Guiding light to the newly-awakened Tenno, the Lotus is a mysterious companion and mentor who works from an unknown remote location. Her past is rich with storied history, and her knowledge of the known universe, past and present, rivals even the most studious Cephalon intelligence. Her reach is far, her allies are many, but her ultimate intentions are of dubious propriety.

—Lotus Fragment

I am the Lotus. Your friend and guide.


The Lotus is a mysterious figure who guides the Tenno during their operations throughout the Origin System.


Throughout missions, the Lotus will advise the Tenno of incoming enemy units and their awareness of the Tenno presence at the start of a mission, as well as upon an enemy alerting the rest by using a control console. She will also advise the Tenno of heavy units when they are nearby such as the Infested Ancients, Corpus Shockwave MOAs, and various heavy Grineer.

Occasionally, during a mission, the Lotus will command a Tenno to ignore their original task and will issue a new one. For example, during a Spy mission, the Lotus may order to instead eliminate all enemy units and the objective will become Extermination. Any objects related to the old mission type will become obsolete and no longer needed to complete the mission.


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“You're not supposed to be in here! You're going to ruin the surprise!”
The following article/section contains spoilers.

The Lotus acts as the guide to the Tenno in nearly all Missions, Events, Quests and Comics of WARFRAME, making her the most ubiquitous character of the game. For this reason, the lore section of this article will only cover the events where Lotus plays a major role.


It is revealed that Lotus is a Sentient formerly named "Natah", and in some way responsible for the fall of the Orokin Empire. With the Empire in ruins and the Old War over, she refused to complete the final sequence of her mission: destroy the Tenno. She instead chose to become their "mother" after she had become sterile during the crossing to the Origin system, hiding the Tenno in the "second dream" to preserve them and betraying her father Hunhow.

In conversation with Teshin, the Lotus later claims to have destroyed whatever parts of her were Natah. Before the Tomb on Uranus is sealed, Hunhow warns her that the others of its kind have not taken kindly to her betrayal, and will attempt to bring her back into the fold.

The Second Dream[]

Hunhow teams up with the Stalker to destroy the Reservoir, the weakness of the Tenno, so the Lotus forms a truce with Alad V to stop them. It is revealed that the Reservoir is hidden on Lua which the Lotus placed into the Void, shocking Alad V as Lua was previously thought to have been destroyed.

At the Reservoir, the Tenno discovers a figure in a jumpsuit, which the Lotus calls the "Operator". She urges them to return to the Orbiter, but are ambushed by the Shadow Stalker. Before being repelled, Hunhow discovers the figure in the jumpsuit is actually the true Tenno that pilots the Warframes. The Lotus then appears before the Tenno, explaining what they truly are and asks what they remember.

Chains of Harrow[]

Palladino refers to the Lotus as the Great Sentient Queen and states that she created her personality from the dreams and memories of Tenno, copying Margulis' image, to explain how the Lotus is unable to recall anything related to Rell - a fact that the Lotus expresses in disbelief.

Apostasy Prologue[]

The Operator meets the Lotus on Lua, but before they can speak, Ballas suddenly appears and promises not to abandon "Margulis" again. The Lotus removes her helmet and holds his hand without question, and the pair vanish before the Operator. The Operator, now confused and alone, collects Lotus' helmet. With her absence, Ordis synthesizes her mission directives until they can figure out her whereabouts.


  • The Lotus is voiced by Rebecca Ford, the Community Manager of Digital Extremes.
  • Earlier builds of Warframe implied that The Lotus was an organization rather than an individual;
    • The voice often referred to as the Lotus would say, "Good work Tenno, the Lotus will be pleased." at the end of some missions, hinting that the Lotus may be an organization rather than a single entity. This has been changed to "I am pleased", stating the Lotus is in fact the speaker herself.
    • Furthermore, the Natah quest confirms her being an individual.
  • Prior to Update 10.0 (2013-09-13) a female Grineer (e.g. a Heavy Gunner or a Ballista) would say "Death to the Lotus!" when engaging a Tenno in combat.

The Lotus' Halloween Skin.

  • In Update 10.6 (2013-10-30), the Lotus's profile image changed to resemble a vampire for Halloween, featuring scarlet clothing, pale skin, and a trickle of blood running from her mouth.
  • In earlier versions, the Lotus seemed to be human based on her speech patterns, like making informal statements such as: "That's it, now get the hell out of there." These lines have since been revised with a more formal tone.
  • Her pronunciation of "Orokin" changed when her voice was overhauled in Update 11.0 (2013-11-20); prior to that she pronounced it as "Or-o-kin" but from Update 11 onwards she now pronounces it as "ORO-kin".
  • The Lotus has stated that she has crafted the DexFuris.png Dex Furis, the DexDakra.png Dex Dakra, the DexSybaris.png Dex Sybaris, and the Dex Nouchali Syandana in Anniversary e-mails sent to players, implying she is capable of engineering feats.
  • The Lotus' convictions may be religious. This is shown when she contacts you in assassinating Alad V. She says: "Alad V sees the power of the Tenno and thinks he can take it for himself. That power is sacred. His blasphemy must end now." She also refers to the Reservoir as a sacred place.
  • The fact that she had memories of speaking to MirageIcon272.png Mirage while she fought the Sentients indicates that the Lotus has been present hundreds of years before the current timeline.
    • Since the Orokin Derelict is several millennia old, the Lotus should be, at least, roughly the same age.
  • During The Second Dream quest, the Lotus suggested that Hunhow can invade her mind as he has the ability to access/interfere with any part of himself, implying that somehow she is still a part of him.
    • It is later revealed The Lotus is herself a Sentient. Lotus describes Hunhow as the singular mind of all Sentients, which explains how he was able to invade her mind.
  • Palladino refers to the Lotus as Great Sentient Queen during Chains of Harrow.
    • Erra, a Sentient warlord and a brother of Natah, stated that his sister is a "god" and a "queen".
  • The Lotus is nicknamed Space Mom by Digital Extremes developers and the WARFRAME community, due to the fact that she acts like a surrogate mother to the Tenno. This was later honored in the game with several lines during the Natah quest saying that she is now "the mother".
  • Lotus was added to the video game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Spirit during the game's Spirits in Black event from February 28, 2020 to March 3, 2020.[1][2] This is the Lotus' first appearance in media outside of Warframe. Her Spirit can be enhanced after reaching Level 99, turning her into Natah.


Patch History[]

Update 11.6 (2014-01-08)

  • Changed Lotus transmissions to reduce chatter: added delay to Mobile Defense reminders, Heavy Unit transmissions now have a 2 minute cool-down and can occur at most 3 times per mission.
  • Fixed enemy warning transmissions playing when spawning turrets & cameras (the Lotus would say “Robots approaching!” when it was just cameras).

Update 11.5 (2013-12-19)

  • Adjustments to frequency of Lotus dialogue.
  • Added and replaced old Lotus lines (thanks for letting us know in the forums!)