Idle 1
"Sometume hu get so donedi.'"

Sometime[s] I get so lonely.

Idle 2
"Grat hultus plake hun kle unhurverse?"

What ??? place in the universe?

Idle 3
"Hut's so reg tu fe un kle monklenres."
It's so ??? on the ???
Idle 4
"Gry am hu regre."

Why am I here.

Idle 5
"Onry huras make hut out of klus plake"

Only heroes make it out of this place.

Idle 6
Ahum denslerat kuhuing around rer gets tu ke su brorhuing!

??? being [around her?] gets to be so boring!

Spotting PlayerEdit

PlayerSpotted 1
"Garkot engeygo!"

Target engaged!

PlayerSpotted 2
"Nou rhue!"

Now die!

PlayerSpotted 3
"Shashe Tenno!"
??? Tenno.
PlayerSpotted 4
"Isha de spottar!"

??? spotted

PlayerSpotted 5
"Fu dossar Tenno."
??? Tenno.
PlayerSpotted 6
"Orre kley'gre!"
Over there!


Attack 1

Attack 2
"Trok!" Stop!

Attack 3

Attack 4
"Regrer hu kome!'" Here I come!

Attack 5

No rey aphogar!

No way out of here!

Attack 6


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