A deadly predator

The Lanx is a shark-like creatures native to the oceans of Earth and Uranus, encountered in submersible areas of Grineer Sealabs. They swim back and forth, ignoring players and Grineer alike until one should bump into the Lanx. It will bite both players and submersible enemies, inflicting a knockdown and Slash b Slash proc.


  • If it is necessary to combat a Lanx, try using your Arch-gun as your Arch-melee is liable to get you hit.
  • Lanx are more akin to hazards, with Object based health and set paths they will follow.
    • These paths will lead them through small tunnels in the obsidian which players cannot access, causing the Lanx to be essentially invincible until it reappears.
  • In certain submersible areas in the Grineer Sealabs, you may see a massive Lanx swimming in the distance. They are merely part of the tile's background animation, and cannot be interacted with in any way.
    • This implies that Lanx encountered during missions are only juveniles.
  • A beached Lanx can be found between the rocks on the south-west shores of the Plains of Eidolon.


  • The largest known Lanx is ~60.5 meters long. In comparison, the largest recorded Blue Whale was 29.9m.
    • This number may be inaccurate. The true length is likely somewhere between 30-60m.

Patch HistoryEdit

  • Fixed the Lanx Codex diorama appearing very dark.
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