not kill them and they and can leap back onto the player at will, lifespans excepting.
  • Void Sling is effective for evading Maggots, and will also remove any Maggots attached to the Operator. Dashing through enemies will replenish a little energy as well as damage them.
    • Dashing towards the Brood Mothers to knock them off platforms also provides time to concentrate on the orb.
  • MagusLockdown Magus Lockdown can help to paralyse enemies for a short duration.
  • Brood Mothers can be killed, but more will spawn to replace them as the test progresses. There will never be more than two Brood Mothers at one time, excepting bugs/glitches.


Warframe - Mastery Rank 25 Test

Deployable Archwing Exterminate Test
This test requires the player to use an Archwing deployed by the Archwing Launcher to traverse a multitude of floating platforms, killing 50 enemies before the timer runs out. The player can extend the remaining time by melee attacking the orbs that spawn on these platforms.
  • The timer starts at 28 seconds, and each orb destroyed will increase it by 20, up to a maximum of 29 seconds.
  • Each platform contains a respawning Archwing that can be used to travel to another platform once it has been cleared.
  • Blink maneuver can be used to traverse between platforms extremely quickly.
  • TitaniaIcon272 Titania is ideal for this test, as Razorwing130xWhite Razorwing allows her to traverse the platforms without an Archwing and she can freely use the Diwata Diwata without exiting the ability.
  • Enemies falling off the platforms do not count as kills; as such, Crowd Dispersion or melee weapons with high knockback may be undesirable.
    • It is possible to complete the test without using any Archwing maneuvers as shown here


Warframe - Mastery Rank 26 Test

Advanced Mobile Point Capture Test
This test requires the player to capture 6 mobile control points within 5 minutes by standing within a radius as they move along set paths, while under constant fire from the Grineer. Capture progress will quickly decay while the player is outside of the white radius. The point will gradually turn green and then stop moving upon reaching 100%.
  • In contrast to the normal variant of this test:
    • The Grineer enemies here are relatively high leveled (level 41-46). It is recommended to bring a Warframe that can sustain itself under heavy gunfire, such as InarosIcon272 Inaros, RhinoIcon272 Rhino, NezhaIcon272 Nezha or NidusIcon272 Nidus.
    • The map in this test is much more vertical and open, increasing the overall heavy gunfire that must be endured.
    • You can use your Operator.
    • The mobile points move even faster, and they can move along a vertical path.
  • Much like the normal variant, the player has 5 minutes to capture all 6 control points, with no way to increase the remaining time.
  • There are no sources of energy outside of enemy drops, so Mod TT 20px Energy Siphon, high Ability Efficiency, Mod TT 20px Rage and/or Mod TT 20px Hunter Adrenaline, and Zenurik's FocusEnergizingDash Wellspring are recommended.
  • LimboIcon272 Limbo or LokiIcon272 Loki are ideal as they can ignore incoming damage by utilizing Rift Walk or Invisibility130xWhite Invisibility, respectively.
  • SarynIcon272 Saryn can also make the test easy, as her Molt130xWhite Molt will divert enemy attacks while the speed boost allows her to catch up with the mobile control points. Equipping Mod TT 20px Regenerative Molt also lets Saryn heal up, further increasing her survivability.
  • OctaviaIcon272 Octavia can also make the test easy, by slotting mods for efficiency and duration such that her MetronomeIcon Metronome can last for over 50s, giving Nocturne commensurate duration.


Warframe - Mastery Rank 27 Test

Index Banking Test
This test requires the player to collect 100 points and bank them within 5 minutes by moving around and grabbing points and banking them. The test will complete when the player has banked 100 points. Lvl25+ Grineer units will spawn during the mission, gradually increasing in level as time passes.
  • Unlike The Index, you have to activate the deposit point to manually bank points.
  • The map is very open to grab points using frames like TitaniaIcon272 Titania, ZephyrIcon272 Zephyr, or NovaIcon272 Nova to teleport around.
  • Using Zenurik Tree on your Operator with max bound "Void Flow" to dash around is a fast way to complete this test.
  • Orange orb locations are on the higher ground, worth 3 points each.
  • Blue orb locations are on the lower ground and between platforms, worth 1 point each.
  • Killing Grineer enemies marked with red color will drop an Orange orb worth 3 points.
  • Orbs respawn when the player banks them in for points.
  • It is possible to keep enemies at low level during the whole 5 minutes by not killing them. Making them less dangerous while the player is running around collecting points.
  • Orbs are affected by Mod TT 20px Vacuum and Mod TT 20px Fetch. Utilizing in combination with MagIcon272 Mag's Mod TT 20px Greedy Pull makes this test very easy.


Warframe - Mastery Rank 28 Test

Condensed Thermia Extermination Test
This test requires the player to eliminate 60 enemies within certain time limits. The enemies are initially invulnerable and colored in red, requiring the player to pick up canisters of Condensed Thermia, at most 7 of which will spawn on a schedule in 7 specific different locations throughout the map. The order of the 7 spawn locations is always the same. These canisters must be thrown at enemies (default: MMB ) to make them vulnerable, changing the enemy color from red to cyan. The first canister will spawn 5 seconds after the test starts, and each canister will expire 20 seconds after spawning in, with the expiration timer not stopping when the canister is picked up (however it is stopped once the player has thrown the canister and it is falling). Once a canister is thrown, the next one will spawn in 10 seconds (reduced to 5 seconds if the canister expires without being thrown). If 60 enemies are not killed within 15 seconds of throwing the 7th canister (or within 5 seconds of it expiring without being thrown) - the test will fail. This implies that the maximum possible time the test can run for is 3 minutes 40 seconds (but it will be shorter if canisters are thrown before their 20 second expiration timer, or if some canisters expire before being thrown). This test uses the canister throwing game mechanics first seen in the Exploiter Orb fight but adapted for extermination.
  • Because the maximum number of canisters is limited to 7 - it is recommended to throw the canisters into clusters of enemies to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Enemies need to be killed quickly after throwing a canister as the next canister will always spawn 10 seconds after the current one is thrown with the 20 second canister expiration timer immediately starting upon spawning in even if the player is still busy killing the enemies from the previous canister.
  • As the order of the 7 spawn location is always the same - memorising the order of canister spawn locations may be helpful in order to start moving closer towards the next canister spawn location a few seconds before a canister spawns in there.
  • Gear items (except vehicles such as Archwing or K-Drive) may be used for this test. Summoning an On Call Crew and commanding them to "Hold position" (default: X  while being close to the crew member) will cause the nearby enemies to attack the initially invulnerable crew member thus causing enemies to cluster in that spot (note that the crew member will become vulnerable to enemy damage if a canister is thrown closeby). Periodically dropping a Squad Energy Restore can help to supply energy for any warframe abilities needed.
  • Operator Void Slings are a great way to get to the Thermia canisters quickly, especially with MagusCadence Magus Cadence and FocusFarSling Far Sling, and the Operator can carry the canisters even while in void mode (but will drop it on transference in, although if the frame is holding holding a canister - this will continue to be held on transference out/in). TitaniaIcon272 Titania also works very well for rapidly reaching canisters with Razorwing130xWhite Razorwing (however if a canister is held - it will be dropped if Razorwing is activated).


Warframe - Mastery Rank 29 test

Advanced Timed Extermination Test
This test requires the player to eliminate 100 enemies, with enemy levels starting at 50 and ending at 110. The player is given a 14-second countdown timer to kill waves of enemies, each enemy kill resets the timer by 2 seconds. Every 10 enemies killed the test conditions get harder:
  • 10 enemies: enemy level +10
  • 20 enemies: enemy level +20
  • 30 enemies: enemy health +50%
  • 40 enemies: enemy level +30
  • 50 enemies: max timer -3s
  • 60 enemies: enemy level +40
  • 70 enemies: enemy armor +50%
  • 80 enemies: enemy level +50
  • 90 enemies: enemy level +60
If the player dies or runs out of time, they will start again from 0 kills, and have 3 attempts total to succeed.
  • MesaIcon272 Mesa's Peacemaker130xWhite Peacemaker, combined with some Energy Restores, can make this test trivial. Do not forget to use ShatterShield130xWhite Shatter Shield (with Mod TT 20px Staggering Shield recommended) beforehand to improve her survivability especially later in the test with higher level ranged enemies.
  • Strategically deployed near targeted ranged enemies, decoys by LokiIcon272 Loki and SarynIcon272 Saryn can both help draw fire from faraway ranged enemies and pull melee-type enemies closer for a faster kill.
    • Additionally, Loki's RadialDisarm130xWhite Radial Disarm will force ranged enemies to go in melee and close in, making them far easier to take out. It is not recommended to have Mod TT 20px Irradiating Disarm equipped, however, as enemies might chase down other enemies due to the DmgRadiationSmall64 Radiation proc.
  • Ammo is not restored between attempts; the relatively low number of enemies combined with their buffs will make ammo efficient weapons and/or Ammo Restore gear important.


Warframe - Mastery Rank 30 Test

Advanced Survival Test
This test requires the player to kill in each of 5 stages (or waves) a number of level 60-100 enemies (colored in cyan) from all different factions, then level 90-130 Arbitration Shield Drone together with 1-9 level 100-140 Eximus "bosses" (colored in red and highlighted with a globally visible red "target" icon), and finally interact with the Life Support Capsule (highlighted with a globally visible yellow "interact" icon) all while under Survival-style conditions (albeit with a much accelerated depletion timer and an instant failure upon depletion). After killing the bosses, the player must activate a single use Life Support Capsule to trigger the next stage - including one final capsule after killing stage 5 bosses to pass the test.
  • The test may be paused (default: Esc ).
  • Life support depletes at a rate of 1% every 0.66 seconds (which is therefore 2.25 times faster than every 1.5 seconds in regular Survival), and the test will instantly fail when this reaches 0%. It initially starts at 107%, which is therefore 71 seconds before the test fails, but can be replenished up to 100% (giving 66 seconds) in 2 ways:
    • Mobs will occasionally drop Life Support Modules when killed (highlighted with a globally visible yellow icon; these can be picked up either by walking over them, or by walking nearby with Mod TT 20px Vacuum/Mod TT 20px Fetch equipped on the Companion), extending the timer when picked up by 10% (i.e. by 6.6 seconds).
    • Each of the 5 end-of-stage single use life support capsules when activated increases timer by 35% (i.e. by 23.1 seconds).
  • In case the player gets killed during the test, they will simply respawn on the same spot, but will start again with 100 Warframe energy.
  • Being knocked off or jumping off a platform does not kill the character. This includes both the player, ordinary mobs and bosses - they will simply respawn shortly near their jumping off location.
  • Companions, Operator and most gear items (including Archguns) can be used during the test, but vehicles (such as Archwing, Necramech) and non-companion allies (such as Specters) - cannot.
  • Crowd control and Sprint Speed are both essential considerations for this test, as killed mobs drop crucial Life Support Modules that when picked up extend the test's timer.
    • Bring weapons that excel in crowd control such as Ignis Ignis, Atomos Atomos, KuvaNukor Kuva Nukor, and secondary-type Sporelacer Sporelacer (Primary).
    • Operator abilities as well as arcanes MagusLockdown Magus Lockdown and MagusAnomaly Magus Anomaly can help both cluster enemies together and do Area of Effect damage.
    • MesaIcon272 Mesa's Peacemaker130xWhite Peacemaker, with good Health and energy sources (Mod TT 20px Rage, Mod TT 20px Hunter Adrenaline, ProteaIcon272 Protea's Dispensary130xWhite Dispensary), can quickly dispose of mobs and most bosses, as long as they are not protected by the Arbitration Shield Drone, which is not targetable by the Regulator pistols and thus are needed to be taken down by traditional means. Equipping Mod TT 20px Mesa's Waltz is recommended to help circle around obstacles to take out hiding enemies.
    • ProteaIcon272 Protea's BlazeArtillery130xWhite Blaze Artillery and GrenadeFan130xWhite Grenade Fans are powerful crowd control abilities that will help eliminate mobs en masse.
    • SarynIcon272 Saryn's Spores130xWhite Spores, combined with high Ability Range and good Ability Strength, can make short work of surrounding mobs, while Molt130xWhite Molt can help her move faster.
    • Warframes built with high Ability Range and possessing abilities that pull enemies into a cluster (NidusIcon272 Nidus's Larva130xWhite Larva, VaubanIcon272 Vauban's Bastille130xWhite Bastille in Vortex mode, KhoraIcon272 Khora's Ensnare130xWhite Ensnare, MagIcon272 Mag's short-tap Magnetize130xWhite Magnetize, or YareliIcon272 Yareli's Riptide130xWhite Riptide), will also help deal with the mobs and make Life Support Module pickups more convenient to pick up. Be aware of your energy reserves, however, as Parasitic Eximus units will spawn during this test.
    • GarudaIcon272 Garuda infused with Gloom130xWhite Gloom can trivialize this test, as enemies around her are significantly slowed and leaving them extremely vulnerable to attacks. This is markedly better when combined with Bloodletting130xWhite Bloodletting and high Ability Strength.
    • Companions join the player during the test. Bringing Nautilus with the Mod TT 20px Cordon precept clusters enemies together for an easier clear, and Mod TT 20px Vacuum can help collecting Life Support modules (just note that it makes harder to kill bosses as they will be randomly shifted about the map just as any other enemy, however on the balance the benefit of faster enemy kills seems to be more important).
  • The Nox at Stage 5 is arguably the toughest of all the bosses due to his higher stage 5 level, innate damage reduction while his glass cover is not broken, combined with his Steel Path modifications.
    • As of Update 30, knocking him off the platform will simply teleport somewhere nearby his knock-off location (it has been reported to have killed him in the past, but this is no longer the case).

Tests for Legendary 1-10


Warframe - Mastery Rank LR1 Test

Legendary Exterminate Test (Primary)
This test requires players to exterminate three waves of level 80-85 Terra Corpus with their primary weapon. All Warframe abilities and the Operator are disabled.

The player starts in the center of a room encircled by eight pillars. From here they must eliminate 15, 30 and 45 enemies within 1:00, 1:30 and 2:00 for each wave respectively.

  • Keep in mind that all humanoid Terra Corpus variants resist 75% of all DmgColdSmall64 Cold, DmgBlastSmall64 Blast, DmgMagneticSmall64 Magnetic, and DmgViralSmall64 Viral damage done to their health, so mod your primary weapon accordingly.
  • Reserve ammo is not consumed throughout the test.
  • Due to the high level of enemies and inability to use abilities, Warframes with high base tankiness or innate invisibility such as InarosIcon272 Inaros, NidusIcon272 Nidus, GrendelIcon272 Grendel and WispIcon272 Wisp are highly recommended to endure the fight.


Warframe - Mastery Rank LR2 Test

Legendary Exterminate Test (Secondary)
This test requires players to exterminate three waves of level 80-85 Tusk Grineer with their secondary weapon. All Warframe abilities and the Operator are disabled.

The player starts in the center of a room encircled by eight pillars. From here they must eliminate 10, 20 and 30 enemies within 1:00, 1:30 and 2:00 for each wave respectively.

  • Reserve ammo is not consumed throughout the test.
  • Due to the high level of enemies and inability to use abilities, Warframes with high base tankiness or innate invisibility such as InarosIcon272 Inaros, NidusIcon272 Nidus, GrendelIcon272 Grendel and WispIcon272 Wisp are highly recommended to endure the fight.
  • Due to the test using exclusively high-level Grineer enemies, modding for DmgCorrosiveSmall64 Corrosive and/or DmgFireSmall64 Heat damage is highly effective.

Legendary Exterminate Test (Melee)
This test requires players to exterminate three waves of level 80-85 Tusk Reavers, Terra Shockwave MOAs, and Tusk Heavy Gunners with their melee. All Warframe abilities and the Operator are disabled.

The player starts in the center of a room with four pillars, one in every cardinal direction. From here they must eliminate 10, 20 and 30 enemies within 1:00, 1:30 and 2:00 for each wave respectively.

  • Due to the high level of enemies and inability to use abilities, Warframes with high base tankiness or innate invisibility such as InarosIcon272 Inaros, NidusIcon272 Nidus, GrendelIcon272 Grendel and WispIcon272 Wisp are highly recommended to endure the fight.
  • Due to the test featuring largely high-level Grineer enemies, modding for DmgCorrosiveSmall64 Corrosive and/or DmgFireSmall64 Heat damage is highly effective.

Legendary Survival Test
This test requires players to endure an unlimited onslaught of level 100 Deimos Infested for 2 minutes.
  • Stealth skills, including the Operator's Void Mode, can be used to complete the test without issue.

Using Limbo trivializes the test, requiring a single button press, Roll, then waiting 2 minutes.

Mastery Ranks Allocation

  • Experience needed for each level, up to MR 30, is calculated by the formula: 2,500 × (Rank2)
  • For Legendary ranks: 2,250,000 + (147,500 * Legendary rank #)
Rank Image Rank Name Rank Number Next Rank Requirement Total XP Required Test Note
None Unranked 0 2,500 0 None -
Initiate Initiate 1 7,500 2,500 Primary Test

Rank 1-3

SilverInitiate Silver Initiate 2 12,500 10,000 Sidearm Test Grineer
Rank 1-3
GoldInitiate Gold Initiate 3 17,500 22,500 Melee Test Grineer
Rank 1-3
Novice Novice 4 22,500 40,000 Survival Test Infested
Rank 12-15
SilverNovice Silver Novice 5 27,500 62,500 Terminal Hacking Test -
GoldNovice Gold Novice 6 32,500 90,000 Target Tracking Test -
MRDisciple Disciple 7 37,500 122,500 Timed Exterminate Test All Factions
Rank 10-15
SilverDisciple Silver Disciple 8 42,500 160,000 Wall Dash Test -
GoldDisciple Gold Disciple 9 47,500 202,500 Stealth Test Grineer
Rank 1
MRSeeker Seeker 10 52,500 250,000 Disappearing Platform Test Grineer
Rank 1
SilverSeeker Silver Seeker 11 57,500 302,500 Time Trial Test -
GoldSeeker Gold Seeker 12 62,500 360,000 Carousel Test Grineer
Rank 1
Hunter Hunter 13 67,500 422,500 Advanced Disappearing Platform Test Grineer
Rank 1
SilverHunter Silver Hunter 14 72,500 490,000 Advanced Exterminate Test All Factions
Rank 20-25
GoldHunter Gold Hunter 15 77,500 562,500 Interception Test

Three Towers
Rank 15-20

Eagle Eagle 16 82,500 640,000 Defense Test Corpus
3 Waves
SilverEagle Silver Eagle 17 87,500 722,500 Advanced Timed Exterminate Test Infested
35 Targets
GoldEagle Gold Eagle 18 92,500 810,000 Advanced Defense Test

5 Waves
Rank 27-30

Tiger Tiger 19 97,500 902,500 Stealth Rescue Test

Rank 15

SilverTiger Silver Tiger 20 102,500 1,000,000 Archwing Time Trial Test -
GoldTiger Gold Tiger 21 107,500 1,102,500 Timed Exterminate Test

Rank 26

MRDragon Dragon 22 112,500 1,210,000 Arena Test Grineer
Rank 40+
SilverDragon Silver Dragon 23 117,500 1,322,500 Mobile Point Capture Test Grineer
Rank 40
GoldDragon Gold Dragon 24 122,500 1,440,000 Operator Test Infested
Rank 15
Sage Sage 25 127,500 1,562,500 Deployable Archwing Exterminate Test Grineer
Rank 25
SilverSage Silver Sage 26 132,500 1,690,000 Advanced Mobile Point Capture Test Grineer
Rank 41-46
GoldSage Gold Sage 27 137,500 1,822,500 Index Banking Test Grineer
Rank 25+
Master Master 28 142,500 1,960,000 Condensed Thermia Extermination Test -
SilverMaster Middle Master 29 147,500 2,102,500 Advanced Timed Extermination Test All Factions
Rank 50-110
GoldMaster True Master 30 147,500 2,250,000 Advanced Survival Test All Factions
Rank31 Legendary 1 1 LegendaryIcon 147,500 2,397,500 Legendary Exterminate Test (Primary) Corpus
Rank 80-85
Rank32 Legendary 2 2 LegendaryIcon 147,500 2,545,000 Legendary Exterminate Test (Secondary) Grineer
Rank 80-85
Rank33 Legendary 3 3 LegendaryIcon 147,500 2,692,500 Legendary Exterminate Test (Melee) Grineer
Rank 80-85
Rank34 Legendary 4 4 LegendaryIcon 147,500 2,840,000 Legendary Survival Test Infestation
Rank 100
Mr affinity requirements chart

Total Mastery

Category Count Mastery
Last updated: Update 35.0 (2023-12-13) 
Warframes 101 606,000
Primaries 172 532,000
Secondaries 134 412,000
(including Zaws)
214 648,000
Kitguns 6 18,000
Normal Missions (nodes + Junctions) 254 (241 + 13) 27,519 (14519 + 13000)
The Steel Path (nodes + Junctions) 254 (241 + 13) 27,519 (14519 + 13000)
Railjack Intrinsics 5 75,000
Drifter Intrinsics 4 60,000
Sentinels 16 96,000
Sentinel Weapons 23 69,000
Robotic Weapons 20 60,000
Hound Weapons 3 9,000
Companions 25 150,000
Kubrows 6 36,000
Kavats 5 30,000
Predasites 3 18,000
Vulpaphylas 3 18,000
MOAs 4 24,000
Hounds 3 18,000
Plexus 1 6,000
Archwings 5 30,000
Archguns 19 59,000
Archmelees 8 24,000
Amps 9 27,000
K-Drives 5 30,000
Necramechs 2 16,000
Total 1256 2,907,038[?]
Minus Exclusives 1142 2,481,038[?]

Mastery Checklist

Main article: Mastery Rank/Checklist

Exclusive Mastery

This section is transcluded from Exclusive Mastery . To change it, please edit the transcluded page.

Most Mastery-rewarding items can be directly bought, built, or researched. However the following items had a limited distribution period or were removed from circulation entirely.

Acquisition: Events or Special Alerts

These items were once available from the Market but have since been removed. They cannot be traded, but may rarely appear as rewards for Events or Tactical Alerts.

Item Count Mastery
Snipetron Snipetron Primary 3,000
Total: 1 3,000

Acquisition: None

These items were part of the Founders Program, rewarding those who donated during the crucial early stages of the game. They cannot be traded and will never be offered again.

Item Count Mastery
Excalibur PrimeIcon272 Excalibur Prime Warframe 6,000
LatoPrime Lato Prime Secondary 3,000
SkanaPrime Skana Prime Melee 3,000
Total: 3 12,000

Acquisition: Wolf Beacon and Nightwave Offerings

WolfSledge Wolf Sledge is only obtainable by killing the Wolf of Saturn Six. He spawned during the Nightwave/Series 1 and can now only spawn with a Wolf Beacon. Vitrica Vitrica is only obtainable by killing Nihil after purchasing the Nihil's Oubliette decoration and the Enter Nihil's Oubliette Key.

Item Count Mastery
WolfSledge Wolf Sledge Melee 3,000
Vitrica Vitrica Melee 3,000
Total: 2 6,000

Acquisition: Events, Special Alerts, or Celebrations

These items can appear as rewards for Events, Tactical Alerts, or celebratory periods. Their parts and/or blueprints can be traded except for all Dex Weapons, both Plague Zaw Strikes, and the OpticorVandal Opticor Vandal.

Item Count Mastery
GorgonWraith Gorgon Wraith Primary 3,000
ImperatorVandal Imperator Vandal Arch-Gun 3,000
DexFuris Dex Furis Secondary 3,000
DexDakra Dex Dakra Melee 3,000
DexSybaris Dex Sybaris Primary 3,000
PlagueKeewar Plague Keewar Zaw Strike 3,000
PlagueKripath Plague Kripath Zaw Strike 3,000
OpticorVandal Opticor Vandal* Primary 3,000
Basmu Basmu Primary 3,000
CetiLacera Ceti Lacera Melee 3,000
Total: 10 30,000
* Opticor Vandal can also be purchased from Baro Ki'Teer, which has the only tradeable version

Acquisition: Purchase or Trade

These items can occasionally appear with Baro Ki'Teer's merchandise. Unranked weapons can be traded.

Item Count Mastery
MaraDetron Mara Detron Secondary 3,000
PrismaGorgon Prisma Gorgon Primary 3,000
PrismaLenz Prisma Lenz Primary 3,000
PrismaVeritux Prisma Veritux Arch-Melee 3,000
PrismaSkana Prisma Skana Melee 3,000
PrismaOhma Prisma Ohma Melee 3,000
PrismaGrakata Prisma Grakata Primary 3,000
PrismaDualCleavers Prisma Dual Cleavers Melee 3,000
ProvaVandal Prova Vandal Melee 3,000
MacheteWraith Machete Wraith Melee 3,000
PrismaTetra Prisma Tetra Primary 3,000
PrismaShade Prisma Shade Companion 6,000
PrismaBurstLaser Prisma Burst Laser* Robotic Weapon 3,000
QuantaVandal Quanta Vandal Primary 3,000
AklexPrime Aklex Prime Secondary 3,000
VulkarWraith Vulkar Wraith Primary 3,000
PrismaObex Prisma Obex Melee 3,000
PrismaAngstrum Prisma Angstrum Secondary 3,000
ViperWraith Viper Wraith Secondary 3,000
SupraVandal Supra Vandal Primary 3,000
PrismaTwinGremlins Prisma Twin Gremlins Secondary 3,000
AkvastoPrime Akvasto Prime Secondary 3,000
PrismaGrinlok Prisma Grinlok Primary 3,000
Zylok Zylok Secondary 3,000
GlaxionVandal Glaxion Vandal Primary 3,000
PrismaDualDecurions Prisma Dual Decurions Arch-Gun 3,000
HalikarWraith Halikar Wraith Melee 3,000
PrismaMachete Prisma Machete Melee 3,000
Vastilok Vastilok Melee 3,000
Vericres Vericres Melee 3,000
Total: 30 93,000
* Prisma Burst Laser is included with Prisma Shade when purchased from Baro, but the items are separate when traded with other players.
‡ Aklex Prime and Akvasto Prime cannot be purchased directly. Aklex Prime parts can be obtained through Axi A2 Relics, and Akvasto Prime parts can be obtained through Axi A5 Relics, both of which are exclusively sold by Baro Ki'Teer.

Acquisition: Daily Tribute system

These weapons are available from the daily tribute system at milestones 100, 300, 500 & 700

Item Count Mastery
Azima Azima Secondary 3,000
Zenistar Zenistar Melee 3,000
Zenith Zenith Primary 3,000
Sigma&Octantis Sigma & Octantis* Melee 3,000
Total: 4 12,000
* Sigma & Octantis will only be available from Day 300

Acquisition: Legacy Relics, Trade, or Prime Vault Access

Relics containing their parts have been placed in the Prime Vault, no longer appearing in drop tables. However their parts and relics can be traded or used normally. These items are available on a random rotating schedule through the Prime Resurgence system.

Item Count Mastery
Frost PrimeIcon272 Frost Prime Warframe 6,000
LatronPrime Latron Prime Primary 3,000
ReaperPrime Reaper Prime Melee 3,000
Mag PrimeIcon272 Mag Prime Warframe 6,000
BoarPrime Boar Prime Primary 3,000
DakraPrime Dakra Prime Melee 3,000
Ember PrimeIcon272 Ember Prime Warframe 6,000
SicarusPrime Sicarus Prime Secondary 3,000
GlaivePrime Glaive Prime Melee 3,000
Rhino PrimeIcon272 Rhino Prime Warframe 6,000
BoltorPrime Boltor Prime Primary 3,000
AnkyrosPrime Ankyros Prime Melee 3,000
Loki PrimeIcon272 Loki Prime Warframe 6,000
BoPrime Bo Prime Melee 3,000
WyrmPrime Wyrm Prime Companion 6,000
PrimeLaserRifle Prime Laser Rifle* Sentinel Weapon 3,000
Nova PrimeIcon272 Nova Prime Warframe 6,000
SomaPrime Soma Prime Primary 3,000
VastoPrime Vasto Prime Secondary 3,000
Volt PrimeIcon272 Volt Prime Warframe 6,000
OdonataPrime Odonata Prime Archwing 6,000
Ash PrimeIcon272 Ash Prime Warframe 6,000
VectisPrime Vectis Prime Primary 3,000
CarrierPrime Carrier Prime Companion 6,000
SweeperPrime Sweeper Prime Sentinel Weapon 3,000
Trinity PrimeIcon272 Trinity Prime Warframe 6,000
DualKamasPrime Dual Kamas Prime Melee 3,000
Vauban PrimeIcon272 Vauban Prime Warframe 6,000
AkstilettoPrime Akstiletto Prime Secondary 3,000
FragorPrime Fragor Prime Melee 3,000
Nekros PrimeIcon272 Nekros Prime Warframe 6,000
TigrisPrime Tigris Prime Primary 3,000
GalatinePrime Galatine Prime Melee 3,000
Banshee PrimeIcon272 Banshee Prime Warframe 6,000
EuphonaPrime Euphona Prime Secondary 3,000
HeliosPrime Helios Prime Companion 6,000
DeconstructorPrime Deconstructor Prime Sentinel Weapon 3,000
Oberon PrimeIcon272 Oberon Prime Warframe 6,000
SybarisPrime Sybaris Prime Primary 3,000
Silva&AegisPrime Silva & Aegis Prime Melee 3,000
Hydroid PrimeIcon272 Hydroid Prime Warframe 6,000
BallisticaPrime Ballistica Prime Secondary 3,000
NamiSkylaPrime Nami Skyla Prime Melee 3,000
Mirage PrimeIcon272 Mirage Prime Warframe 6,000
AkboltoPrime Akbolto Prime Secondary 3,000
KogakePrime Kogake Prime Melee 3,000
Zephyr PrimeIcon272 Zephyr Prime Warframe 6,000
TiberonPrime Tiberon Prime Primary 3,000
KronenPrime Kronen Prime Melee 3,000
Limbo PrimeIcon272 Limbo Prime Warframe 6,000
PyranaPrime Pyrana Prime Secondary 3,000
DestrezaPrime Destreza Prime Melee 3,000
Chroma PrimeIcon272 Chroma Prime Warframe 6,000
RubicoPrime Rubico Prime Primary 3,000
GramPrime Gram Prime Melee 3,000
MesaPrimeIcon272 Mesa Prime Warframe 6,000
AkjagaraPrime Akjagara Prime Secondary 3,000
RedeemerPrime Redeemer Prime Melee 3,000
EquinoxPrimeIcon Equinox Prime Warframe 6,000
StradavarPrime Stradavar Prime Primary 3,000
TipedoPrime Tipedo Prime Melee 3,000
Wukong PrimeIcon272 Wukong Prime Warframe 6,000
ZhugePrime Zhuge Prime Primary 3,000
NinkondiPrime Ninkondi Prime Melee 3,000
Atlas PrimeIcon272 Atlas Prime Warframe 6,000
TekkoPrime Tekko Prime Melee 3,000
DethcubePrime Dethcube Prime Companion 6,000
DethMachineRiflePrime Deth Machine Rifle Prime§ Sentinel Weapon 3,000
Ivara PrimeIcon272 Ivara Prime Warframe 6,000
BazaPrime Baza Prime Primary 3,000
AksomatiPrime Aksomati Prime Secondary 3,000
TitaniaPrimeIcon272 Titania Prime Warframe 6,000
CorinthPrime Corinth Prime Primary 3,000
PangolinPrime Pangolin Prime Melee 3,000
InarosPrimeIcon272 Inaros Prime Warframe 6,000
PantheraPrime Panthera Prime Primary 3,000
KarystPrime Karyst Prime Melee 3,000
NezhaPrimeIcon272 Nezha Prime Warframe 6,000
ZaktiPrime Zakti Prime Secondary 3,000
GuandaoPrime Guandao Prime Melee 3,000
Total: 80 333,000
* Prime Laser Rifle is included with Wyrm Prime and cannot be obtained separately.
† Sweeper Prime is included with Carrier Prime and cannot be obtained separately.
‡ Deconstructor Prime is included with Helios Prime and cannot be obtained separately.
§ Deth Machine Rifle Prime is included with Dethcube Prime and cannot be obtained separately.

Hidden Mastery

This section is transcluded from Hidden Mastery . To change it, please edit the transcluded page.

Some Mastery-rewarding items can be hidden on your profile until you rank the item to at least rank 1 or other exceptions.

Total count: 100 (+ 1 for Founders)
Hidden items:

Item Mastery Acquisition
Excalibur PrimeIcon272 Excalibur Prime 6,000 Founders Program
Excalibur UmbraIcon272 Excalibur Umbra 6,000 The Sacrifice quest
Total: 12,000

Total count: 178
Hidden items:

Item Mastery Acquisition
DeraVandal Dera Vandal 3,000 Invasion
DexSybaris Dex Sybaris 3,000 WARFRAME Anniversary (around March 27th)
GorgonWraith Gorgon Wraith 3,000 Razorback
KarakWraith Karak Wraith 3,000 Invasion
LatronWraith Latron Wraith 3,000 Invasion
Nataruk Nataruk 3,000 The New War quest
OpticorVandal Opticor Vandal 3,000 Thermia Fractures and Baro Ki'Teer
PrismaGorgon Prisma Gorgon 3,000 Baro Ki'Teer
PrismaLenz Prisma Lenz 3,000 Baro Ki'Teer
QuantaVandal Quanta Vandal 3,000 Baro Ki'Teer
Snipetron Snipetron 3,000 Operation: Plague Star and Star Days
SnipetronVandal Snipetron Vandal 3,000 Invasion
StrunWraith Strun Wraith 3,000 Invasion
Total: 39,000

Total count: 139 (+ 1 for Founders)
Hidden items:

Item Mastery Acquisition
LatoPrime Lato Prime 3,000 Founders Program
MaraDetron Mara Detron 3,000 Baro Ki'Teer
TwinVipersWraith Twin Vipers Wraith 3,000 Invasion
ViperWraith Viper Wraith 3,000 Baro Ki'Teer
Total: 12,000

Total count: 213 (+ 1 for Founders)
Hidden items:

Item Mastery Acquisition
DexDakra Dex Dakra 3,000 WARFRAME Anniversary (around March 27th)
Korumm Korumm 3,000 Bounty after The New War quest
MacheteWraith Machete Wraith 3,000 Baro Ki'Teer
Nepheri Nepheri 3,000 Bounty after The New War quest
Paracesis Paracesis 4,000 Chimera Prologue quest
PrismaOhma Prisma Ohma 3,000 Baro Ki'Teer
Sheev Sheev 3,000 Invasion
Skiajati Skiajati 3,000 The Sacrifice quest
SkanaPrime Skana Prime 3,000 Founders Program
Verdilac Verdilac 3,000 Bounty after The New War quest
Xoris Xoris 3,000 The Deadlock Protocol quest
Total: 34,000

Total count: 46
Hidden items:

Item Mastery Acquisition
Akaten Akaten 3,000 Hound from defeating a Sisters of Parvos
Batoten Batoten 3,000 Hound from defeating a Sisters of Parvos
Lacerten Lacerten 3,000 Hound from defeating a Sisters of Parvos
PrismaBurstLaser Prisma Burst Laser* 3,000 Baro Ki'Teer
PrismaShade Prisma Shade 6,000 Baro Ki'Teer
Total: 18,000
* Prisma Burst Laser is included with Prisma Shade when purchased from Baro, but the items are separate when traded with other players.

Total count: 15
Hidden items:

Item Mastery Acquisition
Venari Venari* 6,000 KhoraIcon272 Khora
VenariPrime Venari Prime* 6,000 KhoraPrimeIcon272 Khora Prime
Total: 12,000
* Venari and Venari Prime do not show up in the profile even if leveled up, but still provide mastery.

Total count: 13
Hidden items:

Item Mastery Acquisition
Plexus* 6,000 The Archwing
Total: 6,000
* Plexus is hidden from the profile until The Archwing is completed.

Total count: 0
Hidden items:

Item Mastery Acquisition
Total: 0

Total count: 0
Hidden items:

Item Mastery Acquisition
PrismaVeritux Prisma Veritux 3,000 Baro Ki'Teer
Total: 3,000

Total count: 9 (some players may see an additional "amp" that counts, but does not provide mastery points)
Hidden items:

  • All amps are hidden from anyone's profile until the viewing user has acquired an Amp.
Item Mastery Acquisition
Sirocco Sirocco 3,000 The New War quest
Total: 3,000

Mastery Rank Benefits

Higher Mastery Ranks grants several benefits. These include access to equipment and certain game content such as quests, and raises the cap of certain limiters such as mod capacity, Void Traces, Extractors, Focus, and Syndicate.

Equipment Unlock

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MR Warframe
0 AshIcon272 Ash (Ash PrimeIcon272 Prime) • AtlasIcon272 Atlas (Atlas PrimeIcon272 Prime) • BansheeIcon272 Banshee (Banshee PrimeIcon272 Prime) • BaruukIcon272 Baruuk (BaruukPrimeIcon272 Prime) • CalibanIcon CalibanChromaIcon272 Chroma (Chroma PrimeIcon272 Prime) • CitrineIcon272 CitrineDagathIcon272 DagathDanteIcon272 DanteEmberIcon272 Ember (Ember PrimeIcon272 Prime) • EquinoxIcon272 Equinox (EquinoxPrimeIcon Prime) • ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur (Excalibur UmbraIcon272 Umbra, Excalibur PrimeIcon272 Prime) • FrostIcon272 Frost (Frost PrimeIcon272 Prime) • GaraIcon272 Gara (GaraPrimeIcon Prime) • GarudaIcon272 Garuda (GarudaPrimeIcon Prime) • GaussIcon272 Gauss (GaussPrimeIcon272 Prime) • GrendelIcon272 Grendel (GrendelPrimeIcon272 Prime) • GyreIcon272 GyreHarrowIcon272 Harrow (HarrowPrimeIcon Prime) • HildrynIcon272 Hildryn (HildrynPrimeIcon272 Prime) • HydroidIcon272 Hydroid (Hydroid PrimeIcon272 Prime) • InarosIcon272 Inaros (InarosPrimeIcon272 Prime) • IvaraIcon272 Ivara (Ivara PrimeIcon272 Prime) • JadeIcon272 JadeKhoraIcon272 Khora (KhoraPrimeIcon272 Prime) • KullervoIcon272 KullervoLavosIcon272 LavosLimboIcon272 Limbo (Limbo PrimeIcon272 Prime) • LokiIcon272 Loki (Loki PrimeIcon272 Prime) • MagIcon272 Mag (Mag PrimeIcon272 Prime) • MesaIcon272 Mesa (MesaPrimeIcon272 Prime) • MirageIcon272 Mirage (Mirage PrimeIcon272 Prime) • NekrosIcon272 Nekros (Nekros PrimeIcon272 Prime) • NezhaIcon272 Nezha (NezhaPrimeIcon272 Prime) • NidusIcon272 Nidus (NidusPrimeIcon272 Prime) • NovaIcon272 Nova (Nova PrimeIcon272 Prime) • NyxIcon272 Nyx (Nyx PrimeIcon272 Prime) • OberonIcon272 Oberon (Oberon PrimeIcon272 Prime) • OctaviaIcon272 Octavia (OctaviaPrimeIcon64 Prime) • ProteaIcon272 Protea (ProteaPrimeIcon272 Prime) • QorvexIcon272 QorvexRevenantIcon272 Revenant (RevenantPrimeIcon272 Prime) • RhinoIcon272 Rhino (Rhino PrimeIcon272 Prime) • SarynIcon272 Saryn (Saryn PrimeIcon272 Prime) • SevagothIcon272 SevagothStyanaxIcon272 StyanaxTitaniaIcon272 Titania (TitaniaPrimeIcon272 Prime) • TrinityIcon272 Trinity (Trinity PrimeIcon272 Prime) • ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr (Valkyr PrimeIcon272 Prime) • VaubanIcon272 Vauban (Vauban PrimeIcon272 Prime) • VoltIcon272 Volt (Volt PrimeIcon272 Prime) • VorunaIcon272 VorunaWispIcon272 Wisp (WispPrimeIcon272 Prime) • WukongIcon272 Wukong (Wukong PrimeIcon272 Prime) • XakuIcon272 XakuYareliIcon272 YareliZephyrIcon272 Zephyr (Zephyr PrimeIcon272 Prime)

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MR Primary
0 Braton Braton (Braton MK1) • Burston BurstonCatchmoon Catchmoon (Primary)Gaze Gaze (Primary)Hind HindLatron LatronNataruk NatarukParis Paris (Paris MK1) • Rattleguts Rattleguts (Primary)Snipetron SnipetronSporelacer Sporelacer (Primary)Strun MK1-StrunTombfinger Tombfinger (Primary)Vermisplicer Vermisplicer (Primary) • All Kitguns
1 Karak KarakStrun Strun
2 Boar BoarBoltor BoltorMutalistQuanta Mutalist QuantaVectis Vectis
3 Gorgon GorgonTetra TetraVulkar Vulkar
4 BratonVandal Braton VandalDera DeraHek HekQuanta QuantaPrismaTetra Prisma TetraTorid Torid
5 Drakgoon DrakgoonDread DreadGrakata GrakataIgnis IgnisKohm KohmSimulor SimulorSnipetronVandal Snipetron VandalSybaris SybarisTonkor Tonkor
6 Cernos CernosCinta CintaFluxRifle Flux RifleMiter MiterPenta Penta (CarminePenta Carmine) • Rubico RubicoScourge ScourgeSoma Soma
7 Argonak ArgonakAttica AtticaBaza BazaConvectrix ConvectrixDeraVandal Dera VandalGorgonWraith Gorgon WraithGrinlok GrinlokHarpak HarpakHema HemaJavlok JavlokKarakWraith Karak WraithLatronWraith Latron WraithMutalistCernos Mutalist CernosPanthera PantheraParacyst ParacystSobek SobekSomaPrime Soma PrimeDexSybaris Dex SybarisTigris TigrisVulkarWraith Vulkar WraithZarr Zarr
8 Acceltra AcceltraAfentis AfentisAlternox AlternoxBratonPrime Braton PrimeCedo CedoCorinth CorinthExergis ExergisFulmin FulminGlaxion GlaxionKomorex KomorexLenz LenzParisPrime Paris PrimePerigale PerigaleRauta RautaSteflos SteflosStradavar StradavarVeldt Veldt
9 IgnisWraith Ignis WraithNagantaka NagantakaOgris OgrisPhantasma Phantasma
10 Aeolak AeolakAmbassador AmbassadorAmprex AmprexArcaPlasmor Arca PlasmorAstilla AstillaBattacor BattacorBazaPrime Baza PrimeDaikyu DaikyuEvensong EvensongLanka LankaLatronPrime Latron PrimeQuantaVandal Quanta VandalQuartakk QuartakkStahlta StahltaStrunWraith Strun WraithTenora TenoraTiberon TiberonZenith ZenithZhuge Zhuge
11 Basmu BasmuBoarPrime Boar PrimeBuzlok BuzlokPrismaGorgon Prisma GorgonPrismaGrakata Prisma GrakataPrismaGrinlok Prisma GrinlokPhage PhageSynapse Synapse
12 TelosBoltor Telos BoltorBurstonPrime Burston PrimeCernosPrime Cernos Prime, RaktaCernos Rakta CernosFulminPrime Fulmin PrimeGlaxionVandal Glaxion VandalVaykorHek Vaykor HekPrismaLenz Prisma LenzNagantakaPrime Nagantaka PrimeSecuraPenta Secura PentaQuellor QuellorRubicoPrime Rubico PrimeSynoidSimulor Synoid SimulorStradavarPrime Stradavar PrimeSupra SupraSybarisPrime Sybaris PrimeSanctiTigris Sancti Tigris
13 BoltorPrime Boltor PrimeBubonico BubonicoKuvaDrakgoon Kuva DrakgoonKuvaKarak Kuva KarakKuvaKohm Kuva KohmKuvaQuartakk Kuva QuartakkShedu SheduSporothrix SporothrixTigrisPrime Tigris PrimeKuvaTonkor Kuva TonkorTrumna Trumna
14 AcceltraPrime Acceltra PrimeAstillaPrime Astilla PrimeCorinthPrime Corinth PrimeFelarx FelarxFerrox FerroxGotvaPrime Gotva PrimeOpticor Opticor (OpticorVandal Vandal) • PantheraPrime Panthera PrimePhantasmaPrime Phantasma PrimePhenmor PhenmorScourgePrime Scourge PrimeStrunPrime Strun PrimeSupraVandal Supra VandalTenoraPrime Tenora PrimeTiberonPrime Tiberon PrimeVectisPrime Vectis PrimeZhugePrime Zhuge Prime
15 KuvaBramma Kuva BrammaKuvaChakkhurr Kuva ChakkhurrKuvaHek Kuva HekKuvaHind Kuva HindKuvaOgris Kuva OgrisProboscisCernos Proboscis CernosKuvaSobek Kuva SobekKuvaZarr Kuva Zarr
16 TenetArcaPlasmor Tenet Arca PlasmorTenetEnvoy Tenet EnvoyTenetFerrox Tenet FerroxTenetFluxRifle Tenet Flux RifleTenetGlaxion Tenet GlaxionTenetTetra Tenet Tetra

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MR Secondary
0 Bronco BroncoCatchmoon Catchmoon (Secondary)Furis MK1-FurisGaze Gaze (Secondary)Kraken KrakenKunai Kunai (Kunai MK1) • Lato LatoRattleguts Rattleguts (Secondary)Seer SeerSporelacer Sporelacer (Secondary)Tombfinger Tombfinger (Secondary)Vermisplicer Vermisplicer (Secondary) • All Kitguns
2 Akbronco AkbroncoBallistica BallisticaFuris FurisGammacor GammacorHikou HikouSonicor SonicorStug Stug
3 Aklato AklatoCastanas CastanasLex LexSicarus Sicarus
4 Afuris AfurisAklex AklexAkzani AkzaniAngstrum AngstrumBroncoPrime Bronco PrimeCestra CestraDespair DespairHikouPrime Hikou PrimeNukor NukorSpectra SpectraVasto VastoViper Viper (ViperWraith Wraith)
5 Atomos AtomosKohmak KohmakKulstar KulstarTwinGremlins Twin GremlinsTwinVipers Twin Vipers
6 Azima AzimaRaktaBallistica Rakta BallisticaBrakk BrakkDetron DetronPlinx Plinx (TenetPlinx Tenet) • Zylok Zylok
7 Acrid AcridBolto BoltoDualCestra Dual CestraFusilai FusilaiSynoidGammacor Synoid GammacorHystrix HystrixLatoVandal Lato VandalMarelok MarelokStubba StubbaTwinVipersWraith Twin Vipers Wraith
8 Akarius AkariusAkbolto AkboltoAkjagara AkjagaraAkstiletto AkstilettoAkvasto AkvastoPrismaAngstrum Prisma AngstrumCyanex CyanexCycron CycronEpitaph EpitaphKompressa KompressaLexPrime Lex PrimeOcucor OcucorPandero PanderoSpira SpiraTalons TalonsVelox Velox
9 Aksomati AksomatiMaraDetron Mara DetronEmbolist EmbolistPox PoxQuatz QuatzTwinGrakatas Twin GrakatasTwinRogga Twin RoggaTysis Tysis
10 AkbroncoPrime Akbronco PrimeAkstilettoPrime Akstiletto PrimeArcaScisco Arca SciscoAthodai AthodaiCantare CantareSanctiCastanas Sancti CastanasSecuraDualCestra Secura Dual CestraDexFuris Dex FurisGrimoire GrimoireKnell KnellMagnus MagnusVaykorMarelok Vaykor MarelokSpectraVandal Spectra VandalSpiraPrime Spira PrimeStaticor StaticorTwinKohmak Twin KohmakVastoPrime Vasto PrimeZakti Zakti
11 Aegrit AegritTelosAkbolto Telos AkboltoCatabolyst CatabolystDualToxocyst Dual ToxocystPrismaTwinGremlins Prisma Twin GremlinsZymos Zymos
12 AfurisPrime Afuris PrimeAkjagaraPrime Akjagara PrimeAkmagnus AkmagnusAksomatiPrime Aksomati PrimeAkvastoPrime Akvasto PrimeHystrixPrime Hystrix PrimePyrana Pyrana
13 AkboltoPrime Akbolto PrimeKuvaBrakk Kuva BrakkKuvaNukor Kuva NukorPyranaPrime Pyrana PrimeKuvaTwinStubbas Kuva Twin StubbasVeloxPrime Velox PrimeZylokPrime Zylok Prime
14 AkariusPrime Akarius PrimeBallisticaPrime Ballistica PrimeTenetCycron Tenet CycronEuphonaPrime Euphona PrimeKnellPrime Knell PrimeLaetum LaetumLatoPrime Lato PrimeMagnusPrime Magnus PrimeOnos OnosPanderoPrime Pandero PrimeSepulcrum SepulcrumSicarusPrime Sicarus PrimeTenetSpirex Tenet SpirexZaktiPrime Zakti Prime
15 AklexPrime Aklex PrimeKuvaKraken Kuva KrakenKuvaSeer Kuva Seer
16 TenetDetron Tenet DetronTenetDiplos Tenet Diplos

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MR Melee
0 Argo&Vel Argo & VelAzothane AzothaneBo Bo (MK1-Bo MK1) • Cronus CronusDualSkana Dual SkanaEdun EdunFang FangMK1-Furax MK1-FuraxJawSword Jaw SwordKestrel KestrelLecta LectaSampotes SampotesSilva&Aegis Silva & AegisSkana SkanaSun&Moon Sun & MoonSyam Syam • All Zaws
1 DualKamas Dual KamasGlaive GlaiveKama KamaMachete MacheteMagistar Magistar
2 Ankyros AnkyrosDarkDagger Dark DaggerDualZoren Dual ZorenFragor FragorGram GramKogake KogakeNamiSkyla Nami SkylaOrthos OrthosScindo Scindo
3 Ack&Brunt Ack & BruntAnku AnkuCeramicDagger Ceramic DaggerDualHeatSwords Dual Heat SwordsGalatine GalatineHeatDagger Heat DaggerHeatSword Heat SwordKronen KronenPangolinSword Pangolin SwordProva ProvaTipedo TipedoTonbo Tonbo
4 Boltace BoltaceCadus CadusEtherReaper Ether ReaperGuandao GuandaoNikana NikanaObex ObexPlasmaSword Plasma SwordRedeemer RedeemerVenka VenkaXoris Xoris
5 Amphis AmphisAtterax AtteraxBoPrime Bo PrimeCassowar CassowarDarkSplitSwordDualSwords Dark Split-Sword (Dual Swords)DarkSplitSwordHeavyBlade Dark Split-Sword (Heavy Blade)DualCleavers Dual CleaversFurax FuraxGazalMachete Gazal MacheteJatKittag Jat KittagMire MireOkina OkinaOrvius OrviusRipkas RipkasSheev SheevSydon Sydon
6 DexDakra Dex DakraDualIchor Dual IchorDualRaza Dual RazaEtherDaggers Ether DaggersGalvacord GalvacordKaryst KarystKreska KreskaNamiSolo Nami SoloScoliac ScoliacSerro SerroSibear SibearTekko TekkoZenistar Zenistar
7 BrokenScepter Broken ScepterCaustacyst CaustacystCerata CerataDestreza DestrezaDualKeres Dual KeresEndura EnduraEtherSword Ether SwordGhoulsaw GhoulsawHalikar HalikarHirudo HirudoKesheg KeshegLacera LaceraPrismaMachete Prisma MachetePennant PennantPupacyst PupacystTatsu TatsuTwinBasolk Twin BasolkWolfSledge Wolf Sledge
8 AnkyrosPrime Ankyros PrimeCorufell CorufellRaktaDarkDagger Rakta Dark DaggerDarkSword Dark SwordDorrclave DorrclaveDragonNikana Dragon NikanaDualEther Dual EtherDualKamasPrime Dual Kamas PrimeFalcor FalcorGunsen GunsenHate HateSecuraLecta Secura LectaSanctiMagistar Sancti MagistarMasseter MasseterMios MiosDexNikana Dex NikanaNinkondi NinkondiOhma OhmaProvaVandal Prova VandalQuassus QuassusRumblejack RumblejackSarofang SarofangSarpa SarpaScindoPrime Scindo PrimePrismaSkana Prisma SkanaVericres Vericres
9 PrismaDualCleavers Prisma Dual CleaversFuraxWraith Furax WraithHeliocor HeliocorKeratinos KeratinosKorrudo KorrudoKrohkur KrohkurLesion LesionPathocyst PathocystVastilok VastilokVenato VenatoVolnus Volnus
10 ArcaTitron Arca TitronBrokenWar Broken WarCobra&Crane Cobra & CraneDakraPrime Dakra PrimeDestrezaPrime Destreza PrimeEkhein EkheinFangPrime Fang PrimeGlaivePrime Glaive PrimeHarmony HarmonyKogakePrime Kogake PrimePrismaObex Prisma ObexParacesis ParacesisReaperPrime Reaper PrimeRedeemerPrime Redeemer PrimeShaku ShakuSigma&Octantis Sigma & OctantisStropha StrophaTipedoPrime Tipedo PrimeTwinKrohkur Twin KrohkurWar War
11 ArumSpinosa Arum SpinosaTelosBoltace Telos BoltaceSynoidHeliocor Synoid HeliocorJatKusar Jat KusarMacheteWraith Machete WraithNamiSkylaPrime Nami Skyla PrimePulmonars PulmonarsSkiajati SkiajatiVaykorSydon Vaykor Sydon
12 FragorPrime Fragor PrimeGuandaoPrime Guandao PrimeGunsenPrime Gunsen PrimeHespar HesparKarystPrime Karyst PrimeCetiLacera Ceti LaceraNikanaPrime Nikana PrimePrismaOhma Prisma OhmaOkinaPrime Okina PrimeOrthosPrime Orthos PrimeSilva&AegisPrime Silva & Aegis PrimeSkanaPrime Skana PrimeTekkoPrime Tekko Prime
13 GalatinePrime Galatine PrimeHalikarWraith Halikar WraithKorumm KorummKronenPrime Kronen PrimeNepheri NepheriKuvaShildeg Kuva ShildegSlaytra SlaytraVerdilac VerdilacVitrica Vitrica
14 TenetAgendus Tenet AgendusCobra&CranePrime Cobra & Crane PrimeDualKeresPrime Dual Keres PrimeGramPrime Gram PrimeTenetGrigori Tenet GrigoriInnodem InnodemTenetLivia Tenet LiviaMasseterPrime Masseter PrimeNinkondiPrime Ninkondi PrimePangolinPrime Pangolin PrimePraedos PraedosRuvox RuvoxTatsuPrime Tatsu PrimeVenkaPrime Venka PrimeVolnusPrime Volnus Prime
16 TenetExec Tenet Exec

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MR Sentinel Robotic Weapon
0 Carrier Carrier (CarrierPrime Prime) • Dethcube Dethcube (DethcubePrime Prime) • Diriga DirigaDjinn DjinnHelios Helios (HeliosPrime Prime) • Nautilus NautilusOxylus OxylusShade Shade (PrismaShade Prisma) • Taxon TaxonWyrm Wyrm (WyrmPrime Prime) Artax ArtaxBurstLaser Burst Laser (BurstLaserPrime Prime, PrismaBurstLaser Prisma) • Cryotra CryotraDeconstructor Deconstructor (DeconstructorPrime Prime) • DethMachineRifle Deth Machine Rifle (DethMachineRiflePrime Prime) • Helstrum HelstrumLaserRifle Laser Rifle (PrimeLaserRifle Prime) • Stinger StingerSweeper Sweeper (SweeperPrime Prime) • Verglas VerglasVulklok Vulklok
3 Multron MultronTazicor Tazicor
. . .
14 Vulcax Vulcax

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MR Archgun Archmelee
0 Imperator ImperatorVelocitus Velocitus Veritux Veritux
1 Corvas CorvasDualDecurion Dual DecurionPrismaDualDecurions Prisma Dual Decurions Onorix Onorix
2 Fluctus Fluctus
3 Phaedra Phaedra Agkuza Agkuza
4 Cyngas CyngasGrattler Grattler Kaszas Kaszas
5 ImperatorVandal Imperator Vandal
6 Rathbone Rathbone
7 Knux