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WARFRAME has a leaderboard system for each endless mission on the Star Chart which resets weekly on Monday 09:00 UTC. The week's top leaderboard can be accessed by ESC  → Profile  → Leaderboards .

Event Leaderboards[]

Event and other leaderboards can be found on the following endpoints with these properties:

  • Online leaderboards will use different subdomains depending on the platform:
    • content.warframe.com for PC
    • content-ps4.warframe.com for PlayStation systems
    • content-xb1.warframe.com for Xbox systems
    • content-swi.warframe.com for Nintendo Switch
  • For JSON formatted data, append "JS" to the end of file name (e.g. "shiftingSands.php" becomes "shiftingSandsJS.php")
Context PC PlayStation Xbox Nintendo Switch
Shifting Sands Tactical Alert
Operation: Cryotic Front
Operation: Gate Crash
Operation: Mutalist Incursions
Operation: Eyes of Blight
Operation: False Profit
Operation: The Pacifism Defect
Operation: Ambulas Reborn
Operation: Hostile Mergers
Hallowed Flame Tactical Alert
Operation: Orphix Venom
Conclave dedicated servers



  • Hotfix 11.7.1 (2014-01-15) retired global kill leaderboards which were active since Closed Beta.

Patch History[]

Hotfix 31.1.3 (2022-02-15)

  • Added Steel Path weekly leaderboards.
    • To view, open pause menu > Profile > Leaderboards and select from the weekly missions list to now view both the ‘Origin System (Normal)’ and ‘The Steel Path’ Leaderboards.

Hotfix 11.7.1 (2014-01-15)

As of 00:00 UTC & Hotfix 11.7.1, these are now retired. The Global Kill Leaderboards are retiring: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/157455-pc-global-kill-leaderboard-is-ending-january-15th/

Announced on Dec 31, those interested in competing for a spot in these leaderboards have been given information in the posted thread regarding the rewards. These leaderboards have been around since Closed Beta days and no longer reflect data that will be used.