The Kuva Jesters are special enemies that appear together with the Kuva Guardians in the Kuva Siphon sub-mission.

Jesters are tiny malformed creatures, that are limited to melee attacks. From time to time they will latch on Tenno and deal a series of fist bashes. Jesters are quite weak and die easily to AoE attacks, but have a potential to be dangerous on higher levels or during Operator form.


  • Kuva Jesters are stylized to represent the Worm, the younger of the Twin Queens.
  • When attacking a target, the Kuva Jester will make comical squeaking noises with each hit of the enemy it is currently latched to.
  • Due to not having any idle animation when unlatched, when viewed within the Codex the Kuva Jester will grapple and sit upon nothing and will float.
  • Unlike all other Kuva prefixed units, (excluding the kuva eximus units,) the Kuva Jester is the only unit not to share the red and black livery that is found within the Kuva unit, instead wearing a singular shade of tan.
  • As with the Kuva Guardians, Kuva Jesters feature unique dialog and voices not heard anywhere else throughout the Grineer line of common units.


  • When MindControl130xDark Mind Control, the Kuva jester will not possess the outline given by the power and will display on the enemy or ally the Kuva Jester is currently grappled to.
    • This does not allow for the NyxIcon272 Nyx Augment, Mod TT 20pxMind Freak to stack its bonuses with the target currently possessing the power outline.
    • This also applies to Tenno operators, Warframes and Rescue targets if the Kuva Jester is mind controlled mid-leap.
  • The Kuva Jester will sometimes not adopt its usual animation set upon spawning, resulting in the model becoming heavily distorted and disfigured until it dismounts the Kuva Guardian.


  • Nyx's mind control bug and deformed animations.

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