Laser Barriers are found inside the frame of Corpus doors. They are activated by nearby Security Cameras that detect any hostile targets. They are avoided/deactivated by staying out of the camera's line of sight, or destroying the camera. Laser barriers can only damage shields, never health.

All Corpus are able to pass through these barriers unharmed. Sometimes, albeit rarely, they may stand in the way of the beams, blocking them so that players may walk past.

Special versions have been integrated into Spy 2.0, these also trigger the alarm in the data vault and also have regular patterns like turning on and off periodically and moving to and fro one directional plane.

Passing the Lasers[]

Below are the proper techniques used to pass the barrier with minor damage:

  • Rolling: While rolling, you are immune to knockdown effects and take reduced damage.
  • Slide Attack: (Sprint → Crouch → Melee): A fast attack rate will allow you to slide further so you can initiate the slide earlier. With a slow weapon, you may pass through the barrier, but still be knocked down.
  • Flying Kick: (Sprint → Jump → Crouch): A high movement speed will allow you to fly in the air farther and faster, similarly to the slide attack.
  • Parrying: This nearly always guarantees a pass-through with no knockdown. If enough speed is being put in to the movement before blocking the laser, damage inflicted will be minor.

Bypassing the Lasers[]

The following skills will allow Warframes to pass through Laser Barriers unharmed.

Blocking the Lasers[]

Laser Barriers may be blocked by an enemy or player using:


  • Prior to Hotfix 7.7.3 (2013-04-12), Laser Barriers could damage health and put a player into a downed state the same as any other enemy.
  • Using EquinoxIcon272 Equinox's Rest while in Night form after being spotted by a Security Camera before the lasers activate will permanently activate the laser barriers in the area if the camera is destroyed.


  • Sometimes you are able to simply walk straight through the Laser Barriers, even without lag.

Patch History[]

Update 12.4 (2014-03-05)

  • Corpus Laser doors adjusted under the hood to be more reliable at damaging passer-bys.

Hotfix 5.4.1 (2013-01-18)

  • Fix Corpus laser door networking issues.

Update 5.4 (2013-01-14)

  • Fixes for Corpus laser-doors.

Update 5.0 (2012-12-18)

  • Corpus ships now feature turrets, cameras and laser doors.

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