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For the resource, see Kuva (Resource).
For the weapon variant, see Kuva (Variant).
For the Corpus counterpart, see Sisters of Parvos.
We Maggots live… not long. We hope more life… work… kill… maybe Queens notice… Maybe… they share… the Old Blood. We are maggots. But eventually even maggots can fly.
—Introduction to Kuva Liches

Kuva Liches are Grineer super soldiers that have been spiked with their Queens' Kuva, rendering them all but immortal. Kuva Larvlings that have the potential to become Liches are infused with the "old blood", and are armed with advanced Kuva weaponry and elite Thrall troops.

Acting as nemeses of the individual Tenno whose actions in battle have caused them to rise, Liches establish a foothold in the Star Chart. From there, they hinder the progress of the Tenno, seizing a portion of the loot gained from missions. Their Kuva-originated powers grant them invincibility in battle, that can only be broken by the Tenno who they are bound to - by discovering a sequence of enigmatic phrases inscribed on Requiem Mods, which the Tenno must unearth and apply to their Parazon in corresponding order, thus being able to purify the Lich's Kuva and permanently sever their Continuity. Every Kuva Lich has a unique name and various randomized properties.


Kuva Lich Profile Screen

Downed Kuva Larvling with Kuva Weapon icon

After the completion of The War Within quest and acquiring a Railjack, the player may encounter a Kuva Larvling in a regular level 20+ Grineer mission - this does not include Sorties, Void Fissures, Invasion, Quests or Dark Sectors, but does include Crossfire. The potential for the spawning of a Kuva Larvling in a mission is announced to the player by the level's lighting flickering yellow. When the flickering occurs the player has a 1 minute time limit to kill enough enemies to force a larvling to be created, similar to the way the Juggernaut spawning works. When enough enemies have been killed, a Kuva Larvling will spawn along with a transmission from a Kuva Guardian announcing their presence. Its location will be marked by a red waypoint which is slightly different from the red marker for nearby enemies.

By choosing to kill the Kuva Larvling with a Parazon Mercy kill, the player causes a Kuva Lich to arise in the Origin System, thus becoming the Progenitor of that Kuva Lich, and the Warframe used for this is recognized as the Progenitor Warframe. In a squad, only the last player that damaged the larvling may take the Mercy kill. If no one takes the mercy action, the larvling will despawn after 30 seconds. This does not interrupt the normal course of the mission. Upon return to the Orbiter, regardless of whether the mission was completed or aborted, the player will receive communications from the newly created Kuva Lich. The Lich's profile can be accessed from either the Orbiter's Navigation console, or on the Main Menu, through a banner on the lower right corner of the screen.

Players cannot Mercy the Larvling if they already have an active Lich or Sisters of Parvos. A Kuva Larvling can still spawn if any member of the squad already has an active Lich/Sister.

Once the Larvling has been downed, the entire squad will receive 100 Kuva.png Kuva on end of mission, even if not mercied. When the player is within mercy distance, the downed Larvling will also display an icon and name of the Kuva Weapon the created Kuva Lich will possess. The displayed weapon is always random, meaning players can attempt the Larvling multiple times before Mercy killing one with their weapon of choice. If the Larvling is ignored, the displayed weapon will not show up again for any subsequent larvlings until the entire weapon pool is rejected.

Progenitor Warframe

The Warframe that created the Kuva Lich will determine the elemental damage bonus the Kuva Lich weapon will have, as well as the type of Ephemera should they spawn with one. In addition, it will determine the Kuva Lich's ability kit.

Element Progenitor Warframe*
DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact BaruukIcon272.png BaruukGaussIcon272.png GaussGrendelIcon272.png GrendelRhinoIcon272.png RhinoSevagothIcon272.png SevagothWukongIcon272.png WukongZephyrIcon272.png Zephyr
DmgFireSmall64.png Heat ChromaIcon272.png ChromaEmberIcon272.png EmberInarosIcon272.png InarosNezhaIcon272.png NezhaProteaIcon272.png ProteaVaubanIcon272.png VaubanWispIcon272.png Wisp
DmgColdSmall64.png Cold FrostIcon272.png FrostGaraIcon272.png GaraHildrynIcon272.png HildrynRevenantIcon272.png RevenantTitaniaIcon272.png TitaniaTrinityIcon272.png Trinity
DmgElectricitySmall64.png Electricity BansheeIcon272.png BansheeCalibanIcon.png CalibanExcaliburIcon272.png ExcaliburGyreIcon272.png GyreLimboIcon272.png LimboNovaIcon272.png NovaValkyrIcon272.png ValkyrVoltIcon272.png Volt
DmgToxinSmall64.png Toxin AtlasIcon272.png AtlasIvaraIcon272.png IvaraKhoraIcon272.png KhoraNekrosIcon272.png NekrosNidusIcon272.png NidusOberonIcon272.png OberonSarynIcon272.png Saryn
DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic HarrowIcon272.png HarrowHydroidIcon272.png HydroidLavosIcon272.png LavosMagIcon272.png MagMesaIcon272.png MesaXakuIcon272.png XakuYareliIcon272.png Yareli
DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation AshIcon272.png AshEquinoxIcon272.png EquinoxGarudaIcon272.png GarudaLokiIcon272.png LokiMirageIcon272.png MirageNyxIcon272.png NyxOctaviaIcon272.png Octavia

*Note that the Primed or Umbra version of a Warframe share the same element


The Kuva Larvling's character model also acts as a preview of whether it will have a jovial/mad (male) or logical/flirtatious (female) personality. Jovial or mad liches will spawn from a Kuva Larvling appearing as a Saturn Six Fugitive, whereas logical or flirtatious liches will spawn from a Kuva Larvling appearing as a Kuva Scorpion.


The Kuva Lich tutorial summary can be accessed from the "Tutorial" button in the Kuva Lich profile.

You can only defeat this Adversary by equipping your Parazon with a sequence of Requiem Mods that are unique to [ADVERSARY NAME].
Requiem Mods can be acquired from Requiem Relics, found in Kuva Siphons and Kuva Floods.
Collect Murmurs by defeating [ADVERSARY NAME]'s Thralls (Grineer) or Hounds (Corpus) to learn the Known Requiems.
Equip the Known Requiems on your Parazon and battle [ADVERSARY NAME] to determine the correct sequence.
In regions containing your

Adversary's territory, [ADVERSARY NAME] may steal your rewards. Defeating [ADVERSARY NAME] is the only way to recover your losses.

Lure [ADVERSARY NAME] out of hiding by defeating Thralls (Grineer) or Hounds (Corpus) in controlled areas.
Pursue [ADVERSARY NAME] in Railjack once they Flee to the Proxima Regions.

Behavior & Mechanics

Star Chart Influence and Reward Tax

Once born, a Kuva Lich will establish influence across various mission nodes on a certain planet. The occupied planet is determined by the Lich's current level (detailed in the chart below). The Lich mission on influenced nodes will spawn Kuva Thralls, which are indicated by a white/blue aura and red waypoint marker. Completing these missions will clear the influence from that node. Influence will shift to the next planet in the sequence if the player performs a Parazon finisher on their Lich and causes them to rank up. Alternatively, clearing all influenced nodes from a planet will automatically cause the Lich to rank up and shift its influence to the next planet.

Additionally, a portion of the rewards a player earns on an influenced node will be stolen by the Kuva Lich as a Reward Tax (this includes Credits, Resources, Blueprints, Void Relics, Ayatan Treasures, Kuva, and Mods, but not Requiem Relics, Requiem Mods, and Pigments). As the number of nodes under influence increases, the Reward Tax will also increase (roughly 0.7% per node). Fortunately, the player can reclaim everything that was stolen once they fully defeat their Lich.

Rage Meter

Kuva Lich may have one of five levels of anger: Indifferent → Annoyed → Fuming → Furious → Enraged. A rage meter can be seen in the Kuva Lich Profile page, representing the likelihood that the Kuva Lich will appear in the player's missions. The 'angrier' the Kuva Lich, the more likely the player will encounter them. Only killing thralls in nodes occupied by the player's Kuva Lich will further anger the Kuva Lich and increase the meter. Occupied node mission completion will not increase the meter nor will killing thralls in different Kuva Lich nodes (via taxi), although the latter will still give murmur progress. The meter will reset every time the Kuva Lich levels up, except for the final level of 5.

Using a Requiem Ultimatum can instantly spawn the player's Kuva Lich regardless of rage meter level.


Kuva Lich Level Enemy Level on
Controlled Nodes
1 55-75 Earth
2 50-60 Mars
3 55-70 Ceres
4 75-90 Sedna
5 90-110 Kuva Fortress

Every Kuva Lich starts at Level 1, indicated above their name in their stats screen. As the player progressively fills the Kuva Lich's rage meter they will eventually meet the Kuva Lich in combat during a mission. If the player fails a Mercy attack at any point during the fight, the Kuva Lich will be staggered, swearing vengeance towards the player. After doing so, the Kuva Lich will increase in level by 1 and then despawn. As a Kuva Lich increases in level so too does the level of missions under their influence. A Kuva Lich can reach a maximum level of 5. Kuva Liches may gain additional resistances and immunities upon leveling up.


Kuva Liches have four unique abilities, three of them are variants of existing Warframe abilities and one is a movement ability. The first three abilities that they possess depend on the element associated with the Progenitor Warframe that killed them. Regardless of the Progenitor Warframe, the fourth ability can be one of the following four abilities: Lurch, Stampede, Teleport, or Vault. Thralls will inherit their Kuva Lich's movement ability.

Kuva Liches start out with their ability 1 and ability 4 (movement); they will gain access to their ability 2 at level 2, and ability 3 at level 3 (similar to how Warframes gain access to their new abilities when ranking up).

Element Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4
DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact Carapace
(IronSkin130xDark.png Iron Skin)
(RipLine130xDark.png Rip Line)
Lich Stomp
(RhinoStomp130xDark.png Rhino Stomp)
or Vault
DmgFireSmall64.png Heat Plasma Flare
(Fireball130xDark.png Fireball)
Ring of Fire
(FireBlast130xDark.png Fire Blast)
Plasma Eruption
(Accelerant130xDark.png World On Fire)
DmgColdSmall64.png Cold Ice Blast
(Freeze130xDark.png Freeze)
Frozen Surge
(IceWave130xDark.png Ice Wave)
Frozen Fortress
(Avalanche130xDark.png Avalanche)
DmgElectricitySmall64.png Electricity Lightning Bolt
(Unique ability, similar
to Captain Vor's
beam attack)
Arc Mines
(Unique ability, similar
to Captain Vor's
Nervos Mines)
Molecular Annihilation
(MolecularPrime130xDark.png Molecular Prime)
DmgToxinSmall64.png Toxin Overload
(Smite130xDark.png Smite)
Cursed Ground
(HallowedGround130xDark.png Hallowed Ground)
(Miasma130xDark.png Miasma)
DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic Attractor Wave
(Pull130xDark.png Pull)
Magnetic Snare
(Magnetize130xDark.png Magnetize)
Magnetic Crunch
(Crush130xDark.png Crush)
DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation Ruse
(Decoy130xDark.png Decoy)
Tactical Inversion
(SwitchTeleport130xDark.png Switch Teleport)
(RadialDisarm130xDark.png Radial Disarm)

In addition to the above abilities, Kuva Liches can perform grapple attacks against Tenno, dealing heavy damage to them. The player will be thrown and stuck in a ragdoll animation after these attacks. During the animation other players can damage the Kuva Lich, albeit dealing reduced damage.


For RevenantIcon272.png Revenant's ability, see Enthrall.

Thrall waypoint icon

A Kuva Lich does not maintain their territory on their own. Aside from enlisting the aid of Grineer soldiers, a select few of these soldiers are turned into Thralls, who are behaviorally identical to standard Grineer troops but have various bonuses. Aside from inheriting Kuva Lich's ability 4 (movement), they receive 25% less damage compared to their standard counterparts.

Thralls are identified by a blue outline that surrounds them, similar to the one found on Synthesis Targets. Their label is changed to "[Kuva Lich Name] Thrall", and their presence is noted by both a special red Mission Waypoint and a musical sting that plays when they spawn. Ironically enough, the Thralls themselves provide the means to defeat their Kuva Lich once and for all.

All thralls have a 5% chance of dropping a Requiem Relic.[1] Each Requiem Relic has an equal chance to be dropped.

Spawning Mechanics

Generally, most Grineer units can be converted to Thralls with the exceptions of Latchers, Hyekkas, Drahk, Rollers, Noxes, and Guardsmen. A Thrall appearing in a mission will be accompanied by a musical sting and a waypoint marker, and their weapon colors are changed to match the general color scheme of their Kuva Lich. Kuva Liches may attempt to convert the latter three units, but despite appearances they will not turn into Thralls.

Only a certain amount of Thralls can spawn in a given mission type, naturally. Some mission types (endless Survival, for example) allow up to 10 Thralls to spawn in naturally. Other mission types, like Capture, only allow for 2-5 Thralls to spawn (depending on RNG, if Grineer units have been killed or not).

The Kuva Lich is also limited to enthralling 10 nearby enemies once every 20 seconds, thus up to 20 Thralls can be encountered in a given Kuva Lich-controlled node should the Kuva Lich spawn in the mission. However, enthralled enemies count towards the mission's natural Thrall limit, so the maximum of 20 can only be reached if all 10 Thralls have already spawned in the mission before the Kuva Lich enthralls any enemies.

Naturally converted Thralls usually appear in large groups of Grineer, always out of sight, or range, of the player. These naturally converted Thralls are almost always converted in the neighboring tile, in the direction of the mission objective, relative to the player. However, there's a small chance a Thrall can also spawn in the same Tile the player is in, if it's out of line of sight, as close as 20 yards away.

The 1st Thrall appears at the start of the mission, as the player starts to move, with a few more Thralls appearing as the player moves through the Tile Set. A few additional Thralls, on top of these few extras, will spawn if enemies are being killed. Killing Thralls quickly have no impact on when the next Thrall will spawn. The spawn timer is somewhat fixed (roughly 23-45 seconds, from spawn to spawn). Stealth has no impact on Thrall convertion, neither negative nor postive.

Natural maximum of Thralls in Missions:

Capture Missions (Earth - Mantle):
2-3 Thralls No Grineer killed, besides the capture target, and the Thralls themselves
3-5 Thralls Grineer units, the capture target, and Thralls killed

More testing is being conducted.


Kuva Liches may rarely spawn with a quirk that provides unique voice-lines and behavior when encountered.

View Quirk List
Quirk Functional changes Aesthetic changes
Allergic to Nature - Talks about being allergic to nature.
Always Hungry - Talks about getting a snack.
Bloodhound - Makes comments when the player turns invisible.
Coward Attempts to run away from the player when at low health. -
Deserter Can leave the mission unexpectedly. -
Fear of Being Alone - Makes comments if there are no other Grineer nearby.
Fear of Children Is afraid of the player's Operator. -
Fear of Kubrows Is afraid of Kubrows, Feral Kubrows, and Drahks. -
Fear of Space Travel Upon spawning on a ship, sometimes stands frightened and does not attack first. -
Hatred of Children - Makes aggressive comments if the player's Operator appears.
Hatred of Corpus - Talks about hating Corpus when spawned on Corpus tilesets.
Hatred of Infested - Talks about hating Infested when spawned on Infested tilesets.
Loner - Talks about preferring to fight alone.
Paranoid Attacks allied Grineer troops; prevents the conversion of nearby Grineer into thralls. -
Poor Sense of Balance Retreats after kneeling down and without stabbing. -
Prone to Vertigo Stays on the ground level of the map. Avoids going up stairs and catwalks. -
Pyromaniac - Talks when the player is on fire.
Trophy Hunter Reward tax is higher than usual, allowing the Kuva Lich to steal more rewards. -
Vain - Talks about how beautiful they are after appearing in a mission.

Requiem Mods

Requiem Mods

Main article: Requiem Mods (edit)

Requiem Mods are a special subset of Parazon Mods, each one an enigmatic phrase fragment of a complete Requiem Sequence, thus the only way to permanently sever a Kuva Lich or Corpus Sister's Continuity.

They do not possess any polarity, have a drain of 0, and hold up to 3 charges per Mod for a Mod of rank 0, the number of charges is indicated by the number of bright pink dots above the word "PARAZON" on the Mod's icon. Up to 3 different Requiem Mods may be equipped at any given time - i.e. note that at most only a single copy of each Requiem Mod can be equipped at any given time (so e.g. one cannot have 2x Fass equipped at the same time, or 2x Oull). Exactly 3 different mods (which may include at most 1x Oull that will act as a wildcard Mod) must be equipped to attempt to lethally defeat a Kuva Lich or Corpus Sister, and the order of their slots in which they are equipped from left to right does matter. If the attempt succeeds (in other words, a successful vanquish or convert), each equipped mod will increase in rank by 1 and thus be drained of one of its charges (thus losing one of the pink dots on their icon), becoming powerless at rank 3 - i.e. once all 3 charges are used up, the mod is called Defiled, and in this state it can only be broken down into EndoIconRenderLarge.png Endo, sold for CreditsLarge.png Credits, or transmuted. 4 Requiem Mods (including rank 3 Defiled ones) can be transmuted into a single new, random, rank 0 (fully charged) Requiem Mod.

These mods are tradeable between players at any mod rank (even at rank 3 Defiled) with a trade tax of a rare mod of Credits64.png 8,000. When trading, the rank of the Mod can be determined by both hovering the mouse cursor to check the number of the lit pink dots on mod's icon (with rank 0 having all 3 dots and rank 3 having none), and also will be shown in text on the trading confirmation dialog - just as it would be for any non-Requiem Mod.


  • All Kuva Lich interactions will be registered in the Codex, under "Kuva Lich History" in the Universe tab.
    • The ability to rewatch the Kuva Lich intro cutscene is present in the Kuva Lich History, through the "View Cinematic" button.
  • Successfully completing all available Kuva Lich mission nodes without failing during the requiem mini-game (or by just ignoring it) will automatically rank the Kuva Lich up and spread their influence to another planet.
  • When doing a mercy kill on a Thrall, the player will be temporarily be considered a lower threat than they normally are. As such, any Sentinel the player has will be targeted directly instead and may cause them to be quickly destroyed on the enemy levels where Thralls appear.

Converted Notes

  • Will always spawn at level 75 (If Rank 5) on Railjack missions and through normal missions with the On-Call feature of Railjack. However, they will have limited scaling when they spawn naturally to assist players who have died at least once, going past level 75 in Steel Path missions.
  • The "Lightning Bolt" ability on Electric liches is generally ineffective on Converted liches, they may target an enemy behind a wall or in another cell, then be locked in place for a few seconds as they slowly redirect it, only to stop after a short direction change and not hit anything.
  • The Decoy used by Radiation liches is effective on Railjack to draw Aggro from enemy boarders and away from other crew and the ship, as it has a high threat level.
  • "Plasma Eruption" from Heat based liches locks the lich in place, but the pillars of fire will spawn seemingly to all enemies within range, offering excellent stun at the cost of making the lich vulnerable during casting and the long cooldown.
    • "Plasma Fire"" from Heat based liches will also often miss and only offers minimal damage and a very short stun.
  • Liches with the Kuva Bramma will often aim while moving slowly if they detect enemies, and walk slower than other types of Liches. On railjack, they will never run as a result and slowly walk around.
  • Liches with the Kuva Ogris will often miss as they will target enemies torso's at range, or at enemies feet if they are close enough. They will also only fire 2 rounds before reloading, or oddly enough 3 rounds if their fire rate is boosted by WispIcon272.png Wisp's Haste Reservoirs130xDark.png Reservoirs.
  • Cold Lich's "Frozen Fortress" ability fully removes the armor of enemies they freeze solid, but the duration is rather low and the cooldown is long (like all "ultimate" abilities from liches). It does however, let them do decent damage against armor in this manner.
  • Liches with the "Fear of space travel" quirk will cower in the Simulacrum if spawned with the On Call railjack feature, since the relays are in space. This is despite the fact that the simulacrum is technically not on land or in space but a digital realm.
  • Impact Liches will only use their Iron Skin ability once when casting, and do not appear to ever use the ability again, preferring to use their movement ability the most and sometimes pulling enemies with ripline, and rarely using Stomp.
  • Liches equipped with the Kuva Nukor retain the weapon's perfect accuracy and chaining ability, offering excellent crowd control through Radiation procs but minimal damage to heavy armor, even alloy.
  • Liches, like Sisters, will revive downed Crew Members the same way players do and take time to do so. As they are significantly stronger than normal crew this makes them be able to withstand the toughest punishments while keeping your crew alive.


  • The idea of Kuva Liches dates back to Devstream 88 when they were previously known as the "Kingpin" system.
    • Originally, the Warframe's color palette, choice of skin, and even whether it was a Prime/Umbra variant or not would affect the Kuva Lich's look and color scheme. In the current build, however, only the Warframe's chosen helmet is attached to one of the Kuva Lich's shoulders, though it also takes into account Deluxe and TennoGen helmets as well.
      • Some helmets are seemingly incompatible, however. In these instances, ExcaliburIcon272.png Excalibur's default helmet will appear instead.
  • During the Railjack gameplay during TennoCon 2019, a KuvaAyanga.png Kuva Ayanga wielding Kuva Lich was present named "Agor Rok" who served as the Railjack Grineer Galleon assassination target.
    • "Agor Rok" appears to be the default name of Kuva Liches, and by extension the Sisters of Parvos, internally, as an allied Lich or Sister who spawns in a co-op session will use "Kuva Lich Agor Rok" instead of their actual name, which remains unchanged for the Lich's/Sister's Progenitor.
  • As confirmed on Prime Time #267, the first Kuva Lich that rose in the public build was named "Budigg Fugg".
  • Prior to Update 27.1 (2020-02-04), using the Parazon on a Kuva Lich with the incorrect Requiem passphrase would result the Kuva Lich grappling the Warframe and snapping their spine, instantly killing them regardless of bleedout and death prevention effects such as Mod TT 20px.png Phoenix Renewal or WukongIcon272.png Wukong's passive.
  • With 8 unique Requiem mods, there are 336 possible permutations that can be created using three of those mods.
More Permutation Details
  • Thus, if none of the mods needed are known there is a 1 in 336 chance for a random 3 of the 8 mods to be in the correct order. If one mod in the sequence is known, there is a 1 in 126 chance. If two mods in the sequence are known, there is a 1 in 36 chance. And if all three mods in the sequence are known, there is a 1 in 6 chance for them to be in the correct order.
  • However, while knowing 0, 1, 2, or 3 of the needed mods, only a maximum of 18, 13, 8, and 3 preliminary fights against a Kuva Lich respectively are needed to determine the correct mod order. In the case where at least one mod is known as the best strategy to minimize the possible number of fights needed is to always check the position of the known mods first. Otherwise, if 0 mods are known, the player must make 7 checks for the first position, 6 for the second, and 5 for the third, resulting in 18 total checks in the worst-case scenario.
    • For example, say only 2 mods are known. These known mods, A & B, should always be placed in the first two positions with the third position being filled by one of the remaining 6 mods. Say position 3 is filled with mod C for the time being. If during the fight with a Kuva Lich the first mod fails, switch the first and second position since both A and B are known. So B is in 1 and A is in position 2, then repeat the fight. If the first position fails again then it is guaranteed that one of the remaining 6 mods must fill position 1, while A & B are in positions 2 or 3. In which case 5 more checks for mods C through G may be necessary to determine the correct mod for position 1, and one more check may be necessary to check the order of A & B in the last two positions. 5 checks for position 1 and not 6 even though 6 mods remain, because if mods C through G fail then it is guaranteed mod H must fill position 1, and as such there is no need to check it. Thus resulting in 13 checks total in the worst-case scenario. This process applies to the other two cases where only 1 mod and 3 mods are known.
    • Because simply testing a combination on a Kuva Lich grants roughly 10 Murmurs on average, the number of checks needed will actually be even lower than described above. It should also be noted that Murmurs collected from Thralls during missions will of course lower this further.
  • All Kuva Liches have a large crimson gem-like container on their bodies, specifically on the chests, on the backs, or covering one of the eyes. This is presumably a vessel that contains the Queens' blood, Kuva.
    • In the execution animation that plays, the Tenno always stabs their Parazon into the orb when vanquishing a Kuva Lich, probably to destroy their source of Kuva, severing their immortality.
    • In the conversion animation, the Tenno's Parazon will latch onto the orb and shock the Kuva Lich, presumably purifying their Kuva to be aligned with the Tenno.


  • Currently it is possible to finish other people's Kuva Lich if they were to spawn during a Thrall hunt. This is possible during a small time window after the original target attempts to kill the Kuva Lich without the correct sequence of Requiem mods. Doing so will kill the interacting player without playing the animation and will grant the Kuva Lich a level for both interactions.
  • There is a discrepancy between the stats you see in your Kuva weapon's equip menu (and codex entry) stats and its upgrade menu stats. What this may be is the upgrade menu reflects the actual stats of your Kuva weapon and the equip menu reflects generic Kuva weapon stats for that specific Kuva weapon, before the Kuva Lich modifier is applied.
  • Occasionally, Mercy Finishers may not correctly play against Kuva Thralls, resulting in a simple placeholder animation where the Warframe stabs their Parazon in the direction they're facing, regardless of the target's actual location; the target simply falls over after the animation completes. This can also be seen by performing a Mercy Finisher as an operator, as the operator lacks animations for it.
  • Upon defeating the Kuva Lich the UI to convert or kill the Kuva Lich might be missing. This locks the player's vision and prevents converting and killing the Kuva Lich as well as extracting from the mission. Used Requiem Mods will not be consumed.
  • If player(s) can deal damage fast enough when the Kuva Lich stands up after being incapacitated for the third time, the Kuva Lich will be incapacitated again without having time to retreat/despawn.
  • Nova's Null Stars and Baruuk's Desolate Hands will attack downed Kuva Larvlings and Thralls, despite not being able to damage them further. (Thralls however still "die" when killed so Nova's Molecular Fission augment still works to replenish some on doing a mercy kill)
  • Players who are not the host will sometimes glitch during a mission in Kuva Lich territory and be able to mercy any enemy they want, however the enemy will not die after the animation unless the conditions to mercy normally are met.
  • If you have a Index return stolen under a credit booster and kill the Kuva Lich even if you have a credit booster active you will only receive the original return and not the boosted return (250k return with booster gives 500k return in Index, but the Kuva Lich will only give you 250k even with the booster)
  • A bug might happen where an Ephemera might not match up with the element of the weapon.
  • Liches with the "Fear of Children" Quirk will run away constantly, regardless of if transference is used by the player or their squad.
  • Converted Magnetic Liches will cast "Magnetic Snare" but it nothing will happen. (possibly they are still trying to cast it on the player, as while an enemy the ability will effect the player)
  • Setting a Converted Lich with a Quirk to the "On Call" system in Railjack will cause the Player's current Lich or Sister to act as if they have the same quirk, but only in taunts and voice lines.
  • If a player has an active Kuva Lich or Sister of Parvos, viewing any past defeated or converted listings in the codex will play the voice lines from their current one only, even playing female voices for males or vis versa.
  • Successfully stabbing a Lich that has the Kuva Grattler will become entirely disarmed afterwards for the rest of the fight.


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A Lich's Thrall that can be Mercied

Drawing out the Kuva Lich

To fight a Kuva Lich, the player must draw them out. To do this, nodes that the Lich has influence over must be completed and their Thralls destroyed. A Lich will also have specific resistances and immunities that are unique to the player. The player will know a Lich is after them when an icon appears in the Navigation and Menu screens. This icon will appear beside the Nightwave button and will allow the player to check details about their Lich, including Lich Level, Requiem Mod attempts, and more.

Kuva Lich Star Chart icon

Kuva Influence will be shown as a red cloud on the Navigation screen. It will start on one planet, clicking it in to view it will show which nodes the cloud is spreading over. These nodes will give the option to run the standard node mission, the Kuva Lich version, or any other active special version, such as Nightmares or Invasions. Kuva Liches can have Influence over nodes under other faction's control, making the thrall mission become similar to Crossfire missions.

Endless missions in Lich controlled territories only feature one "round", with Defense lasting five waves, Survival lasting five minutes before extraction is called, Interception lasting one wave, and Excavation requires 500 Cryotic before extraction is called. Defection missions are unavailable and are replaced by Exterminate.

Only one Kuva Lich can be after the player at any time, so the current Lich must be defeated before a new one can be made by the player.

Requiem Murmurs

Requiem Mod attempts in Kuva Lich profile. Bottom row displays known Requiem mods and Requiem Murmur progress. Top row displays currently equipped Requiem Mods. Middle rows are previous Requiem Mod attempts; Requiems highlighted red with a slash signify incorrect mod or position, and Requiems greyed out are untested on the Lich.

To determine which Requiem Mods are needed to defeat the Lich the player will need to gain Requiem Murmurs. A multitude of Requiem Murmurs will update the Lich's status screen, revealing part of the Requiem Mod combination that will prove fatal to the Lich.

Note that Murmurs will only reveal the Requiem Mods required to kill the Lich, not the order they are needed to be in. The player will need to figure out the order by trial-and-error.

Murmur progress; inner ring for Hint 1, middle ring for Hint 2, and outer ring for Hint 3

Any mission under a Lich's influence will periodically spawn Thralls as the squad advances through the mission. Killing a Thrall via a Mercy Finisher will reward all players in the mission one Requiem Murmur. Testing a Requiem Mod on a Lich also rewards Requiem Murmurs. If a mod is guessed incorrectly the entire squad gains 10 Murmurs. If a mod is guessed correctly the accumulated Murmurs will transfer over to the next mod reveal.

If a player joins a mission mid-progress, all killed Thralls and repelled Liches are instantly added to the Murmur progress.


If a Lich is sufficiently enraged, there is a chance they will appear in the mission for combat. It is entirely possible that a Lich will appear long before the player has deduced all three Requiem mods; because of this, killing or even fighting the Lich is not required for mission success (for example, waves in Defense missions will end even if the Lich is still active).

A Lich has a shield bar and three health bars. Depleting a Lich's health bar to 5% will cause them to stumble and begin to gradually recover health for 10 seconds, giving the player a chance to use their Parazon for a Mercy attack. If the Requiem mods are in the correct sequence, the Lich's health bar will be destroyed, otherwise, the Lich will simply despawn and also gain a rank up. Rank 1, 2, 3, and 4 Liches will respectively drop 150, 200, 250 and 300 Kuva.png Kuva for all squad members when a Parazon is used on them.

In addition to having Cloned Flesh, Ferrite Armor, and Shielded health types, Liches have variable resistances and weaknesses to damage types. A lich can can have a weakness (+25% damage), resistance (-50% damage) or immunity (-100% damage) to a particular damage type. As a lich levels up, the type against which it is vulnerable to may become one of those it resists. Unlike most bosses, Kuva Liches are vulnerable to status effects with some restrictions; they can only receive up to 4 stacks of any status effect with the exception of DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact which can stack up to 6 times, and DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation only amplifies the damage the Lich receives from allied units and does not enable friendly fire unless those allies themselves are inflicted by the status.

If a Lich stumbles three times without attempting to use the Parazon on the Lich, or all Tenno are in bleedout or are dead, it will automatically flee and leave the mission. This prevents it from leveling up, but will not drop Kuva nor generate Murmur knowledge.

Only one Lich can be present at any given time. The present Lich must be repelled or defeated in order for another player's Lich to spawn.

Final Confrontation

When the right combination of Requiem Mods is found and all three of the Lich's health bars have been destroyed, all the Requiem mods used will lose one charge and the Lich will have a 25% chance to drop the Requiem Mod Oull for only their player before retreating to the Saturn Proxima, appearing in a node dubbed "Kuva Lich Confrontation". This is an Empyrean Skirmish mission where players must embark in their Railjack and eliminate a number of fighters and Gokstad Crewships before board a Grineer Galleon for the final confrontation with the Lich. If there are multiple squad members, each player's Lich will spawn in one-by-one until all of them are defeated.

The Lich in the final confrontation only has one large health bar. Once depleted, the Lich will be finally defeated for good and prompt one final Mercy. The player will be given two choices: Vanquish the Kuva Lich or Convert it.

  • Whichever choice made, all "stolen" drops that they were responsible for will be returned to the player. If the Lich has an Ephemera equipped, the player is also guaranteed to get it. There is also a 25% chance the Lich will reward a Requiem Ultimatum for only their player.
  • Vanquish: The Lich will permanently die and award the player their Kuva Weapon, which is also named after the defeated Lich (e.g. "Ulogg Stakk Kuva Quartakk"); it will be "Ready to Claim" in the Foundry and bypasses its Mastery Rank requirement.
  • Convert: The Lich becomes the player's ally, allowing it to appear randomly in a mission after the player enters bleedout, and can be brought aboard Railjacks as defensive Crew.
    • The player can trade a converted Lich, allowing another player a chance to earn their weapon and/or Ephemera. The trade is performed inside a Clan Dojo's Crimson Branch room, and the recipient must not have any active Lich.
      • The stats of the Lich being traded can be previewed by right-clicking its token.
      • Once traded, the Lich will become the recipient's active Lich, and the Requiem Mod combination used to defeat them will change.
      • A converted Lich can only be traded once. If the recipient converts their received Lich, it will not be tradeable.

The player has 20 seconds to choose. If no choice is made, the Lich is automatically vanquished.


  1. Play missions controlled by your Kuva Lich and kill their Thralls to get closer to finding out their Requiem Mods sequence.
  2. Farm Requiem Mods by opening up Requiem Relics during Kuva Fortress Void Fissures. Requiem Relics can be dropped by Kuva Thralls and Kuva Siphons.
  3. Equip these Requiem Mods to your Parazon in any desired order to test out the sequence against your Lich.
  4. Keep playing on Lich-controlled nodes and farming Thralls until you encounter your Lich.
  5. Lower its health to 0 and attempt to finish them with your Parazon. If the Requiem order is incorrect, the Parazon attempt(s) will stop at the first incorrect mod. The Kuva Lich will then level up, controlling more planets and nodes in the Star Chart.
  6. Reorder or change the Requiem mods installed on your Parazon depending on newly gained info.
  7. Repeat until the Requiem sequence is complete, and all Requiem Mods used in the sequence will lose one charge. The Lich will retreat to the Saturn Proxima in a Skirmish mission for one final confrontation. Once defeated there, all stolen drops are returned, and its Ephemera (if it has one) is rewarded. Choose to Vanquish and acquire the Lich's weapon, or Convert to turn it into an ally that randomly appears in missions or to trade it to another player.


  • Although Kuva Liches are unlockable as early as Mastery Rank 5, it may be wise to hold off on creating a Lich until you have a more varied arsenal; assuming players only do the bare minimum of mission nodes and Junction requirements required to access The War Within, reaching Mastery Rank 5 only takes four fully-ranked Warframes and eleven fully-ranked weapons with an additional 10 levels in another, which is likely to be a very insufficient arsenal for taking down a Lich, particularly considering what is available to players up to and at Mastery Rank 5.
    • If you feel that you won't be able to handle a Kuva Lich, you can choose not to generate one. Kuva Larvlings are announced by a Kuva Guardian, they wield a Karak.png Karak, and they will not die immediately even if heavily damaged in one shot, instead kneeling for a Mercy when their health is depleted. If they're not Mercied, Downed Larvlings will die after 30 seconds without creating a Lich.
  • When a Kuva Lich invades a mission, they will randomly convert any enemy around (including Latchers) into a Thrall. This can be used to "farm" Requiem Murmur fragments up to the mission's Thrall cap. However this process requires enemies alive around the Lich, so care must be taken. Invisibility is a plus at this point as sneaking around the Lich while farming thralls will be much easier.
  • Once you get the first Requiem Mod identified, consider attempting a Mercy with it in the first slot. Whether you manage to destroy a health bar or not, you'll still get a considerable amount of Requiem Murmur progress for the next Requiem Mod.
  • In addition to their randomly generated elemental weaknesses and resistances, all Liches use Shields, Ferrite Armor, and Cloned Flesh.
  • Killing 5-20 enemies triggers the creation of a thrall in most missions. Especially for solo hunters, instead of killing every enemy immediately, you can stop killing and focus on the thrall alone, then continue for another 5-20 enemies. Because mostly only 1-2 thralls will be active at a time throughout the map (unless a Lich is active) and a thrall is only converted from an enemy readily on the map.
    • In Survival missions, the hunt may continue until the air support reaches to 0 and all enemies are dead.
  • A safe 4 attempt run would entail the following:
    1. Collect murmurs until the first hint is acquired. Equip the requiem mod in the first slot, allowing for the second and third to be random, then try your combination. If this fails, move it to the second slot.
    2. Collect murmurs until the second hint is acquired. Equip this new requiem mod into the soonest unknown slot (the first slot if the above step was unsuccessful, otherwise the second slot), then try your combination. If this fails, move it to the third slot. If this is successful, and your second slot fails, move the second slot to the third instead.
    3. Repeat the above steps for the third hint and slot. By this third attempt, you should have revealed your first slot, making the second and third slot unknown in the worst-case scenario, which only requires that you swap them for your fourth attempt, guaranteeing the kill.
  • Only a single Lich is allowed to be spawned at a time, but multiple, different ones can spawn in a mission. If you're running in a team that hasn't been pre-made, inform them of whether you are going to try a mercy attempt or farm the additonal thralls spawned, to make clear what their expectations should be.
  • Note: Your Lich will not invade a mission if it is not within' their controlled influence; when running missions with a pre-made team, communicate with them where your Lich controlled nodes are if you are trying to spawn them.


  • The chance of downing a Kuva Lich on the first try assuming the player has all three Requiem Mods installed is a 1/336 (0.2976%).


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Element Progenitor Warframe*
DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact BaruukIcon272.png BaruukGaussIcon272.png GaussGrendelIcon272.png GrendelRhinoIcon272.png RhinoSevagothIcon272.png SevagothWukongIcon272.png WukongZephyrIcon272.png Zephyr
DmgFireSmall64.png Heat ChromaIcon272.png ChromaEmberIcon272.png EmberInarosIcon272.png InarosNezhaIcon272.png NezhaProteaIcon272.png ProteaVaubanIcon272.png VaubanWispIcon272.png Wisp
DmgColdSmall64.png Cold FrostIcon272.png FrostGaraIcon272.png GaraHildrynIcon272.png HildrynRevenantIcon272.png RevenantTitaniaIcon272.png TitaniaTrinityIcon272.png Trinity
DmgElectricitySmall64.png Electricity BansheeIcon272.png BansheeCalibanIcon.png CalibanExcaliburIcon272.png ExcaliburGyreIcon272.png GyreLimboIcon272.png LimboNovaIcon272.png NovaValkyrIcon272.png ValkyrVoltIcon272.png Volt
DmgToxinSmall64.png Toxin AtlasIcon272.png AtlasIvaraIcon272.png IvaraKhoraIcon272.png KhoraNekrosIcon272.png NekrosNidusIcon272.png NidusOberonIcon272.png OberonSarynIcon272.png Saryn
DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic HarrowIcon272.png HarrowHydroidIcon272.png HydroidLavosIcon272.png LavosMagIcon272.png MagMesaIcon272.png MesaXakuIcon272.png XakuYareliIcon272.png Yareli
DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation AshIcon272.png AshEquinoxIcon272.png EquinoxGarudaIcon272.png GarudaLokiIcon272.png LokiMirageIcon272.png MirageNyxIcon272.png NyxOctaviaIcon272.png Octavia

*Note that the Primed or Umbra version of a Warframe share the same element

Kuva Weapons

Main article: Kuva (Variant)

Kuva weapons are a special variant of existing weapons carried by a player's Lich and can be acquired once the Lich is Vanquished. If the player has enough weapon slots, they can claim these weapons from their Foundry, bypassing the supposed Mastery Rank requirement on these weapons. The weapons vary in attributes, dependent on the Lich the player has slain. The Energy Color on the weapon is depicted by what elemental bonus was augmented on the weapon during Lich creation and the progenitor Warframe. All weapons have an equal chance of spawning from a Kuva Lich.[1]

Certain Kuva weapons are unique to Kuva liches, and are not based on existing Grineer weapons:


A Kuva variant of a weapon will only provide mastery points once. A second weapon of the same variant but with a different Lich name will not provide extra mastery. These weapons have a max rank of 40. To obtain the maximum rank, the player must polarize the weapon five times, with each Forma increasing the maximum possible rank by 2 (similar to Paracesis.png Paracesis).

The Kuva weapons additionally have bonus damage of one damage type, ranging from 25-60% of the weapon's base damage determined randomly, with lower percentages being more common.[1] The damage type of this bonus damage is determined by the Progenitor Warframe, as per this table.

Note: This additional bonus damage applies as weapon base damage, meaning elemental mods and status that scale from base / modified base damage will be affected.

Valence Fusion

Valence Fusion combines two of the same Kuva or Tenet weapons into one with a higher Elemental Bonus. Valence Fusion can be found under the Actions button while modding a weapon. After selecting Valence Fusion, a player is required to choose another of the same Kuva Weapon from the inventory (not in Foundry or with the Kuva Lich) to fuse it with. If the weapon's element bonuses differs, the player will be prompted to choose between the two available elements. The elemental bonus caps at 60%. Any other properties (Orokin Catalyst, Forma, Stance Forma, Exilus Weapon Adapter, or Focus Lens) do not transfer over, meaning the order of fusion is important. Put simply, it is best to equip the weapon with the most resource investment (weapon rank, Catalyst, Forma, and Exilus) and fuse other weapons to it.

Example: KuvaKohm.png Kuva Kohm (A) has 40% DmgFireSmall64.png Heat Damage and an Orokin Catalyst. Kuva Kohm (B) has 52% DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation damage. The player has two options, to fuse (A) with (B) or to fuse (B) with (A).

Since 52% is higher than 40%, the result will always be according to the percentage of (B) and multiplied by 1.1. So 52 x 1.1 = 57.2 , (57%)

Fusing (B) to (A): Equip (A), under Valence Fusion, select (B). The result of this will be a Kuva Kohm with 57% DmgFireSmall64.png Heat or DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation damage and an Orokin Catalyst. (B) will be destroyed.

Fusing (A) to (B): Equip (B), under Valence Fusion, select (A). The result of this will be a Kuva Kohm with 57% DmgFireSmall64.png Heat or DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation damage without an Orokin Catalyst. (A) will be destroyed.

After selecting the donor weapon to be used in the fusion, a confirmation screen displays the desired weapon's new damage type and bonus values and warns that the transfer will consume the selected donor weapon. Players are then prompted to type FUSE to confirm the fusion. Fusion will not affect the rank of a weapon - it will retain its previous rank.

For Weapons and same-tier Armaments, maximum % bonus (60%) can be achieved in the following number of fusions:

(Ex: a Tenet Envoy with a 43% Toxin bonus will need at most 4 Fusions to reach the maximum element bonus of 60%)

Minimum Initial Value Maximum Number of Fusions
54.6% 1
49.6% 2
45.1% 3
41.0% 4
37.3% 5
33.9% 6
30.8% 7
28.0% 8
25.5% 9
25.0% 10


Kuva Liches have a 20%[2] chance to be created with an Ephemera equipped that corresponds to the Progenitor Warframe who created them. These Ephemeras can be equipped on CompanionsArchwings, and Necramechs. Players will receive a Lich's Ephemera regardless of whether they Vanquish or Convert them.

Element Ephemera Visuals
DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact

Vengeful Shockwave

DmgFireSmall64.png Heat

Vengeful Flame

DmgColdSmall64.png Cold

Vengeful Chill

DmgElectricitySmall64.png Electricity

Vengeful Charge

DmgToxinSmall64.png Toxin

Vengeful Toxin

DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic

Vengeful Pull

DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation

Vengeful Trickster



Converted Kuva Liches can randomly appear in missions after the player enters bleedout, fighting alongside the Tenno. The converted Kuva Lich's level follows the formula Lich Rank x 20 (capped at level 80 in normal mode and level 135 in The Steel Path) regardless of mission level, their weapons have a 3x damage multiplier, and will use all of their abilities. They will stay for a minimum of 2 minutes.

Railjack Crew

With Intrinsics Command Rank 8, Converted Kuva Liches can be brought aboard Railjacks as Crew members.

Unlike NPC crew members hired from Ticker, the Kuva Lich cannot be given weapons and will default to using their own, cannot operate Railjack systems such as the pilot seat, turrets, and repair, do not have moddable stats, and are restricted to the Defender role. However, their health and shields are significantly higher than NPC crew members, making them built for endurance and quite suited for repelling boarders.

Kuva Liches as crew members follows a different level scaling formula compared to randomly appearing converted Liches: Lich Rank x 15. For example, a Rank 5 Lich will be at level 75 when they are equipped as crew members.


After the player successfully defeats their first Kuva Lich, the Old Blood Emblem and Old Blood Sigil will both be granted to them automatically as proof of their accomplishment. Both cosmetics can then be equipped on their Warframes as Regalia and depict the logo of Kuva Liches. These items are only granted once.


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Hotfix 31.5.5 (2022-05-03)

  • Fixed crash related to Thrall spawning into a mission.

Update 31.5 (2022-04-27)

  • Fixed Kuva Liches throwing players out of the level with the Leash ability.

Update 31.2 (2022-03-16)

  • Fixed the innate damage bonus of Kuva projectile weapons not applying to the bonus damage from Galvanized Aptitude.
  • Fixed Inaros’ Elemental Sandstorm Augment mod not using bonus damage type from Kuva weapons.
    • Also fixed this for Melee abilities (Atlas’ Landslide for example) that were not inheriting from Kuva Melee weapons.

Hotfix 31.1.7 (2022-02-23)

  • Fixed an issue where innate damage bonus of Kuva weapons did not apply to the bonus damage from Galvanized Amplitude.

Hotfix 31.1.6 (2022-02-17)

  • Fixed a script error that could occur if an ally Kuva Lich was present while returning to town.

Hotfix 31.1.2 (2022-02-10)
Hotdropped yesterday: Fixed incorrect Adversary rewards (weapon % bonus, Ephemera, Hound) being given after Vanquishing a Kuva Lich or Sister of Parvos. Full PSA here.

  • We are working on next steps for those who were affected - more information to come as we lock something in.
  • More fixes towards Adversary transmissions not showing your Kuva Lich.

Hotfix 31.1.1 (2022-02-09)

  • Fixes towards Client Adversary transmissions appearing with no Kuva Lich.

Update 31.1 (2022-02-09)


As the pool of Adversary weapons grows and your checklist fills out, the natural chance of finding a Progenitor (Larvling or Candidate) with the exact weapon you desire shrinks. This Adversary Weapon Generation Quality of Life change is meant to reduce randomness over time of what weapon a Progenitor Candidate (Sister) or Larvling (Kuva Lich) can spawn with.

How it works:

By skipping a Progenitor (choosing not to Mercy them) the spawned weapon is then put into a ‘reject’ pile for that round of Adversary generation, meaning that it will not appear again and ultimately reducing the weapon pool each time you ‘reject’.

The list of rejected weapons is cleared once you accept an Adversary and the process would start again from a clean slate for both Sister or Kuva Lich the next time you go looking for an Adversary. This list clearing applies to both Sister and Kuva Lich, meaning once the chosen Adversary is Converted or Vanquished, the list clears for both factions.

Test Cluster change: Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos weapon reject list will now reset if you reject every possible weapon.

  • Railjack Crew Kuva Liches can now Revive players and Crew!
  • Fixed large amount of spot-loading when spawning an On Call Kuva Lich.
  • Fixed wrong Kuva Lich transmission triggering which could also result in spot-loading.

Hotfix 31.0.9 (2022-01-20)

  • Fixed a script error when an Adversary fails to spawn after a Host migration.

Update 31 (2021-12-15)

  • Fixed a spot-load that could occur shortly after an enemy Kuva Lich spawned.
  • Fixed spot-loading from generating Kuva Lich weapons from Larvlings in-mission.

Hotfix 30.9.3 (2021-11-12)

  • Fixed a script error related to Kuva Liches doing Finishers.
  • Fixed further issues with Kuva LIches and certain power combinations when cast on player Companions.
  • Fixed potential crash as Client when Host is stabbing Kuva Lich.

Update 30.9 (2021-11-11)

  • Fixed a case where an enemy converted to a Kuva Lich Thrall under the influence of faction-changing abilities or Status (ex: Radiation Status) would be unable to be finished with a Mercy in a Defense mission.
  • Fixed Larvlings/Candidates spawning when no one in the squad can actually start an Adversary (did not complete the Call of the Tempestarii Quest).
  • Fixed Clients still seeing Nemesis (Lich or Sister), waypoint, and health UI in HUD after squadmate gets the full Requiem sequence correct.
  • Fixed script error with Kuva Lich’s Tactical Inversion ability.

Hotfix 30.7.6 (2021-09-23)

  • Fixed a case of an Adversary dashing off the edge of the level and disappearing with no chance to Parazon (most commonly seen in the Gas City tileset).

Hotfix 30.7.3 (2021-09-10)

  • Fixed inability to Sell Hound/Adversary weapons in the Foundry when using a controller.

Hotfix 30.7.2 (2021-09-09)

Sister Hound / Weapon / Lich Weapon Foundry “Selling” Functionality:

If you’ve engaged in the Adversary hunts with Kuva Liches and Sisters of Parvos, your Foundry might be suffering from some unavoidable clutter. The amount of Hounds and weapons sitting in your Foundry have grown to not only take up room in your list but also within the database itself!

To alleviate this clutter, you can now Sell a Hound and/or Adversary weapon directly from your Foundry without having to claim the item and use a Slot, granting yourself some Credits! Get cleaning up your (H)Foundry. Ordis’ orders!

Hotfix 30.7.1 (2021-09-08)

  • Fixed the Transmission that plays when an Ally Kuva Lich spawns not actually showing the correct Adversary for Clients. This also could result in a big spot-load.

Update 30.7 (2021-09-08)

  • Reduced the time between Grineer Kuva Thrall spawns, so that the time to get all 10 to spawn is more in line with the time it takes to get all 3 Corpus Hounds to spawn.
  • Made improvements to the Kuva Lich showdown cinematic:
    • Added music befitting a showdown!
    • Fixed the cinematic being silent.
    • Fixed ability to manipulate the camera during the cinematic.
    • Fixed animation popping during the cinematic.
  • Fixed an issue where a Kuva Lich with the ‘Ensnare’ ability could potentially prevent the context action for execution from appearing if the ability was cast prior to being weakened.
  • Fixed Rhino’s Rhino Stomp perpetually stunning Kuva Liches.
  • Fixed the Kuva Lich Vanquish animation not playing correctly, where it would turn the Lich invisible or fall through the floor during the animation.
  • Fixed missing Client Parazon Mercy animations on Grineer Thralls.
  • Fixed issue where fusing two partially ranked Kuva weapons together appeared to increase the rank of your weapon.
    • This was a UI / display only, as the Valence fusion does not increase a weapon rank. Now, the weapon rank does not increase from fusion and the UI does not incorrectly show that it has.
  • Fixed an issue in Crew Command where Liches would appear as Grineer Heavy Gunners in the Railjack UI. It now shows the Kuva Lich badge icons where it previously showed Grineer Heavy Gunners to represent this Crew member.
  • Fixed unlocalized Kuva Lich Inbox messages.
  • Fixed Kuva Lich names appearing as part of the Ephemera name in Kuva Lich Inbox messages.

Hotfix 30.6.1 (2021-08-10)

  • Added the intro cinematics to both the Kuva Lich and Sister Showdown as seen in the original Kuva Lich fight debut!

Hotfix 30.5.5 (2021-07-29)

  • Fixed the "JOIN ANY CREW" button in the Railjack Star Chart allowing you to join a Kuva Lich or Sister showdown mission, which resulted in an error message if you do not have a proper Kuva Lich or Sister.
  • Fixed (another case) Hosts keeping their goods after aborting the Lich showdown mission once their Lich has been Converted/Vanquished.

Hotfix 30.5.4 (2021-07-17)

  • Fixed the "Eliminate the Target" objective not updating after you’ve Vanquished or Converted your Kuva Lich until you kill a Thrall.
  • Fixed Kuva Lich/Sister Vanquished rewards lingering in the End of Mission screen for missions played after the successful showdown.

Hotfix 30.5.3 (2021-07-09)

  • Fixed an inability to login related to the Lich Showdown node.
    • This was hot-dropped serverside Wednesday night!
  • Another fix towards a softlock during the Kuva Lich/Sister Convert/Vanquish choice related to attempting to switch from Pistol to Parazon.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when using Sevagoth's Shadow's Consume ability on an enemy just before it got converted to a Thrall by a Kuva Lich.

Hotfix 30.5.2 (2021-07-07)

  • The Lich screen now displays helpful text that your Kuva Lich or Sister has fled to the respective Proxima region when appropriate.
    • This change aims to help players progress along the new Lich showdown flow when they reach this point and diminish confusion as to where their Kuva Lich/Sister has gone.
  • Fixed a softlock occuring during the Kuva Lich or Sister Vanquish/Convert choice if you had an Arch-Gun equipped or any custom animation (Mesa’s Peacemaker, etc).
  • Fixed inability to make the Vanquish/Convert choice if replaying the showdown mission.
    • This was achieved by entering the showdown mission, getting to the Vanquish/Convert choice, then backing out to the Dojo and going again.
  • Fixed not actually receiving the OULL Requiem after having your Kuva Lich/Sister flee.
    • Accounts that did not actually receive their OULL Requiem will be fixed upon login.
    • Fixed not actually receiving the Requiem Ultimatum after Converting/Vanquishing your Kuva Lich/Sister.
    • Accounts that did not actually receive their Requiem Ultimatum will be fixed upon login.
  • Fixed a script error when your Kuva Lich uses certain abilities.

Hotfix 30.5.1 (2021-07-06)

  • Fixed Hosts keeping their goods after aborting the Lich showdown mission once their Lich has been Converted/Vanquished, which also punished the other squadmates.
  • Fixed a script error occurring when viewing the Lich screen under poor network conditions.
  • Fixed harmless script error you could run into when entering Railjack warp to escape a Lich.
  • Fixed a script error during a Kuva Lich/Sister showdown mission.

Update 30.5 (2021-07-06)

Murmur Reduction

With the addition of the Sisters of Parvos to the Lich system we took another look at the overall Murmur requirement from a few angles: how the current Murmur requirement applied to Sisters and how it felt with the current Kuva Liches.

As a result, we’ve reduced the Murmur requirements so that getting all 3 Requiems solely by killing Thralls should be about 12-13 missions on average, down from 18-19 average.

Region Consistency for Matchmaking improvements

We have changed the way you progress against your Lich by having consistent Influence regions per level of your Lich!.

The problem we aim to solve here is scattered matchmaking for players seeking Murmurs overall. Players would often have the same goal but never cross paths due to their Liches separation across the Origin System.

The details of this change are:

1) Rank 1 Kuva Liches appear on Earth
2) Rank 2 Kuva Liches appear on Mars
3) Rank 3 Kuva Liches appear on Ceres
4) Rank 4 Kuva Liches appear on Sedna
5) Rank 5 Kuva Liches appear on the Kuva Fortress

*Please note: if you had an Active Lich before the Update, it’ll progress through its current occupation nodes before it adopts the new Region flow.

New Requiem Mod - OULL

Through endless faces, countless forms, a multitude unfolds.

(Mimics any Requiem Mod needed to complete a lethal sequence)

This new Oull Requiem Mod counts as the correct Requiem Sequence for whatever Parazon Requiem slot it is in when taking down a Lich or Sister of Parvos! Like other Requiem Mods, the Oull can be used successfully 3 times.

Earn this new Requiem as a 25% drop chance when your Kuva Lich or Sister of Parvos flees after you’ve used the correct Requiem Sequence. *This Requiem only drops for the person whose Lich/Sister is downed.


Take control of your nemesis with the new REQUIEM ULTIMATUM - a call too powerful to resist! A new Gear item that can be used to spawn your current active Kuva Lich or Sister on an Influence Node to bring the fight to you! Our intention here is to add an option to force the feud in your favor.

Earn this Requiem Ultimatum as a 25% drop chance when choosing to either Convert or Vanquish your Kuva Lich or Sister of Parvos. *This Requiem only drops for the person whose Lich/Sister is downed.

New Kuva Lich Showdown Flow

Do you and your Squad have what it takes to beat your Kuva Lich Showdown?

Kuva Liches have also received the new boss showdown flow in Railjack! Your Kuva Lich will now flee to their Galleon once you’ve weakened them with the correct Requiem sequence. Once you’ve unlocked their Requiem, a new showdown node will appear within the Saturn Proxima (minimum Intrinsic 5). You and any other Tenno who have weakened Liches will be able to seek out and destroy!

Our intent behind this change is to match our TennoCon 2019 Lich Showdown presentation. In doing this, we’ve also eliminated the randomness of that final showdown. These are guaranteed fights that you can gear up before you go in! Bring your best gear for the job.

Between reducing the required Murmurs, adding OULL, adding Requiem Ultimatums, and having this new flow, we have shortened the Kuva Lich cycle and added more control for all Tenno! The final fight is now on your terms, and we hope you enjoy the efforts to improve and simplify this system!

Kuva Lich (And Sister of Parvos) Valence Fusion QOL

We have made Valence Fusion for Weapons more intuitive in this Update! We are inheriting the behaviour we added for Railjack which was much more clear to our players!

  • Prior to this Update, when you used Valence Fusion to combine two Kuva Lich weapons together in the Arsenal, the order of the weapons picked would determine which element the final bonus damage would be.
  • In this update, when you combine two Kuva Lich weapons (or Sister Tenet weapons) together, you will have the option of which element you want to keep. The numerical stat of the element still combines using the same logic as previously.
    • This is intended to reduce confusion about the end result you will get, and to make it easier to keep a desired element. Now you don’t need to fuse twice to restore your initial element type if you are combining weapons with different elements.
Adaptive Damage Scaling Changes for Liches:

Throughout our boss design history, we have added things like diminishing returns and damage mitigation techniques like armor or damage attenuation. In the time since we’ve launched the Kuva Liches, we’ve made adjustments to how we handle player damage vs. Liches. We’ve done things like add allowing Status Effects and attenuate damage to try and create a balanced combat experience. Like many bosses in Warframe, Liches have some damage modifiers applied to them.

We found a bug in the damage attenuation code, and have fixed it and polished the attenuation for Kuva Liches.

This system generally targets the scenario of very high damage things like the Void Rig’s Arquebex vs. a Kuva Lich, a scenario that is now possible due to the final showdown being based in Railjack. When we were testing this Voidrig Vs Lichout, our Liches barely lasted a second and we realized the damage attenuation code could use some review! We found bugs to fix and things to tweak to account for these new scenarios. Our only intention is to give you a fight that lasts more than mere seconds - happy hunting and may your teamwork and gear lead you to victory! We will be closely reviewing this to ensure we strike the right balance of a fight that requires teamwork and consistent offensive gameplay to beat, but also doesn’t feel impossible. Feedback is welcome!

General Lich Changes & Fixes:

  • Updated the Lich Tutorial screen to include new Lich flow and Sisters related information.
  • Changed the "Captured Liches" category to "Converted Adversaries" in the Trade window.
  • If you do not have any Kuva Lich or Sisters of Parvos history in your Codex, a pop-up message will appear to tell you that you have not encountered any.
  • Added new Kuva Lich transmissions for the following scenarios:
    • Lich Defeated Player Taunt
    • Lich Downed Player
    • Lich Kills Player
  • Fixed failing Requiem Mods sequence affecting the appearance of other players’ Kuva Liches.
  • Fixed holding the Parazon as if it was a sidearm if a Host migration occurred during the Kuva Lich Parazon stab animation.
  • Fixed instances where Parazon would become invisible or not animating during Kuva Lich attempts.
  • Fixed getting stuck in other players' Kuva Lich stab cinematics.
  • Fixed harmless script error that could occur after a host migration during a Kuva Lich showdown.
  • Fixed Kuva Lich not leveling up if you get disconnected from the internet before using Parazon on Lich.

Hotfix 30.0.3 (2021-04-15)

  • Fixed an issue with accounts that created a Kuva Lich using Sevagoth’s Shadow and vanquished a Lich with such a progenitor. All players in this case will have their affected weapon with 55% Impact Damage.
  • Fixed Larvlings being killed by Sevagoth’s Shadow using his Shadow as the progenitor instead of Sevagoth himself. Also fixed a crash that could be caused by Liches generated by Sevagoth’s Shadow.

Hotfix 29.10.3 (2021-03-23)

  • 2 new Kuva Lich personalities have snuck their way into the game ahead of schedule! Enjoy these new taunts, introductions, and general Lich insults from your next 2 besties!
    • Also fixes incorrect subtitles for some Kuva Lich barks.
  • Fixed a script error if a Kuva Lich tried to play his "fear of space travel" reaction outside of a mission.

Hotfix 29.10.1 (2021-03-19)

  • Fixed script error that could occur if you angered a Kuva Lich that had a fear of Space Travel.
  • Fixed a script error when starting up a Kuva Lich controlled mission with a squad.

Hotfix 29.6.8 (2021-01-25)

  • Tweaked Kuva Lich login Transmission probably so they don’t play at each login.

Hotfix 29.5.2 (2020-11-20)

  • Fixed sound balance issues with Requiem Murmurs.

Update 28.2 (2020-07-14)

  • Fixed not retaining Kuva Lich mission progress if you Parazon stabbed your Lich during a connection loss.

Update 28.1 (2020-07-08)

  • To help prevent accidental Kuva Lich generation from quick tapping the Mercy action, you must now ‘Hold X’ to perform a Mercy on a Kuva Larvling.

Hotfix 28.0.1 (2020-06-11)

  • Fixed Granum Void enemies not spawning if under control by your Kuva Lich.

Update 28.0 (2020-06-11)

  • Added button to rewatch the Kuva Lich cinematic in the Lich Codex section.
  • Fixed a case where a Kuva Lich could appear to change ownership or identity during a mission, possibly resulting in the Parazon check being incorrect, and/or counting towards a different player's history.
  • Fixed Kuva Liches falling off the level during the Parazon check animation, causing them to sometimes die and break the final choice cinematic.
  • Fixed a case where your Kuva Lich would not level up after failing Parazon Mod order.
  • Fixes towards a case where a Host migration during the Kuva Lich mission loading screen could result in no Kuva Thralls spawning.
  • Fixed the music cue that gets played when a Kuva Lich Thrall spawns only playing for the Host.
  • Fixed your gun auto firing after the Kuva Thrall Mercy if you initiated the Mercy while also firing.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when a Kuva Lich went away.

Update 27.5.0 (2020-05-12)

  • Fixed the “Modify Parazon” button in the Kuva Lich menu not appearing when in the Dojo.

Hotfix 27.4.2 (2020-05-04)

  • Fixed a script error that would occur if you received a transmission from a Converted Kuva Lich while in Fortuna, Cetus, or a Relay.

Update 27.4 (2020-05-01)

  • Fixed the game unpausing in Solo missions when the Menu is open after viewing Kuva Lich information page.
  • Fixed the decoy created by the “Ruse” Kuva Lich ability having a red HUD marker. To avoid confusion of who the real Kuva Lich is, this additional marker will no longer appear.
  • Fixed cases where your Kuva Lich Vanquish transmission wouldn’t show the correct Kuva Lich name.
  • Fixed ally Kuva Lich name/Health bar overriding enemy Kuva Lich UI.
  • Fixed the Kuva Bramma’s projectiles not getting pulled into Mag’s Magnetize and instead bouncing off of the area and yeeting into the sky.
  • Fixed getting damaged by ally Kuva Liches who cast Plasma Eruption.
  • Fixed Requiem Relic Kuva reward not stating how much Kuva you’re actually getting.
  • Fixed a case of Kuva Larvlings not spawning due to having an Amp with a specific name.

Hotfix 27.3.16 (2020-04-22)

  • Fixed a script error that could occur if a Kuva Lich transmission triggers while quitting the game.

Hotfix 27.3.15 (2020-04-17)

  • Fixed several script errors that could occur during a Kuva Lich's Tactical Inversion (Switch Teleport) ability if the victim died during the cast animation.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if a Kuva Lich escaped or was killed while casting a fire-blast attack.

Hotfix 27.3.14 (2020-04-15)

  • Fixed a script error that could occur if you killed a Kuva Lich while it was using a Fire attack.

Hotfix 27.3.11 (2020-04-09)

  • Fixed a script error when killing a Kuva Thrall.

Hotfix 27.3.10 (2020-04-08)

  • Fixed various script errors related to stabbing a Kuva Lich.

Hotfix 27.3.9 (2020-04-07)

  • Fixed inability to use context actions after stabbing a Kuva Lich.

Hotfix (2020-04-02)
We’ve fixed a code change that resulted in numerous Kuva Lich issues:

  • Fixed Kuva Lich Codex History and current Kuva Lich being incorrect (Names, Weapons, etc).
  • Fixed missing Kuva Lich UI button.
  • Fixed having no Kuva Lich Influenced Nodes.
  • Fixed inability to birth a new Kuva Lich via Kuva Larvling.

This Hotfix will put everyone’s Kuva Liches back to the way they were prior to Hotfix 27.3.8.

Hotfix 27.3.4 (2020-03-26)

  • Fixed a script crash that could occur if you tried to escape your new Kuva Lich by quitting the game while en route back to your Orbiter.

Update 27.3 (2020-03-24)
Based on feedback with the recent overhaul to Status Effects in Warframe Revised 27.2.0, the conversation of how Status Effects should react with Bosses or VIPS has started. Our first step down this road is starting with Kuva Liches. Currently, there are two special rules to this “Boss Status enabling”:

  • No Status Effect will exceed a maximum of 4 stacks, with the exception of Impact which can stack up to 6 times.
    • Keep in mind there is a cooldown to how quickly you can stack up Impact Status Effects to avoid stunlocking the Kuva Lich.
  • Radiation does not change the enemy’s Faction, and instead of increasing Damage done to enemies with stacks, it increases the Damage taken from enemies who have turned on him/her.

We look forward to your constructive feedback and we work towards applying this to other Bosses/VIPS.

Update 27.2 (2020-03-05)

  • (Undocumented) Health type changed from Flesh to Cloned Flesh.
  • Requiem Murmurs from failing a Kuva Lich Parazon stab will now again be shared with the entire squad!
    • If we take a trip down memory lane, we’ll arrive at The Old Blood: Hotfix Hotfix 26.0.5 (2019-11-06), where we fixed all players receiving Kuva Lich Requiem Murmur progress whenever someone in the squad failed to kill their Kuva Lich. Our intentions to have the Kuva Lich tied exclusively to the respective player were genuine, but the feedback has shone light on what is a worthwhile feature for the Kuva Lich system given its pace towards success. We have bigger plans for Liches for connecting them to other Systems, but this change is the only one ready for Mainline!
  • Added fancy new FX when Valence Fusion has been successfully completed!
  • The Kuva Lich section of the Codex now has tabs for Active, Vanquished, Converted, and Traded Liches!
  • Decreased the chances of Kuva Lich controlled sectors forcing an Exterminate situation to allow for more gamemode chances.
  • Fixed Clients unable to use the ESC pause menu after Parazon stabbing a Kuva Lich.
  • Fixed the Kuva Nukor, Kuva Hind, and Kuva Bramma weapon progression showing as complete in the Codex when at Rank 30 instead of it’s true completed Rank of 40.
  • Fixed only 1 Kuva weapon maintaining its innate bonus damage attribute and respective Kuva Lich name when claiming multiple Kuva weapons using the ‘Claim All’ button in the Foundry.
    • This retroactively fixes the Kuva weapons that lost out on their innate bonus damage by giving them back their random buff. Unfortunately, the Kuva Lich name can’t be easily associated with the Kuva weapon, so these fixed weapons will have the default Kuva weapon name (Kuva Tonkor, Kuva Bramma, etc).
  • Fixed Kuva Larvling not spawning Kuva Lich if downed before Host migration and captured after Host migration.
  • Fixed becoming stuck on a Rampart after Parazon stabbing your Kuva Lich on it. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1156040-stuck-in-rampart-after-using-the-parazon-on-nearby-enemy-investigating/
  • Potential fix for Kuva Lich Vanquish/Convert options always showing A/D even if your left/right is bound to different keys.
  • Fixed more instances where Parazon Finishers were applying your Melee weapon’s attack speed with equipped Melee mods in Kuva Lich controlled missions.
  • Fixed existing Kuva weapon name not being displayed when attempting to rename the weapon.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Kuva Lich to slide when downed while doing a dodge.
  • Fixed downed Kuva Lich still proceeding to break backs (which was removed in 27.1.0) in an invisible state.
  • More fixes towards Kuva Liches with the “Ruse” ability not having the same Warframe Helmet on the clones if an alternate helmet is equipped upon Lich creation.
  • Fixed the Kuva Lich button not appearing in the UI in the rare case where a Nightwave season is not active.
  • Fixed small FX offset issues with the Kuva Bramma when reloading.
  • Fixed being able to bypass the cooldown between scoped shots with the Kuva Quartakk and Quatz by scoping and unscoping between shots.
  • Fixed issue where Requiem Mods would always appear in their Defiled version when viewing them in the Codex.
  • Fixed squad members of a player who is in the middle of selecting their Kuva Lich’s fate being unable to unlock Lockers.
  • Kuva Lich in-world markers will start to fade as you approach them within certain distances:
    • Kuva Lich: At 20m marker will begin fade

Hotfix 27.1.2 (2020-02-18)

  • We have removed the back-to-back Kuva Lich weapon mechanic that was added in Hotfix 26.0.7 (2019-11-14), where your Kuva Lich would have a guaranteed different Kuva weapon than its immediate predecessor.
    • With the change of the Kuva Larvling now displaying its birthed Kuva Lich weapon, there was no need to maintain the back-to-back restriction as you can now just choose to ignore or take the back-to-back weapon if you wish you use it for Valence Fusion.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a Kuva Lich applied a Radiation Status Effect to the Defense target on the Lua Stöfler node.
  • Fixed numerous issues if a Host migration occurred during a Kuva Lich mission:
    • Fixed getting stuck on the Vanquish/Convert screen if a Host migration occurred while a Client is Vanquishing their Kuva Lich.
    • Fixed Clients able to kill a recently migrated Host’s Kuva Lich, resulting in 1,200 Kuva being rewarded, as well as being able to see the Lich's head mesh idling/walking in place after defeat. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1164707-i-think-i-found-a-way-to-farm-infinite-lich-weapons-off-of-other-players-liches/
    • Fixed broken reward UI after a Host migration occurs.
    • Fixed Parazon being stuck equipped after a Host migration occurred during a Kuva Lich Kill attempt.
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to kill the Kuva Lich and a squadmate disconnects.
  • Fixed duplicates of Kuva Lich Taxed Rivens not being returned when the Kuva Lich is Vanquished/Converted.
  • Fixed being in a perma-ragdolled state after attempting to stab a Kuva Lich and failing the Requiem guess.
  • Fixed mission map lingering on screen after opening the Kuva Lich screen.

Hotfix 27.1.1 (2020-02-11)

  • Fixed inability to trade a Converted Kuva Lich if you currently have an active Kuva Lich.
  • Kuva weapon innate bonus damage values now show when you are equipping the weapon in the Arsenal!
  • Removed the Kuva Bramma from Conclave eligibility due to not being Conclave balanced yet.
  • Fixed Kuva Larvlings downed by Warframe abilities not displaying their Kuva weapon above their head. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1166045-killing-a-larvling-with-abilities-prevents-the-weapon-ui-from-showing-investigating/
  • Fixed Ally Kuva Liches having the Enthrall ability and Enthralling Tenno factions like Defense Consoles, Sentinels, etc.
  • Fixed inability to Vanquish/Convert your Kuva Lich if a player in the mission is dead.
  • Fixes towards diminished Health on a Kuva Lich not being maintained after a Host migration occurs.
  • Fixes towards Kuva Liches spawning midair in the Jupiter Gas City tileset and falling forever into teleport volumes.
  • Fixed cases of default Corpus enemies spawning in a Kuva Lich controlled Jupiter Gas City Spy, Sabotage, or Rescue mission once the Objective has been reached.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a Host migrated while a Kuva Lich was downed.

Hotfix (2020-02-04)

  • Fixed a script error if you viewed a Kuva Lich or Parazon Modding screen with 3 known Requiems.
  • Fixed the KUVA HIND and KUVA NUKOR names being replaced by KUVA SHILDEG in languages other than English.

Update 27.1 (2020-02-04)

2020 Kuva-vision

The birth of the very first Kuva Lich came just over 3 months ago (October 31 2019)! A copious amount of Additions, Changes, and Fixes have been made in these 3 months; each one of them touching the surface of feedback, but not fully reaching all the way into the depths. Today, that changes!

If you watched Devstream #136, the 2019 Player Survey showed us that out of the 27,000+ responses, the Kuva Lich system was the 2019 addition that was enjoyed the least. Many players voiced that the Kuva Lich system got progressively less fun the more time and energy was devoted to it. While finding the line between repetition and progress is one Warframe has struggled with since it’s first day, Liches highlighted some issues we aim to address while walking that line.

Let’s get to the meaty changes shall we?
1. The Kuva Larvling Who Lived

Starting from the very beginning of Kuva Lich conception brings us to Kuva Larvlings. Kuva Larvlings will now play a key role in determining your future relationship with your Kuva Lich.

  • A downed Kuva Larvling will now display an icon of the Kuva weapon that it’s birthed Kuva Lich will possess!
    • This allows players to decide upfront if they want to pursue that weapon by finishing the downed Kuva Larvling, or to ignore and attempt another Lich. The Kuva Larvling will be in this downed state for a max of 30 seconds before it perishes.

As an added benefit to completing the mission even if you choose NOT to kill the Kuva Larvling, a downed Kuva Larvling will grant 100 Kuva on End of Mission.

2. Breaking Your Back for Knowledge

The first time my Kuva Lich cracked my back like celery I knew I’d have to settle the score. But, over time- and 100 back-cracks and deaths later- Parazon Requiem Attempts started to feel overly negative. To alleviate some of that back pain, we’ve prioritized knowledge over chiropractic methods:

  • Your Kuva Lich will no longer kill you when you fail a Requiem guess, nor will they attempt to break your back. The Parazon stabbing animation will play but the UI will show whether it was a success or failure. Upon receiving a Requiem fail, your Kuva Lich will laugh at you and leave, leaving your back and dignity intact!
3. Valence FUSION

First introduced in Hotfix 26.0.6 (2019-11-07), Valence Transfer, now re titled Valence Fusion for clarity, was designed to address owning duplicate Kuva weapons with different unique innate damage bonuses. Giving you the ability to replace a Kuva weapons innate damage bonus (plus investments like Forma, Focus Lens etc) with one from another Kuva weapon was a good start, but we can push this even further!

  • Valence Fusion now also boosts your Kuva weapons innate damage bonus. Examples:
    • Your Kuva Kohm with 25% damage can be fed into your 40% weapon, to make it 44%
    • Your Kuva Kohm with 40% damage can be fed into your 25% weapon, to make it 44%
    • Your Kuva Kohm with 25% damage can be fed into your 44% weapon, to make it 48.4%

Your Kuva weapon duplicates now offer a gradual progression towards a “perfect” Kuva weapon, which would reflect a 60% damage value, if you choose to pursue this path.

We’re also looking at other places we could potentially use this mechanic (Railjack, etc)!

As you can see, we’ve cracked a few eggs to make this omelette! We look forward to your feedback on these Kuva Lich changes!

*PS: It matters which order you Valence Fuse them in. The weapon that you START from, the one where you click "Actions", is the one that will be kept with its investments.

*Clarification on ‘Abandoning Liches’: We have removed the prototype for this for now, because rather than not fixing the core loop and just letting a Lich be banished, we intend to focus on the core loop first.

*Comment on Murmur hunting - There are some questions about Murmur hunting that are outside the scope of this hotfix, but we will be reviewing in the coming weeks once the above changes are settled in.


KUVA HIND (variant)
This powerful Grineer burst rifle has been retrofitted to add semi-automatic and automatic fire modes.

KUVA NUKOR (variant)
A highly-optimized Nukor that allows for the weapon’s microwave field to hit up to four additional targets.

This Grineer bow delivers vengeance in the form of cluster bomb-tipped arrows that can be detonated mid-air or on impact.

Converted Kuva Lich Changes

Converted Liches have been criticized for their lack of endurance and firepower. They don’t use their abilities, and leave a weak impression.

  • Increased Converted Kuva Lich minimum time to 2 minutes.
  • Increased Converted Kuva Lich Damage Per Second with damage bonus upgrade 3x.
  • Fixed Converted Kuva Liches not using their abilities.
General Kuva Lich Changes & Fixes:
  • Doubled the chance of a Kuva Lich to have a Vengeful Ephemera from 10% to 20%!
  • Known Requiem/attempts now also appear in your Parazon Upgrade screen!
  • Changed all Kuva Thrall markers to consistently reflect the new icon brought in 27.0.11. This includes the minimap and when waypointing a Kuva Thrall.
  • Kuva pickup/rewards are now displayed as the fancy banner UI, similar to Argon.
  • Kuva Liches can no longer be Parazon stabbed as they are escaping. This resulted in invisible animations, and the UI unveiling if your Requiem Mod guess was correct but not registering it, thus not ranking up your Kuva Lich.
  • Cleaned up visual metal chunks from the Kuva Liches Carapace (Iron Skin) ability.
  • You can now search the Kuva Lich History Codex section by name, Kuva weapon, and Ephemera.
  • Fixed Lich ‘Ruse’ clones displaying the default Excalibur Helmet on their shoulder instead of the same Warframe Helmet as their owner.
  • Fixed Nidus Helmet Armor not appearing grayscale on Kuva Liches.
  • Fixed certain enemy types being allowed to be spawned as Kuva Thralls that shouldn't be.
  • Fixed cases of the Kuva Lich ping-ponging between locations when engaging its target.
  • Fixed script error when changing resolution while in the Kuva Lich screen.

Hotfix 27.0.12 (2020-01-23)

  • Fixed your Kuva Lich having the default Excalibur Helmet on their shoulder if you killed the Kuva Larvling as a Client.

Hotfix 27.0.11 (2020-01-16)

  • Kuva Thralls now have a unique marker to differentiate them from the Lich!
    • ThrallIcon.png
  • Fixed Kuva Thrall Mercies not counting towards the Executioner Nightwave Challenge.

Hotfix 27.0.9 (2020-01-09)

  • Fixed Nox enemies being turned into Thralls by Liches.
  • Fixed Demolishers being turned into Thralls by Liches.
  • Fixed Kuva Liches stealing Conclave Rewards.

Update 26.1 (2019-11-22)

Kuva Lich Changes:
  • Rank 1, 2, 3, and 4 Liches now drop Kuva for all squad members when a Parazon is used on them - whether that leads to defeat or ranking up, the Kuva is yours on Ranks 1 through 4! You will recall there was a brief window where Thralls could drop Kuva or a Requiem Relic. We removed the Kuva, and are now applying it to Liches. Kuva numbers are balanced against Siphons / Kuva Survival missions, and take into account the fact that multiple Liches spawn in missions. The aim is to not make this the best Kuva run, just an added value. Siphons and other missions are meant to be the optimal path. Rank 5 Liches do not have Kuva as a drop as they could intentionally be kept alive for a vector to acquire Kuva. The Drops are: Rank 1: 150, Rank 2: 200, Rank 3: 250, Rank 4: 300. This is lower than some other discussed numbers because we are now letting it share across Squadmates.
  • Liches now run away (but don’t rank up) if you’ve downed them 3 times, but don’t use your Parazon on them. This allows you to overpower your Lich and have it flee, instead of having the only way to remove it from a Mission be your failure to know a Requiem.
  • Operators can no longer perform Mercy kills on Larvling or Kuva Lich. Your Warframe is armed with the Parazon for a reason!
  • More fixes towards Requiem Mod UI lingering on the screen perpetually after failing to Parazon stab the Kuva Lich.
  • Fixed issue with Requiem Mod UI lingering and not updating properly after performing a Mercy on Kuva Lich as Wisp.
  • Fixed Kuva Lich despawning after getting downed while temporarily friendly from Revenant's Enthrall.
  • Fixed issues with the Vanquish / Convert context action appearing on Kuva Liches for Clients.
  • Fixed Kuva Lich weapons showing as fully Mastered in player Profile before hitting rank 40. Affected accounts should now see the corrected Mastered status based on progress.
  • Fixed Kuva Lich weapons not being localized in the End Of Mission results screen if you abort or look at last mission results.
  • Fixed Kuva Lich screen overlapping with the Market UI if the Market is opened while viewing said Kuva Lich screen.

Hotfix 26.0.7 (2019-11-14)

Kuva Lich Changes:
  • Converted Lich Trading is here: If you have a Converted Kuva Lich, you may trade them with another player who may be looking for a specific Kuva Lich Weapon or Ephemera. This system includes the use of a brand new Dojo Room inspired by the early ‘War Room’ design from the King Pin System! Liches can only be traded once - you cannot re-trade a Converted Lich past one person!
    • The Crimson Branch: This room serves the purpose of trading Converted Kuva Liches, and will scale up to future entries in the system with other factions!
  • Back-to-back Duplicates - Your Kuva Lich will no longer have the same weapon twice in a row. While you may get a duplicated weapon down the road, your Kuva Lich will have a guaranteed different weapon than its immediate predecessor.
  • RECYCLE YOUR REQUIEM - 4 Defiled Requiem Mods can now be Transmuted into a random, fully charged, Requiem Mod. This gives them some additional use, as well as helping you clean up your Inventory.
  • Void Fissure Missions will now appear on all Kuva Fortress nodes! Previously, only Rescue/Survival missions on the Kuva Fortress were eligible due to other missions having an Archwing restriction; now the whole Fortress is eligible!
  • A bug now turned feature; Ephemera’s obtained from a Kuva Lich can now be equipped on Sentinels and Companions! For FX sake, this will be a slightly subdued version of the selected Ephemera. Non-Lich Ephemera functionally is in the works!
  • Increased the chance of your Kuva Lich to have an Ephemera from 5% to 10%. Newly birthed Liches will have the 10% chance, while existing Liches will still be at 5%. Old Liches that are traded and "reactivated" will also be at 5%.
  • Added new Parazon finishers for you to stabby stab the baddies with!
  • Added a Kuva Lich icon beside Star Chart regions/nodes that are under the influence of your Kuva Lich to address color blind concerns regarding the ‘Kuva Stain’.
  • Increased the base damage (before elemental bonus) of the Kuva Ogris from 454 to 714.
  • Grineer Prosecutors will no longer spawn as Thralls, as they were essentially invincible to everything except area-of-effect abilities.
  • Ghoul Expired will no longer spawn as a Thrall due to their suicide death mechanic.
  • Removed Pigments from the list of eligible items the Kuva Lich can Tax.
  • Removed rewards obtained specifically from completing a Junction from the list of eligible items the Kuva Lich can Tax.
  • Reduced the camera shake of the Kuva Ayanga explosions.
  • Fixed Kuva Lich weapons that do damage on both impact and explosion (Kuva Ogris, Kuva Ayanga, etc) doing significantly less overall damage than expected. This was due to the Elemental bonus only being applied to the "on impact" of the projectile itself and not the explosion.
  • Fixed Kuva Siphon/Flood Rescue missions not giving out a Requiem Relic at End Of Mission if you completed the mission without setting off the alarms.
  • Fixed Kuva Siphon/Flood Spy missions not giving rewards for cracking the Spy vaults.
  • Converted Kuva Lich allies will no longer spawn in Archwing missions, as they ignore the complete lack of oxygen and requirements needed to fly. As reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/dv6ofx/til_kuva_lichs_can_help_on_archwing_missions/
  • Fixed no Kuva Lich being born if sentient Umbra performs a Mercy on the Larvling.
  • Fixed no Kuva Lich being born if Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors or Wukong’s Wuclone downs the Larvling and you perform a Mercy.
  • Fixed no Kuva Lich being born if you perform a stealth Mercy on a Larvling.
  • Fixed the Kuva Lich momentarily shrinking when attacking Hydroid in his Undertow.
  • Fixed the Kuva Lich becoming allied until downed when the effects of Revenants Enthrall ability expire.
  • Another fix for Ayatan Statues Taxed by the Kuva Lich not showing up with the rest of the Recovered items in the End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed getting duplicate and/or invisible Kuva Liches after a Host migration occurs.
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Paranoid’ Liches would kill players even after being Converted: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/dsx2yt/so_my_converted_lich_decided_to_help_me_with_my/
  • Fixed Client throws occurring in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed an issue where Larvling spawns were not working 100% of the time.
  • Fixed an issue where Kuva Lich weapons were not properly localizing. This fixes future occurrences of this bug, not existing cases.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if you opened up your Inbox while the Kuva Lich was in a downed state, ready to be Vanquished or Converted.
  • Fixed a rare game hang if you somehow managed to use the Parazon on two Kuva Liches in one mission.
  • Fixed Kuva Lich ability descriptions excluding Damage type icons.
  • Fixed losing the Kuva Lich symbol icon when renaming it.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur after Vanquishing your Kuva Lich.
  • Tweaked the sound of the Kuva Karak.

Hotfix 26.0.5 (2019-11-06)

Kuva Lich Phase 2 Changes & Fixes:
  • Larvling Lich creation is now a true opt-in mechanic. Some people want to see the world drown in Kuva and others just want to live a Lich free life! For those that don’t want to be hounded by a Kuva Lich, we’ve changed the way Larvlings are killed in order to attain a Kuva Lich. Larvlings will have the same pre-death setup as Thralls, except the Mercy action is only available to the player who damaged them last. At that point you either walk up and press X to initiate the Mercy (required for Kuva Lich creation), or just walk away and leave them to eventually die on their own after 15 seconds, thus opting out of Kuva Lich creation.
  • Changed the Murmur progress UI to display multiple rings to indicate which Hint you are currently working towards:
    • Progress ring for Hint 1, progress and middle ring for Hint 2, progress and both inner rings for Hint 3
  • Naramon’s Disarming Blast will no longer affect the Kuva Lich. This resulted in the Kuva Lich being literally stripped of its body (how scandalous) and forcing them to use a Sheev, thus breaking them completely.
  • Requiem Relics obtained from a Thrall Mercy will display as a banner in the UI, similar to Argon, Toroids, etc for maximum exposure!
  • Fixed ALL players receiving Kuva Lich Requiem Murmur progress whenever someone in the squad fails to kill their Kuva Lich instead (is only meant to apply to the player that did the failing). While all Thralls share Requiem Murmurs, the Lich entity itself is exclusive to a player. This also fixes receiving Requiem Murmur progress when successfully killing a Kuva Lich - only failure/testing of your Requiem on a Kuva Lich will grant Murmur progress.
  • Fixed ability to spawn more than the maximum amount of Thralls per mission if you leave them waiting for Mercy. Literally.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if you perform a Mercy and then some time later a Kuva Lich performs a finisher/throw on you.
  • Fixed ability to equip Taxed Mods that were displayed as new to your Inventory on your Parazon. After this Hotfix you’ll see them vanish as they’ve been properly Taxed by your Lich from which you must get them back!*
  • Fixed certain cases where players would see an incorrect LOHK Requiem Mod in their known Requiems (sometimes appearing as a duplicate). It should be replaced by a correct Requiem Mod now.
  • Fixed Thralls being immune to Status procs.
  • Fixed Arcanes attempting to display as Mods when recovered from a Kuva Lich.
  • Further fixes towards Turrets and Security Cameras spawning as Thralls.
  • Fixed missing Kuva Larvling death sounds.
  • Fixed a script error on the End of Mission screen when an Ayatan Sculpture gets Taxed from a Kuva Lich.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality when returning from a mission after Vanquishing or Converting a Kuva Lich.
  • Fixed a script error when logging out during a Kuva Lich transmission.

Hotfix (2019-11-05)

  • Fixed Thralls dropping Requiem Mods instead of the intended Requiem Relics on Mercy (added to Thrall droptable in Hotfix 26.0.4). We’ve also removed the 500 Kuva from the Thrall droptable. With less rewards to pick from means a better shot at that Requiem Relic!
  • Players who received Requiem Mods or Kuva while the Thrall drop was incorrect will get to keep them. Santa came early!
  • Fixed Thrall drops being Taxed by the Kuva Lich.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality in the End Of Mission screen due to invalid items trying to be Taxed by the Kuva Lich.

Hotfix 26.0.4 (2019-11-05)

Kuva Lich Phase 2 Changes & Fixes:

With 5 days of feedback under our belts, we have a substantial number of changes to the Kuva Lich system rolling out today. There will be more to come this week that are a bit more developer intensive.

  • Mercying a Thrall now has a 5% chance to drop 500 Kuva or a Requiem Relic, adding another reward vector in the steps that are required to Vanquish/Convert a Kuva Lich. Requiem Relics play a very key part in the Kuva Lich system, and our goal with this change is to conjoin the Thrall hunt on (what is currently) normal mission modes with your eventual Requiem Relic hunt.
  • Increased the drop chance of each Requiem Relic in Kuva Siphon missions from 30% to 50%.
  • Tweaked the Requiem Murmur discovery requirements for each hint to reduce initial ramp-up:
    • Instead of each Murmur requiring the same amount of Hints, the first Murmur requires 60%, second requires 100%, with the last Murmur requiring 140%.
  • Excess Murmur progress now carries over to the next Murmur to allow for faster Murmur discovery.
  • Known Requiems that you discover from using your Parazon on your Kuva Lich are now immediately visible on the UI as a permanent known Requiem.
  • Requiem Mods and Relics can no longer be Taxed by your Lich.
  • Ingame Murmur popups now show progress, in the form of a progress bar, from your previous Murmur discovery. This progress bar will not be displayed if you’ve solved all the Murmur hints.
  • Testing a Requiem on a Lich now advances Murmur progress by roughly 10x more than a Thrall on average.
  • A transmission will now play when a Kuva Larvling fails to spawn.
  • Tweaked Murmur display in Lich screen to be clearer.
  • Added vocals for Kuva Larvlings as they wait on the ground for that sweet Parazon.
  • Added a number next to Lich attempt history so you can tell the order.
  • Updated Lich name text to make certain letters more distinguishable.
  • Lich’s rank will now update immediately from a failed attempt, so you can see the new rank right away during a mission.
  • Alerts and Kuva missions now include a ‘Reward Already Received’ entry if you replay one you’ve already completed.
  • Removed unintended sounds from Kuva Ephemeras.
  • Kuva Tonkor reload speed decreased from 1.7 to 1.5 seconds.
  • Fixed End of Mission screen not showing all recovered Kuva Lich items (Ephemera, Kuva Weapon Blueprint, etc). Each case we looked into “The Lich didn’t return my (X)” showed that items were returned in all cases, just the UI was bugged. *
  • Fixed Nekros' Shadows of the Dead being able to spawn as Kuva Thralls.
  • Fixed Liches in Codex using current Lich’s name in subtitles, and other inconsistencies.
  • Fixed Kuva Larvling spawning in mission where everyone in the squad already has a Lich.
  • Fixed Kuva Larvling transmission appearing before the Larvling has spawned.
  • Fixed incorrect transmission playing at Kuva Larvling spawn.
  • Fixed Excavation Power Cell Carriers and Capture Targets spawning as Thralls, rendering the mission uncompletable.
  • Fixed Sensor Regulars in Grineer Spy missions and deployed Latchers being able to spawn as Kuva Thralls.
  • Fixed Lich weapons showing unicode immediately after being claimed.
  • Fixed Thrall music potentially playing at the same time as Kuva Lich music.
  • Fixed missing Lich portrait and transmission in several situations.
  • Fixed Kuva lich being affected by Out of Sight Mod.
  • Fixed vanquished Liches coming to assist.
  • Fixed being able to spawn more Thralls than intended per mission.
  • Fixed Requiem mods showing [PH] text when Trading.
  • Fixed an issue where Liches would stop playing their finisher animation immediately after starting it.

Hotfix 26.0.3 (2019-11-01)

  • Defection nodes that are under a Kuva Lich influence will now become Exterminate nodes. This fixes an issue where Kavor Defectors could spawn as Kuva Thralls, rendering the mission impossible.

Hotfix 26.0.2 (2019-11-01)

  • Removed some Kuva Lich name generation options. (ex: "Titt")

Update 26.0 (2019-10-31)

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Hotfix 29.3.2 (2020-11-05)