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Kuva weapons are a special variant of existing weapons carried by a player's Lich and can be acquired once the Lich is Vanquished. If the player has enough weapon slots, they can claim these weapons from their Foundry, bypassing the supposed Mastery Rank requirement on these weapons. The weapons vary in attributes, dependent on the Lich the player has slain. The Energy Color on the weapon is depicted by what elemental bonus was augmented on the weapon during Lich creation and the progenitor Warframe. All weapons have an equal chance of spawning from a Kuva Lich.[1]

Certain Kuva weapons are unique to Kuva liches, and are not based on existing Grineer weapons:

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

A Kuva variant of a weapon will only provide mastery points once. A second weapon of the same variant but with a different Lich name will not provide extra mastery. These weapons have a max rank of 40. To obtain the maximum rank, the player must polarize the weapon five times, with each Forma increasing the maximum possible rank by 2 (similar to BallasSword.png Paracesis).

The Kuva weapons additionally have bonus damage of one damage type, ranging from 25-60% of the weapon's base damage determined randomly, with lower percentages being more common.[1] The damage type of this bonus damage is determined by the Progenitor Warframe, as per this table.

Note: This additional bonus damage applies as weapon base damage, meaning elemental mods and status that scale from base / modified base damage will be affected.

Valence Fusion[edit | edit source]

Players can upgrade and/or replace a Kuva weapon’s innate damage bonus with one from another Kuva weapon of the same type (e.g. KuvaSeer.png Kuva Seer can only be fused with another Kuva Seer). This process destroys the donor weapon and overrides the host Kuva weapon's element while retaining any applied Formas, Orokin Catalyst, Exilus Weapon Adapter, Focus Lens, Mod configurations, Appearance configuration, Lich name, etc. Any other properties of the donor weapon are not transferred, meaning the order of fusion is important. The resulting weapon's elemental bonus is equal to the highest % bonus between the host and donor multiplied by 1.1 (rounded to the nearest tenths digit) with a maximum of 60%.

For example, Kuva Seer A has 25% Cold b.png Cold bonus and a Catalyst installed, while Kuva Seer B has 43%Heat b.png Heat bonus and no other properties. Fusing B to A will override the Cold b.png Cold from A with the Heat b.png Heat buff from B, while A will retain the installed Catalyst, and B will be destroyed. The % bonus will be the highest of the two weapons (B's 43%) multiplied by 1.1 and rounded to the nearest tenths digit, which would make the final bonus 47.3% Heat b.png Heat.
If A is fused into B, the final bonus would be 47.3% Cold b.png Cold. However, the Catalyst installed on A does not transfer over, leaving B still without a Catalyst installed.

Using donor weapons with high % bonus values tend to have greater yields than fusing with lower % bonus values. As such, in order to maximize the elemental bonus up to 60%, it is more efficient to collect several weapons and fuse starting with the high % bonus values.

Valence Fusion can be accessed in the Action tab at the bottom of the Upgrade screen of the desired Kuva Weapon, then selecting a donor weapon to be used in the fusion. Afterward, a confirmation screen displays the desired weapon's new damage type and bonus values and warns that the transfer will consume the selected donor weapon. Players are then prompted to type FUSE to confirm the fusion.

Minimum Highest Percent Bonus Number of Fusions
to Reach 60%
54.5% 1
49.5% 2
45.0% 3
40.9% 4
37.2% 5
33.8% 6
30.7% 7
27.9% 8
25.4% 9
25.0% 10

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