Used by Leech Ospreys, the Leech Gun deploys small mechanical parasites that drain players' shields over time. Although the leeches cannot deal damage to health and as such cannot kill players themselves, they can leave the player vulnerable to Corpus attacks. Leeches can be removed with a melee attack or by rolling.

While the leeches will home in on targets, they are still avoidable by making them fly into walls, which will stop them.

Leech Ospreys are particularly rare, so the danger of being bombarded by several leeches is less likely.


  • Leeches may attach themselves to Companions and Specters, but they will disappear after a while.
  • Leeches will reset the shield recharge duration immediately after it begins to recharge so it is recommended to dislodge them before the players shields begin to recharge as to not cause them to wait for the recharge twice (or more).


  • Leech Parasite 1
  • Leech Parasite 2
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