Magus Melt is an Arcane Enhancement for the Operator. Performing a Void Dash as the Operator causes Heat b Heat based attacks made by the Operator to increase in damage for a period of time.


Rank  % Heat damage increased Max stacks Duration
0 5% 2 2.5s
1 10% 3 5s
2 15% 4 7.5s
3 20% 5 10s


Can be bought from Vox Solaris (Syndicate) for ReputationBlackx6410,000 upon reaching the rank of Shadow.


  • The number of max stacks is 5 even with two Magus Melt equipped.
    • Equipping two Magus Melt will however grant two stacks per void dash, allowing you to reach the maximum effect in three dashes.
  • While this arcane does increase the damage done by Madurai focus school's Flame Blast and Rising Blast abilities it does not currently increase the damage of the flame trail left by Madurai's Blazing Dash Operator ability. 


Patch HistoryEdit

Update 24.2
  • Introduced.
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