Follows a target while attacking them with lasers

Locust Drones are small robots deployed by Carriers, and by Gox upon self-destructing. While physically weak, Locust drones carry highly accurate lasers that cannot be dodged, constantly dealing damage on player shields and health.


  • Locust drones tend to strafe and reposition themselves a lot in combat. It can be helpful to draw them into a tightly enclosed space so that they pin themselves in place. This is especially true when trying to scan them.
  • Using Archwing abilities such as the Odonata's Seeking Fire or Elytron's Bloomer can be useful in case of multiple Locust drones attack since it can target the small drones and exterminate them all at once.


  • Utilizes exactly the same model as Nemes.
  • In The Profit, what appears to be a Locust Drone can be seen projecting a hologram of the Corpus Board for Alad V, nearly a year before players would encounter it.
Frohd and Locust Cameo

A Locust Drone projecting members of the Board during The Profit trailer. Frohd Bek is also visible (right side).

Patch HistoryEdit

Update: Lunaro
  • Slightly increased the Mod drop chance on Locust Drones.
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