An ancient brute possessed of a weighty arm-flail and the terrifying strength to use it to devastating effect. Its lumbering form belies shocking speed, which the Leaping Thrasher achieves by slamming its arm into the ground and throwing itself into battle.

Leaping Thrasher is an Infested unit possessing a mighty arm-flail, and uses it to deadly effect with its surprising agility and powerful leaping attacks.

It was introduced alongside the Undying Flyer in the fourth episode of Nightwave: Series 2 – The Emissary, found in Emissary Derelicts which requires a Zealot Derelict Code from Infested Outbreaks.


Demolisher Thrasher General Miscellaneous
Introduced Update 25.7
Mission Ur Codex Scans 5
Weapon  ?? Other Drops Acceltra Acceltra Blueprint (1.25%)
Akarius Akarius Blueprint (1.25%)
Statistics Mod Drops Bane of Infested 3.75%
Cleanse Infested 3.75%
Expel Infested 3.75%
Smite Infested 3.75%
Infested 3250
Slash b+ Heat b+ Gas b+++ Radiation b‐‐ Viral b‐‐


  • Leaping Thrasher was introduced into the game after Demolisher Thrasher, which is supposed to be its variant.


  • Demolisher Thrasher, as seen on The Codex
  • unused early concept art

Patch HistoryEdit

  • Introduced.
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