KickBot, or as the name appears in-game [DE]KickBot and the alternate name DE_KickBot, is a Digital Extremes asset bot designed to monitor in-game chat and temporarily auto-kicks or suspends players who violate the chat rules. If the reason for being kicked is in a different language, [DE]KickBot will respond in that language.

Known reasons for a kick include:

  • Spamming (repeatedly posting the same message or a long string of the same character).
  • Heavy profanity.
  • Posting trade and recruiting requests in other chat tabs (such as typing "WTB" or "WTS" in the Region or Recruiting chat tab).
  • Custom Keywords programmed to Auto Kick/Suspend.
  • Negative comments that aren't constructive.
  • Excessive use of Capital letters in a sentence (Ex: THIS IS AN EXAMPLE).
  • Excessive use of spaces (Ex: t h i s i s a n e x a m p l e).

Scripted ResponsesEdit

Well known for various kick-spree moments that players purposely perpetuate as a joke, [DE]KickBot is also capable of automatically responding to certain words or phrases:

You say... KickBot responds...
"Should I potato" "Potato all the things."
"Should I forma" "Forma all the things."
"Whip it" "Whip it good."
"What is love?" "Baby don't hurt me."
"Don't hurt me" "No more."
"Never gonna give you up" "Never gonna let you down."
"Never gonna run around" "and desert you."
"Hey kickbot you down with opp" "Yeah, you know me."
"(\"  "(^_^)/)__(\(^_^)"
"I'm going to bed."  "Sleep is for casuals."

If a player posts the question "Where do I find orokin ciphers?" in chat, [DE]KickBot will post a series of lines one after the other in a private message, forming a poem which is as follows:

If it's Mirage you seek, you may obtain by Quest.
To her powers of illusion, we can attest.
Within a vault, the requirements lie,
as part of a dark and corrupted infested sky.

Scripted responses from [DE]KickBot have a cooldown so that they are only triggered every so often.

Note Edit

  • Some of the scripted text may or may not still be functional when typed in chat, as [DE]Kickbot has become unavailable in certain Region Servers, and replaced with [DE]Crewman as the primary Chat Bot.


KickBot has a multiple alternative nickname depending on the region it's in, such as [DE]HoofBot or [DE]SassBot.

  • [DE]KickBot (or DE_KickBot)
  • [DE]KickbotGer [citation needed]
  • [DE]Megan
  • [DE]KickBro
  • [DE]Grakk
  • [DE]Cephalon
  • [DE]Monitor (or DE-Monitor)
  • [DE]CeilingSkree
  • [DE]Conclave
  • [DE]Arbiter
  • [DE]HoofBot
  • [DE]SassBot
  • [DE]PSN [citation needed]
  • [DE]XBOX [citation needed]
  • [DE]PC [citation needed]
  • [DE]PurplePony [citation needed]
  • [DE]SoylentPurple [citation needed]
  • [DE]ezButts [citation needed]
  • [DE]thcube
  • [DE]CasualBot
  • [DE]Crewman
  • [DE]ezKnux
  • [DE]ezNuts
  • [DE]PunchBot
  • [DE]CappuccinoBot
  • [DE]LoveBot
  • [DE]Mogorgon
  • [DE]SighBorg
  • [DE]GingaNinjaClone
  • [DE]RedHorse
  • [DE]BadHorse
  • [DE]PartyBot
  • [DE]CorinthBot
  • [DE]Prime


  • [DE]KickBot, alongside [DE]CeilingSkree.
  • [DE]KickBot in action.
  • [DE]Kickbot's Poem
  • [DE]thcube can usually be found in the German Region Chat.
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