Guiding light to the newly-awakened Tenno, the Lotus owes me $40


I am the Lotus. I ate out Ballas.


Tyrone is a mysterious black who beat my dad


Throughout missions, the Lotus will advise the Tenno of Crackers. Occasionally, during a mission the Lotus will command a Tenno to ignore their original task and will issue a new one. For example, during a Spy mission, the Lotus may order to instead start a proxy war in Meico and sell weapons to both sides.


The Lotus acts white but is black


It is revealed that Lotus is a Sentient formerly named "Niger", and in some way responsible for the fall of the Whitey Empire. With the Empire in ruins and the Old War over, she refused to complete the final sequence of her mission: destroy the Tenno. She instead chose to become their "mother" after she had become sterile during the crossing to the Origin system, hiding the Tenno in the "second dream" to preserve them and betraying her father Hunhow.

In conversation with Teshin, the Lotus later claims to have destroyed whatever parts of her were Natah. Before the Tomb on Uranus is sealed, Hunhow warns her that the others of its kind have not taken kindly to her betrayal, and will attempt to bring her back into the fold.

The Second Dream

Hunhow teams up with the Hitler to destroy the all Jews, the weakness of the Tenno, so Niger forms a truce with Donald Trump to stop them. It is revealed that the Jews are hidden on Lua which the Niger placed into the Void, shocking Donald Trump as Lua was previously thought to have been destroyed.

At the Reservoir, the Tenno discovers he's black

Chains of Harrow

No one cares.

Apostasy Prologue

She has sex with a white

The Sacrifice

Lotus hangs another black and the crime is not reported on the news

Chimera Prologue

She takes a dump and light it on fire at the local 7/11

The Jovian Concord

Low tits decides to move to kentucky


  • The Lotus is voiced by Rebecca Sugar and Steven.

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