Quotes from Kela De Thaym, Grineer boss of the planet Sedna.


  • "Listen up scum, idiots, rotting freaks on great war machine!"
  • "[crowd boos]"
  • "Captured deserters have cried for Rathuum. Do you know what that means? Trial by combat!"
  • "[crowd cheers]"
  • "Confused? It's simple. Should you live, innocent. Should you die, guilty! The court is now in session!"

During an Assassination MissionEdit


  • "Tenno, you really want this? Fine! Let's do this!"
  • "Wake up you gutsacks! The Tenno cheaters have decided to disrespect the rules of Rathuum, and come after me directly. [crowd boos] Should I show them what we do to cheaters?! [crowd cheers]"
  • "I can tell you understand what an honor this will be, to have your tiny necks snapped by the Kela De Thaym! That's why you're so eager. I can appreciate that, and so does my audience! [crowd cheers]"



  • "[crowd cheers] Snakes, you can be part of my story, but I don't think you'll like the ending! [crowd cheers]"

Orbital StrikeEdit

  • "Come now, Tenno can't hit harder than that? [crowd cheers]"
  • "I'll be back, right after these missiles!"
  • "Let's pick up where we left off!"
  • "I'm losing my patience, Tenno. No more playing!"
  • "This is my show, my audience! I call the shots! Who do you think you are?"


  • "The Tenno, [yawns] I was expecting... I don't know. More."
  • "Ooh, Snake, a couple more hits to the face and you'll look just like my audience!"
  • "Where do you think you are, your Dojo? This is Rathuum!"
  • "Really now, Tenno. My Roller balls are sharper than you!"
  • "Come on, Tenno, you're like a Corpus drone with a dead battery, you ain't getting no air time."


  • (cheers)
  • (cheers and whistles)
  • (cheers)

Low HealthEdit

  • "You can't kill me! I'm Kela De Thaym, DAMMIT!!"
  • "NO! You will not- egh... [crowd laughter]"
  • "Tenno... Listen... I can help you... become an Executioner. You can kill all the Grineer YOU WANT!! [crowd boos]"
  • "AAAAGH... Stop...Tenno... I can make you famous! [crowd boos]"
  • "NAAAAAAAHH!! [crowd cheers]"
  • "You maggot-minded mongrels, they're the enemy, not me! [crowd boos]"
  • "SILENCE!! Who said you could boo me?! [crowd boos]"


  • "No, no, NO! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! [crowd cheers]"

During Rathuum MissionsEdit

Starting missionEdit

When starting Tier 1 Arena
  • "Mongrels, blood-starved morons – are you ready? [crowd cheers] Let the Rathuum begin!"
When starting Tier 2 Arena
  • "Grineer, you sweet belligerent savages, are you hungry for justice?! [crowd cheers] Is that...? Looky here, the Tenno are back? My, my, these snakes crave sunshine today."
When starting Tier 3 Arena
  • "It's Round 3, the accused still live, and the Tenno still fight. Color me disappointed. [crowd boos] Executioners, show these genetic rejects how to kill."
When starting Endless Rathuum (only during Operation: Rathuum)
  • "Executioners, pass judgment!"


  • "Grineer, look! Today's Executioners are more brutal than you are ugly. They love their Queens. [crowd cheers]"
  • "Today's accused are coward deserters. They hate their Queens so much, they're using Tenno to defend them. [crowd boos] What more do you need to know?"
  • "They abandoned their Queens – why? [crowd boos] Maybe they're too smart for their own good. Not something you maggot-minds will need to worry about."
  • "Do you one-thought-wonders want to see the traitors cry? [crowd cheers] Do you want to see them torn to pieces? [crowd cheers] Oh, I knew it, Grineer, that's exactly what you genetic rot-bags are gonna get!"
Upon Executioner death
  • "The Executioners have fumbled. Typical."
Upon Tenno death
  • "Ouch, that can't feel good."
  • "What a performance. I can feel your hunger, like you want to rip that condender's throat with your teeth."
  • "Down you go. I'd say better luck next time, but you's dead."
  • "Too easy."
When Tenno are winning
  • "This isn't basic training; this is Rathuum. Get out there and deliver your judgment."
  • "The snakes lead."
  • "Come on, Executioners, you're flopping 'round like dying skates out there. It's embarrassing. Are you going to make me do this myself?"
Idle dialogue
  • "That Executioner's a mean one, downright brutal. Makes me smile."
  • "Our Executioners near their final judgment."
  • "All you Grineer are sick in the head. I do respect that."
  • "Come on, Tenno, you're like a Corpus drone with a dead battery, you ain't getting no air time."
  • "Hear that, Executioners? They're cheering for you."
  • "You're wasting the court's time, Tenno."
  • "No, no, no. Just stop and die. You're wasting this court's time."
  • "Where do you think you are? Your Dojo? This is Rathuum."
  • "Oh, you should've all been strangled in your tubes."
  • "Hear that, snakes? You got an audience and they wanna see you bleed."
  • "Watching this one fight is like watching a fly trying to swat a lion."
  • "Come one, Executioners, this is all you've been good at, don't mess it up."

Victory during Operation: RathuumEdit

Upon Tenno winning Tier 1 Arena
  • "Not good enough. We need proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Try again, snakes."
Upon Tenno winning Tier 2 Arena
  • "Another win for the Tenno. THAT'S BAD, you...! Do I have to do every damn thing myself?"
Upon Tenno winning Tier 3 Arena
  • "Another Tenno win... [crowd boos] No, no, no! This is not what was supposed to happen. The Steel Meridian have not been pardoned. This is not over!"

During Dog Days Tactical AlertEdit


  • "Tenno. Sneaky, underhanded, snakey little Tenno. A special Rathuum! Executioners and accused will fight with ACID THROWERS! Ret! Lathuum! Beg...! Bet Lath... *cough* Let! Rathuum! Begin! Do you smell something? GAS LEAK? Gas leak? That's hilarious. Haha. Wait! Exec... Executioners! Iz such a nice day. Do we really wanna fight? Or... dooo weee wannaaa... PARTY?! WA-TER-RR FIIIGHT! I! Said! WATER FIGHT! WADDAFITE! I want a drink with a pink umbrella in it. WATERFIGHT!"

Starting MissionEdit

  • "Ah my executioners are all dressed up and ready for fun. Dey look so cute."
  • "Hosers and Squirts, fill your weapons. Ah stop complaining ya know ya love it."
  • "Are! You! Ready ta GET WET?! Hmm? Sure sure, fix the gas leak, whatever. Don't bother me with details."
  • "Alright! Now get out there and show me some H2-WHOO-OA!"
  • "3-2-1! I! Order You! To Have! Fun! DING DING DING!"

Executioners Begin WinningEdit

  • "Hah, drip, drip you Tenno squirts! Losing team mops up the arena."
  • "HA ha! My executioners have you hosed, Tenno! D... do you think we're gonna get in trouble for this?"
  • "You're all washed up, Tenno! We should solve all our problems like this."

Executioners Begin LosingEdit

  • "My mighty executioners, bowing out 'cause they're too wet? Are you even Grineer? Pfft."
  • "It's all fun and games until WE START LOSING! Pick up your act, Executioners! Fix the gas leak? Pfft. Y'know, we never really talk."
  • "Executioners: If those were still acid cannons, you'd be in a world of hurt right now. HOSE THE TENNO! FOR SQUISHY HONOR!"

Mission VictoryEdit

  • "Round over! Back in your corners and wring out your unmentionables! NEW ROUND!"
  • "The only fun to be had in Rathuum, is by me, watching you, DIE. Why has nobody DIED? Oh. Right."
  • "Bah! So you won this one. Best out of... how many have... LET'S DO IT AGAIN, MEATSACKS!"

Mission DefeatEdit

  • "Well, well, well. Even with all your underhanded Tenno gas leak trickery and slippery weapon-swappery and... and... stuff... Still, mighty Grineer conditioning WINS THE DAY! KE-LA'S NUMBER ONE! KE-LA'S NUMBER ONE!"

Pre-Update 18Edit

Lotus TransmissionsEdit

  • Lotus: "Kela de Thaym holds a position of influence in the Grineer Court. Eliminating Kela should create a power vacuum inside the Grineer leadership and weaken Grineer influence in this System."
  • Lotus: "Kela is a product of the Sisters. She is built for combat. Much of her body has been replaced with combat augmentations. Approach her with caution."
  • Lotus: "All Grineer females undergo mandatory military training. Kela in particular revels in combat. She extended her term for more than a decade before returning to the Court. Do not underestimate her."
  • Lotus: "Kela keeps an entourage of highly-trained Grineer marines with her. We suspect that they are as much for her entertainment as they are for protection."
  • Lotus: "Intel suggests Kela is armed with explosive weaponry – her personal modification of the Bombard design. Take any necessary precautions to ensure this mission's success."
  • Lotus: "I'm detecting a bio-mechanical signature nearby. Be ready for anything."

Mission and Battle TauntsEdit

  • "Come, [PLAYERNAME]... Your end awaits you..."
  • "The Sisters... They will reward me well... When I present your head to them..."
  • "Be warned... I will not abide your intrusion, Tenno..."
  • "First... I will kill you, [PLAYERNAME]... Then... I will eradicate every last member of [CLANNAME]!"
  • "This Tenno... It continues to mock me with its insolence..."
  • "Tenno, in my domain... No matter... They shan't survive long..."
  • "I know your name, [PLAYERNAME].... There is little you can hide from me.... Run... while you can...."
  • "You have forced my hand, [PLAYERNAME].... Know that it was Kela de Thaym who ended your existence...."
  • "This Tenno lives.... This interests me.... I must learn more...."
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