Marooned Corpus researcher, unwilling resident on Deimos and ally-of-circumstance to the Entrati. Happy to see a non-Infested face.

Latrox Une is a unique Corpus scientist deployed to Deimos, hired by the Entrati to collect Infested samples.

Latrox Une can appear in Cambion Drift Bounties, where Tenno must help collect Infested samples while protecting him. After collecting enough samples and delivering them to him, Latrox Une asks for further protection while he uploads the data, with each enemy hit delaying upload. However, he has no intention of staying any longer than he needs to and will retreat after a minute of uploading, having sent all the data or not, awarding a bonus if he is allowed to successfully upload all the data.


  • "Hello? Anyone? This is Corpus representive Latrox Une. I'm lost, cornered by Infested, and my locator is... well, it's been eaten. I am in the direst need of assistance... Help!"

Extract Samples[]

  • "You must locate me. I was near a Purifier before I got chased off, I remember that much. Perhaps look around there? Try to pick up my trail?"

Hive Extermination[]

  • "Oh! Oh! Ah. Those pack of monstrosities that were chasing me gave up around there. I'm sure they've all crawled off by now, should be perfectly safe..."
  • "Well, if I'd had you around, I never would have gotten into this mess. Keep looking, Tenno, I think you're close."


  • "Perhaps if you bait out the Prime Infested in the area - and kill it - you might then retrieve me! You can do that, right?"
Bonus completed
  • "You exterminated both the alpha specimen AND its mother? Most impressive! And unlikely. But impressive! Is the next step, by any chance, saving me?"


  • "I... err... I think you maybe stumbled on some sort of nest, there's a LOT more infested showing up out there. Guard yourself, Tenno"
Bonus completed
  • "They... they barely breached your perimeter! You're almost to me, don't stop now!"

Protect the Corpus Scientist[]

  • "There you are! Oh, a sight for sore eyes. Look at you! Magnificent!"
  • "What a relief! I was expecting to get my head bitten off at any moment. While you're here, can you help me collect some samples? Just a few, and then we're gone, I swear."
  • "One last favor. Please watch my back while I collect the last of my samples. I can't go back empty handed after all of this."
  • "Tenno! You're close by! Can I... err beg a moment of your time?"
  • "Oh, I say. Hello there. Look, hate to bother, but I need to collect samples, and, frankly, I'm in a bit over my head. Orienteering. Organ landscapes. Monsters. Mainly the monsters."
Grabbing samples
  • "Lovely. Think we can get a few more?"
All samples collected
  • "That's more than enough. I'm in your debt, my gargantuan metal friend."
Delivering samples to Latrox
  • "Here we go. Processing... Oh, I hate it here. Hate it. I would give anything to get off this forsaken rock."
All samples uploaded w/ bonus completed
  • "And that, my friend, is a clean sweep. All samples uploaded. I'm going to lie down."

Patch History[]

Update 29.5 (2020-11-19)

  • The Latrox Une Bounty mission has received a balance pass to address both the length this mission takes and the Bonus being too challenging compared to others:
    • Doubled the Drone Shields Health.
    • The Drone Shield now regenerates after being emptied.
    • Samples now drop at a faster rate.
    • Less samples are required to complete the mission.

Update 29.3 (2020-10-27)

  • Removed Latrox Une from the Simulacrum (because shooting your friends is mean).