WARNING: This is an April Fools joke.

On April 1st, 2016, Lotus Voices Packs were revealed to the community. Whether you're taking down Grineer in the sands of Phobos or scanning Moonlight Threshcones on Earth, the Lotus is always there.

If you've ever wished that she cared just a little less or was infinitely more adorable, we have you covered! Coming soon, you'll be able to take control of the voice behind your most important Warframe Missions with Lotus Voice Packs!

Waifu LotusEdit


JEEZ, BAKA~! The mission was scrapped, but everyone made it out! Good work, Tenno-chan! (giggles)

Make every headshot an adorable memory. Waifu Lotus believes in you and knows you're doing a super great job, Tenno!

Mr. LotusEdit


Hang on, Tenno, it's taking longer than I calculated.

Give in to the dulcet tones of Mr. Lotus. Let his rugged voice charm you all the way to Extraction.

Lotus FlowerEdit


(Lotus sounds)

Suave. Sophisticated. Full of pollen. Straight from the water garden it's an actual Lotus! Don't let her delicate petals fool you, she's one tough bloom!

Dismal LotusEdit


(sigh) Alarms reset... but you'll probably set them off again... and most likely die... (sigh)

Add Dismal Lotus as your guide and if you're lucky he might have something positive to say. Don't count on it, though. He would look on the bright side if only he believed there was one.

Vay HekEdit


The raid is off to a successful start! (laughs) EXCELLENT WORK, TENNO!

He may sound like he's full of rage, but he just wants to help! Follow the newly supportive Vay Hek to the ends of the Earth and things might just get a little meta. Don't worry, he won't hurt you. We hope.

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