Margulis voice lines.

During The Second DreamEdit

Protect the MoonEdit

  • ​"No, Ballas, no more destruction. We could heal them. Maybe they're meant to save us."
  • ​"Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind. They won't hurt anyone, I just need more time."

Save the ReservoirEdit

  • ​"This will stop the voices from taking hold. You will have to dream, my angel..."
  • ​"...So shame on you! You Orokin, so perfect on the outside but you're rotted through and through!"
  • ​"Dream... not of what you are... but of what you want to be." 

During Apostasy PrologueEdit

  • ​"Do something. Get me out of here."
  • ​"Can't or won't."
  • ​"-You lied to me, Ballas. You're no different than the rest of them."
  • ​"My daughters, my sons... I want you to know... my last thoughts are of you."
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