Gold rings circle and encapsulate the desolate moonscape – lavish architecture signifying the Orokin mastery over all things natural and technological during their reign. The opalescent halls stitching together what the enemy destroyed have been vacated since that era came to an end.

—Lua Fragment

Lua is the Earth's moon, accessible as a location in the Star Chart. Once the seat of the Orokin Empire's power during their reign, it is now shattered and broken, scarred by the Old War. Formerly hidden away by the Lotus to protect the Tenno's secret, recent events have led to the reemergence of this lost celestial body, and now its fragmented remains are fought over by the Grineer and the Corpus, with Sentient fighters lurking about.

Lua can only be unlocked after a player completes The Second Dream. Both Grineer and Corpus contest possession of the moon since its reappearance, leading to Lua being the only other location, besides Mars, that has (permanent) Crossfire missions. Sentients also appear in any of the missions, scanning for the player's presence and deploying fighters once detected.

The Orokin Moon Tileset serves as the primary environment for Lua.


Corpus Grineer Sentient

Unique EnemiesEdit

  • Sentient units can be found and fought on this moon. Combat against them revolves around their ability to adapt themselves to the damage dealt by the player's weapons and abilities, requiring Tenno to have multiple types of damage (both physical and elemental) in their loadouts, or use VoidTearIcon b Void damage to strip Sentients of their damage resistances.
  • Corrupted Wardens can be found in "Lua Rescue" missions.
  • Orokin Spectators can be found in "Lua Spy" missions.


Target Name Type Level Tile Set
CorpusMissionIcon Apollo Disruption 35 - 40 Orokin Moon
CorpusMissionIcon Copernicus Capture 25 - 30 Orokin Moon
GrineerMissionIcon Grimaldi Mobile Defense 25 - 30 Orokin Moon
CrossfireMissionIcon Pavlov Spy 25 - 30 Orokin Moon
CrossfireMissionIcon Plato Exterminate 25 - 30 Orokin Moon
GrineerMissionIcon Stöfler Defense 25 - 30 Orokin Moon
CorpusMissionIcon Tycho Survival 25 - 30 Orokin Moon
CorpusMissionIcon Zeipel Rescue 25 - 30 Orokin Moon



  • Lua is Portuguese and Galician for "Moon" and resembles the Latin name Luna, occasionally also used in English.
  • Missions on Lua are named after various craters on the Moon: Apollo, Copernicus, Grimaldi, Pavlov, Plato, Stöfler, Tycho, Von Zeipel.
  • The positioning of the missions on Lua form a crescent shape.
  • Before Update: Specters of the Rail, Lua was the name of a node on Earth, and the Orokin Moon missions introduced in Update 18.0 were considered Earth nodes. Specters of the Rail update subsequently moved the Orokin Moon missions to its own location, with the Lua node being renamed Cervantes as its previous name was then used for the new star chart location.
  • The name Lua for the Earth's Moon was foreshadowed by dialogue in The Second Dream, named as the place where the "rejects were consigned", likely referring to the Tenno.
  • Lua has the second least amount of nodes of all the planets in the Origin System (there are 8 nodes in total while the Orokin Derelict only has 7). While Lua's post-Orokin dimensions are unclear, the Moon is larger than Phobos, Ceres, Europa, Pluto, Sedna, and Eris.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 25.7
  • Added Apollo, a new Disruption node.

Hotfix 25.5.1

  • Fixed another unreachable loot spot in the Lua tileset.

Hotfix 25.4.3

  • Fixed clipping doors in the Lua Sabotage tileset.

Hotfix 25.4.1

  • Fixed a Crate clipping into the wall on the Lua Spy tileset.

Hotfix 25.3.2

  • Increased brightness of the grey ABC markers in Lua Spy missions.
  • Fixed Sentient Troopers not spawning in Lua Exterminate missions.
  • Fixed missing portal FX for Clients in the Lua Rescue tileset.

Update 24.7

  • Widened the wall gap for the purpose of Warframe size sliding in the Lua tileset as requested here.

Update 20.4

  • Removed Lua Spy missions from Sortie rotation due to extensive Client loading times on min spec machines. Please note that we are working to fix this and add Lua Spy missions back into the Sortie rotation.

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