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*'''Augment''': Banish - [[Haven]]
*'''Augment''': Banish - [[Haven]]

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Hotfix: Specters of the Rail 5
  • Fixed Limbo Warframe blueprint being unobtainable from the Market.

Update: Specters of the Rail

  • Limbo Theorem Blueprint now drops at Jupiter-Europa Junction.
  • Conclave: Reduced the damage of Cataclysm.

Update 18.13

  • Passive: Holster Speed and Reload Speed is 50% faster while in the Rift, and movement speed increases by 10% while in the Rift.

Update 18.7

  • Fixed the Hyekka Master, Crawlers, Eximus’, and Corpus Scrambus’ affecting Limbo while in the Rift.

Hotfix 18.6.3

  • Fixed the holster position of the Staticor and thrown sidearms for Limbo.

Hotfix 18.5.5

  • Fixed Limbo being hurt by environmental Lightning while in the Rift.

Update 18.5

  • Banish will no longer be able to ragdoll or move boss-type enemies into the Rift.
  • Fixed hazards created by destroyed Infested Hives still hitting players in the Rift Plane.
  • Fixed some boss abilities still being able to hit Limbo when in the Rift via Rift Walk.

Hotfix 18.4.12

  • The Rift and its interaction with hacking terminals has now been consistently applied to be not-hackable.

Hotfix 18.4.10

  • Fixed Infested enemies still being able to use their passive auras in the Rift Plane.

Hotfix 18.4.9

  • When Limbo casts Rift Walk, it now takes your equipped Companion in with you automatically.

Hotfix 18.4.7

  • Fixed Limbo being able to attack enemies with the Simulor while within the Rift.
  • Fixed electrified water during the second phase of the Lephantis fight damaging Limbo while in The Rift.

Hotfix 18.4.6

  • Fixed Rift visual FX that display on a target improperly displaying on a stealthed Loki.

Hotfix 18.4.1

  • Fixed environmental fire affecting players while in the Rift Plane.

Update 18.4

  • Conclave: Decreased the range of Cataclysm.
  • Fixed some boss abilities ignoring Rift Walk.

Hotfix 18.3.1

  • Fixed Toxic Eximus Aura's affecting players in the Rift Plane.

Update 18.3

  • Conclave: Banish no longer require a target to activate.

Update 18.1

  • Limbo can no longer gain energy while Rift Walk is active.
  • Fixed environmental lasers hitting players that are inside the Rift Plane.
  • Fixed Banished enemies still being able to affect other non-Banished enemies with their auras.

Update 18.0

  • Conclave: Limbo is now available for use in Conclave.

Hotfix 17.0.3

  • Fixed the Kulstar’s secondary fire hitting enemies outside of the Rift Plane while Limbo is in the Rift Plane.

Update 17.0

  • Fixed Cataclysm persisting for Clients after the effect has expired for the Host.

Update 16.10

  • Fixed Cataclysm becoming stuck if players are downed inside the bubble.

Hotfix 16.8.3

  • Fixed some instances of players seeing multiple bubbles when Limbo casts Cataclysm.

Update 16.7

Hotfix 16.3.2

  • Fixed an issue that would occur when using Ash’s Bladestorm when inside the Rift Plane.

Hotfix 16.3.1

  • Fixed Grineer Forcefields and Spy vault laser traps affecting Limbo while in Rift Walk.

Update 16.3

  • Hackable consoles can no longer be used by Limbo while in the Rift Plane.

Hotfix 16.1.2

  • Fixed issue that would occur when Grineer Rollers would enter Cataclysm.

Hotfix 16.0.2

  • Fixed Limbo being able to trigger pressure plates while in the Rift Plane.

Update 16.0

  • Fixed Corpus Nullifiers being affected by Cataclysm.
  • Fixed Syandanas clipping through Limbo’s clothing and armor.

Update 15.10

  • Cataclysm is now toggleable.

Update 15.9

  • Fixed issue caused by Limbo leaving a session after casting Banish on a player, causing them to be permanently Banished.

Update 15.6

Hotfix 15.5.8

  • Enemies that spawn from enemies already inside of the Rift Plane will now also be considered within the Rift Plane.
  • Fixed newly spawned enemies being able to attack Limbo when he is in inside the Rift Plane, but not Cataclysm.

Hotfix 15.5.5

  • Fixed Tar-Mutalist Moa’s goo damaging Limbo when he is in the rift plane.
  • Fixed Cataclysm affecting enemies that are immune to Tenno abilities.

Hotfix 15.5.3

  • Fixed Infested Brood Mother Maggots not detaching from Limbo once he enters the Rift.
  • Fixed Mutalist Alad V’s powers affecting players in the Rift Plane, when Alad V is not in the Rift Plane.

Hotfix 15.5.2

  • Fixed an issue with players getting hurt by Mutalist Alad V attacks while in Rift Plane.

Update 15.5

  • Those under the effect of Banish can now un-banish themselves via acrobatic.
    • Front roll or backflip will reverse the Banish.

Hotfix 15.3.1

  • Fixed Banish playing the incorrect sound.

Update 15.1

  • Changed brightness in the Visual effect of Rift Plane.
  • Fixed an issue with ‘Power in Use’ occurring on Banish when used on Grineer Rollers.

Hotfix 15.0.8

  • Fixed a texture flickering issue seen on Cataclysm.

Hotfix 15.0.7

  • Fixed an issue with Void laser traps still harming Limbo while in the Rift Plane.
  • Fixed an issue with Phorid bolts damaging Limbo whilst Rift Walking.

Hotfix 15.0.6

  • Sped up casting animation for Rift Surge.
  • Stalker ability cancel ability can close rifts.
    • Prevents people from just using Banish or Tear in Space to avoid being hurt by the Stalker.
  • Fixed issues with Void laser and Ice traps affecting Limbo while Rift Walk is active.
  • Fixed issues with Limbo dropping items like the datamass while activating Rift Walk potentially losing them forever.

Hotfix 15.0.5

  • Fixed Void laser traps still harming Limbo in the Rift Plane.
  • Fixed an issue with the visual effects for Limbo's channeling not appearing correctly.
  • Fixed Corpus Mine Osprey mines and other replicated projectiles affecting across Limbo’s Rift on Clients.

Hotfix 15.0.1

  • Fixed Banish becoming stuck as 'Power in use'
  • Fixed issued with the scale and position of Syandanas on Limbo.
  • Fixed issues with Limbo's ability sounds.

Update 15.0

  • Added into game.
  • Augment: Banish - Haven
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