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Malice is one of Shadow Stalker's acolytes. He takes the form of FrostIcon272 Frost with a Prime Skin, minus his signature shoulder armor, with Stalker's helmet and large chunks of machinery around his body.

Malice wields an CrpBFG Opticor and a HeatDagger Heat Dagger. Malice is capable of casting Magnetize130xDark Magnetize against enemy Tenno, forcing them to soak up fire from their teammates and making it near-impossible to avoid his Opticor blasts. In addition, Malice is capable of summoning Nemes drones (using the summoning animation of a Drahk Master).


  • Wukong's Defy130xDark Defy can help withstand damage from attacks when under the effect of Malice's Magnetize.
  • Nyx's Absorb130xDark Absorb with the Mod TT 20pxAssimilate augment counters Malice's Magnetize effect and keeps the user safe.


  • "We will not tolerate this disturbance."
  • "We will not abide this insurrection."
  • "Do not rest, Tenno, you are not safe."
  • "Who do you hunt?"

Gallery Edit

  • Malice bugged in the codex, notice the Excalibur body.
  • Malice's idle animation.

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 18.4.1
  • Introduced.

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