Loading Screen Tips are displayed at the top left of the loading screen before the start of a mission. These quotes are gathered from a Design Council forum thread titled Tenno Knowledge Bank. They were implemented in Update 16.5, replacing random Codex entries in previous updates.

The name of the Tenno Councillor is determined by the first two letters of the contributor's username. For instance, a contributor named "Bob" will have a Councillor callsign "BO".

List of TipsEdit

Argon Crystals decay after you acquire them, so plan what you want to build before they disappear!

—Tenno Councillor 12

Bows and Thrown weapons have an arc in their trajectory, making them ideal for enemies ducking behind crates!

—Tenno Councillor XY

When Using the DEPenta Penta, aim high! Triggering grenades as they drop can score you headshots!

—Tenno Councillor CO

Your weapons have three loadout options (A, B and C)! Use them to maximize and swap your strategies against the different enemy factions.

—Tenno Councillor SA

If an Ancient is preparing to grab you, block! You will only suffer a minor hold.

—Tenno Councillor LU

Looking for Resource Caches in Orokin Sabotage Missions? Listen for their distinctive high-pitched chime!

—Tenno Councillor HO

Magnetic b Magnetic Damage combines Cold b Cold and Electricity b Electricity Damage to reduce an enemy's max shield by 75% for a brief period of time!

—Tenno Councillor LL

Puncture b Puncture Damage deals extra damage to armored enemies and reduces enemy damage over time!

—Tenno Councillor LL

Check out the Training section of the Codex! You'll find important game mechanics and tips to improve combat.

—Tenno Councillor HO

Grineer Prosecutors are powerful melee specialists that roam the planet Ceres. Although nearly invulnerable to Physical Damage, they are highly vulnerable to the primary Elemental Damage Types Fire, Ice, Electric and Toxin!

—Tenno Councillor EX

Your Kubrow can be revived any number of times! But remember, if the Bleedout Timer runs out it will no longer be able to assist you in the mission.

—Tenno Councillor DO

Unlocking as many missions as possible increases your ability to participate in new Alerts!

—Tenno Councillor XS

Can't beat a mission solo? Find a squad in the Recruiting Channel or switch your Matchmaking to Public for help!

—Tenno Councillor SA

You can trade twice per day at Mastery Rank 2. One additional trade is acquired for every increase in Mastery Rank. Need more trades? Rank up your Mastery.

—Tenno Councillor XE

Each time you gain control of all 4 points in Interception Missions you gain 500 Affinity. Consider letting the enemy capture a point to gain this boost more often!

—Tenno Councillor DU

Viral b Viral Damage combines Toxin b Toxin and Cold b Cold Damage to reduce an enemy's maximum health by 50%!

—Tenno Councillor LL

Remember that enemies can still hear the sound of your guns when invisible, and will shoot based on the sound's location

—Tenno Councillor CO

If an Excavator is close to death, give it an extra power core! Power cores will instantly restore its shields, allowing it to make that last push when under heavy fire!

—Tenno Councillor ST

Critical headshots do vastly more damage than critical bodyshots!

—Tenno Councillor CO

Rhino's IronSkin130xDark Iron Skin ability not only acts like extra health, it also protects you from knockdowns, Slash procs, and Toxin Damage!

—Tenno Councillor CP

Tired of being surrounded by enemies? Wyrm's Mod TT 20pxCrowd Dispersion stuns nearby enemies for an easy escape!

—Tenno Councillor LU

When the lights start flickering, tell your team. There is safety in numbers!

—Tenno Councillor IM

Oxium Ospreys have a 100% Oxium drop-rate when destroyed. But remember! If they self-destruct nothing will be dropped.

—Tenno Councillor DU

Throw down and activate TaserStar Castanas under Nyx's Absorb130xDark Absorb ability to add extra damage!

—Tenno Councillor PA

Sahasa Kubrows equipped with the Mod TT 20pxDig mod can help you find Energy, Health, and Ammo, making them great companions during difficult missions!

—Tenno Councillor AR

Take care when firing explosive weapons! The Blast Damage can harm you and in some cases knock you down.

—Tenno Councillor LE

Radiation b Radiation Damage combines Heat b Heat and Electricity b Electricity Damage to confuse enemies into attacking each other!

—Tenno Councillor LL

Remember to bring gear with you on missions. Shield, Health, and Ammo Restores can be lifesavers when you find yourself in over your head.

—Tenno Councillor IN

Check for MOA spawn locations on Corpus maps. Hacking their Cabinets can deploy a friendly one!

—Tenno Councillor BE

Nekros' Desecrate130xDark Desecrate ability gives you more chances to find loot and blueprint drops. Use Ability Efficiency Mods to lower the energy cost so you can Desecrate more often!

—Tenno Councillor SI

Want Fieldron, Mutagen, or Detonite Injectors? Wait for an Invasion reward to receive a fully crafted component!

—Tenno Councillor VE

Need more mod space on your Warframe or Weapon? Upgrade it with an Orokin Reactor or Catalyst to double its mod capacity!

—Tenno Councillor VO

You can revive other players Kubrows!

—Tenno Councillor DO

Sliding down slopes and hallways will help you regain and reserve Stamina!

—Tenno Councillor RY

Electricity b Electricity Damage can shock multiple targets, stunning them in their tracks!

—Tenno Councillor LL

Always running out of ammo? Ammo Mutation mods convert dropped ammo from enemies into the ammo you need.

—Tenno Councillor FA

Slow moving projectiles can be very dangerous, try shooting them down or deflecting them!

—Tenno Councillor RA

The Codex Scanner can see enemies through walls. Use it to get an edge in Stealth Missions!

—Tenno Councillor HO

The Raksa Kubrow's Mod TT 20pxProtect mod will replenish both you and your Kubrow's shields when under attack.

—Tenno Councillor CO

Blast b Blast Damage combines Heat b Heat and Cold b Cold Damage to knockdown enemies!

—Tenno Councillor LL

1% of Power equals 1 second of Excavator operating time. Only use Power Cells when needed to avoid overcharging the drill in Excavation Missions!

—Tenno Councillor FI

The distance you travel using ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur's SlashDash130xDark Slash Dash, HydroidIcon272 Hydroid's TidalSurge130xDark Tidal Surge, RhinoIcon272 Rhino's Charge, and ZephyrIcon272 Zephyr's TailWind130xDark Tail Wind is determined by Ability Duration.

—Tenno Councillor IM

Does a fellow Tenno have a mod you'd like to have? Consider trading with them at the Trading Post in a Clan Dojo!

—Tenno Councillor CO

Mark useful and rare Resources with your Waypoint command. Your teammates will thank you!

—Tenno Councillor DO

Have you tried using VoltIcon272 Volt's Speed130xDark Speed ability with ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr's Warcry130xDark Warcry? Melee and movement speed will skyrocket when both abilities are in effect.

—Tenno Councillor JA

Djinn's Mod TT 20pxFatal Attraction mod will temporarily draw fire to Djinn instead of you. Watch out though, it might not be able to take the hits!

—Tenno Councillor CO

Avoid shooting cracked windows on Corpus ships! If broken, they cause decompression and lock down the entire ship.

—Tenno Councillor GH

Certain targets should receive priority over others. Kill Heavy Gunners or Ancients before you kill Lancers or Chargers.

—Tenno Councillor 01

Cold b Cold Damage will slow enemies and their attacks for a brief period of time!

—Tenno Councillor LL

Got a Death Mark? Team up with others with the same type of mark to boost the chances of your assassin appearing!

—Tenno Councillor VO

LokiIcon272 Loki's SwitchTeleport130xDark Switch Teleport ability can also be used on allies! If you see a downed teammate, Switch Teleport them to the rest of the Squad for a swift revival!

—Tenno Councillor EA

Don't start a new engagement without reloading. Reload after each kill, battle or whenever you are on the move!

—Tenno Councillor XY

Running low on credits? Be sure to crack open all the lockers and storage containers placed around the map. You might be surprised what else you find!

—Tenno Councillor SA

Large capsules on Survival missions restore 30% Life Support. Be sure to communicate with your team before using them so that they don't go to waste !

—Tenno Councillor IM

Aim where you want to go and melee attack mid-air to extend your travel distance!

—Tenno Councillor LL

Scanning an unalerted enemy with your Codex Scanner will yield 2 Codex Scans.

—Tenno Councillor CH

All Nightmare Alerts, separate from the regular Nightmare Mode, are 'no shields" missions. Plan accordingly!

—Tenno Councillor DJ

Stay within 50 meters of your teammates and objective for maximum Affinity sharing!

—Tenno Councillor KA

You can crawl to cover while bleeding out! Move to a spot where you team can revive you safely.

—Tenno Councillor HO

You get 4 Revives a day for each Warframe you own. If you run out of Revives, simply switch your Warframe!

—Tenno Councillor TA

Upgrade your Warframe with the Mod TT 20pxLoot Detector mod before Archwing missions to help locate scattered mods!

—Tenno Councillor KE

Grineer Heavy Gunners and Corpus Techs have weapons that must wind up. Stay on the move and weave around obstacles to keep their damage output low!

—Tenno Councillor XY

Notice a teammate reviving someone? Help them out! Multiple Tenno can revive at the same time for a speedy recovery.

—Tenno Councillor XY

Void Traps favor Prime Warframes and will give Energy when approached!

—Tenno Councillor RA

Performing a Channeling melee attack while wall running or doing a directional melee attack will increase the distance of your attack. This is also a great mobility tool!

—Tenno Councillor CR

Completing a Codex Entry unlocks Information about an enemy's strenghts, weaknesses, and other valuable information. Get the edge over your opponents by scanning often!

—Tenno Councillor AO

If you are under heavy fire, switch to your Melee weapon to block. This will drastically increase your survivability!

—Tenno Councillor AP
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