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Kuva weapons are a special variant of existing weapons carried by a player's Lich and can be acquired once the Lich is Vanquished. If the player has enough weapon slots, they can claim these weapons from their Foundry, bypassing the supposed Mastery Rank requirement on these weapons. The weapons vary in attributes, dependent on the Lich the player has slain. The Energy Color on the weapon is depicted by what elemental bonus was augmented on the weapon during Lich creation and the progenitor Warframe. All weapons have an equal chance of spawning from a Kuva Lich.[1]

Certain Kuva weapons are unique to Kuva liches, and are not based on existing Grineer weapons:

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

A Kuva variant of a weapon will only provide mastery points once. A second weapon of the same variant but with a different Lich name will not provide extra mastery. These weapons have a max rank of 40. To obtain the maximum rank, the player must polarize the weapon five times, with each Forma increasing the maximum possible rank by 2 (similar to BallasSword.png Paracesis).

The Kuva weapons additionally have bonus damage of one damage type, ranging from 25-60% of the weapon's base damage determined randomly, with lower percentages being more common.[1] The damage type of this bonus damage is determined by the Progenitor Warframe, as per this table.

Note: This additional bonus damage applies as weapon base damage, meaning elemental mods and status that scale from base / modified base damage will be affected.

Valence Fusion[edit | edit source]

Valence Fusion combines two of the same Kuva Lich Weapons into one with a higher Elemental Bonus. Valence Fusion can be found under the Actions button while modding a weapon. After selecting Valence Fusion, a player is required to choose another of the same Kuva Weapon from the inventory (not in Foundry or with the Kuva Lich) to fuse it with. The elemental bonus type will be changed to the newer one as well as the percentage based on the higher one. The elemental bonus caps at 60%. Any other properties (Orokin Catalyst, Forma, Stance Forma, Exilus Weapon Adapter, or Focus Lens) do not transfer over, meaning the order of fusion is important.

Example: Kuva Kohm (A) has 40% Heat Damage and an Orokin Catalyst. Kuva Kohm (B) has 52% Radiation Damage. The player has two options, to fuse (A) with (B) or to fuse (B) with (A).

Since 52% is higher than 40%, the result will always be according to the percentage of (B) and multiplied by 1.1. So 52 x 1.1 = 57.2 , (57%)

Fusing (B) to (A): Equip (A), under Valence Fusion, select (B). The result of this will be a Kuva Kohm with 57% Radiation Damage and an Orokin Catalyst. (B) will be destroyed.

Fusing (A) to (B): Equip (B), under Valence Fusion, select (A). The result of this will be a Kuva Kohm with 57% Heat Damage without an Orokin Catalyst. (A) will be destroyed.

After selecting the donor weapon to be used in the fusion, a confirmation screen displays the desired weapon's new damage type and bonus values and warns that the transfer will consume the selected donor weapon. Players are then prompted to type FUSE to confirm the fusion.

For Kuva Weapons and same-tier Armaments, fusions can be achieved at the following percentages:

Minimum Initial Value Maximum Number of Fusions
54.5% 1
49.5% 2
45.0% 3
40.9% 4
37.1% 5
33.7% 6
30.6% 7
27.8% 8
25.2% 9
25.0% 10

Ephemera[edit | edit source]

Kuva Liches have a 20%[2] chance to be created with an Ephemera equipped that corresponds to the Progenitor Warframe who created them. These Ephemeras can be equipped on CompanionsArchwings, Necramechs and K-Drives. Players will receive a Lich's Ephemera regardless if they Vanquish or Convert them.

NOTE: The Ephemera will also appear on your Archwing, even if it is only equipped on your Warframe. Most Ephemeras, especially the Electric Vengeful Charge Ephemera, have been known to be much larger in effect in this situation, to the point of being visually jarring, so be warned of this before equipping them.

Element Ephemera Visuals

Vengeful Shockwave


Vengeful Flame


Vengeful Chill


Vengeful Charge


Vengeful Toxin


Vengeful Pull


Vengeful Trickster


Ally[edit | edit source]

Converted Kuva Liches can randomly appear in missions after the player enters bleedout, fighting alongside the Tenno. The converted Kuva Lich's level follows the formula Lich Rank x 20 (capped at level 80 in normal mode and level 135 in The Steel Path) regardless of mission level, their weapons have a 3x damage multiplier, and will use all of their abilities. They will stay for a minimum of 2 minutes.

Railjack Crew[edit | edit source]

With Intrinsics Command Rank 8, Converted Kuva Liches can be brought aboard Railjacks as Crew.

Unlike NPC crew hired from Ticker, the Kuva Lich cannot be given weapons and will default to using their own, cannot operate Railjack systems such as the pilot seat, turrets, and repair, do not have moddable stats, and are restricted to the Defender role. However, their health and shields are significantly higher than NPC crew built for endurance, making them quite suited for repelling boarders.

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