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(TAP) Encloses a target in a magnetic field, ensnaring nearby enemies and dealing damage over time. Bullets and shards created from Polarize increase this damage.
(HOLD) Creates a magnetic field around Mag, absorbing ranged attacks and dealing damage back in a destructive cone.

Strength:50 / 150 / 200 / 300 (DmgBlastSmall64.png Blast explosion base damage)
1.25x / 1.5x / 1.75x / 2x (damage multiplier)
2x / 2.5x / 3.5x / 4x (magnetic pull)
Duration:10 / 12 / 13 /15 s
Range:5 / 10 / 12 / 15 m (explosion radius)
2 / 3 / 3.5 / 4 m (field radius)
Misc:10% / 15% / 20% / 25% (damage absorption)
∞ (cast range)

Strength:50 / 150 / 200 / 300 (DmgBlastSmall64.png Blast base damage)
10 / 15 / 20 / 25 (DmgBlastSmall64.png Blast damage increase per second)
1.25x / 1.5x / 1.75x / 2x (absorption multiplier)
Duration:10 / 12 / 13 /15 s
Range:5 / 10 / 12 / 15 m (blast range)
Misc:80° (blast angle)
? (absorption radius)

  • Mag creates a magnetic field around an enemy target by tapping the ability key (default 2 ) when aiming at them over an unrestricted range. By holding down the ability key, Mag creates the magnetic singularity between her hands instead, protecting her from enemy fire. In either form, Magnetize costs 50 Energy and lasts for up to 10 / 12 / 13 / 15 seconds.
    • Duration is affected by Ability Duration.
    • Energy cost is affected by Ability Efficiency.
    • Cast range is not affected by mods.
    • Cast animation of 1 second is affected by Mod TT 20px.png Natural Talent and Mod TT 20px.png Speed Drift.
    • Once the protective singularity is formed, the ability key may be released without deactivating the ability.

  • An enemy affected by Magnetize is anchored in place and cannot move. The magnetic field has a radius of 2 / 3 / 3.5 / 4 meters encompassing the target, and slowly drags in all enemies within 4 / 6 / 7 / 8 meters with a magnetic strength of 2x / 2.5x / 3.5x / 4x. During the field's lifetime, all projectiles, bullets, and Polarize130xDark.png Polarize shards will be redirected towards its center, and incoming damage from all sources will be increased 1.25x / 1.5x / 1.75x / 2x.
    • Damage multiplier and magnetic pull are affected by Ability Strength.
      • Only the main target is affected by the damage multiplier.
      • Furthermore, the damage multiplier doesn't affect damage done to Shields, making it less effective against shielded enemies, such as Corpus units.
    • Field radius and pull radius are affected by Ability Range.
    • The magnetized target can still attack and cast abilities, among other actions.
  • Additionally, the field absorbs 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% of the damage from all redirected projectiles, bullets and Polarize130xDark.png Polarize shards. 100% of all stored damage will be dealt per second to all enemies within the field. The field deals DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic damage, and damage is applied in half-second increments.
    • Percentage of damage absorbed and damage dealt are not affected by Power Strength, however the damage multiplier on Magnetize's target will apply to any damage it receives from the field.
    • Damage decreases radially from the center of the Magnetize field, down to a minimum of 50% damage.
    • Absorbed damage does not take critical hits into account.
    • Multishot multiplier on any type of weapon is taken into account for absorbed damage.
    • Projectile weapons have each projectile from the shot taken into account for absorbed damage.
  • If the initial target dies while magnetized, the field destabilizes and explodes at the end of its duration for 50 / 150 / 200 / 300 DmgBlastSmall64.png Blast base damage in a 5 / 10 / 12 / 15 meter radius. Each time an enemy gets hit by the damage ticks inside the bubble, 100% of the currently absorbed damage gets added to the explosion damage. For example, if Magnetize is shot once with a 1000 damage weapon, it will absorb 250 damage, so each tick of damage dealt to an enemy will add 250 damage to the explosion. If one enemy is hit with 20 half-second ticks of damage before the explosion without having any further damage added to the field, the expression for explosion damage would be 300 + (20 × 1000 × 0.25) = 5,300.
    • Base explosion damage is affected by Power Strength.
      • Explosion damage diminishes with distance and does not bypass obstacles in the environment.
    • Explosion radius is affected by Ability Range.
    • Percentage of absorbed damage added is not affected by mods.
    • Should the initial target's corpse despawn before the ability duration is over, the enemy pull effect is disabled, but the explosion will still happen.
  • Redirected projectiles travel in a straight line from the point of impact to the center of the sphere which can draw fire away from enemy weak spots. However, you can target vital areas by aiming for any point on the sphere that is perpendicular to the weak spot. Hitscan weapons have less difficulty hitting weak spots; simply aiming at the target's weak spots will yield extra damage in most cases.
    • Shots fired within the field are also redirected, including shots fired by the magnetized target.
    • In addition to firearms, Magnetize can redirect RadialJavelin130xDark.png Radial Javelin blades, Prism130xDark.png Prism lasers, ExaltedBlade130xDark.png Exalted Blade's waves, and ArtemisBow130xDark.png Artemis Bow's arrow fan into a single target.
    • In addition to the Warframe abilities mentioned above, Magnetize will also affect the grenades from each of VaubanIcon272.png Vauban's abilities. All grenades are pulled to the center of the sphere and will function normally if they contact a surface (i.e enemy body, wall, door, etc). Assuming no surface is met, they are held suspended (and inactive) until Magnetize dissipates, upon which time they may or may not be launched unpredictably. PhotonStrike130xDark.png Photon Strike is held inactive as it detonates after a set duration of being thrown, surface or no. Additionally, any active ability grenades will be pulled to the center of the sphere and continue to function should a new placed Magnetize overlap the current position of the grenade.
    • Does not redirect area-of-effect abilities, shots fired by gunblades, or thrown glaives.
  • Casting Magnetize on a target is a One-Handed Action that can be done while performing many actions without interrupting them, including reloading, charging, shooting, and moving (either sprinting or sliding).
    • Can be used in mid-air, but not while on a zipline.

  • The magnetic singularity grows in power, starting with 50 / 150 / 200 / 300 DmgBlastSmall64.png Blast damage at base and increasing by 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 DmgBlastSmall64.png Blast damage every second, for as long as its held. All projectiles and bullets caught within ? meters around Mag are absorbed by the singularity, their damage is then multiplied by 1.25x / 1.5x / 1.75x / 2x and added to the total damage stored. When the duration ends, or the ability is recast while active, Mag releases all stored damage in front of her as an explosive blast, damaging enemies in an angle of 80 degrees and up to 5 / 10 / 12 / 15 meters away.
    • Base damage, damage increase per second and absorption multiplier, are affected by Ability Strength.
      • Blast damage diminishes with distance and bypasses obstacles in the environment.
    • Blast range is affected by Ability Range.
    • Absorb radius and blast angle are not affected by mods.
    • The singularity does not absorb area or melee damage, Polarize130xDark.png Polarize shards, nor friendly fire.
  • When activated, Mag will holster her weapons and start walking at a slow pace, still being able to jump from the floor and aim glide. However, crouching (default Ctrl ), rolling (default Shift ) and double jumping is disabled for the duration.
    • Mag can still pick up portable items (such as datamasses or power cores) and interact with Mobile Defense terminals and Defense operatives, but cannot hack consoles nor revive teammates.
    • Mag will be susceptible to melee assailants and damage over time effects.
    • Status Effects can still afflict Mag from absorbed bullets.
    • Holding Magnetize is an upper-body action that can be done while moving, but will interrupt reloading, charging, shooting and sprinting.
    • Can be used in mid-air, but not while on a zipline.

    • Only 3 Magnetized enemy fields can be active at the same time, magnetizing a fourth target will make the first field either explode or disappear (whether the original target died or not).
      • The singularity from holding down the ability does not count towards this limit.
    • If the target dies before the Magnetize field appears, energy used for Magnetize will be refunded.
    • Magnetize's visual effects are affected by Mag's chosen energy colors.

    Main article: Magnetized Discharge

    Magnetized Discharge is a Warframe Augment Mod for MagIcon272.png Mag's Magnetize130xDark.png Magnetize that allows manual detonation by recasting the ability on an active Magnetize bubble. Enemies hit by the detonation have a chance to be disarmed. Additionally increases Magnetize's range.

    Rank Disarm Chance Bonus Magnetize Range Cost
    0 12.5% 20% 6
    1 25% 25% 7
    2 37.5% 35% 8
    3 50% 45% 9

    Tips & Tricks
    • As the pull effect is disabled when the initial target's corpse despawns, some effects, like the DmgHeatSmall64.png Heat status effect or the innate vaporization on death of weapons like Ferrox.png Ferrox, can preemptively disable the pull effect by making the corpse despawn almost immediately after their death. (May be a bug?)
    • This ability can be used defensively. No bullets or projectiles can pass through the field without being redirected.
      • Maximized Ability Range is a very effective choice of maximization for this ability as it provides a large radius of protection from most enemy damage.
      • Beware, however, as physical projectiles can still damage you while inside it if you find yourself between the entering point of the bullet and the center of the bubble.
    • Synergizes very well with ExcaliburIcon272.png Excalibur's ExaltedBlade130xDark.png Exalted Blade, as his blade waves have infinite punch through and are redirected around the magnetic field, allowing them to damage enemies several times until dissipating after traversing 40m.
    • Extremely effective against heavy enemies, especially fast moving, such as Oxium Osprey or Bursas.
    • When this ability is used with punch through weapons, like the CorpusSniperRifle.png Lanka and Miter.png Miter, the bullet or projectile will hit the target multiple times. However, this does not increase the damage over time produced by the field or the damage of the final explosion. This is ideal for taking out specific targets.
    • Using beam weapons, such as the GrineerFlameThrower.png Ignis, GrnHeatGun.png Atomos, Gammacor.png Gammacor, CrpShockRifle.png Quanta, etc., will not hit the enemies multiple times the same way that punch through projectiles do, but will greatly increase the damage over time generated by the field and the final explosion. This is ideal for creating choke-points where every enemy that walks through the bubble gets killed by the field's damage over time effect.
    • Weapons with the ability to empty their magazines into a single torrent of shot, such as the KuvaKraken.png Kuva Kraken, TenetDetron.png Tenet Detron and KuvaHek.png Kuva Hek, synergize especially well with the short-tap Magnetize bubble. Combined with a high reload speed, these weapons can quickly turn the bubble into a deadly trap and time bomb.
    • While DmgGasSmall64.png Gas effects don't increase absorbed damage, they can help in damaging all enemies inside the bubble, especially if punch through is on the used weapon, which allows multiple procs to occur per shot.
    • Holding down the ability and getting hit by enemy bullets, while not taking damage, they still contribute towards Mod TT 20px.png Adaptation's build-up. This makes for a safe way to cap the resistances.

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    • The blast cone from holding the ability is not centered towards the aiming reticle, but noticeably to the left.


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