A deadly predator

The Lanx is a shark-like creature encountered in submersible areas of Grineer Sealabs. They swim back and forth, seemingly ignoring players and Grineer until one should bump into the Lanx. It will bite both players and all submersible enemies, inflicting a knockdown and Slash b Slash proc to them.


  • As an object with Object based health, this enemy cannot be damaged by Critical Hits.
  • Keep in mind some tunnels are very narrow with Lanxes swimming around the area. They can be bound to strike if you go near them while in those tunnels. To combat this, try shooting them with your Arch-gun as using your Arch-melee will most likely get you hit by them.
  • In certain submersible areas on Uranus, you will see a massive Lanx swimming in the distance. They are merely part of the tile's background animation, and cannot be interacted with in any way.
  • They follow a basic pattern and will go through walls essentially making them invincible till they return.
  • In the Plains of Eidolon, a beached Lanx can be found between the rocks south-west from the Cetus doors near the ocean.
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