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The following section contains spoilers. Please complete The War Within and Call of the Tempestarii Quests before proceeding.

The Lich System[1] in WARFRAME involves randomized boss-like enemies known generically as Liches who attempt to conquer the Star Chart through their might and influence on the System, stealing players' rewards on mission nodes they control. Taking them down requires multiple missions to determine their Requiem Mod sequence. Only one Lich can be active for a player at any time.

As of Update 30.5 (2021-07-06), the Grineer Kuva Liches and Corpus Sisters of Parvos are available to be defeated by the Tenno to reap their rewards. This article serves to document similarities in their gameplay and mechanics. Individual differences and details on how to create these Liches can be found on their respective pages.

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A summary of the Lich System can be accessed from the "Tutorial" button in the Lich's profile.

You can only defeat this Adversary by equipping your Parazon with a sequence of Requiem Mods that are unique to [LICH's NAME].
Requiem Mods can be acquired from Requiem Relics, found in Kuva Siphons and Kuva Floods.
Collect Murmurs by defeating [LICH'S NAME]'s Thralls (Grineer) or Hounds (Corpus) to learn the Known Requiems.
Equip the Known Requiems on your Parazon and battle [LICH'S NAME] to determine the correct sequence.
In regions containing the Adversary's territory, [LICH'S NAME] may steal your rewards. Defeating [LICH'S NAME] is the only way to recover your losses.
Lure [LICH'S NAME] out of hiding by defeating Thralls or Hounds in controlled areas.
Pursue [LICH'S NAME] in Railjack once they Flee to the Proxima Regions.

Progenitor Warframe[]

Downed Kuva Larvling with Kuva Weapon icon

During normal gameplay or through specific triggers, players may encounter a special enemy that can be mercy killed with the Parazon to create their Lich. A Kuva Larvling will evolve into a Kuva Lich and a Candidate will evolve into a Sister of Parvos.

The Warframe who created the Kuva Lich/Sister will determine the:

  • Elemental damage bonus that their Kuva/Tenet Weapon will have
  • The type of Ephemera, should the Lich spawn with one
  • Ability kit of Kuva Liches and Sisters
  • Cosmetic helmet that appears on either the Lich's shoulder or the Sister's Hound
Element Progenitor Warframe*
Impact DamageDmgImpactSmall64.png Impact BaruukBaruukIcon272.png BaruukGaussGaussIcon272.png GaussGrendelGrendelIcon272.png GrendelRhinoRhinoIcon272.png RhinoSevagothSevagothIcon272.png SevagothWukongWukongIcon272.png WukongZephyrZephyrIcon272.png Zephyr
Heat DamageDmgHeatSmall64.png Heat ChromaChromaIcon272.png ChromaEmberEmberIcon272.png EmberInarosInarosIcon272.png InarosNezhaNezhaIcon272.png NezhaProteaProteaIcon272.png ProteaVaubanVaubanIcon272.png VaubanWispWispIcon272.png Wisp
Cold DamageDmgColdSmall64.png Cold FrostFrostIcon272.png FrostGaraGaraIcon272.png GaraHildrynHildrynIcon272.png HildrynRevenantRevenantIcon272.png RevenantTitaniaTitaniaIcon272.png TitaniaTrinityTrinityIcon272.png Trinity
Electricity DamageDmgElectricitySmall64.png Electricity BansheeBansheeIcon272.png BansheeExcaliburExcaliburIcon272.png ExcaliburLimboLimboIcon272.png LimboNovaNovaIcon272.png NovaValkyrValkyrIcon272.png ValkyrVoltVoltIcon272.png Volt
Toxin DamageDmgToxinSmall64.png Toxin AtlasAtlasIcon272.png AtlasIvaraIvaraIcon272.png IvaraKhoraKhoraIcon272.png KhoraNekrosNekrosIcon272.png NekrosNidusNidusIcon272.png NidusOberonOberonIcon272.png OberonSarynSarynIcon272.png Saryn
Magnetic DamageDmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic HarrowHarrowIcon272.png HarrowHydroidHydroidIcon272.png HydroidLavosLavosIcon272.png LavosMagMagIcon272.png MagMesaMesaIcon272.png MesaXakuXakuIcon272.png XakuYareliYareliIcon272.png Yareli
Radiation DamageDmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation AshAshIcon272.png AshEquinoxEquinoxIcon272.png EquinoxGarudaGarudaIcon272.png GarudaLokiLokiIcon272.png LokiMirageMirageIcon272.png MirageNyxNyxIcon272.png NyxOctaviaOctaviaIcon272.png Octavia

*Note that the Primed, Umbra or Shadow version of a Warframe share the same element

Requiem Mods[]

Main article: Requiem Mods

Requiem Mods

Requiem Mods are a special subset of Parazon Mods, each one an enigmatic phrase fragment of a complete Requiem Sequence, thus the only way to permanently sever a Kuva Lich or Corpus Sister's Continuity.

They do not possess any polarity, have a drain of 0, and hold up to 3 charges per Mod for a Mod of rank 0, the number of charges is indicated by the number of bright red dots above the word "PARAZON" on the Mod's icon. Each time a Mod is successfully used in a Requiem sequence to lethally defeat a Kuva Lich or Corpus Sister (in other words, a successful vanquish or convert), the Mods will increase in rank by 1 and be drained of one of their charges (thus losing one of the red dots on their icon), becoming powerless at rank 3 - i.e. once all 3 charges are used up, the mod is Defiled, and in this state it can only be broken down into Endo, sold for Credits, or transmuted. 4 Requiem Mods (including rank 3 Defiled ones) can be transmuted into a single new, random, rank 0 (fully charged) Requiem Mod.

These mods are tradable between players at any rank (even at rank 3 Defiled) with a trade tax of Credits64.png 2,500. The rank of the Mod can be determined by both the number of the lit red dots on mod's icon (with rank 0 having all 3 dots and rank 3 having none), and also will be shown in text on the trading confirmation dialog - just as it would be for any non-Requiem Mod.

Murmur System[]

Murmur progress; inner ring for Hint 1, middle ring for Hint 2, and outer ring for Hint 3

A Lich is accompanied by their legion of minions that take control of the System under their name. These minions have abilities unique from other enemies in the same faction and have additional Damage Reduction over their normal/equilvalent counterparts. They can be mercied with the Parazon to increase the player's progress in revealing one of the three Requiem Mods required to defeat the Lich. This increase in progress is known as a Requiem Murmur. Murmurs can also be obtained by attempting a Requiem Mod sequence on a Lich during their encounter in missions.

A multitude of Requiem Murmurs will update the Lich's status screen, revealing part of the Requiem Mod combination that will prove fatal to the Lich. The number of Murmurs needed for each reveal can vary but average to 36, 60, and 84 with the total being approximately 180 Murmurs[2] Note that Murmurs will only reveal the Requiem Mods required to kill the Lich, not the order they are needed to be in. Players will need to figure out the order by trial-and-error during Lich encounters in missions.


On the right side of the Lich's status screen, the bottom row displays known Requiem mods and Requiem Murmur progress. Top row displays currently equipped Requiem Mods. Middle rows are previous Requiem Mod attempts; Requiems highlighted red with a slash signify incorrect mod or position, and Requiems greyed out are untested on the Lich.

Tax System[]

A Lich increasingly establishes influence across a set of nodes in the system by commanding their minions, which will appear during missions. The Lich will gain influence each time it ranks up, and a node will lose its influence after the player defeats the Lich Controlled Territory mission there. Clearing influence from every node on the Star Chart will cause the Lich to take control of new planets/regions.

Influence serves to diminish the player's rewards for completing missions in the affected nodes as a part of the reward will be claimed by the Lich through a Reward Tax (this includes Credits, Resources, Blueprints, Void Relics, Ayatan Treasures, Kuva, and Mods, but not Requiem Relics, Requiem Mods, and Pigments). In the case of Sisters, only Credits will be taken. As the number of nodes under influence increases, the Reward Tax will also increase (roughly 0.7% per node). Everything the player loses through Reward Tax will only be reclaimed after they have defeated the Lich.

Enrage System[]

Lich Level Enemy Level on
Controlled Nodes
Kuva Lich Region Sister Region
1 55-75 Earth Venus
2 50-60 Mars Phobos
3 55-70 Ceres Jupiter
4 75-90 Sedna Neptune
5 90-110 Kuva Fortress Pluto
Railjack Confrontation 63-70
Fighter Level: 31-36
Saturn Proxima Neptune Proxima

A rage meter can be seen in the Lich's Profile page, representing the likelihood that the Lich will appear in the player's missions. The 'angrier' the Lich, the more likely the player will encounter them. Only killing minions in nodes occupied by the player's Lich will further anger the Lich and increase the meter. Occupied node mission completion will not increase the meter nor will killing minions in different Lich-controlled nodes (via taxi), although the latter will still give Requiem Murmur progress.

There are five levels of anger: Indifferent → Annoyed → Fuming → Furious → Enraged. The meter will reset every time the Lich levels up. Note that a failed assassination attempt on a level 5 Kuva Lich will not result in its rage meter decreasing due to them not leveling up past level 5, therefore maintaining your chance of encountering them in future nodes.

If a Lich is sufficiently enraged, there is a chance they will appear in the mission for combat. It is entirely possible that a Lich will appear long before the player has deduced all three Requiem mods; because of this, killing or even fighting the Lich is not required for mission success (for example, waves in Defense missions will end even if the Lich is still active).

A Lich has a shield bar and three health bars. Depleting a Lich's health bar to 5% will cause them to stumble and begin to gradually recover health for 10 seconds, giving the player a chance to use their Parazon for a Mercy attack. If the Requiem Mod is in the correct sequence, the Lich's health bar will be destroyed, otherwise, the Lich will simply despawn and also gain a rank up. Rank 1, 2, 3, and 4 Liches will respectively drop 150, 200, 250 and 300 Kuva64.png Kuva for all squad members when a Parazon is used on them.

Liches have variable resistances and weaknesses to damage types, however, as one levels up, the type against which it is vulnerable to, may become one of those it resists. Unlike most bosses, Kuva Liches are vulnerable to status effects with some restrictions; they can only receive up to 4 stacks of any status effect with the exception of Impact DamageDmgImpactSmall64.png Impact which can stack up to 6 times, and Radiation DamageDmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation only amplifies the damage the Lich receives from allied units and does not enable friendly fire unless those allies themselves are inflicted by the status.

If a Lich stumbles three times without attempting to use the Parazon on the Lich, or all Tenno are in bleedout or are dead, it will automatically flee and leave the mission. This prevents it from leveling up, but will not drop Kuva nor generate Murmur knowledge.

Only one Lich can be present at any given time. The present Lich must be repelled or defeated in order for another player's Lich to spawn.

Railjack Encounter[]

When the right combination of Requiem Mods is found and all three of the Lich's health bars have been destroyed, all the Requiem mods used will lose one charge and the Lich will have a 25% chance to drop the Requiem Mod Oull for only their player before retreating to the Saturn Proxima for Liches, or Neptune Proxima for Sisters, appearing in a node dubbed either "Kuva Lich Confrontation" or "Sister Confrontation."

Both missions are Empyrean missions that follow a similar flow as regular Empyrean missions, with the exception of housing the final fight against the Lich or Sister aboard their faction's respective vessels once the secondary objectives are complete (such as destroying Crewships or Security Nodes). While Liches prefer to fight the player directly with minimal aid from the rest of the Grineer, Sisters will be aided by their Hounds and Warframe Specters, the latter needing to be defeated before the Sister becomes vulnerable. After their health bar is almost entirely reduced to zero, the Lich or Sister will be defeated and become able to be interacted with the Parazon, prompting a final choice to Vanquish or Convert them.

  • Whichever choice made, all "stolen" drops that they were responsible for will be returned to the player. If the Lich has an Ephemera equipped, the player is also guaranteed to get it. There is also a 25% chance the Lich will reward a Requiem Ultimatum for only their player.
  • Vanquish: The Lich will permanently die and award the player their Kuva or Tenet Weapon, which is also named after the defeated Lich (e.g. "Ulogg Stakk Kuva Quartakk"), and in the case of Sisters the player will also receive a Hound named after her. These will be "Ready to Claim" in the Foundry and bypasses their Mastery Rank requirements. In addition, Sisters will also drop a random Hound component blueprint for all players.
  • Convert: The Lich becomes the player's ally, allowing it to appear randomly in a mission after the player enters bleedout, and can be brought aboard Railjacks as defensive Crew.
    • The player can trade a converted Lich, allowing another player a chance to earn their weapon and/or Ephemera. The trade is performed inside a Clan Dojo's Crimson Branch room, and the recipient must not have any active Lich.
      • The stats of the Lich being traded can be previewed by right-clicking its token.
      • Once traded, the Lich will become the recipient's active Lich, and the Requiem Mod combination used to defeat them will change.
      • A converted Lich can only be traded once. If the recipient converts their received Lich, it will not be tradeable.

The player has 20 seconds to choose. If no choice is made, the Lich is automatically vanquished.



This weapon is obtained by vanquishing a Kuva Lich who generated with one equipped. After the Lich is vanquished it will be in the player's Foundry ready to claim.

While the weapon itself is not tradeable, a converted Kuva Lich generated with the weapon can be traded to another player. The trade is performed inside a Clan Dojo's Crimson Branch room, and the recipient must not have any active Lich or Sister. Once traded, the recipient must fight and vanquish the Lich to claim its weapon.


This weapon is obtained by vanquishing a Sister of Parvos who generated with one equipped. After the Sister is vanquished it will be in the player's Foundry ready to claim.

While the weapon itself is not tradeable, a converted Sister of Parvos generated with the weapon can be traded to another player. The trade is performed inside a Clan Dojo's Crimson Branch room, and the recipient must not have any active Lich or Sister. Once traded, the recipient must fight and vanquish the Sister to claim its weapon.


  • As with all Kuva and Tenet weapons, the player does not have to meet the Mastery Rank displayed to obtain this weapon. It can simply be claimed from the foundry after the Kuva Lich or Sister carrying it has been vanquished.
  • The weapon will have a prefix of the name of the Lich/Sister it was acquired from (e.g. Odizrigg Agekk Kuva Kohm).
  • The weapon's max rank caps at 40 after 5 polarizations (max rank increases by 2 per Forma added).
    • Additional polarizations can be added when the weapon reaches its new max rank at that polarization level.
    • Each additional rank also gives 100 Mastery Rank experience, giving 4,000 points in total at level 40.
    • Mod capacity scales with the additional ranks, and can reach a total of 80 at rank 40 with an Orokin Catalyst installed.
      • Without an Orokin Catalyst, the max is 40. Combined with the five polarized mod slots required to reach that point, an Orokin Catalyst might not be required to finish modding the weapon.
      • After polarizing a weapon, any additional mod capacity above 30 (60 with an Orokin Catalyst) will not take effect until the weapon's rank reaches 31 and above.
        • Legendary Mastery Rank increases the minimum mod capacity for such weapons, without the weapon needing to be rank 31 and above. For example, Legendary 1 increases the minimum capacity to 31 (62 with an Orokin Catalyst).
  • Comes with an additional bonus damage stat, dependent on the Warframe that summoned the Lich/Sister.


  • The idea of Liches dates back to Devstream 88 when they were previously known as the "Kingpin" system.

Patch History[]

Update 30.5 (2021-07-06)

Update 26.0 (2019-10-31)