A hardy Plains tree, and a source of nutrition for animals with the jaw strength to break through the tough skin of its fruit.

This hardy fruit is thick-skinned to withstand harsh conditions, concealing a mouthful of sweet pulp within.

—In-Game Description

Maprico is resource that can be found all over Plains of Eidolon, growing on squatty trees. Maprico is also rewarded by Bounties.

Blueprints Requiring MapricoEdit

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Blueprint Type Quantity
Cuthol Bait x20 Gear 5
Dehtat Strike Zaw 2
Ekwana II Jai Link Zaw 5
Ekwana II Ruhang Link Zaw 5
Fosfor Blau Gear 5
Fosfor Rahd Gear 5
Glappid Bait x20 Gear 5
Jayap Grip Zaw 5
Twilight Bait x20 Gear 1
Vargeet II Jai Link Zaw 5
Vargeet II Ruhang Link Zaw 2
Total 48

Last updated: Update 22.0

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