Magnetized Discharge is a Warframe Augment Mod for MagIcon272 Mag's Magnetize130xDark Magnetize that allows manual detonation by recasting the ability on an active Magnetize bubble. Enemies hit by the detonation have a chance to be disarmed. Additionally increases Magnetize's range.


Rank Disarm Chance Bonus Magnetize Range Cost
0 12.5% 20% 6
1 25% 25% 7
2 37.5% 35% 8
3 50% 45% 9


  • Can be acquired by attaining the rank of Partner under The Perrin Sequence, or the rank of Flawless under New Loka, and spending ReputationLargeBlack25,000 to purchase.


  • Press 2  while aiming at a Magnetize bubble to detonate it for no energy cost. Enemies caught in the explosion have a 12.5% / 25% / 37.5% / 50% chance to be disarmed by the blast.
    • Disarm chance is affected by Ability Strength. 100% disarm chance is achievable with at least 200% Ability Strength.
  • Both manual detonation and Magnetize bubble duration expiring can trigger the disarm chance.
  • Manual detonation will only detonate the targeted Magnetize bubble. If overlapping sections of 2 or more Magnetize bubbles are targeted, the closest bubble will be targeted and explode.
  • If you are standing inside a bubble it will still make it explode even if you aim on a target outside the bubble.


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Patch History

Update 25.7

Update 25.6

Magnetized Discharge - Magnetize Augment - Mag
  • Include a passive benefit that increases power range for this Ability only

Hotfix 20.7.1

  • Mag’s Magnetize Discharge Augment disarm will now also have a chance to Disarm when the bubble explodes naturally.

Update 20.7

  • Added to the game

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