A helmet for the Loki Warframe, designed by artarrwen.

—In-game description

Rogue is a Steam-exclusive alternative helmet for LokiIcon272.png Loki.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

This item is available only to players whose Warframe accounts are linked with Steam, and will need to be purchased with Steam Wallet credit, or other methods available via Steam.

Currency Price
USD $5.99
EUR €5.99
GBP £4.79
AUD A$6.89
RUB ₽149.99
CAD $6.49
PHP ₱199.95
IDR Rp55,999.00
SGD $6.50
JPY ¥598.00
INR ₹299.00
CNY ¥25.00
BRL R$11,99
KRW ₩6,500.00

Equipping[edit | edit source]

To equip the helmet, go into the "Arsenal" page, then click on 'Appearance' tab, the Helmet will be the first item in the section labeled 'Physique'.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The term "rogue" generally describes something that is not playing by the normal rules (a rogue wave is unexpectedly large and sudden, a rogue elephant rampages, a rogue state threatens to upset the political balance, a rogue planet is not gravitationally bound to a star, etc.). In role-playing games, a rogue is a character class specializing in speed, stealth, finesse, and trickery - much like Loki.

Media[edit | edit source]

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