Elusive and deadly

Mania is one of Shadow Stalker's acolytes. He takes the form of LokiIcon272 Loki with an Immortal Skin, wearing Stalker's helmet and a Daedalus Shoulder Plate.

Mania battles with a StalkerMios Lacera, launching its grappling hook at unsuspecting Tenno. He can also stun Tenno using SwitchTeleport130xDark Switch Teleport, and cast Turbulence130xDark Turbulence to shield himself from gunfire.


  • "I see you are still their servants."
  • "Who do you hunt?"
  • "Our fight is not with you Tenno."
  • "Your TENNO powers are useless."
  • "We will return. We will complete this judgement."



  • Mania Codex Scan 3/3
  • Mania's idle animation.
  • Mania

Patch History

Hotfix 18.4.1
  • Introduced.
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