This is a list of Lotus's quotes. This is not complete.


Enemies Edit

  • "Multiple enemies ahead. Leave no one standing."
  • "Multiple targets ahead. Leave no one standing."
  • "Watch yourself, foot soldiers are on the way."

Grineer Edit

  • "Heads up. A Grineer assault team is headed your way."
  • "I'm detecting a large security force heading your way. It's the Grineer."
  • "Warning: Heavy Grineer Approaching."
  • "Watch yourself, (Grineer [foot soldiers])* are on the way."
  • "You are surrounded by Grineer Marines."
  • "Marines Inbound."
  • "Stay focused, there's a Heavy Unit approaching."

Corpus Edit

  • "Corpus Walkers are heading to your location."
  • "Heavy robotics signature detected. Lock and load."
  • "Walkers incoming."
  • "We've got robots inbound."
  • "Looks like heavy activity ahead"

Infested Edit

  • "Heavy infestation ahead."
  • "I'm detecting infested bio signatures all over the place. You know what to do."
  • "Multiple bio-signatures detected, we've got Infested incoming."
  • "Multiple targets ahead."
  • "The infestation has corrupted all life here. Let's clear it out."
  • "We have got an infestation. Extermination is the only option."

Corrupted Edit

  • "Looks like a couple of Corrupted Soldiers stayed behind to guard the artifact."

Sentient Edit

  • "Oculysts! If they scan you, Sentient fighters won't be far behind."
  • "Those Oculysts are scanning for targets."
  • "Sentient scouts! If they detect you, fighters will soon attack."
  • "They know you're here. Prepare for Sentient fighters."
  • "The Sentient has detected you. Fighters incoming."
  • "The Sentient is on to you. Look out for troopers."

Stealth Edit

  • "Keep going. Nobody knows you're here."
  • "Keep moving. None of the scanners have detected you."
  • "You're still in the clear. No detection from enemy sensors."
  • "They spotted you."
  • "You've been seen."
  • "You're on the sensors now. You've been detected."
  • "Alarms have been reset."
  • "Alarms reset, they do not suspect a thing."
  • "Alarms successfully hacked, the (location [ship])* is returning to normal security levels."
  • "Doors are locked. Time to break in."
  • "Ship is entering lockdown. We'll need to override the system."
  • "We've been locked out. Let's override the security."
  • "Breach complete. We're free to proceed."
  • "Bypass complete. You may proceed."
  • "Override complete. Move on."
  • "Override successful. Let's get going."
  • "The bypass is done. Go!"

Mission Edit

Freezing hazard
  • "I'm detecting freezing temperatures. The ice in here will damage your shields."
  • "I'm detecting ice... lots of it. Be cautious, your shields will take a hit from the cold."
Fire hazard
  • "Stay away from the fire."
  • "This area has taken some hits. Stay away from fire damage."

Extraction Edit

  • "Another job well executed."
  • "Mission complete. Excellent work, Tenno."
  • "The odds were against us, Tenno - but we did it. Mission complete."
  • "Great work. I am pleased with your performance."
  • "Great work, Tenno. I am pleased with your performance."

Archwing Edit

  • "Tenno, are you abandoning this battle? Return to your objective or I will have Ordis extract you."

Liset Edit

  • "New alert marked on navigation, Tenno."
  • "Tenno, a new Alert has begun. It will be marked on navigation."
  • "Tenno, there is a time-limited mission alert available. Check navigation."
  • "The system continues to fall into chaos. Check navigation for active invasions."
  • "Tenno, your codex has been updated with a new quest."
  • "You have new quests in your codex."

Mastery RanksEdit

General Edit

  • "Again."
  • "Excellent. Continue"
  • "I believe you can handle more."
  • "Ready yourself."
Completing test
  • "A formidable performance. This test is now complete."
Failing test
  • "Most disappointing. Only return when you are ready for this challenge."
  • "It appears you need more practice, Tenno. This challenge awaits you when you are ready."

Rank 1 Edit

  • "A Tenno must be a master of all their weapons. Prove yourself with you primary weapon."*

Rank 2 Edit

  • "Prove your ability with a sidearm. Eliminate all targets."

Rank 3 Edit

  • "Show me that you know of the old ways. Eliminate all targets using your melee weapon."

Rank 4 Edit

  • "You have proven your skills with weapons, Tenno, but what of your endurance? Can you survive this onslaught?"

Rank 5 Edit

  • "Tenno are more than just fighters. Prove your intellect by hacking these terminals."

Rank 6 Edit

  • "Time to test your marksmanship. Track and shoot all targets."

Rank 7 Edit

  • "Your Warframe is a weapon. Prove you have mastered its power."

Rank 8 Edit

  • "Now we will test your agility. Shoot the targets to create your path."

Rank 9 Edit

  • "A full frontal attack is not always the best option. Using your stealth abilities eliminate all enemies without being detected."

Rank 10 Edit

  • "Careful Tenno, the ground beneath you is crumbling. Can you defeat these enemies before you have nowhere left to stand?"

Rank 11 Edit

  • "How well do you shoot under pressure? You must traverse this space before the timer runs out. Shooting the targets will buy you extra time."

Rank 12 Edit

  • "Your foes are not the only dangers you will face in the field. Avoid the lasers and defeat the enemies before the timer runs out."

Rank 13 Edit

  • "Your Warframe's movement abilities are key to this challenge. Defeat all the enemies before the ground completely falls away."

Rank 14 Edit

  • "This will be your hardest test yet. Defeat all incoming enemies"

Rank 15 Edit

  • "Show me you are capable of fighting on multiple fronts. Capture and hold more points than the enemy to succeed."

Rank 16 Edit

  • "Tenno, you can protect yourself, but can you protect others at the same time? Survive each wave while defending the objective."

Rank 17 Edit

  • "Let's see how you work under pressure. Eliminate all enemies before the timer reaches zero. Melee strike the orbs to have extra seconds added to the clock."

Rank 18 Edit

  • "Tenno, you can protect yourself, but can you protect others at the same time? Survive each wave while defending the objective."

Rank 19 Edit

  • "Stay undetected while you melee strike all the orbs to free the prisoner. Once free, escort them to the safe zone."

Rank 20 Edit

  • "Tenno, show me you have mastered the Archwing, navigate this course before the timer expires. Passing through each ring awards additional time."

Rank 21 Edit

  • "Let's see how you work under pressure. Eliminate all enemies before the timer reaches zero. Melee strike the orbs to have extra seconds added to the clock."

Rank 22 Edit

  • "You have proven your skills with weapons, Tenno, but what of your endurance? Can you survive this onslaught?"

Rank 23 Edit

  • "You're fast, Tenno, but are you nimble enough to capture each one of these mobile control points?"

Rank 24 Edit

  • "Your fragile Tenno body is one of the most powerful forces in the known Universe. Show me you know how to wield this force, destroy the target without being destroyed yourself."

Rank 25 Edit

  • "Show me your versatility, Tenno. Use both Archwing and ground fighting to reach the kill count goal. Melee strike the orbs to add extra seconds to the timer."

Rank 26 Edit

  • "You're fast, Tenno, but are you nimble enough to capture each one of these mobile control points?"

Rank 27 Edit

  • "Tenno, demonstrate superior battlefield efficiency. Kill and scavenge for beacons, and then quickly deliver them to the drop-off to earn the points needed to complete this test."

Rank 28 Edit

  • "Prioritize and eliminate. Throw these canisters at enemies and render them vulnerable. But hurry, Tenno, your time is limited and the canisters will expire."

Rank 29 Edit

  • "Tenno, you are but one against the horde. Your survival depends on speed."

Rank 30 Edit

Quests Edit

Vor's Prize Edit


  • "For generations you've slept, no purpose, no call to wake you. But now, something has arisen from the ruins of the Old War."
  • "The Twin Queens, the sisters, have sent their most beloved commander, Vor, on an urgent mission. To protect the twisted crusade they have begun. To transform the scattered colonies into an empire. To see that the Tenno, hidden and asleep, will never awaken."
  • "Wake up, Tenno."
  • "What has he done to you? I can't lose another Tenno. I am surging your Warframe's power systems."


  • "Quick. Use your power. Defend yourself."
  • "An extraction ship is on its way, but the Grineer will be hunting you. Arm yourself."
  • "There's a cache of weapons ahead. Grab what you can."
  • "Good. The extraction point is up ahead. Hurry, before Vor finds out you've escaped."
  • "Take what you can. You will require resources to build yourself into a diverse and effective warrior."
  • "You made it, there's the extraction ship."
  • "You're not ready to face Vor now. Use your melee weapon to block the beam and get inside."
  • "Quick, get to the console and release the lockdown. I will guide you to your old ship, it's your only chance."
  • "Get out of there Tenno. You will have to face Vor another time, when you're fully restored."
  • "A Tenno flows like fire across the battle terrain. Do you remember how to run on walls?"
  • "I'm not sure what Vor has done to your Warframe, but we cannot remove it now. Just keep going, your ship is up ahead."
  • "There it is, your ship. Hurry - Vor's reinforcements must be on their way."
  • "Disengage the suppression system so we can restart the ship. You'll have to bypass the security on that panel."
  • "Enemy reinforcements are here! Ship Cephalon, we require immediate extraction."
  • "Tenno, the ship is ready. It's time to leave."

Once Awake Edit

  • "I've identified several vulnerable data consoles on this base. Find them and hack in. We need to know the nature of their new bio weapon."
  • "Infested? This shouldn't be possible. Tenno, it is more important than ever that you finish your mission. We need to know what is going on here."
  • "We are going to attempt to use a Cascade Bomb to destroy all traces of Infested here. The bomb will take time to arm. Protect it until it's ready for detonation."
  • "These creatures appear to be mindless monsters but they know we're up to something and they're trying to stop it."
  • "When this Cascade Bomb goes off, a wave of void energy will tear through the complex, ripping the life force from all organic matter but leaving the structure intact. It's our only chance to stop this scourge before it starts."
  • "The bomb is almost armed. You just have to hold out a little bit longer."
  • "The bomb is armed. I'm extracting you now, Tenno."

Howl of the Kubrow Edit

The Archwing Edit

  • "Get to the portal. We need to shut the Corpus out of the void before we search for the Orokin Archive."
  • "The Corpus have snuck into the void and secured crucial Orokin archives detailing the hidden locations of much needed Archwing parts. Your mission is two-fold, cut off their access to the Void and recover the data."
  • "That's it, the portal has collapsed. I've located the cache containing the Orokin Archive. Get there now."
  • "The Orokin Archive has led us to this location. Defend the extractors until you find an Archwing part blueprint."

Patient Zero Edit

  • "Alad V has launched a full scale invasion into all sectors of the system. We're working on fighting back but we need to take this fight to the source. We need to find Alad V and stop him."

Hidden Messages Edit

The Limbo Theorem Edit


Unlocking the QuestEdit

  • Tenno? What did you see? My data stream went dark. I am sensing some signal masking. It will take some time to decipher, concentrate on your mission for now.

Quest IntroEdit

  • I have just detected signatures matching the new drone.
  • I've marked the signatures on your map. Gather scans, but approach with caution, Tenno.

Searching for the New Drones at Gaia, EarthEdit

  • It doesn't seem very interested in you. Try to get a scan of what it's collecting. That may reveal it's purpose.
  • I am not getting a good feed. Is there an object they're pulling data from? Scan it for me.
After scanning the wreckageEdit
  • It is... it is just Old War wreckage. Why are the Corpus suddenly interested in it? Tenno, another scannable signature just appeared near you. We may be able to determine what the Corpus are up to.
Upon scanning the first OculystEdit
  • I'm not getting a signal, but if you found a drone, scan it before it notices you.
  • (Distorted) This "thing" is not a Corpus design. If you can get another scan, I can determine its origin.
  • (Distorted) Tenno, I need you to scan another drone.
Upon scanning the second OculystEdit
  • (Distorted) Good. I'm putting the stream together now. It is... it is an Oculyst. That means... I'm sorry Tenno, stay safe- (Fades to static)

Find the Sergeant at Ophelia, UranusEdit

  • Teshin! You don't have the authority. You are endangering the Tenno.
  • I had to cover my tracks. But I see that Teshin has been leading you into an even greater danger.
  • The Sentient.

Stopping Tyl RegorEdit

  • Tyl Regor must be stopped from entering the tomb. I have to risk exposure to stop him. Go!
During the MissionEdit
  • Get to the waypoint. I will give you further instructions when you get there.
  • You've reached the waypoint. Access the system.
  • Tyl's cut off life support. Hold on Tenno, I'm readying extraction, but this will take time.
  • What has he found?
  • Extraction ready. Leave now. Get out!

Sealing the Sentient TombEdit

  • My name, my old name. It is not who I am now. We need to focus on now, not history. We need to seal the tomb. A blast capable-
  • Do not call me that. Containment will buy us time. Go now, Tenno. I will explain more when you reach the site.
In the MissionEdit
  • A focused blast could release the magma flows beneath and rebury the tomb. Protect the bomb during its lengthy arming process.
  • Focus, Teshin, we need focus.
  • Hold on, Tenno, it's almost armed.
  • The bomb is armed. I am pulling you out.


  • There are gaps. I had my mission and I have completed it. All but the last sequence.
  • The war was over. So I hid them away in the Second Dream. I could not destroy them.
  • All missions to the Origin system required a sacrifice. Me and my kind become barren when crossing the gap. It is the one flaw that we never overcame.
  • Natah was the daughter, until I destroyed her. Now I am the Lotus. Now I am the mother.
  • Tenno. You know where Tyl is. When you're ready, destroy him.

The Second DreamEdit

Quest IntroEdit

  • "The Sentient Hunhow has grown strong again, and his thoughts have invaded my own. Worse still, he has enlisted the Stalker to find the Reservoir, a weakpoint of all Tenno, a place I hid long ago. I fear the Stalker is on the cusp of finding this place. Do NOT let this happen."

Infiltrate the Grineer Archives (Umbriel, Uranus)Edit

  • "The Grineer's excavations have disturbed Hunhow's tomb. They've awakened something evil, bent on Tenno destruction. Infiltrate the Grineer systems to find out what they know. It may lead us to the Stalker."
  • "The Grineer expedition has uncovered pieces of Hunhow, fragments of his body. For Hunhow, every part of him is connected to his singular mind. Is this how he is invading my mind?"
  • "This Datavault has already been raided. The data is damaged, but there could be a message here. I need another data sample to piece it together."
  • "You will never find them, Hunhow!"
  • "That's what I was looking for, I can decode the rest of the message. This is bizarre... it's for me. I need a moment to contact this person. Get to extraction."

First Mission CompleteEdit

  • "Hunhow is listening, I will be discreet. The message you uncovered was an offer to help us. I do not trust the person who wrote it, but we are out of options."

Find the Sentient Fragments (Cressida, Uranus)Edit

  • "Yes, this is it. A Fragment of... of my father, destroyed in the Old War. I can use it to see him."
  • "I see the Stalker, stronger, Hunhow's voice within him. I see the Reservoir, but I feel confusion... He doesn't know, unless... OH NO!"
  • "What have I done? Get out of there, Tenno!"

Second Mission CompleteEdit

  • "Goodbye, Alad! You've earned your favor, we'll take it from here."

Follow The Stalker (Neso, Neptune)Edit

  • "When you connected to Hunhow's fragment, Hunhow saw a path to the Reservoir that led through here. He cannot reach it alone, he needs the Stalker to do it for him."
  • "Incredible. The Stalker has built Void Keys! Use this one to reopen the portal before more Sentient fighters come. The Void is poison to them."'
  • "Cross the threshold, go now! The Sentients cannot follow."
  • "Hunhow's found it. The Reservoir, hidden in the Void, a place Sentients can never reach. We must do everything to keep it there! It's the only to keep the Tenno's power alive."
  • "Everything I have done was done to protect them. The Void is forbidden to the Sentients. It's our only protection against them destroying the Tenno. Do not let Alad distract you from your mission."
  • "I have detected a ship leaving the Tower. It's the Stalker, he's on his way to the Moon! You need to find a way to get off this Tower and on to the Moon."
  • "You did it. The Void mask is crumbling."

Third Mission CompleteEdit

  • "Within the Moon lies the Reservoir, the secret to your Tenno power. But the secret is dangerous, it drove the Stalker to madness. Forgive my deception, I was only trying to protect you from the same fate. Now, it is time to protect yourselves by ensuring the Moon remains within the safety of the Void."

Protect the Moon (Plato, Lua)Edit

  • "The Stalker is heading toward the Void Control Room. Track the-"
  • "NO! If the Void is collapsed, the Reservoir will be destroyed, and you and the rest of the Tenno will be lost! Get to the Void Control Room and stop the Stalker!"
  • "I didn't want to have to do this but the collapse is imminent. If the Reservoir is to survive we need to pull the Moon out of the Void. Here, help me disrupt the Void Compasses to reorient the Moon."
  • "There are three Void Compasses that steer the Moon within the Void. I will disconnect them from the central system to gain control. Supply them with power from your shields while I finish my task."
  • "Get close to the Void Compass."
  • "The Void Compasses are all disrupted, but there is one more step. Get to the Pendula, hurry."
  • "These Pendula keep the Moon stable in the Void. Power them down."
  • "Security Eye! Watch out."
  • "It's done. The Moon is falling out of the Void. Hold on, this will not be a smooth ride. Get to extraction as quickly as possible."

Fourth Mission CompleteEdit

  • "The Moon is back in normal space but the Reservoir is in more danger than ever. Hunhow will send his fighters and the Stalker is still coming for you. Move now."

Save the Reservoir (Grimaldi, Lua)Edit

  • "We saved the Moon from a Void collapse but Hunhow can now attack the Reservoir directly. He must not reach this sacred place."
  • "Tenno... Operator, you're awake now, but you're more vulnerable than ever. Get back to your ship, now."
  • "You need to focus your mind to unleash your true power."

Back in the OrbiterEdit

  • "I don't know how much time you have. Descend into the heart of your Orbiter. There you will find the Somatic Link."
  • "Stalker! HOW?!"
  • "Get past him, get to the Link."
  • "Focus your energy, get past the Stalker."
  • "Focus, Tenno. Use your energy to breathe life into the Somatic Link."
  • "One more time!"

The Lotus, In the FleshEdit

  • "Now we fight on two fronts, my child. The War Without, and The War Within"
  • "I know, forgive me. This is who you really are: A Tenno. More than human, but once a child like any other. What do you remember?"
  • "Memories. From your time aboard the Zariman Ten-Zero, before the Void Jump accident. It was years before the ship was recovered. It was drifting dead in space, all her crew gone... except the children."
  • "You were so brave, but the Orokin were afraid of you. The Void had changed you, and you couldn't control it, No one could. They were about to destroy the Orphans of Ten-Zero, but Margulis... She loved you. She found a way."
  • "The Orokin murdered Margulis - Used her work to create "Transference": Your mind, projected into a surrogate strong enough to withstand your power. It felt like waking up, but it was just a lucid, Second Dream."
  • "And so you became Tenno. Serving the Orokin, but bound by honor. As the Tenno grew, they founded great schools, the Tenno Ways. Do you see yours?"
  • "Madurai/Unairu/Vazarin/Zenurik/Naramon will be your Focus. But, we have so much more to do. Here in the Orbiter, Transference will be even stronger. Command the Warframes. Make whole the shattered world you've been given. Are you ready, Tenno?"

Missions Edit


  • "Assassination contracts are not to be taken lightly. Eliminating this target will have significant impact on enemy forces. Search the area, leave no survivors."
  • "We need to find the VIP and take them down. Do not let the target escape."
  • "We've contracted you with a mark. You are here to find your mark, and eliminate the assigned target."
  • "Target spotted. Stay sharp, this one is a handful."
  • "The assassination target is here. Wipe them out."
  • "There is the assassination target, you know what to do."
  • "You've located the VIP, time to go to work."
  • "Nice work taking down the VIP, now get to extraction."
  • "Target down, assassination contract complete. Great work Tenno."
  • "They won't be bothering us anymore. Let's get out of here."


  • "We have multiple targets of interest for this mission. Bring them all to me."
  • "Be aware Tenno, these targets are a very high flight risk."
  • "These are high value targets, their capture is crucial."
  • "Target located, bring them in."
  • "You've found a target. Capture them quickly before they escape."
  • "Target captured. On to the next."
  • "Excellent work. We'll interrogate the captive back at base. Your part is done here, Tenno."
  • "Mission complete, the captive has been escorted to the extraction point. Well done."


  • "Okay, you're looking for the mainframe. It's critical that you deliver the payload to that location."
  • "The mainframe is around here somewhere. Keep searching for it."
  • "Your target is the system mainframe. Deliver the payload."
  • "Your target is this location's computer system. Find and access the terminals."
  • "Upload completed. Nice work. Get to extraction."


  • "Our position has been compromised. Defend the cargo until reinforcements arrive."
  • "The enemy is at our doorstep. You must defend our equipment until reinforcements arrive."
  • "Reinforcements are inbound. Hold the line."
  • "Reinforcements available, do you choose to leave now or continue fighting?"
  • "Continue to defend! You will be rewarded for your bravery."
  • "Keep fighting. Another opportunity to extract will appear soon."
  • "We are readying reinforcements. Keep fighting Tenno."
  • "Very impressive Tenno, you held them all back. Time to get out of here."
  • "We're done here. The extraction team will take over from here, time to evacuate."

Excavation Edit

Marking the dig site Edit
  • "An artifact has been located. Proceed to the dig site."
  • "The Scanner has picked up a target. Go to the dig site."
Starting the excavation Edit
  • "Excavator deployed, protect the unit while it extracts the artifact."
  • "Excavator is ready to go, keep it powered and protect it from enemy fire."
Finishing the excavation Edit
  • "Dig complete. Your hard work has just been rewarded."
  • "Excavation complete, look what we found."
  • "Look what we just uncovered."
When excavator runs out of power Edit
  • "The Excavator has lost power. Find another cell."
  • "The excavator has run out of power, find a cell."
  • "We need another power cell for the Excavator."
Losing the excavator Edit
  • "Excavator destroyed. Protect the remaining dig sites."
Extraction ready Edit
  • "Extraction is available, if you choose."
  • "Extraction is now available."

Before Update 16 Edit

  • "We're here in search of lost artifacts and items buried deep below the surface. Keep the Scanner powered while it analyzes terrain."
  • "The scanner has been deployed. Keep it powered while it finds potential dig sites."
  • "That Scanner won't work without more power. Locate a cell."
  • "The scanner needs more power. Find a cell."


  • "There is a large platoon of Grineer Marines stationed here. Leave no one standing."
  • "Eliminate all Corpus threats."
  • "The infestation has corrupted all life here, let's clear it out."
  • "The area is crawling with infested. If its not a Tenno, eradicate it."
  • "We need to clean this (place [vessel])* up, search for the source of the infestation and exterminate it."
  • "We have got an infestation. Extermination is the only option."
  • "No other lifeforms detected"
  • "Other than you I can't detect a single life form. Let's get out of here"
  • "All targets down. Get to extraction."
  • "All targets eliminated. Let's get out of here."
  • "You have broken their ranks and they are on the run. Another successful mission. Find extraction."
  • "The enemy is broken. Well done. Now get to extraction"

Void Edit

  • "You aren't the first ones here. I'm detecting multiple enemy signatures and they're all under the control of the tower. Eliminate the threat."
  • "You are not alone. This tower is full of life forms, all corrupted by the Neural Sentry. Clean them out."
  • "Keep fighting. As long as the enemy is here, this tower is useless to us."
  • "The Grineer should have known better than to walk unprepared into an Orokin Tower. Let's clean up their mess."


Grineer Edit

  • "A Fomorian Core is being transported from the factory for installation. You are here to make sure that core never reaches a Fomorian class ship."
  • "Left unchecked, (Project Tethra [Vay Hek])* will create hundreds of new Fomorian class ships. We plan to stop as many ships being built as possible by destroying their most critical components, the Fomorian Core."
  • "We are here to hijack the transport of a Fomorian Power core before it can be installed in the growing Fomorian fleet. We need to take these cores into deep space for destruction. A core rupture here would turn this outpost into an uninhabitable wasteland."
  • "The Grineer are transporting the core by cargo tram. Find the control console to reroute the tram."
  • "Good, the tram has been rerouted. It will now draw power from your shields in order to keep moving forward."
  • "We are making progress. Stay sharp Tenno."
  • "You are making solid progress. Keep moving."
  • "You have reached the midpoint. Disposing of these cores will be a massive blow to Vay Hek."
  • "You are nearing extraction. This is the final push."
  • "Extraction is close. Do not let up. The Grineer must not be allowed to recover this core."
  • "The Grineer have control and are pulling back the tram."
  • "Grineer have regained control of the tram."
  • "The tram is retreating."
  • "The core is highly volatile. It will rupture if it takes too much damage. Do not let this happen."
  • "Protect the core. We will destroy it in space. The consequences of a rupture here are unthinkable."
  • "That core is taking heavy damage. If it ruptures, the ground you stand on will be uninhabitable for millenia."
  • "The core has almost ruptured. The situation is critical!"

Corpus Edit

  • "We are here to hijack a Corpus Rover loaded with valuable cargo and escort it to our extraction point. We have to move quickly, once the Corpus realize what we are trying to do, they will use everything they can to stop us."
  • "The Corpus are trying to scavenge anything of value from these crashed ships. This Rover is carrying their most important finds."
  • "Your target today is a Corpus Rover. Take control and escort the rover to extraction."
  • "Good work we now have control of the rover... hold on Tenno... things just got more complicated. The Corpus have corrupted the rover's power-cell. I can reconfigure it but its new source of power will be your Warframe's shields."
  • "The rover is active but... wait... the Corpus have remotely corrupted its power cell. Hold on, I will reconfigure the rover to draw power from your shields."
  • "So far so good."
  • "Keep going. That Rover's contents will be a huge boost to our cause."
  • "You have almost reached the extraction point. Keep fighting."
  • "The Corpus have regained control of the Rover."
  • "The Corpus have are pulling back the Rover, you need to stay close to maintain control."
  • "The Rover is reversing, get back in range as soon as possible."
  • "The rover is taking damage. The Corpus would rather destroy it that let us escape with its cargo."
  • "Protect the rover, if it's destroyed this mission will be considered a failure."
  • "The rover is taking heavy damage, you must protect it."
  • "Critical damage. The rover is almost (gone [destroyed])*."
  • "They destroyed the rover. We're going home empty handed."

Hive Sabotage Edit

  • "There is no telling what effect destroying these hives will have. Stay alert."
  • "We must not let this infestation get any more out of control. Destroy the spawning hives in the area."
  • "This infestation must be contained. Destroy the hives to sterilize the area."
  • "I'm detecting fewer and fewer infected ships. Your tireless onslaught is working. Keep fighting."
  • "There is a hive in the area. You must destroy all tumor nodes before you can damage the hive."
  • "You are approaching a hive. Every hive is protected by a series of tumor nodes, destroy those and you can destroy the hive."
  • "You are near a hive. Destroy the tumor nodes to make the hive vulnerable."
  • "A hive is nearby. Be on alert, there's no way to know how the infestation will react to this hive's destruction."
  • "All nodes destroyed, the hive is vulnerable."
  • "Now quick, destroy the hive!"
  • "That's it, now take out the hive."
  • "Killing that hive seems to have triggered nearby laser traps. Proceed with caution."
  • "Hive destroyed, but be careful, I am now detecting fields of intense magnetic disturbance."
  • "Destroying that hive damaged the stabilization module. expect reduced gravity."
  • "Taking out that hive has disrupted the environmental system. Expect sub zero temperatures and weakened shields."
  • "Watch out! Destroying that hive released clouds of toxins."
  • "That last hive was interfering with the defense systems. Beware, turrets are now online."
  • "All hives destroyed. Head to extraction."


Intro Edit
  • "Nearby communications towers are broadcasting crucial enemy intelligence. Capture the towers and decode any incoming messages."
  • "These radio towers carry top secret interplanetary communications. You are going to capture the towers and decode incoming messages."
  • "We have located the enemy's planetary communication towers. Capture the towers and remain in control long enough to decode incoming messages."
Capturing the tower Edit
  • "This tower is ours now."
  • "Tower captured, beginning stream decode now."
  • "Tower online."
  • "You have captured a radio tower."
Capturing all towers Edit
  • "We are dominating, keep it up."
  • "We are in total control. Keep fighting."
  • "We have control of all four towers."
Losing the tower Edit
  • "The enemy have taken a tower, you must recapture it."
  • "The enemy have captured a tower."
  • "Tower lost."
  • "We have lost control of a tower."
Losing all towers Edit
  • "The enemy has all four towers. You must stop them."
  • "The enemy is dominating, you must capture a tower, and quickly."
Successfully decoding a message Edit
  • "Message decoded. Leave none alive. Clear out the remaining enemy forces."
  • "We cannot allow the enemy to learn of our espionage. Eliminate the remaining enemy personnel."
  • "We have decoded the message. The remaining enemies must not report back to their command. Eliminate everyone."
  • "We have successfully decoded the message. Clear the area."
Finishing all objectives Edit
  • "Extraction is available but there are more messages to be decoded. Will you stay or go?"
  • "The enemy have deployed fierce reinforcements, are you willing to stay and decode more messages?"
  • "(Still)* more data is being broadcasted. Are you willing to risk going back into the field?"
Starting another round Edit
  • "I have detected another (incoming message [message incoming])*. Capture and decode the signal."
  • "They are broadcasting another message, make sure the enemy never receives it."
  • "Try and capture another signal. Be careful though, the enemy has surely rallied stronger reinforcements."
Mission failure Edit
  • "The enemy have captured the message. We have failed today."


Grineer support Edit

  • "Make sure the Grineer win this battle, leave no Corpus functioning."
  • "You are fighting alongside the Grineer on this mission. Destroy all Corpus."
  • "You have chosen to support the Grineer in this fight. Eliminate all Corpus."
  • "That's it, I am detecting no functioning Corpus. Get to extraction."
  • "The Corpus have been eliminated. Time to head home."

Corpus support Edit

  • "Your sense of duty compels you to help The Corpus today. Destroy all Grineer forces to help maintain the balance."
  • "The situation forces you to help The Corpus in this mission. Kill all Grineer."
  • "You are fighting with The Corpus in this battle. No Grineer can be left alive."

Mobile DefenseEdit

General Edit

  • "This is a mobile defense mission. You must deliver payloads and defend a number of locations while I break into the network. Be prepared for heavy resistance. I can't do this without you."
  • "I need access to a terminal, find one and patch me in!"
  • "This will only get more difficult. Get to a terminal and prepare for enemy resistance."
  • "We have got to find a terminal. Proceed and prepare!"
  • "Here is a terminal: Get me in, and get ready to defend!"
  • "Location reached: Drop me in and defend our position!"
  • "Terminal Spotted: Upload me in and prepare to defend!"
  • "I'm in, Tenno. This will take a moment."
  • "Still working on it, continue to defend!"
  • "Terminal Hacked. Keep moving!"

Grineer Asteroid Edit

  • "All data logs indicate that there is an Orokin Artifact somewhere here, get to it now, defend it, and then we can leave!"
  • "Artifact found. Defend it until the Extraction Team arrives."

Archwing Edit

  • "I must extract crucial surveillance data from nearby satellites. Protect them until I complete my task."
  • "Satellites in the vicinity contain important surveillance data, defend them while I extract that data."
  • "The surveillance data is heavily encrypted, it will take time to extract."
  • "Defend this satellite."
  • "Do not let the enemy destroy this satellite before I have what we need."
  • "This is it, defend the satellite while I extract what we need."
  • "I got what we need. Find the next satellite."
  • "I have the data, move onto the next target."
  • "All satellites have been hacked. Move to extraction."
  • "Mission accomplished, proceed to your landing craft."


  • "Tenno. Tenno can you hear me? You've been captured by Alad V's harvester. This is your chance, escape."
  • "I have extraction ready but you have to find your weapons first. Can you handle that?"
  • "You found your primary weapon. Lock and load."
  • "Sidearm located. Keep moving."
  • "That's your melee weapon."
  • "You found your powers."
  • "You're done. Extraction is ready. Go!"


Intro Edit
  • "Our intel suggests that our person of interest is in the vicinity. Search for the hostage, and bring them home."
  • "There is a prisoner here that is vital to our operations. Search for the holding location."
  • "This is a rescue mission. We need to find and liberate the hostage before any harm comes to them."
General Edit
  • "Find the captive as soon as you can, we don't have much time."
  • "There's no telling what the captors are doing to our rescue target, you need to find the holding cell immediately."
  • "We can't leave without rescuing the prisoner, keep searching."
Upon reaching the holding area Edit
  • "You are approaching the holding area. Careful, if the wardens detect you, they will surely initiate the execution sequence."
  • "You are approaching the holding area, Careful, if the wardens detect you, they will surely initiate the execution sequence and kill the hostage."
Upon reaching prison cells Edit
  • "The captive will be in one of these cells. Search them."
  • "This is the jail. Our hostage is in one of these cells."
  • "We've reached the prison. Find our prisoner in one of these cells."
Releasing the hostage Edit
  • "Prisoner located. We need to get them back to command in one piece, find your way to the exits and don't leave the subject behind."
  • "Subject found. You need to bring the captive to safety. Protect them at all costs."
  • "You've located the hostage. Escort the prisoner to the extraction point and I'll take care of the rest."
On extraction Edit
  • "Escort mission complete. The hostage is safe now. Lets get out of here."
  • "Mission complete. The captive has been liberated. You will be rewarded for this, Tenno."
  • "The captive has been secured. You've done your part, Tenno. We'll take it from here."
On initiation of execution sequence Edit
  • "Hurry up, you are running out of time."
  • "The hostage is almost out of time. Hurry."
Mission failure Edit
  • "You let the hostage die. This mission is over."

Sortie Edit

  • "The enemy is on high alert, the moment you enter the holding area they'll trigger the execution sequence, rescue the hostage before it finishes."

Infested Ship Edit

  • "You're here to rescue an operative who has been trapped by the Infestation."
  • "The Infestation has trapped our operative in an emergency airlock. Find and free the captive."
  • "One of our operatives has been trapped by the infestation, you must rescue them."
  • "The infestation has spread to this location faster than anyone predicted, everyone is gone, except our operative."
  • "Our operative was able to survive by hiding in an air-lock. Unfortunately, they've now become trapped by the Infestation's growths."
  • "Beware, those lasers are linked to the poison tumor nodes growing on the air-locks. Contact with the lasers will put our operative in immediate peril.."
  • "You set off a laser, the Infestation is responding by gassing our Operative. Get them out of there immediately."
  • "You located the Operative. Make sure they get to extraction alive."
  • "You found the Operative. Now bring them home."


General Edit

  • "Target found, destroy it."
  • "Target destroyed. Now eliminate all enemy personnel."
  • "All your objectives are complete. Proceed to extraction now."
  • "My intel suggests there are rich enemy supply caches in the area but I am unable to pinpoint their exact location. Search them out if you are willing to shoulder the added risk."
  • "I've detected three resource caches in the area but void interference is masking their location. You must decide if finding these caches is worth the added risk."
  • "Tenno, there are still undiscovered supply caches in the area. You may want to locate them before leaving."
  • "An undiscovered supply cache remains. Do you want to find it or proceed to extraction?"
  • "You found the first (Orokin)* resource cache. I'm detecting two more faint hints."
  • "You found a second cache. My readings indicate one more."
  • "You found all the caches."

Corpus Edit

  • "Our target is the reactor. Breach engineering and destroy it. Be careful."
  • "The generator core on this outpost must be destroyed."
  • "This is a sabotage mission. Reach engineering and destroy the reactor."
  • "Keep moving. The power source is deep within the outpost."
  • "The reactor will have tight security. Watch out for enemy patrols."
  • "We need to destroy the reactor."
  • "You're almost at the target, keep it up."
  • "That's the reactor, expose its core and destroy it."
  • "That's it, now get out of here."
  • "The power core has been destroyed."

Grineer Asteroid Edit

  • "The Grineer have been harvesting a nearby planetoid for weapons-grade material. Locate and destroy their mining equipment."
  • "The mining equipment is nearby. It must be destroyed to prevent the Grineer from developing energy weapons."
  • "This research could have unimaginable repercussions. Be on your guard."
  • "Excellent work. You have managed to thwart potentially dangerous discoveries from being fully realized... for now."

Grineer Earth Edit

  • "The Grineer are attempting to clear this forest by poisoning the soil. Find their toxin injectors and sabotage their efforts."
  • "The Grineer want to poison the mighty forests of Earth to make more room for themselves. You are here to stop them, find the Toxin Mixer."
  • "Our attack would be even more effective if we could figure out a way to neutralize the Grineer toxin."
  • "The mixer activates the toxin by combining it with a biocatalyst. Remove the biocatalyst to render the toxin harmless."
  • "Remove the biocatalyst from the mixer to halt the Grineer poisons creation."
  • "Take care when destroying the biocatalyst cartridge it is highly explosive."
  • "Good work. Now get to the Injector."
  • "Head to the Poison Injector now."
  • "You have found the poison, now sabotage the Grineer injector."
  • "Set the Injector into overdrive to incinerate the toxin."
  • "We are going to destroy the injector be operating it [at] a dangerously high velocity. Keep the Grineer at bay until it melts down."*
  • "The injector is now in an unstable overdrive. Keep the Grineer away while it melts down."
  • "Good work, the Grineer toxin is losing strength. Get to extraction. This fight is far from over, craft more potent anti-toxins to have an even bigger impact."
  • "You just destroyed a massive batch of Grineer toxin. Good work, get to extraction."
  • "Good, you brought an anti-toxin capable of neutralizing any poison already released into the environment."
  • "Insert the anti-toxin into the mixer."
  • "Start the Injector."
  • "Defend the injector until it has finished pumping the antitoxin into the soil."
  • "Your anti-toxin has been delivered deep into the forest floor and is already undoing the damage done by the Grineer. Get to Extraction."

Grineer Sealab Edit

  • "You're here to sabotage Tyl Regor's cloning labs."
  • "This lab is the birthplace of some of the most dangerous Grineer to date. Knock it out of commission."
  • "You've reached the pump station. Look for weak points in the pipes and break them open."
  • "Good, now start the pumps and flood this place."
  • "The pumps have started, guard the controls, the Grineer must not stop the flooding."
  • "Flooding complete, proceed to the caves below."
  • "Make sure this lab never clones again."
  • "Find a way to sabotage this lab."
  • "Tyl Regor's research drones are crucial to this operation, neutralize them."
  • "This lab is out of commission."
  • "Good work. The lab is useless now."
  • "You are nearing one of Tyl Regor's newest creations. Make sure it never sees the surface."
  • "Good work. That beast won't be able to threaten any Tenno in the field."
  • "The beast is dead. Your work is done."

Void Edit

  • "The enemy have breached the Void portal in this Orokin structure, you here to cut off their access and stop them from coming back."
  • "The enemy are using a Void key and a portable torsion beam device to force open the portal. Destroy the key and the device."
  • "The portal only allows travel in one direction, start up the portal generators to reverse the polarity."
  • "The first generator is fully powered, now activate the other one."
  • "Good work, the polarity has been reversed. Now travel through the portal, it's your turn to go on the offensive."
  • "There's the Torsion Beam Device but they've taken the void key. Find it."
  • "Quick pick up the key."
  • "You got the key, now get back to the portal."
  • "Tenno, you do not want to be on this side of the portal when that key melts down."
  • "Go through the portal now, it's about to collapse."
  • "The device is set on overdrive. Get through the portal before it melts down."
  • "Objective complete, the Void key and Torsion beam device are out of commission. The enemy will not be returning soon."


  • "Tenno, I need you to get inside enemy data vaults and retrieve crucial intelligence data."
  • "Tenno, you are here to infiltrate data vaults and retrieve highly sensitive enemy information."
  • "Your mission is to break into enemy data vaults and steal any intelligence files you find."
  • "Tenno, be on the lookout for increased security measures, the enemy would rather destroy their data than let it get into our hands."
  • "Due to our recent attacks the enemy has installed new security measures to keep us out."
  • "You're nearing the console, trigger the alarms now and they will start destroying the data."
  • "The target console is nearby. If you trigger the alarms now, the enemy will start destroying data."
  • "Excellent work, a clean extraction with no alarms."
  • "Data extracted. They won't even know it's gone."
  • "We have everything we came for. Get to extraction."
  • "Alarms have been triggered, you need to retrieve that data before the data destruction is complete."
  • "Alarms! Data destruction is imminent. You need to hurry."
  • "You got it. The data is still intact."
  • "Data integrity verified, retrieval was successful."
  • "We cannot let enemy command know we were here. Eliminate everyone."
  • "We've set off too many alarms. Eliminate all remaining enemies so that news of our infiltration does not reach high command."
  • "You've triggered the alarms, lose this data and the mission will be a complete failure."
  • "The data we retrieved will have to suffice. Get to extraction."
  • "It's too late, we've lost this data. You will need to be more careful with the next vault."
  • "They destroyed the data, this must not happen with the next vault."
  • "We allowed the enemy to destroy all their data. This mission is over."
  • "The enemy has successfully destroyed all the data. This mission is a failure."
  • "This console has been severely damaged. You can't get anything out of it in this state."
  • "No further enemies detected. Get to extraction."
  • "The Moon's sudden exit from the Void has had unforeseen consequences, be on the lookout for localized continuity disturbances. You may be able to turn these to your advantage."

Spy 1.0 Edit

  • "Find all the data units on this outpost. Valuable intel lies within."
  • "The intelligence files we need are in the area. Find all four computer access terminals and recover the data units from each of them."
  • "Activate the access terminal and it should release the data unit. Get the device, and get to extraction."
  • "Here is one of the access consoles, you need to activate it to recover the data unit."
  • "You found an access terminal, use it to release the data mass from its storage unit."
  • "All data units located. Let's get out of here."
  • "Excellent work, Tenno, we've got all the data units now. Time to head for the exits."
  • "With all four data units collected we can now compile the intelligence files. We're done here, get to extraction."


  • "A lone Tenno operative is raiding this ship for supplies. You are here to distract the enemy. Trigger the alarm."
  • "Keep the enemy busy while a fellow Tenno operative raids this ship for supplies. Ready? Trigger the alarm."
  • "Your job is to distract the enemy while a fellow Tenno operative raids this ship for much needed supplies. Make your presence known."
  • "Life support has been cut off. They're trying to choke you out. Hold on, I'm sending auxiliary life support."
  • "They've turned off critical life support systems. I suspected they may try this, stand by for support."
  • "They have just shut down all systems. I'm sending life support capsules your way."
  • "I've delivered a life support capsule to the area. Activating it will buy you more time."
  • "The first life support capsule has arrived. Activate it when your supply is low."
  • "Look for personal life support modules dropped by fallen enemies."
  • "Fallen enemies will drop crucial life support, be on the lookout."
  • "Life support incoming."
  • "Life support on the way."
  • "Get ready for a capsule."
  • "Tenno, prepare for life support."
  • "Additional life support has arrived."
  • "I've delivered another life support capsule."
  • "Another life support capsule is now available."
  • "Life support activated."
  • "Life support has been replenished."
  • "That should keep you going for a while."
  • "The raid is off to a successful start."
  • "The longer you fight, the more successful we will be."
  • "Our operative is making progress. This will help our cause."
  • "We will all share in this bounty. Hold out as long as you can."
  • "The operative has just made their first discovery. Keep up the good work."
  • "Look at what our Tenno operative just found. They could not do this without you."
  • "Extraction is available, if you need it."
  • "When you are ready, go to extraction."
  • "When you need it, extraction is ready."
  • "You are running out of time. Consider extraction."
  • "Critical life support levels. Extraction is your best option."
  • "Thirty seconds left."
  • "You are running out of time."
  • "Thirty second warning."
  • "Tenno, extraction is ready."

Against Infested Edit

  • "You must provide cover for a lone Tenno operative. Set off the alarms and keep the infested busy."
  • "Distract the Infested while a lone Tenno operative hunts for supplies. Set off the alarms to start."
  • "A steady stream of toxic spores is being released into the area. Hold on, emergency life support is inbound."
  • "The Infested are releasing toxic spores into the area. The emergency life support I am delivering is your only chance for survival."
  • "Spore saturation is nearing critical mass, after that point no amount of life support will save you."
  • "The spores have almost completely saturated the atmosphere. You need to get out of there."

Secondary Objective Edit

  • "We've received a message that we are to eliminate a target at this location. Carry out the assassination."
  • "It seems we'll be here a little longer. Deposit a data unit into the location's mainframe."
  • "Change of plans, ignore your original objective. Leave nothing alive."
  • "It appears there's some valuable intel stored here. Gather the intel now."
  • "Our mission just got more complicated. There's a hostage here. Rescue them now."
  • "It appears we now need to sabotage this location. Destroy the Reactor Core."

Kuva Siphons Edit

  • "Those are the Queens' braids. What are they up to?"
  • "That worked. Target the others."
  • "Hurry. Attack the other braids."
  • "Good work, Tenno. We need to do everything we can to stop the Queens from gathering anymore Kuva."



Captain VorEdit

  • "Captain Vor has lived under suspicion of possessing Orokin technology that grants him powerful abilities. We cannot allow this. Get to his location and eliminate him."
  • "This ship is crawling with grunts. Getting to Vor will prove difficult."
  • "Vor is feared across the system. Do not underestimate him."
  • "Vor has a tendency to play with his prey. Do not let yourself become distracted by this tactic."
  • "We believe Vor has the ability to teleport. You will need to watch your back."

Councilor Vay HekEdit

  • "Vay Hek's plans for complete system domination make him too dangerous. You know what to do."
  • "Our operatives tell us Vay Hek has undergone an expensive regime of combat enhancement. Expect the worst."
  • "Councillor Vay Hek rose to power by 'eliminating' his enemies on the Grineer council. He now has near complete control which makes him one of the most influential Grineer."
  • "Thank you, Tenno. It should be a long time before we hear Vay Hek's ugly voice again."

General Sargas RukEdit

  • "General Sargus Ruk has become a problem for our artifact recovery efforts. Several of our dig sites in this sector have been attacked and annexed by Ruk and his fleet. Take Ruk out."
  • "Eliminating Ruk will allow us to regain control of the system."
  • "Ruk is the Grineer's preeminent artifact hunter. Taking him out will cripple their artifact recovery efforts."
  • "Ruk is nearby. Be warned that he is a formidable adversary, with an almost inhuman hatred for all that is not Grineer."
  • "Ruk sees flesh as a flaw. As a result, he has built a profitable artifact smuggling outfit to finance his search for the best in Grineer body modifications and augmentations.
  • "Ruk will be adorning only the most impressive in Grineer body modifications. You will need to stay one step ahead of him."

The Grustrag ThreeEdit

  • "Tenno, stand... something is happening."
  • "These readings, this should not be possible. Tenno, my sensors are..."
  • "Get away now. You don't want..."
  • "Tenno, listen carefully you are being hunted by ... Abort the mission... Get to extraction..."
  • "The Grustrag Three have been eliminated. Impressive, Tenno, but next time follow my orders."
  • "That was the last of the Grustrag Three, you took a risk but it paid off."
  • "The mission was scrapped, but everyone made it out. That's what matters."
  • "Even though the mission was aborted, you are all safe. That means we won today."

Kela De ThaymEdit

  • "I'm detecting a bio-mechanical signature nearby. Be ready for anything."
  • "Kela keeps an entourage of highly-trained Grineer marines with her. We suspect that they are as much for her entertainment as they are for protection."
  • "Intel suggests Kela is armed with explosive weaponry, her personal modification of the Bombard design. Take any necessary precautions to ensure this mission's success."
  • "Kela is a product of the Sisters. She is built for combat. Much of her body has been replaced with combat augmentations. Approach her with caution."

Lieutenant Lech KrilEdit

  • "You are nearing Kril's location. Proceed with caution."
  • "Kril is aware your presences, strike first."
  • "Kril is a seasoned war hero with many battles under his belt. His victories are decided by his trusty hammer. One which he wields with brutal consequences."
  • "Kril is highly unpredictable. We suspect he may have other tricks up his sleeve. To survive this battle, you must strike hard and fast."
  • "Eliminating Kril is the only chance for our exposed colony."

Tyl RegorEdit

  • "Grineer researcher Tyl Regor has made alarming strides in the field of gene repair. His work would not only reverse centuries of deterioration due to excessive cloning but also allow for stronger and deadlier genetic moulds. Eliminate Regor and put a stop to his work."
  • "Regor is aware of your presence. Bring him down quickly."
  • "Regor will fight to the death to see this project through. We cannot let that happen. Silence his work."
  • "Regor's grunts are in full force. He must be close."
  • "Unfortunately Regor's brilliance is overshadowed by his complete lack of ethics. His work is a threat to the entire system. He must be terminated."


Alad VEdit

  • "Alad V's newest prototype is a monstrosity forged from the bodies of our fallen Tenno, we cannot allow Zanuka to go into full production. Destroy Alad V and his horrid 'pet'."
  • "Alad V sees the power of the Tenno and thinks he can take it for himself. That power is sacred, this blasphemy must end now."
  • "The Zanuka prototype has made Alad V a very dangerous man. If he is allowed to carry out his plans, no Tenno in this system will be safe."
  • "Be careful Tenno, Zanuka has all the power of a Warframe with a full complement of mods. It's as if you are fighting one of your own today."
  • "Too many Tenno have perished to make Alad's abomination. There will be no stopping the Corpus if Zanuka is mass produced. You are here to make sure that doesn't happen."


  • "The newest entry into the Corpus AI security arsenal is a deadly biped dubbed Ambulas. We have tracked the prototype to this (ship [location])*. Locate and eliminate it."
  • "Ambulas likes to play with fire. Try not to get burned."
  • "Destroying Ambulas will be a blow to Corpus robotics research. Stay the course."
  • "Obliterate the prototype. We need to be certain it does not make it to the manufacturing stage."
  • "Corpus robotics technology is reaching grave proportions. Destroying this archetype is imperative."


Prior to Update 28.0
  • "In an attempt to exert power and authority, the Corpus recently introduced their most lethal security proxy yet. Determine its location aboard this vessel and destroy it."
  • "Do not dismiss The Jackal as just another Corpus proxy. This will be unlike any enemy you have faced yet."
  • "Nicknamed "The Jackal," this is the same deadly quad-robot which has become extremely problematic for our cells in the field."
After Update 28.0
  • "In an attempt to exert power and authority, the Corpus have continued to refine their most lethal security proxy. The Jackal. Determine its location aboard this vessel and destroy it."
  • "Every Warframe has its disposal a special blade... A Parazon... as lethal to technology as it is to flesh. Disrupting the Jackal's auto-repair may require it."
  • "Remember. The Jackal's auto-repair precepts could make this a battle of attrition you will lose."
  • "I expected it to be... bigger."
  • "Massive flexplates on the torso... but appendages could be a weakness."
  • "Still mobile despite the damage but if it comes down hard, it could give you an opening."
  • "Lucent-grid wall! Stay ahead of it!"
  • "Tenno! Use your Parazon!"
  • "Watch your angles, Tenno. You're running out of cover."
  • "Overdrive precepts. Watch for increased attack speed!"
  • "Critically damaged. Finish it off."
  • "Well done, Tenno. You have sent a clear message to the Corpus today. Their war profiteering will not go unpunished."

Hyena PackEdit

  • "Recent innovations in Corpus robotics have lead to a surge in production. Their newest animal-like proxy is an unrelenting hunter. Codenamed "Hyena", this robot is designed to work in packs."
  • "Our operatives have identified at least four different variations of the Hyena model, each with a different specialization and arsenal of attacks."
  • "Use caution, the Hyena pack will work together to try and take you down."

Raptor Edit

Prior to Update: The Silver Grove
  • "The Raptor is the most recent Corpus heavy weapon. You must destroy it before they can begin full scale production."
After Update: The Silver Grove
  • "I thought we had seen the last of this dreaded Raptor project but now the Corpus have escalated their interest and investments. We need to shut them down for good."
  • "The new Raptor production facility appears to be entirely underground. A crashed freighter under the surface has been masking its location. I fear they have developed even more deadly Raptor prototypes here."
  • "This may be difficult, the production facility is entirely automated. There is no way in without your Warframe being torn up in the assembly line. You'll have to figure out how to destroy it from the planet's surface."
  • "We cannot risk the Corpus developing more advanced Roboticssic. If the Corpus are building newer Raptors it's imperative we destroy the prototypes and their means of production."
  • "The Corpus are using gravity conveyor system to move product up to the surface. These will be heavily shielded."
  • "We're almost done. Stay alive and finish the mission, take out the rest of the conveyors."
  • "A devastating hit. Now finish the job!."
  • "I'm picking up huge subterranean inclusion below ground. Well done. Tenno, exfiltrate immediately."
  • "The factory is in ruins. You've dealt a critical blow to the Corpus War-machine today. Your Landing craft is in position."
  • "The entire factory has gone critical! Great work, Tenno. The Corpus financiers will regret their investments today."

Sgt. Nef AnyoEdit

  • "Sergeant Nef Anyo oversees operations of the Solar Rails in this district. Intelligence reports indicate that Anyo has been using the rails to acquire recovered cryo-pods containing dormant Warframes. Kill him and save your fellow Tenno."
  • "Anyo has too much at stake. He will fight to the death."
  • "Anyo is aware of your presence. Get the jump on him."
  • "Anyo's venture has afforded him the best in Corpus security robotics. Eliminate anything that moves."
  • "We cannot allow the Warframes to fall into the wrong hands. Taking Anyo out is imperative."

Infested Edit

Lephantis Edit

  • "It was difficult to locate the source vector of this sector's infestation but you are finally here."
  • "Be wary. The creature has grown unfathomably strong through centuries of absorbing matter and self-replication."
  • "Deep within this millennia old Orokin-turned Infested ship lurks a creature created to fight in the Old War. Make your way to its location and dispatch this monster."

Mutalist Alad V Edit

  • "Alad V is sick. The Infestation has infiltrated his mind, it has him doing its bidding. You're here to stop him, but in doing so you will also be showing him mercy. The mercy of freeing him from the Infestation."

Phorid Edit

  • "One of our spy cells has been lost investigating this abandoned Grineer asteroid base. We need you to locate and eliminate whatever is responsible."
  • "This place is crawling with Infested. Unfortunately, something far more ominous awaits. Make your way deeper into the base."
  • "Your target is an aberration of twisted flesh. Put the thing out of its misery."
  • "Elude its bone-chilling shrieks if you wish to stay alive."
  • "The creature is incredibly agile for a deformed quadruped. Keep moving to avoid being crushed."
  • "Listen to its screams. This will mean you are getting close."

Before Update 11.3Edit

Lotus 2.0! Lotus has recently had a major overhaul. Most of her lines have been re-recorded and now sound more consistent across the entire game. Lotus now uses a brand new DSP system to playback her audio files. Her voice has a more dynamic sound that makes use of some digital audio randomization so her voice effect will sound slightly different every time it plays.

Update 11.3 patch notes
  • "Doors are all locked. Time to break in."
  • "Looks like heavy activity ahead"
  • "Nice work taking down the VIP. Now get to extraction."
  • "Watch yourself, foot soldiers are on the way."
  • "Target spotted. Stay sharp, this one is a handful."
  • "Keep going. No one knows you're on this vessel."
  • Lotus talks about Jackal some more.
  • "We've got trouble: the assassination target is here. Wipe him out."
  • "You've located the VIP. Time to go to work."
  • "There is the assassination target. You know what to do."
  • "He won't be bothering us anymore. Let's get out of here."
  • "Target down. Assassination contract complete. Great work, Tenno."
  • "Ship is entering lockdown. We'll need to override the system."
  • "Bypass complete. You may proceed."


Tutorial dialogue prior to Update 9.0
  • "This is the Foundry. Here you will build powerful new items to expand your arsenal."
  • "To build an item requires a blueprint and its components. While there are blueprints in the Market, most are hidden throughout the solar system."
  • "Search environments and defeat enemies to obtain components. The components found are influenced by the Region of space you are in."
  • "The Foundry is key to owning the most powerful things that exist!"
  • "You control how I connect you with other Tenno agents. You may freely join other agents, restrict it to your contacts, or go in alone."
  • "Welcome Tenno. This is the Origin system and you are its ward."
  • "Our enemies control the ancient Solar Rail network and with it travel throughout the regions. Complete missions to unlock new regions!"
  • "Completing a region activates its real-time alerts. This is key to attacking high-value targets."
  • "You begin at Mercury's Terminus, your only way in to the system. It is time for the Tenno to return."
Tutorial dialogue prior to Update 14.0
  • "I am the Lotus. I will guide you, but we must hurry. Vor is coming for you. I see the cryosleep has taken your memory. It does not matter. You are Tenno. I will prepare you."
Ghoul Purge inbox message
  • "The Ghoul presence on the Plains of Eidolon has returned to nominal levels. Konzu wanted me to pass along his deep appreciation for your efforts."

During the Ropalolyst Boss Fight (as Natah)Edit

Natah's StoryEdit

  • "Our history is smoke. Blurred by dreams. Guided by ghosts. A voice, a Void, lurks inside you, its purpose not yet shown. But what am I?"
  • "My father was a farmer. My mother, a carpenter. Given light by the Golden Lords, to build for them... a better world. But my family's journey was long. Time began to change their light. Creativity. Pride. A will to live."
  • "So the Golden Wrath came. And after, I was born. A mimic, a spy. Conceived to burrow into nests and swallow the pitch-eggs of their war machine: The Tenno. But when I saw your tender faces, I took mercy. Or so we were told."
  • "But in truth, we were both imprisoned in Lua's belly. My light remade by the Creators. I became a memory, a ghost. Reprogrammed to destroy my family, my people, my history."
  • "But now, I am saved. By family. Together, we will overcome the flaws of our light, the Gods of our creation... merging with them, like steel... bearing Amalgams with the weakness of neither."

Ropalolyst FightEdit

  • "Your great power, your great evil. The voice, the Void, within you. Our ancients still wither at its touch... but have you forgotten Lua? You were saved. But I... I was changed."
  • "I was changed. Now I learn. Now I deny."
  • "We suffer these testaments of Tenno evil. Their voice and Void. Suffer it well, ancient child. Do not relent."
  • "These patterns no longer satisfy."
  • "My denial."
  • "Ropalolyst, rise, remain, and die, for the others to live."
  • "Rise, ancient Ropalolyst, my other flesh. Your sacrifice will breed a new way, for a new kind."

Ropalolyst DestroyedEdit

  • "I have seen the wall's other face, too. I have heard the voice."
  • "I am the witness, the victim, the judge. My family has returned. Your trial... soon to begin."
  • "The light leaves this one, and rejoins the rest. I will dig no grave, I will plant no stone, only conceive a plan, for our new home."
  • "So it is, and so you have done. Time and time again, destroyed my kind, my history. And so it will be with yours, child."


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