Little Duck quotes.

In FortunaEdit


  • "Well well well. Another Tenno. This ain't my usual line a work, y'understand. I'm not from around here. But I got a fast tractor and know how to jump a rail, so a new friend in Cetus set me up with all this. Name's Little Duck: fortune hunter, rail agent and the girl your Mumsie warned you about. And, now, somehow, the local Quill-endorsed purveyor of amps and assorted paraphernalia. So, what'll it be?"


  • "Ready to dance on some faces?"
  • "If Solaris United is gonna be what it once was, things need getting done. Run your optics over this."
  • "Been seein' a lot of your kind since a certain incident with a blind girl and a Void Gate."
  • "We keep meeting like this, people are gonna talk."


  • "Cheers."

Browsing OfferingsEdit

  • "Any of this useful?"
  • "Oi. See anything you fancy?"
  • "Authentically hand-crafted by colorful locals."

Purchasing an ItemEdit

  • "Anything else?"
  • "You've got a deal."
  • "Works for me. All yours."

Exiting Offerings Without PurchaseEdit

  • "Your call."
  • "Easy come, easy go."
  • "No skin off my proverbial, matey."

Exiting Offerings After PurchaseEdit

  • "See you on the Rails."
  • "See you when I see you."
  • Don't get too comfy, now."

Ranking upEdit

Viewing rewardsEdit

  • "Any of this useful?"

When talking to her as a WarframeEdit

  • "I deal with people, not machines, mate."
  • "Can't say I like the way you look, if you catch my drift."
  • "You don't know the Quills. If you knew the Quills, they'd have mentioned your name. You'd best be goin'."
  • "If you knew who I was, who I represent, you wouldn't have walked in here lookin' like that."

Amp AssemblyEdit

  • "Tab A into Slot B and... there we go. One Amp, as requested. Maybe just step outside before you fire that up."
  • "O...kay. Okay. Right. Here y'go. [pause] Good luck."
  • "I think I'm gettin' better at this! And they told me I needed 'training'."

No ComponentsEdit

  • "Gonna need parts to work with here, friend. Maybe... come back when you’re good to go?"

Gulding an AmpEdit

  • "Sure. Let's take a look at it."
  • "You want somethin' dolled up? All right. Can't be any different to repainting a Rail tractor."
  • "Show us the piece; let’s see if it's worth it."

If Amp Is Not At Max RankEdit

  • "Amp gilding. Right. Look, if it ain't battle-proven, it doesn't get no love. Strict orders. Quills. You know what they're like. 'Power, Will, blah blah blah, co-author the future, endings and beginnings, nyah nyah nyah.' Honestly, I'd never hear the end of it."

Donating an AmpEdit

  • "Oh. A giver. Step this way."
  • "Wanna pass it on? Right you are."
  • "If you're sure, matey. No idea what they do with these things."

Confirming DonationEdit

  • "Done. So, like, uh, do I give you a receipt, or...?"
  • "I'm sure someone'll know what to do with this."
  • "You're a good sort."

Naming an AmpEdit

  • "So, apparently, I'm supposed to ask if you want to... name it?"
  • "Onkko said some of you like to name these things? Any requests?"
  • "So, naming is a thing, yeah? Got your heart set on anything?"

Confirming New NameEdit

  • "So, is that, like, a regular name where you come from?"
  • "Hey, whatever works."
  • "I dub thee... what they said."

Skipping NamingEdit

Other ServicesEdit

  • "All right. I’m listening."
  • "Interesting."
  • "Oh, a serious customer, are we? Alright, then."


  • "Hey, hotshot! Over here."
  • "Got a minute?"
  • "You want to see something, well, don't stand in one place."
  • "Biz once told me, a divinin' conscience finds its way home with a gun in its hand. He was talkin' about stickin' to values, about livin' with decisions, but, I like to think of meself as Fortuna's conscience. Returned home, ready to make some hard, correct choices."

Shadow exclusive dialogEdit

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  • "Well. This is me. What? Didn't expect me to be so pretty? I put in a lot of miles in this rig. Some days it shows."


  • "Spoke to The Business lately? How is he? Does he ever...? Nevermind. You and me, we need to talk."
  • "Me old mate. 'Tween you and me, I ain't just here just to sell this stuff. There's... somethin' to this place. Somethin' other. I'm stickin' around 'til I crack it."
  • "Hotshot! The once and future maker of all trouble. Pull up a pew."
  • "So here we are: just the two of us, and me with somethin' to make your day. Check this out."
  • "What kept you, hotshot?"  

From Fortuna FragmentsEdit

  • "Quills want me sellin' arms to the Tenno. Back in Fortuna. Not bloody likely. Quills. Shady, side-mouthed, doubletalking, ambidexter-feeling muckers. Never trust anyone who don't speak plain. Told 'em thanks but hop it. I'd a previous commitment: a contract to extract a Corpus defector name of Jubb Lott. Quill smiled that smile. The smile I hate the most. The smile of a body who thinks 'e's two steps ahead. The more I think about it, the more I know he was. Pratoo. That was his name. Quill Pratoo Secondary sahd."
  • JUBB LOTT: "Today?! I didn't know you were coming today!"
    LITTLE DUCK: "That's how hostile extractions typically work, Jubb! (blam) Unless! (blam) you'd like! (blam) to pencil me in! (blam) for a two-thirty next week! (blam) Maybe copy in your supervisor and half the security team?"
    LITTLE DUCK: "What is their problem?!"
    LITTLE DUCK: "What files? I wasn't told about any files!"
    JUBB LOTT: "That's because I didn't tell them!"
    LITTLE DUCK: "Tell who? Tell who, Jubb!"
    JUBB LOTT: "The Quills, alright? The Quills!"
    "And that's when it all make a cruddy kind of mucking sense. I'd been set up."
  • "It was hairy but I managed to get us behind a sealed bulkhead, and into Lott's office."
    LITTLE DUCK: "They don't fight like this for mid-level pencilnecks! Who are you?"
    JUBB LOTT: "Jubb. Lott. Secondary Sub-Architect of Nef Anyo's Venusian Restoration. I... have information."
    "And then he said it."
    JUBB LOTT: "For Solaris United."
    "And then he got killed."
    JUBB LOTT: "Unf!"
  • "So. Solaris United was on its feet again. I've got friends in Fortuna. The first time SU tried to knock the crown off Nef's head it almost got every last one of them killed. Some of them, it did. (pause) Biz once told me how he survives atrocity. "If there's a fire on Deck 12, you seal off Deck 12. You don't go in. That's how you burn up. You wait 'til the fire's starved of oxygen. That's when you go in, assess the damage and clean up." I can't seal off Deck 12. Deck 12 is where I live."
    LITTLE DUCK: "What information? Tell me! Now! (blam blam)"
    JUBB LOTT: "Nef. Vallis. Orb Mothers... It's been developed..."
    LITTLE DUCK: "What? What's been developed?!"
    JUBB LOTT: "Shielding... Satellites... The Orb Mothers... cannot be..."
    LITTLE DUCK: "Jubb? What? The Orb Mothers cannot be what? Jubb!"
  • "Biz saved me from a life of swabbing latrines on Phobos. He made me what I am. But only because I left before I became what he was. Now... now I had to go back. Everything Jubb knew... Biz had to know. Yoodi had to know. They, and everyone in Fortuna, could be proper beached if I didn't. Pencilnecks like Jubb don't rick their hide unless they mean it. Whatever Nef was doin' with those Orb Mothers would be a hammer on the head of SU. Had to go back. If I didn't, if somethin' happened to Fortuna, I'd never sleep proper again. So. No more treasure hunting for LD. No more rescues. Back to where it all happened, and the hope that this time it wasn't burning, and me along with it."

During Profit-Taker Orb FightEdit

After killing an enemy
  • "Better you than me."
  • "How many more of you are there?"
  • "Another one down. You Outworlders can thank me later."
  • "Scratch one."
  • "Scratch another."
  • "Nighty-night."

During Disruption missionsEdit

Start of missionEdit

  • "Alad V's sellin' the latest in "asset security". Conduits. Put the key in, and ya can pull the shinnies out. Trick is, you gotta wait to open. Somethin' happens to the Conduit before you can pull the goods? You don't get the goods. Ever. Also, the bleeders Alad sold the tech to will try to kill you."
On Ur, Uranus
  • "Well, looks like the Infested snagged this one. I haven't seen this many zits since puberty. Fortunately for us, the Conduits are still operational. Unfortunately for us; so are the security mechanisms."

Reaching first ConduitEdit

  • "Give that console the ol' bypass so we can get this thing started."
  • "This isn't your regular vault job. Alad V sold the Conduits with interference routines, specifically designed for the Tenno. Things might get a little weird."
  • "Conduit keys are carried by high-ranking muckity-mucks. Knock 'em down, see what they got."
  • "First key. Right. Find a matching Conduit."

Demo unit spawnEdit

  • "Demo unit incoming. Don't let them near the Conduit."
  • "Hear that beeping? Demo unit's on its way."
  • "Demo units lookin' to depart this mortal coil and take you with it. Keep it clear of that Conduit."
  • "Demo unit coming in fast. That thing blows and you can kiss the Conduit goodbye."
  • "Right, they're havin' a go. Keep the demos away from that Conduit."
  • "You're about due for more a those whatsits: Interference routines. Demo units too."

Putting a key in ConduitEdit

Getting debuffEdit

  • "Can't do anything about that last interference routine. You'll just have to wear it. Maybe I can catch the next one."
  • "More of the old ultraviolence. Keep your back to the objective, old mate. Lock it down 'till she pops."
  • "Next verse same as the first. Mind you don't get flanked."

Getting buffEdit

  • "Routine subverted and you're juiced. Nice. Shoulda been a boffin. Missed me callin'."
  • "Fiddlin' with an incoming routine. Howzat feel?"
  • "Looks like Alad was so keen to make the sale he didn't close every back door. Greed makes a person sloppy, Hotshot, remember that. Enjoy the boost."

Conduit destroyedEdit

  • "Conduit blown. Mate: this is not how bills get paid."
  • "Conduit down. Look. Mumsie may have raised you believin' winnin' ain't the most important thing, but piece of advice? (...)"

Rotation endEdit

  • "Care to live up to your reputation and try again?"
  • "Conduits about to reset. Feelin' lucky?"
  • "Gettin' a little hot. The gloves are comin' off. Got another round in ya?"
  • "The longer we stick around the more likely we'll get our arses handed to us. Still, with great stupidity comes great reward. Whaddya reckon?"
  • "Alright... it's gettin' a little hairy. One more round, whaddya say?"
  • "Why's ol' Alad call you lot Betrayers anyway? Ah, no matter care for another kick at the Conduit?"

Rotation startEdit

  • "Right. They're back, and they're well pissed off."
  • "Wakey. Wakey. Here. We. Go."
  • "Lock and load."
  • "Eyes open, sunshine. Here we go."
  • "Bulk signal return. Dig in."
  • "Safeties off. We kicked a clown car. Here we go."

At extraction pointEdit

  • "Chekchek. Ejectin'."
  • "Shinnies secured and we're in the wind. I'll send your cut via the usual. Have a good one."
  • "You got out while you could. Smart move."

During Operation: Scarlet SpearEdit

Main article: Operation: Scarlet Spear/Quotes

Dialogue during Operation: Scarlet Spear.


  • Little Duck: Look, I won't beat around the topiary: the Sentients are concentrated in the Veil for now. Not for long.
  • Welcome to the flotilla, Hotshot. Gonna require a little coordination to work. Need ground teams to hit the Condrix and Railjack teams to mess up the Murex. Step right up my vengeant angels, we got a system to save!

Inbox MessagesEdit


SCARLET SPEAR: You are needed

The Flotilla's orbiting Earth, Hotshot. See ya there.

—Little Duck
  • Little Duck: Hey there hotshot. Look, I won't beat around the topiary: the Sentients are massing in the Veil. Zero doubt it's the tickle before the slap. Invasion, mate. I been set up with a relay. Don't ask me how. You've been recruited. Tell you why when you get here. And if you got anythin' you been meanin' to say to someone, maybe say it now.

Murex Wave WonEdit

SCARLET SPEART: Battle Won - for now

Hotshot! You sent those Murex packing. Ol' Erra ain't gonna be none too pleased. He'll mount another offensive, but 'til that happens, here's a token of my esteem.

These items have been delivered to your inventory.

—Little Duck

(Attachment: Scarlet Spear Emblem (if applicable) and Scarlet Credits)

Murex Wave LostEdit


Unfortunately we did not repel the Wave in time. Still, you deserve this for your valiant attempt...

These items have been delivered to your inventory.

—Little Duck

(Attachment: Scarlet Spear Emblem (if applicable))

Event EndEdit


That's the end of that. Not a Murex on scan. 'Ol Erra finally ran out of steam, 'least for the next little while.

Whatever comes next, we'll see the end of that too.

—Little Duck

In Scarlet Spear Flotilla RelayEdit

  • Little Duck: Welcome to the flotilla, Hotshot. Got a name for ya: Erra. Remember it. One of the primary Sentient intelligences from the Old War. Right now waves of his 'Murex' ships are massin' in the Veil. Those Murex launch swarms of info-gatherin' Condrix dropships: recon data for the main event. That's why you're here, mate. Fighting off a Sentient invasion is precisely what you were built for. We don't know how to kill one of those big bastards, but me and my network reckon we can give it a muckin' lobotomy. Gonna require a little coordination to work, real hand in-glove, yeah? Ground teams to hit the Condrix and Railjack teams to mess up the Murex. OpLinks tie the whole lot together. So, buy and equip an OpLink. Then take your pick, mate: upstairs or down?
What's the plan?
  • Little Duck: It's a two-prong attack. Ground team hits the Condrix and swipes their recon data before it beams back to the Murex. We take that friendly data and use it as a Trojan horse for toxic data - think of it as a Kill Code. The Railjack team boards the Murex and broadcasts those Kill Codes right into the Murex's noggin', muckin' up its thinker and making it wanna run home to Daddy. Threat neutralized. Clear as mud? Get to it.
Why are you doing this?
  • Little Duck: I deal with all sorts: low-breeds and the high-born. Everyone wants somethin' they're not s'posed to have. But these days it's a buyer's market. And what's sellin' is stuff that'd get a girl buried. Sentient stuff. And it's been comin' in by the wagonload. My crowd had these Murex rumbled months ago. Back then old mate Teshin wasn't havin' it. Tried warnin' him, but... you know the type. But now? Oh, NOW it's all "tell me all that you know" and "your expertise is required" and "I'm a hoity-toity sod with a hat like a designer bedpan." Shoulda kept me trap shut. I'm no general. But, here we are and I know what I know. So you listen to what I have to say and we'll all be home in time for tea. Yeah... no worries.

Tutorial TextEdit

1. Welcome to Operation Scarlet Spear. Your Operation begins with you running missions for your Flotilla.

2. Fight in Space (Murex Raid) or on Ground (Ground Assault). Check the Flotilla to see where firepower is needed!

3. Ground Assaults are needed to send Kill Codes. Murex Raids are needed to Receive Kill Codes and drive Murex away.

4. Ground Assaults require you to fight Condrix and Sentients off in waves and use your OpLink to scan the wounded Condrix.

5. Murex Raids require you to receive enough Kill Codes via Oplinksic to drive away the Murex.

6. Every Kill Code sent (Earth) and received (Space) gives you Scarlet Credits. The longer you stay in one mission, the more Scarlet Credits you earn per Kill Code.

7. Your OpLink health is not restored between stages. Once destroyed, it cannot be deployed again in that mission.

8. The Flotilla shows how many Murex have been driven away, up to a max of 100 per Wave. After this, you receive bonus Scarlet Credits based on your score for that finished Flotilla.

9. Every Murex Wave gives you an opportunity to rally and earn points, and Scarlet Credits - whether playing alone or in a Squad, work together!

During Ground Assault MissionEdit

  • Little Duck: Using the pirated Condrix recon-data, that you're about to provide, Railjack crews can give the Murex a migraine.
  • Need you to skim Condrix recon data, so we can convert 'em to Kill Codes and pass 'em to Railjack crews upstairs. Hop to it.
  • Neutralize Condrix dropships, rip their signal.
  • General Sargas Ruk: What a surprise, the Tenno. This is your doing. I can smell it.
  • Tenno allied with Tau freaks? Shocker.
  • Tenno? Do you want this bounty for yourselves? Or is there something else going on?

Condrix WaypointEdit

  • Little Duck: Got one for you. Get over there sharpish.
  • New one. Marking ground zero.
  • Here we go. Impact site marked.
  • Right. Got one incoming. Marked.
  • Heads up. Condrix broke atmo.
  • They ain't wastin' time. Drop site marked.
  • Condrix impact in your neighborhood. Hit it.

Condrix LocatedEdit

  • Little Duck: Whack the bugs, rip the ship.
  • Murex sabotage team on standby. Waiting for your signal.
  • Take out that Condrix.
  • This is for impactin' my profit margin, ya bug-faced muckers.
  • General Sargas Ruk: No prisoners. The only interrogations will be autopsies.
  • Trespassers? Die!
  • Kill the Condrix! Kill the Tenno! Kill them all!

When Condrix Opens UpEdit

  • Little Duck: Condrix is vulnerable. Cut loose on it.
  • She's vulnerable! Let's wrap this up.
  • Alright, now hit it with everything you got.
  • It's defenses are down. Take out the Condrix.
  • Now. Shoot the Condrix now!
  • Now's your chance. Clean its muckin' clock.
  • You got it on the ropes. Let's wrap this up.
  • General Sargas Ruk: Uhhh... why... why is it doing that?
  • Make it put that away.
  • I blame the Tenno. I blame them for everything.
  • They are distracted. Attack.

After Taking Down CondrixEdit

  • Little Duck: Right. Now patch in your OpLink.
  • Zone clear. Railjack OpLink waiting for that signal.
  • Opening channel to Railjack. Drop that OpLink.
  • Upstairs needs those Kill Codes. OpLink!
  • General Sargas Ruk: Sentients and Tenno. Today we correct two Orokin mistakes.
  • Tenno, why have you brought these things here?

When Scanning CondrixEdit

  • Little Duck: Sargas is cuttin' his own throat, gettin' in our way like this. The bugs want the Grineer dead as much as they do us.
  • Keep Sargas' goons away from that OpLink!
  • Sargas' boys are back.
  • And cue the Grineer clown car.
  • ... and keep an eye out for Grin... never mind.
  • Grineer. Keep that OpLink intact. Upstairs can't do squat without that signal.
  • Grineer. Sargas! We. Are. Trying. To. HELP. YOU. Pillock.
  • 3, 2, 1, Grineer. Cover the OpLink.
  • General Sargas Ruk: You will not take my bounty, Tenno.
  • These Tau vermin are a Tenno ruse.
  • The Condrix is weak. Push the attack.
  • Tenno - we should set aside our differences and work together... HAHAHAHA NEVER!
  • What are you after, Tenno? Tell me!
  • [PLAYERNAME]: [PLAYERNAME], I have deployed an OpLink Reinforcement Module to your location. Defeat the enemy!
  • We received your Kill Code. Thanks!

Extraction WaypointEdit

After Scanning 3 CondrixesEdit

  • Little Duck: So, are we stayin' or goin'?
  • So, got another one in ya?
  • It's a nice day. What say we whack another one?
  • Upstairs can never have too much data. We can keep making codes if you got it in you.

After Scanning 17 CondrixesEdit

  • Little Duck: Come on home.

OpLink DestroyedEdit

  • Little Duck: You're out of OpLinks, Hotshots. Nothing left to do 'cept hike it back to the flotilla. You did a good thing here. Remember that.
  • Everyone in one piece? Solid. That's a wrap.

During Murex Raid MissionEdit

  • Cephalon Cy: Orders from Little Duck: tow OpLink Satellite to within the broadcast range of the Murex. Defend OpLink Satellite.

After Deploying OpLink SatelliteEdit

  • Cephalon Cy: Satellite in broadcast range. Connection established. Keep it safe.
  • Away team: board Murex. Deploy OpLinks strategically.
  • Away team, you are up. Board that Murex. Prepare to receive Kill Codes from groundside.

At OpLink Deployment LocationEdit

  • Cephalon Cy: Cognitive nexus identified. Deploy your OpLink.
  • Little Duck: Ground crews will keep the codes comin', you keep usin' 'em to punch that thing in the brain.

Uploading Kill CodesEdit

1 Kill Code UploadedEdit

  • Cephalon Cy: Codes successfully inserted in the Sentient cognitive nexus. Signal degradation: confirmed.
  • Kill Code uploaded. Energy fluctuations detected.
  • Kill Code insertion has resulted in Murex cognitive degradation. Continued applications will result in Murex retreating.
  • Little Duck: Kill Codes are working. This thing's link home is gonna fall apart like a wet cake.
  • Kill Code uploaded. Yeah.. energy fluctuations kickin' off real nice. Signal weakening. Keep doing what you're doing.
  • [PLAYERNAME]: Kill Code has been sent your way. Make it count!
  • [PLAYERNAME], I have deployed an OpLink Reinforcement Module to your location. Defeat the enemy!

5 Kill Codes UploadedEdit

  • Cephalon Cy: Murex signal cohension failing. Maintain pressure.
  • Kill Codes are working. Persist.
  • Murex cognition is becoming highly erratic.

8 Kill Codes UploadedEdit

  • Cephalon Cy: Away team, you almost have that thing beat.
  • Murex trashed. It is close to crashing out.
  • Murex cognition almost 100% garbage. That thing is about to run.

All Kill Codes Successfully UploadedEdit

  • Cephalon Cy: Murex on the move. Recalling away team.
  • Murex retreating. Recalling away team to Railjack.

Splintrix NearbyEdit

  • Cephalon Cy: Sentients incoming. Prepare to repel Sentients.
  • Crew. Splintrix on collision vector.
  • Splinters targetting the Railjack. Prepare to be boarded.

Sentient Boarding RailjackEdit

  • Cephalon Cy: Sentients on-board. Spray for bugs.
  • Crew: the enemy is aboard. They will adapt.

Sentient Interference DronesEdit

  • Cephalon Cy: Sentient drone blocking critical systems.

Sentients Cleared OutEdit

  • Cephalon Cy: Intruders cleared.

OpLink Satellite Being DamagedEdit

  • Cephalon Cy: Protect OpLink Satellite. If it goes down this mission is a wash.
  • Satellite is critical. Repeat: satellite is critical.
  • You have seconds to save that satellite and this mission.

OpLink Satellite DestroyedEdit

  • Little Duck: This whole thing's gone belly up in a sea a sharks. Regroup with the flotilla. We'll take another crack at it.
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