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For the boss in Kullervo's Hold, see Kullervo (Boss).
Kullervo answers for his sins and the sins of others. His daggers and melee prowess deal high damage. Seize the power of treachery to slake his thirst for revenge.
This kingdom cannot shelter you from your sin. Die ten thousand deaths and your crimes will still pursue you, Kullervo.

Release Date: June 21st, 2023

Sentenced to suffer eternally for rebellion against Orokin reign, his salvation spirals forth as the fabled kingdom returns. Imprisoned high above perilous skies, since exiled in an infinite dungeon, escape its labyrinth and exact righteous vengeance as the Crimson Renegade, Kullervo. Clad in hollowed steel of malleable memory, battle-scarred with gashes deep, where the torturous blades still dwell. Punish the foolish, rain down his agony, and flaunt the despised daggers in bittersweet betrayal.

Kullervo is a male betrayal-themed Warframe with a Duviri aesthetic. He was freed in Update 33.5 (2023-06-21): The Seven Crimes of Kullervo.


Kullervo's main and component blueprints are purchased from IconDuviriAcrithisAcrithis for Kullervo'sBane Kullervo's Bane; the main blueprint requires 15 Banes, while the parts require 9, to a total of 42 Kullervo's Banes.

Banes are obtained from defeating the Kullervo Boss and completion of the Spiral (defeating the Orowyrm) in Duviri. He will appear on the island Kullervo's Hold, which only spawns during Anger, Sorrow, and Fear Spirals from The Duviri Experience and The Lone Story game modes. It can appear as a fourth, fifth, or sixth spiral stage or a side objective; speak with The Warden to engage in gladiatorial combat with the imprisoned Kullervo in the waterlogged arena. Once both tasks have been cleared, the player will earn 4, 5, or 6 Kullervo's Bane (6, 7, or 8 on The Steel Path).

While the Kullervo Boss is sometimes available as a main objective included in The Lone Story, it is recommended to run The Duviri Experience when specifically aiming at acquiring Kullervo'sBane Kullervo's Bane as, even when he is not a main objective in that mode, he will always be available as a side objective.


Manufacturing Requirements
📝 Edit blueprint requirements
PathosClamp Pathos Clamp
Time: 3 Day(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 50
MarketIcon Market Price: PlatinumLarge 325 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: N/A
Kullervo Neuroptics Blueprint
Lamentus Lamentus
TasomaExtract Tasoma Extract
SaggenPearl Saggen Pearl
ConnlaSprout Connla Sprout
Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 25
Kullervo Chassis Blueprint
NacreousPebble Nacreous Pebble
Kovnik Kovnik
RuneMarrow Rune Marrow
Ueymag Ueymag
Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 25
Kullervo Systems Blueprint
Aggristone Aggristone
Eevani Eevani
ArietteScale Ariette Scale
Ueymag Ueymag
Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 25


AladVPortrait d
“You're not supposed to be in here! You're going to ruin the surprise!”
The following article/section contains spoilers.
The Seven Crimes of Kullervo
You, Kullervo, thought an Executor's favor was a thing to be stolen and worn. You spilled precious Orokin blood - before seeking the Executor out for approval. Hated Kullervo, did you truly believe he could love you? You are, forevermore, a low murderer.
—Crime: Murder
You witnessed the slaughter as the Orokin eradicated your defective, demented brothers and sisters... and did nothing to aid them, choosing to tremble in your cowardly seclusion. A traitor twice over. Kullervo, bloody-handed, I charge you with Cowardice.
—Crime: Cowardice
The Archimedean Ainikki, your... 'mother'... lived. And you, like the vermin you are, scurried after her. In butchering the Dax whom the Executors charged with taking you into custody, you - laughably - managed to kill the very woman you came to rescue. The third charge: Flight From Just Custody.
—Crime: Flight From Custody
Upon the arrival of the wretched Tenno, you struck. Out of, what, a desire for redemption? You thought to strike the Orokin where it hurt: their laboratories, their edifices of government, their homes. To distract. To buy time. Idiot. You are charged with Treason.
—Crime: Treason
You saw the new generation of your kind and the Tenno whose deviltry blent with theirs; and you began to whisper corruption into their ears, weave dark thoughts through the coils of their minds. Incepting, as is your wont, chaos and disaster. You are charged with Espionage.
—Crime: Espionage
The Night of the Naga Drums. Your incepted chaos... bloomed... and the beautiful gilded Empire... fell. Were you not entirely responsible? Of course not. You are, after all, a fool. But one need not be entirely responsible for the murder of an empire to be punished for their role in it. And punished you shall be. For a second count of Treason.
—Crime: Treason
As the Empire burned, you found the one Executor you coveted and despised most. You presumed to raise your foul hand against him. One of the Seven. But he did not die so readily as you had hoped. Thus I lay upon your wretched head your ultimate crime: Attempted Regicide. And with it your punishment, the Executor's eternal vengeance.
—Crime: Attempted Regicide

Kullervo killed an Orokin in an attempt of gaining the favor and admiration of an Executor. However, this earned him his first crime: Murder. During The Old War, the Orokin began to destroy the proto-Warframes. However, Kullervo did nothing to aid them, and thus earned his second crime: Cowardice. The Executors then sent a squad of Dax to detain Kullervo, but during the scuffle, he accidentally killed Archimedean Ainikki, his 'mother'. By fleeing and slaying the Dax, Kullervo earned his third crime: Flight from Custody.

Then Tenno would then return from the Zariman. Immediately after, Kullervo would begin attacking various sensitive Orokin locations, such as their labs, homes, and places of government. The purpose: To distract and buy time for some unknown plot. As consequence, Kullervo was given the crime of Treason. The next generation of Warframes was then created. Kullervo spared no time and began whispering dark thoughts into their minds, earning him his fifth crime: Espionage.

After the conclusion of the Old War, during the Night of the Naga Drums, Kullervo's planning had borne fruit. The Tenno attacked, and the Orokin Empire began to fall. Even though Kullervo was not entirely responsible, he earned his second count of Treason. As the Empire fell around the Origin System, Kullervo found the one Executor he abhorred the most; one of the Orokin Seven. He would attempt to execute this Executor, but ultimately failed. With this, Kullervo earned his ultimate crime: Attempted Regicide, and finally, Kullervo received his imprisonment and his punishment.

According to Acrithis, Kullervo arrived in Duviri in a ball of fire which then formed the island Kullervo's Hold. There he is kept imprisoned by The Warden in seven cells to represent each of his crimes (with last one Attempted Regicide notably caved-in). The Warden refers himself as Kullervo's guilt and the form and voice of his greatest persecutor, implying to be a Conceptual Embodiment of Ballas, the Orokin Executor that charged Kullervo with his seven crimes and the survivor of his Attempted Regicide, formed from Kullervo's guilty conscious.

When exploring Kullervo's Hold, the children of Duviri that the Drifter encounters will sing of Kullervo's deeds in poetic rhymes, beginning with "Kullervo, Kullervo...". A lone girl hidden in a nearby cave tunnel cradles Vaenn, Kullervo's signature heavy blade to hide it from The Warden.


  • When Kullervo wields his signature Rauta Rauta, his equipped melee weapon gains 7 seconds of Melee Combo duration.
  • Kullervo has unique interactions due to his lack of shields:
  • The numerous daggers stuck to Kullervo's body are an Appearance Auxiliary Attachment named Baneful Blades.


  • Kullervo is the 53rd unique Warframe to be released.
    • He was originally slated for release after VorunaIcon272 Voruna, but was later pushed back to focus developer efforts on Duviri itself, then became next in line after CitrineIcon272 Citrine.[citation needed]
  • Kullervo debuted in Devstream 170 showcasing his concept art by Keith Thompson, work-in-progress sculpts, in-game model, and signature weapon. In Devstream 171, [DE]Rebecca showcased the prison fight against Kullervo as the Drifter on the dungeon island arena.
  • Kullervo's default helmet resembles the headpiece of the mad king Dominus Thrax, while his hollow-esque bodily appearance matches the Thrax Dax, which curiously imply either gradual transformation during his imprisonment in Duviri, or a specific design by Archimedean Ainikki.
  • The numerous daggers embedded into his chest and back invoke the imagery of a similar fate for the Drifter in The Duviri Paradox with their repeated "death by impalement".
  • The name Kullervo (kulːerʋo) is likely based on the same fictional character from the Finnish national epic, Kalevala, which follows the tale of an ill-fated man who experiences tragedies throughout his life. In the epic, Kullervo's knife came from his old family before he became a slave.
    • His name was suggested by DE's community coordinator Helen Heikkilä, who is of Finnish descent and studied the Kalevala growing up.
    • This may also be the source of the name of his fourth move, Storm of Ukko. Ukko being a god in Finnish mythology, who also appears in Kalevala.
  • Before the release of Kullervo, the 53rd Warframe, Arsenal Loadout slots were capped at 52 slots total. Developers intend to continue to extend the slot limit by one more slot for every new Warframe onward, starting with Kullervo.[1]
  • In the first two weeks after Update 33.5 (2023-06-21) launched (June 21st, 2023 @ 12 PM ET until July 5th, 2023 @ 12 PM ET), entering Duviri via the Star Chart banner and Dormizone door presented all players with an event mission called Kullervo's Hold, which was based on The Lone Story's Spiral-focused gameplay and always included the dungeon island in Duviri, allowing players to obtain Kullervo'sBane Kullervo's Bane regardless of the current Mood Spiral. This limited-time access required 5 PathosClamp Pathos Clamps.
  • Kullervo is the third Health-based Warframe after InarosIcon272 Inaros and NidusIcon272 Nidus who lack Shields.


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Perpetual solitude birthed both pastime and profession, for the knife whisperer KullervoIcon272 Kullervo became deadly proficient. All melee weapons equipped by Kullervo gain +75% Heavy Attack Efficiency and +100% Heavy Attack Wind Up Speed, in addition to a stylized Melee Combo Counter permanently displayed above his ability icons.

Kullervo's melee combo counter is passively increased by the following abilities:

  • RecompenseIcon Recompense successful hits on enemies add 1 melee combo per dagger, excluding missed daggers striking Kullervo himself.
  • Melee weapon attacks and ability dagger hits spread by CollectiveCurseIcon Collective Curse add 1 melee combo per hit.
  • StormofUkkoIcon Storm of Ukko's direct damage adds 1 melee combo per tick.

Melee combo count, gain, and reduction are affected by various equipped melee Mods. It is not reduced or removed by entering an ability nullification zone or by Kullervo falling out of bounds.

If Kullervo does not have a melee weapon equipped, he will not be able to build melee combo and his unique counter UI will simply display a 1x multiplier.

Unlike most Warframes, when Kullervo ranks up he receives a special set of rank bonuses which are indicated at the middle-left of the Warframe Upgrade screen:

  • +20 Health every three ranks, starting at rank 1.
  • +10 Armor every three ranks, starting at rank 2.
  • +5 Energy Capacity every three ranks, starting at rank 3.

At rank 30, this results in a total of:

  • +200 Health
  • +100 Armor
  • +50 Energy Capacity


View Maximization
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WrathfulAdvance WrathfulAdvanceIcon
Wrathful Advance

(TAP) Kullervo charges a Heavy Attack, then teleports to his target and strikes. His rage-filled focus temporarily increases his Melee Critical Chance.

(HOLD) Teleport to any marked location.

Introduced in Update 33.5 (2023-06-21)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:+ 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 % melee final critical chance
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:7 / 8 / 9 / 10 s melee crit buff duration
AbilityRangeBuff Range:20 / 22 / 23 / 25 m teleport distance

Misc: 1 s Cooldown
Invulnerable during wind up
Refresh Maneuvers on teleport

Subsumable to Helminth
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Recompense RecompenseIcon

Kullervo surrounds himself with daggers. Each dagger that strikes an enemy restores his health, but each dagger that misses an enemy strikes Kullervo, dealing a bit of damage. When Kullervo has max Health, he receives Overguard from struck enemies.

Introduced in Update 33.5 (2023-06-21)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:200 / 300 / 400 / 500 DmgSlashSmall64 Slash damage per dagger hit
+ 250 / ? / ? / 350 HP or Overguard per dagger hit
- 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 Overguard or HP drained per missed dagger
10,000 max Overguard
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:N/A
AbilityRangeBuff Range:5 / 6 / 7 / 8 m dagger orbit radius

Misc: 10 daggers
5 s dagger airtime
1 s invulnerability time
3 daggers max per enemy
DmgSlashSmall64 Slash and RollingDroneAvatar Stagger status on hit
3 HP self damage threshold
+1 melee combo per dagger hit on enemy

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CollectiveCurse CollectiveCurseIcon
Collective Curse

Kullervo sends forth a curse that binds enemies. When a cursed enemy takes damage from him, every other cursed enemy also suffers a portion of that damage.

Introduced in Update 33.5 (2023-06-21)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:20 / 30 / 40 / 50 % damage redirection
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:10 / 15 / 20 / 25 s
AbilityRangeBuff Range:20 / 22 / 23 / 25 m wave distance

Misc: 65° cone angle
RollingDroneAvatar Stagger and DmgImpactSmall64 Knockback on hit
100% dmg redirection cap
+1 melee combo per melee attack or dagger hit via spread

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StormofUkko StormofUkkoIcon
Storm of Ukko

The Void answers Kullervo’s invocation with a storm of daggers that rain down upon his enemies.

Introduced in Update 33.5 (2023-06-21)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:1,000 / 1,500 / 2,000 / 2,500 DmgSlashSmall64 Slash damage per second
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:10 / 12 / 13 / 15 s
AbilityRangeBuff Range:7 / 8 / 9 / 10 m radius

Misc: 1 storm limit
2 damage ticks per second
DmgSlashSmall64 Slash status on hit
?% chance for large RollingDroneAvatar Stagger per hit
+1 melee combo per hit


Strength Mods


Duration Mods


Range Mods


WrathfulAdvanceIcon WrathfulAdvanceIcon WrathfulAdvanceIcon
RecompenseIcon RecompenseIcon
CollectiveCurseIcon CollectiveCurseIcon CollectiveCurseIcon
StormofUkkoIcon StormofUkkoIcon StormofUkkoIcon

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KullervoIcon272 Kullervo can be equipped with the following items:



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Patch History

Hotfix 36.0.1 (2024-06-19)

  • Fixed a script error in Kullervo’s Storm of Ukko ability.

Hotfix 35.5.9 (2024-05-01)

  • Fixed becoming permanently invulnerable as Kullervo after casting Recompense and Wrathful Advance while summoning Archgun.

Hotfix 35.5.6 (2024-04-10)

  • Fixed loss of function after casting Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance while dual wielding a Secondary Weapon with a Glaive Melee.

Hotfix 35.5.2 (2024-03-28)

  • Fixed extreme camera shake when using Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance ability.

Hotfix 35.5.1 (2024-03-27)

  • Fixed a script error caused by Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance.

Update 35.5 (2024-03-27)


11 new Warframe Augment Mods are available from Syndicate Offerings!

Stats below are shown at Max Rank.

Wrath of Ukko (Kullervo - Storm of Ukko)
Wrathful Advance moves the storm of daggers to the teleportation location and increases its duration by 6s.

Available in the New Loka and Steel Meridian offerings.

  • Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance teleport visualization will now not appear if teleportation is blocked or not possible (obstacles in the path, gaps, etc.).
  • Fixed Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance missing SFX on Heavy Attacks.
  • Fixed Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance path being blocked after swapping to and from Operator.
  • Fixed Kullervo missing his Skin selection button in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Kullervo’s cyst being hidden in his neck. Now they should be fully visible and ready for lancing!
  • Fixed Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance causing sudden camera movement when using the Syam.

Update 35.1 (2024-02-20)

Update 35.0 (2023-12-13)

  • Fixed loss of functionality caused by using Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance with an Archgun equipped.
  • Fixed becoming invulnerable and gaining use of your Primary and Secondary weapons when rolling immediately after Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance.
  • Fixed Auto Melee persisting if the first melee of a mission is a Warframe ability (Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance, etc.)

Update 34.0 (2023-10-18)

Base vs Final Stats in Modding - Health / Energy / Shield / Armor Stat Overhaul

If you’ve spent any time invested in the deeper nuances of Modding, you may be familiar with “Warframe Math” - math that upon first glance doesn’t really make sense, but once you learn the inner workings of the game, it all comes together. While we can appreciate the value that complex systems offer to a certain subsect of players, there are other aspects of the game that should have clear and understandable outcomes. Namely: Shield, Health, Energy, and Armor Modding.

Pop quiz: what is 300 + 440%? If you answered 740, you may just be an Excalibur player.

Vitality (+440% Heath), Redirection (+440% Shields), Flow (+150% Energy), and Steel Fiber (+110% Armor) come with large modifier values that don’t seem to match their outcome in-game. This is because these Mods apply their multiplier to the base stats of the Warframe - i.e., the stats you have at Rank 0. In the Excalibur example, a Rank 30 Excalibur’s Health stat of 300 earns an additional 440 Health from max rank Vitality (+440% Heath) since it applies to his base rank Health stat of 100, resulting in 740 total health.

In this update, we have removed this obfuscation by having Health, Shield, Energy, and Armor Mods apply to the stats of Warframes at their current rank. Continuing our Excalibur example, instead of Vitality always applying to Excalibur’s base rank 100 Health, it would apply to his Health stat based on his rank - namely, the stat you can actually see in your Arsenal. If your Excalibur were Rank 30, his Health stat would be 300, which means Vitality’s multiplier would be calculated off of 300.

With previous Health and Mod values, additional adjustments are needed to make this revision work while maintaining game balance. By only changing where the multiplier applies, a Rank 30 Excalibur would receive an extra 1,320 Health from max rank Vitality, resulting in a total health stat of 1,600. This outcome is a significant buff, which is not the intention of this system change.

To remedy this, we approached this problem in two ways:

1 - We reduced the overall multiplier for Health, Shield, Energy, and Armor Mods.
Since these now affect Max Rank Warframe stats, these Mods need to scale differently to maintain the status quo. Additionally, we wanted these new values to be as clear and understandable to all players as possible! Here are a few examples of these value changes:

  • Vitality: Reduced from +440% to +100% Health
  • Redirection: Reduced from +440% to +100% Shield Capacity
  • Steel Fiber: Reduced from +110% to +100% Armor
  • Flow: Reduced from +150% to +100% Energy Max

Note: These are not all of the Mods affected by this change. We share the comprehensive list further down in this section of the update notes.

Doing some quick math, this means that a Rank 30 Excalibur (300 Health) with a reworked Vitality Mod (+100% Health, applied to the final Health stat) would receive 300 extra Health, for a total of 600. That, in contrast, is a nerf, which we also don’t want to do.

So, our next step:

2 - We adjusted Warframe Health, Shield, Energy, and Armor values to keep the end result of the revised Mods as close to the original values as possible.

With this change, Excalibur’s Rank 30 Health stat is 370. With +100% Health from a max Vitality Mod, his resulting Health stat would be 740, which matches what it was originally.

While this path to the same result may seem a little complicated, the outcome matches our intention: we want players to be able to look at their Health, Shield, and Armor Mods, and be able to understand how they affect the stats they see in their Arsenal.

In addition to everything above, we also increased the base stat values for Warframes so that these revised Mods offer similar value for lower-ranked Frames. To do so, we reduced the amount of Health/Shield/Energy that Warframes earn per rank in half, and transferred the sum of that value to their base stats.

For Armor, this is the one stat that does not increase with your Warframe’s level (with some exceptions). Armor values across the board have been slightly increased to compensate for the Mod changes.

Not to beat a dead Kaithe, but Mods will now be applying to the Max Rank stat instead of the Base Rank. You may look at these numbers and think “nerf” or “buff” depending, but the outcome is that total Modded values are the same, if not a little higher in some cases. Here are a few outliers before we get into the nitty-gritty of it:

  • Kullervo all have buffs to their Armor values as a result of this change.

Warframe Stat Changes:

Health: Base Rank - 1005 (from 325) / Max Rank - 1205 (from 975)
Shields: Base Rank - 0 (from 0) / Max Rank - 0 (from 0)
Armor: Base Rank - 550 (from 325) / Max Rank - 650 (from 650)
Energy: Base Rank - 175 (from 150) / Max Rank - 225 (from 225)

While there may be significant changes to Warframe Stats and Mod values as a part of this overhaul, the end result is that your Builds should mostly stay the same. The key difference is the added clarity of what your Health / Shield / Energy / Armor Mods do in your Upgrade screens!

Top Fixes:
  • Fixed Kullervo being unable to move as well as getting permanently stuck in walls after using Wrathful Advance’s teleport mode (hold cast).
General Fixes:
  • Fixed several offset issues with the TennoCon 2022 Armor Set when equipped on Kullervo.

Hotfix 33.6.4 (2023-08-15)

  • Fixed melee weapons with projectiles launched from heavy attacks (Glaives, Gunblades, Edun, Argo & Vel, etc.) causing Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance to potentially miss its target.
  • Fixed dual wielding Glaive and Pistol causing loss of function after casting Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance.
  • Fixed several offset issues with leg attachments equipped on Kullervo.

Hotfix 33.6.1 (2023-07-31)
Missed Notes:

  • With the new Ability Damage qualifier with the Enhanced Damage Numbers system, some players may think that certain Warframe abilities have had their Critical Chance nerfed. In truth, some Warframe abilities had a Critical Chance multiplier simply to add “oomph” to their damage numbers, without having an actual impact on Damage output. With this new Enhanced Damage System, that extra oomph is no longer needed, so those non-functional Critical Change values were removed, but the overall damage of these abilities are unchanged.

Update 33.6 (2023-07-27)

  • Kullervo will now turn to face the direction of the reticle when casting Collective Curse while stationary.
  • Adjusted Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance teleport to accommodate for his melee attack movement, meaning players are less likely to slide right past enemies.
  • Fixed Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance ability always equipping your Primary weapon after casting, even if your Secondary weapon was equipped prior to the cast.
  • Fixed Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance dealing inconsistent damage when used with Gunblades.
  • More fixes towards Recompense putting Kullervo into bleed-out if Ability Strength is high enough.
  • Fixed Vulpaphyla Larvae being able to block Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance.
  • Fixed being able to exit the map using Kullervo’s Wrathful Advance.
  • Fixed the Iridos, Ki'Teer and Maggor Chest Pieces not laying flat on Kullervo’s chest.
  • Fixed offset issues for several Syandanas when equipped on Kullervo.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Sister of Parvos-spawned Kullervo Specter using Wrathful Advance.
  • Fixed a performance issue that could be caused by an interaction between Kullervo's Collective Curse and Sentient faction damage resistances.

Hotfix 33.5.5 (2023-07-06)
The following changes have been made to address top player feedback regarding Kullervo’s survivability. We are still collecting feedback for potential future changes.

  • Increased Kullervo’s base Overguard cap from 5,000 to 10,000.
  • Added Ability Strength scaling to Kullervo’s Overguard cap.
  • Increased Kullervo’s Recompense base self-heal from 125 to 250 at rank 0 and 200 to 350 at max rank.
  • Increased Kullervo’s base Health from 225 to 325.
  • Added a brief invulnerability window to Recompense’s cast.
  • Fixed Kullervo’s Storm of Ukko ability triggering SFX from Nova’s Molecular Prime ability.
  • Fixed Archwing not having any Shields if using Kullervo.

As mentioned on Devstream #172, the following Kullervo change requires code and will be coming in the next update. Learn more about update terminology here.

  • Adding a 0.5 second Invulnerability window to Kullervo once Overguard is depleted.

Hotfix 33.5.4 (2023-06-28)

  • Fixed Kullervo’s Recompense being able to put him in bleed-out if Ability Strength is high.
    • Other Warframes with a Health cost mechanic, such as Garuda and Inaros, prevent their self-damage from going beyond 2 Health. Kullervo’s Recompense now also has this preventative measure.
  • Fixed a script error caused by Kullervo’s Recompense.

Hotfix 33.5.2 (2023-06-21)

  • Fixed being able to select the “+150 Shield Capacity” Azure Archon Shard upgrade for Kullervo (he does not have Shields to benefit from this).
  • Fixed script errors with Kullervo’s Collective Curse and Wrathful Advance abilities.

Hotfix 33.5.1 (2023-06-21)

  • Fixed several offset issues with Syandanas equipped on Kullervo.

Update 33.5 (2023-06-21)

  • Introduced.

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