Spits explosive projectiles.

Lobber Crawlers resemble a light blue Infested Crewman with no lower limbs, forcing them to move with their hands. It will stop at decent distances away from players, arch up a bit, then spit an explosive toxic tissue that can seem to home in on players slightly, and creates a buff that appears only two meters wide although affecting players up to six meters away. The grenade does damage directly to health, although the effect is fairly weak.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If close enough, the Crawler will melee the player like a regular crawler.
  • It has the longest ranged attack of all the Infested units currently.
  • In-game it says it deals explosive damage.
  • The projectiles are similar to the ones fired from the GrineerGrenadeLauncher.pngTorid, it is plausible that this weapon is based on the Lobber Crawler's attack.
  • Currently, the Lobber Crawler's Projectile has a bright glow to it.

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Patch History[edit | edit source]

Update 17.1

  • Infested Crawlers will no longer spawn after lv 40 in endless Mission types to make way for more aggressive enemies.

Update 10.5

  • Introduced.
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