The custom weapon of a fearsome Kuva Lich. Unlike the basic version the Kuva Ogris fires detonite-infused casing semi-automatically, from a smaller magazine, while dealing greater damage per shot

The Kuva Ogris is the Kuva variant of the OgrisNew Ogris rocket launcher, firing rounds in a semi-automatic fashion rather than a short charge-up and with increased damage and status chance, but from a smaller magazine.

This weapon can be sold for Credits647,500.


The Kuva Ogris is obtained by vanquishing a Kuva Lich who generated with one equipped. After the Lich is vanquished it will be in the player's Foundry ready to claim.

While the weapon itself is not tradeable, a converted Kuva Lich generated with the weapon can be traded to another player. The trade is performed inside a Clan Dojo's Crimson Branch room, and the recipient must not have any active Lich. Once traded, the recipient must fight and vanquish the Lich to claim its weapon.


This weapon does primarily Blast b Blast damage.



  • Innate Blast b Blast damage – less effective against Ferrite Armor.
  • Projectiles have travel time.
  • Deals a third of its total damage to the user if the rocket detonates too close, making the Ogris very dangerous and ill-suited for close range combat.
    • Rockets can explode and inflict self-damage if it hits a teammate or allied NPC.
  • Enemies can destroy the rockets with gunfire or area of effect explosions.
  • Low critical chance.
  • Slow reload speed.
  • Very ammo inefficient.
    • Low magazine size.
    • Very low ammo capacity.
    • Draws ammo from the rare sniper ammo pool.


  • Kuva Ogris, compared to Ogris:
    • Higher area attack damage (687.0 vs. 600.0)
    • Smaller magazine (3 rounds vs. 5 rounds)
    • Faster reload speed (2.1 s vs. 2.5 s)
    • Higher Mastery Rank required (15 vs. 9)
    • Lower disposition (1 vs. 1.3)


  • The Kuva Ogris is unique compared to the original variant, as it employs IPS damage instead of pure Blast b Blast damage, even on the explosion. While the weapon still has Blast b Blast damage included within the explosion, it's mostly Slash b Slash damage, being one of the only explosive weapons that can deal radial slash procs innately without Hunter Munitions.
  • The weapon will have a prefix of the name of the Kuva Lich it was acquired from (e.g. Odizrigg Agekk Kuva Ogris).
  • The weapon's max rank caps at 40 after 5 polarizations (max rank increases by 2 per Forma added).
    • Additional polarizations can be added when the weapon reaches its new max rank at that polarization level.
    • Each additional rank also gives Mastery Rank Experience, giving 4,000 points in total.
    • Mod capacity scales with the additional ranks, and can reach a total of 80 at rank 40 with an Orokin Catalyst installed.
      • Without an Orokin Catalyst, the max is 40. Combined with the five polarized mod slots required to reach that point, an Orokin Catalyst might not be required to finish modding the Kuva Ogris.
      • After polarizing a weapon, any additional mod capacity above 30 (60 with an Orokin Catalyst) will not take effect until the weapon's rank reaches 31 and above.
  • Comes with an additional bonus damage stat, dependent on the Warframe that summoned the Lich.
Element Progenitor Warframe
Impact b Impact BaruukIcon272 BaruukGaussIcon272 GaussGrendelIcon272 GrendelRhinoIcon272 RhinoWukongIcon272 WukongZephyrIcon272 Zephyr
Heat b Heat ChromaIcon272 ChromaEmberIcon272 EmberInarosIcon272 InarosNezhaIcon272 NezhaVaubanIcon272 VaubanWispIcon272 Wisp
Cold b Cold FrostIcon272 FrostGaraIcon272 GaraHildrynIcon272 HildrynRevenantIcon272 RevenantTitaniaIcon272 TitaniaTrinityIcon272 Trinity
Electricity b Electricity BansheeIcon272 BansheeExcaliburIcon272 ExcaliburLimboIcon272 LimboNovaIcon272 NovaValkyrIcon272 ValkyrVoltIcon272 Volt
Toxin b Toxin AtlasIcon272 AtlasIvaraIcon272 IvaraKhoraIcon272 KhoraNekrosIcon272 NekrosNidusIcon272 NidusOberonIcon272 OberonSarynIcon272 Saryn
Magnetic b Magnetic HarrowIcon272 HarrowHydroidIcon272 HydroidMagIcon272 MagMesaIcon272 Mesa
Radiation b Radiation AshIcon272 AshEquinoxIcon272 EquinoxGarudaIcon272 GarudaLokiIcon272 LokiMirageIcon272 MirageNyxIcon272 NyxOctaviaIcon272 Octavia


  • A powerful secondary or melee weapon is recommended for when firing a shot would be too dangerous to the user.
  • When hitting an object such as a Nullifier Crewman's bubble or the snow globe of an Arctic Eximus, only the *Value Required* rocket damage will be dealt.
    • Aiming next to a Nullifier Crewman's bubble allows the rocket to explode on terrain, catching the bubble within the blast radius.
    • Shooting an Arctic Eximus snow globe will deal the explosion damage to any enemies within range of the impact - often the Eximus themself.
  • Although Shield Lancers can block the rocket damage, they will still be dealt the explosion damage.
  • Combining Multishot with the negative accuracy from Mod TT 20pxHeavy Caliber allows carpet bombing of a wider area, albeit putting the user at greater risk when rockets angle downwards.
  • Many warframe abilities synergize well with the Ogris, particularly those with innate crowd control effects:
    • AtlasIcon272 Atlas' Petrify130xDark Petrify will immobilize enemies, making them easier to hit, and his Rumblers130xDark Rumblers can distract enemies and cause them to cluster away from the player.
    • BansheeIcon272 Banshee's SonicBoom130xDark Sonic Boom can be used as crowd control, and her Sonar130xDark Sonar can amplify the damage output of the projectile, though it is somewhat unreliable.
      • The rocket will receive the damage bonus if it hits the affected area. The explosion damage is always dealt to the torso, and will not receive the bonus unless Sonar places the weak spot on the enemy's torso.
        • Mod TT 20pxResonance allows more weak spots to be generated, increasing the likelihood that one affects the torso.
    • ChromaIcon272 Chroma's Effigy130xDark Effigy will attract and stun enemies, and an Electricity b Electric or Cold b Cold ElementalWard130xDark Elemental Ward can stun or slow enemies.
    • EquinoxIcon272 Equinox can use Rest to immobilize groups of enemies, and the Ogris' high base damage can help quickly build charge for MendMaim130xDark Mend & Maim.
    • FrostIcon272 Frost can slow enemies with IceWave130xDark Ice Wave and immobilize them with Freeze130xDark Freeze and Avalanche130xDark Avalanche. The latter will also reduce their armor.
    • IvaraIcon272 Ivara's Navigator130xDark Navigator makes is easy to control the trajectory of your rockets as well as making them deal more damage, her Dashwire Arrow can create vantage points to avoid close encounters, Noise arrow can be used to cluster enemies, and her Sleep Arrow can immobilize them.
    • LokiIcon272 Loki can use Decoy130xDark Decoy to cluster enemies away from the player, and combine it with SwitchTeleport130xDark Switch Teleport to gain a vantage point and avoid close encounters.
    • MagIcon272 Mag's Magnetize130xDark Magnetize can group enemies together and help avoid missed shots.
    • MirageIcon272 Mirage's HallOfMirrors130xDark Hall Of Mirrors can help cover a greater area with your explosions. Explosions produced by clones's weapons will not damage the player, and rockets will pass through them if they happen to be between you and your target. 
    • NekrosIcon272 Nekros' ShadowsOfTheDead130xDark Shadows Of The Dead and Terrify130xDark Terrify can distract enemies. Terrify130xDark Terrify also reduces their armor, and Mod TT 20pxCreeping Terrify will make them easier to target.
    • NezhaIcon272 Nezha's BlazingChakram130xDark Blazing Chakram can be used to gain a vantage point, and DivineSpears130xDark Divine Spears can immobilise enemies.
    • NyxIcon272 Nyx's Chaos130xDark Chaos can cause enemies to cluster.
    • RhinoIcon272 Rhino's RhinoStomp130xDark Rhino Stomp can immobilize enemies.
    • SarynIcon272 Saryn's Molt130xDark Molt can be used to cluster enemies.
    • TrinityIcon272 Trinity's  Blessing130xDark Blessing can mitigate the damage to Trinity, and use Mod TT 20pxAbating Link to increase effective damage.
    • ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr's RipLine130xDark Rip Line can be used to gain a vantage point.
    • VaubanIcon272 Vauban's Bastille130xDark Bastille can make suspended enemies easy to target. The vortex can cluster many enemies within the explosion radius of a single rocket.
    • WukongIcon272 Wukong's CelestialTwin130xDark Celestial Twin will not be affected by the self damage from this weapon.
    • ZephyrIcon272 Zephyr's passive allows her to benefit greatly from aim gliding. Her TailWind130xDark Tail Wind can be used to gain a vantage point, particularly when charged. Turbulence130xDark Turbulence affords Zephyr extra time to aim shots, and with Mod TT 20pxJet Stream can increase rocket flight speed to make its travel time negligible.
  • The Ogris' high status can be advantageous in several ways:
    • Innate Blast b Blast damage means enemies will often be knocked down, immobilizing them for subsequent shots.
      • Since Blast b Blast procs also knock down all enemies in a 5m radius, even minimal blast damage can prove to be useful crowd control.
    • Adding Heat b Heat damage allows for additional crowd control potential and damage-over-time which scales with the damage of the initial hit.
      • The Ogris-exclusive Mod TT 20pxNightwatch Napalm enhances the effectiveness of a Heat b Heat build, as each tick of napalm damage always procs Heat b Heat, extending the panicked state and high damage-over-time from the explosion. This works against you, however, if the enemy's initial Heat b Heat proc is from the lower-damage napalm.
    • Adding Gas b Gas damage allows for clustered enemies to all proc damage-over-time in a 3m area around them, multiplying damage dealt by the number of enemies caught in the explosion.

Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • This and the other Kuva weapons are the only weapons in the game which are built automatically without player input. 
  • The characteristic to reach past the normal level cap of 30 is only shared with the other weapons in this set and the BallasSword Paracesis.




Kuva Ogris Skins

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 26.0.7
  • Damage increased from 454 to 714.
  • Explosion damage changed from 427 Blast to 159 Puncture, 275 Slash, and 253 Blast (undocumented).
  • Fixed Kuva Lich weapons that do damage on both impact and explosion (Kuva Ogris, Kuva Ayanga, etc) doing significantly less overall damage than expected. This was due to the Elemental bonus only being applied to the "on impact" of the projectile itself and not the explosion.

Update 26.0

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Update 26.0

See alsoEdit

  • OgrisNew Ogris, the normal counterpart of this weapon.
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