Landscapes are open-world mission environments that take place in vast, expansive maps several square kilometers in area, on which players can freely roam and explore. Unlike the traditional Tilesets, Landscapes do not use procedurally-generated segments, but instead use large, seamlessly fixed environments, on which players can encounter random enemy spawns, mission objectives, hidden quests, and other objects of interest. Each Landscape will have a central town that acts as a player hub, which can support up to 50 players on a shared server, and players can exit the town in the traditional 1 - 4 man squads to explore the vast area outside.


Plains of EidolonEdit

The first of the Landscapes introduced in Update 22.0, the Plains of Eidolon is set on Earth, at the site of an ancient battle between the Orokin and the Sentients, who were defeated during their attempted assault on the Orokin Tower in the area. The site of the Orokin Tower, now known as Cetus, has since become home to a community known as the Ostrons, who harvest the tower's parts for a living. The Ostrons are constantly on guard against the Grineer who roam the fields to study and excavate the Sentient remains dotting the landscape, as well as more sinister threats that emerge at night.

Orb VallisEdit

The second Landscape to be introduced, a large, mountainous valley region located on Venus. Based around the still active remains of an Orokin terraforming tower, which produces a perpetual snow storm to create the titular 'orb' in the midst of the blazing surface of Venus for harsh but livable conditions. The adjacent hub is called Fortuna, a subterranean Corpus debt-internment shanty town and home to the Solaris.


Landscapes will have several mechanics unique to them due to their expansive nature:

  • Players will be able to call down Archwings at any time, which they can use to travel and fight while in mid-air. In addition, players will use standard primary, secondary and melee weapons while in Archwing, instead of Arch-guns and Arch-melee. Gravity will pull players down if they exceed the maximum altitude.
  • Dynamically-spawned time-limited mission objectives can appear in Landscapes, where players have to reach the objective marker before time runs out in order to activate the mission. Players can choose to ignore these missions at their leisure. 
  • Landscapes will have a dynamic day and night cycle where the time of day will change as players spend time on the map. The day is more directed towards new players with low to mid level enemies, while the night is reserved for veteran players with stronger enemies.
  • Enemy levels increase the further away the player is from the central hub.
  • The Hub towns on Landscapes will feature various vendors that can provide unique services for the Tenno, and NPC's that can provide quests which Tenno can accomplish outside in the wilds.
  • Players will be able to perform various non-combat activities in Landscapes, including spear fishing and mining.