Not to be confused with the quest itself, The Limbo Theorem.

Limbo Theorem is a quest item in The Limbo Theorem, crafted from the Proof Fragments lying across the system that pinpoints the location of a LimboIcon272 Limbo part blueprint. These blueprints are automatically awarded to the players via questline.

Limbo Neuroptics Theorem:

Manufacturing Requirements

Time: 1 min
Rush: Platinum64 5
MarketIcon Market Price: N/A Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: N/A


Supposedly, the Theorem are the evidence reverse engineered from the Proof Fragments that inscribes the mathematical formula possessed by LimboIcon272 Limbo. It is exclaimed by Ordis that the piece of theorem were nonsense and irrational by the standards of the today's physics. Further investigations by the irritated Cephalon revealed that the formula were "actually starting to make sense, I mean they're nonsense but there's logic in the nonsense,".

For unknown reasons, the Theorem provides the exact coordinate to the location of the Limbo parts.

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