The Multi-Weapon Assault Moa is equipped with a number of weapons to assist the brokers employed by Zenith Galactical with endeavors.

M-W.A.M. is one of the many Brokers that the player may encounter whilst participating in The Index, having similarities to the MOA line of Corpus Walkers. M-W.A.M. has several heavier Corpus weapons in lieu of the standard Plasma Rifle and shares several traits with other Corpus Proxies.


  • The M-W.A.M. shares several abilities with existing Corpus units.
    • Rippling Shockwave is the signature ability of the Shockwave MOA and its Eximus counterparts.
    • Proximity Mines are the signature ability of the Mine Osprey and its Eximus counterparts.
    • Harpoon launcher is one of the signature abilities of the Isolator Bursa and followed up with shots from the M-W.A.M.'s mounted weapon in the same fashion as a Bursa.
    • Guardian Aura is the signature ability of Eximus units of the same prefix that exist as Corpus units exclusively.
  • Weapons mounted upon M-W.A.M. do not feature the same accuracy and recoil as the weapons when wielded by the Tenno.


  • M-W.A.M.'s weapons often appear not correctly aligned with the center of the weapon mount, having no visible mounting point and often appearing to hover when some animations are used.
    • This is likely due to the weapon models not being intended to be used with the MOA frame and are copies of their hand held variants.
  • Despite the Codex stating that M-W.A.M. has 100 Shields, 150 Robotic, and 200 Alloy Armor, it actually has 2500 Shields, 1000 Robotic, and 50 Alloy Armor at base.

Patch history[]

Hotfix: The Index Preview 3 (2016-10-21)

  • Fixed The Index Moas having Flesh instead of Robotic materials.