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The Lith T9 Relic contains the following Prime components and blueprints:

Component Ducat Value Rarity (Chance)
BurstonPrime.png Burston Prime Receiver PrimeBucks.png 15 Common
FangPrime.png Fang Prime Blueprint PrimeBucks.png 15
Forma2.png Forma Blueprint PrimeBucks.png 0
NidusPrime.png Nidus Prime Blueprint PrimeBucks.png 45 Uncommon
ZaktiPrime.png Zakti Prime Barrel PrimeBucks.png 45
TenoraPrime.png Tenora Prime Barrel PrimeBucks.png 100 Rare (2%)
Intact Exceptional Flawless Radiant

Mission Drop Locations

Mission Type Source Star Chart Nodes Rotations Chances
Capture Tier 1 Void Capture A 12.5%
Defection Tier 1 Defection B, C 10%, 10%
Defense Dark Sector Defense A 6.9%
Defense Orokin Derelict Defense A 11.11%
Defense Tier 1 Defense A 9.09%
Defense Tier 1 Void Defense A, B, C 12.5%, 9.68%, 6.25%
Defense Venus Proxima Defense B 5.88%
Disruption Mars Disruption A, B 14.29%, 14.29%
Empyrean Earth Proxima Resource Caches A 5.99%
Empyrean Venus Proxima Resource Caches A 4.35%
Excavation Tier 1 Excavation B, C 7.69%, 11.06%
Exterminate Tier 1 Void Exterminate A 12.5%
Exterminate Venus Proxima Exterminate A 2.44%
Interception Tier 1 Interception A 7.69%
Mobile Defense Tier 2 Void Mobile Defense A 6.25%
Orphix Venus Proxima Orphix B 4.55%
Rush Archwing Rush C 9.68%
Sabotage Tier 2 Void Sabotage A 6.25%
Sanctuary Onslaught Elite Sanctuary Onslaught A 9.48%
Sanctuary Onslaught Normal Sanctuary Onslaught A 9.17%
Skirmish Earth Proxima Skirmish A 3%
Spy Tier 1 Spy B 14.29%
Spy Venus Proxima Spy B 10%
Survival Orokin Derelict Survival A 11.11%
Survival Tier 1 Dark Sector Survival B, C 7.69%, 11.06%
Survival Tier 1 Survival B, C 7.69%, 11.06%
Survival Tier 2 Void Survival A 9.68%
Survival Venus Proxima Survival B 5.88%
Void Storm Earth Proxima Void Storm A 2.5%
Void Storm Venus Proxima Void Storm A 2.5%
Volatile Venus Proxima Volatile A 2.44%

Other Sources

Unvaulted/Available Relics
Lith (10 relics) Meso (9 relics) Neo (10 relics) Axi (10 relics) Requiem (4 relics)