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Contains the genetic code sequence of a Kavat.
—In-Game Description

Kavat Genetic Codes are a resource required for the incubation of a Kavat in the Orbiter's Incubator.


Kavat Genetic Codes can be earned when scanning alive Feral Kavats at a 25.0% chance (while their corpses may be scanned too for Simaris standing - yet this will not award any codes). Alternatively, one can be bought for Platinum64.png 5 each in the Market or with the Kavat Starter Kit for Platinum64.png 95. Bought separately, you will require Platinum64.png 50 to purchase the 10 required to start the incubation process.

Vasca Kavats on the Plains of Eidolon do not give Kavat Genetic Codes when scanned.

Blueprints Requiring Kavat Genetic Code[]

Blueprint Type Quantity
Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment Orbiter Segment 10
KhoraIcon272.png Khora Chassis Component 5
KhoraIcon272.png Khora Neuroptics Component 2
KhoraIcon272.png Khora Systems Component 2
Total 19

Last updated: Update 29.8 (2021-02-11)

Gathering Tips[]

These are based on opinions and may not be 100% true. These should be viewed as advice for finding the enemies until better facts are proven.

Target Planet Name Type Level Tile Set
IconInfestedB.svg Deimos Horend Capture 12 - 14 Orokin Derelict
IconInfestedB.svg Deimos Phlegyas Exterminate 13 - 15 Orokin Derelict
IconInfestedB.svg Deimos Formido Sabotage 14 - 16 Orokin Derelict
  • Buying these off the Market is the easiest option if you aren't wanting to put the time and effort into learning how to farm codes quickly. Obtaining Prime parts or Riven Mods and trading them for Platinum can be faster than farming Genetic Codes directly if you are unfamiliar with code hunting.
  • Consider farming in a group. The number of kavats that spawn in any given pack is group size +1, so if you go solo there will be 2 kavats in a group, two players will get 3, three players will get 4, and 4 players will get 5. Multiple packs do spawn per mission.
  • Phlegyas (Exterminate) and Horend (Capture) nodes on Deimos have a number of Feral Kavats that spawn in the missions. These are the favored nodes for high-volume breeders because they can be run quickly.
  • Steel Path missions have +100% Resource Drop Rate.
  • During the second portion of the Sands of Inaros quest up to 50 Feral Kavats will spawn depending on the player group size.
  • Terrorem (Survival) node on Deimos has a number of Feral Kavat that spawn alongside infested enemies for the first 10 minutes of the mission. This is a very slow method compared to exterminate and capture.
    • There's also a good chance for a group of Kavats to spawn in the starting room, so one possible strategy is to abort and restart the mission if you don't see any Kavats there or don't get any Genetic Codes from them.
    • Alternatively, wait at spawn for 5 mins until the mission starts automatically, 2 trios will spawn in this time (1 trio every 2m 30s). Kavats continue to spawn throughout the mission but it is advised to extract when available.
    • You may want to kill the Kavats after they have been scanned to avoid confusion. This is not necessary as Kavats still spawn either way.
  • Consider using the Synthesis Scanner rather than the Codex Scanner, as you can upgrade the Synthesis Scanner with the Vector-Thread and Cross-Matrix widgets to respectively scan faster or get a chance of gaining an additional genetic code from a successful scan.
  • Certain Warframe abilities that are capable of immobilizing or incapacitating both the Feral Kavats and enemies they may be fighting may make this easier, by both protecting the Kavats from damage and making it easier to scan them:
    • LimboIcon272.png Limbo's Stasis130xDark.png Stasis can stop Kavats from moving altogether. With a high enough Ability Range, Cataclysm130xDark.png Cataclysm can cover the entire room making finding and scanning Kavat much easier. RiftSurge130xDark.png Rift Surge also marks affected enemies with the caster's energy color, making cloaked Kavats easier to spot.
    • With a high enough Ability Range and reasonable Ability Duration, VaubanIcon272.png Vauban's Bastille130xDark.png Bastille (along with the Mod TT 20px.png Repelling Bastille Augment) and RhinoIcon272.png Rhino's RhinoStomp130xDark.png Rhino Stomp are some of the best choices for locking down entire rooms to safely acquire Genetic Codes. Be wary of their high energy costs, however, and plan accordingly.
    • IvaraIcon272.png Ivara's Sleep Arrows, BaruukIcon272.png Baruuk's Lull130xDark.png Lull & EquinoxIcon272.png Equinox's Rest allow you to incapacitate both Feral Kavats and surrounding enemies. Both abilities also mark affected enemies with the caster's energy color (though this is more noticeable with Rest), making cloaked Kavats easier to spot.
    • InarosIcon272.png Inaros' Desiccation130xDark.png Desiccation can be used to incapacitate groups of Feral Kavats and other enemies. However, it only blinds units that are facing you, and its damage over time may be enough to finish off weakened Kavats. Alternatively, Devour130xDark.png Devour can be used to safely lock-down an individual Kavat.
    • With enough Ability Duration, NidusIcon272.png Nidus' ParasiticLink130xDark.png Parasitic Link can be used to lock down one Kavat without fear of it running off or taking too much damage. Be wary of taking damage while linked, however, as the damage is transferred to the Kavat and can kill it if its health is low enough.
    • TitaniaIcon272.png Titania's Spellbind130xDark.png Spellbind and Lantern130xDark.png Lantern can be used to immobilize Feral Kavats and also enemies, in the case of Spellbind, aiding in easy scans. Be wary of killing the Kavat however, upon deactivation of Lantern once its cast. Some users report this ability preventing the drops, with the targets no longer turning blue when scanned, so use with caution.
    • NezhaIcon272.png Nezha's DivineSpears130xDark.png Divine Spears is an easy way to immobilize Feral Kavats leaving them an easy target for scanning. building minimal power strength is best to prevent the spears from killing them right away.
    • HarrowIcon272.png Harrow's Condemn130xDark.png Condemn can be used to immobilize Feral Kavats and enemies.
    • ExcaliburIcon272.png Excalibur's RadialBlind130xDark.png Radial Blind can also be used to immobilize Feral Kavats and enemies.
    • TrinityIcon272.png Trinity's WellOfLife130xDark.png Well Of Life is a good choice for immobilizing weakened Feral Kavats as it will also buff their health. It can, however, only hold one Feral Kavat per Trinity at a time.
    • GaraIcon272.png Gara's MassVitrify130xDark.png Mass Vitrify can crystallize all Kavats in its area making them easy to scan.
    • GarudaIcon272.png Garuda's BloodAltar130xDark.png Blood Altar can immobilize a single Kavat long enough for scanning.
    • Nova's Molecular Prime can slow the whole room. Be quick though as enough damage from fighting between enemies may kill them.


  • Resource Booster and Resource Drop Chance Booster do increase the number of codes obtained from a scan.
  • Feral Kavats do not appear on the mini-map while they are cloaked and become invisible.
    • This renders Mod TT 20px.png Enemy Radar or similar mods to be less effective at spotting them.
    • However, looking through Scanners can highlight them, even through walls and while they are invisible.
  • Remove either weapons or attack Precepts from Sentinels or MOA (Companion), as they will attack Kavats indiscriminately, possibly killing them before they can be scanned. For this reason, be wary of bringing along Pet Kubrows or Kavats as they will not stand down and continue attacking Feral Kavats.
    • Pet Kavats with Territorial Aggression pacify all wild animals in a given area, Feral Kavats included.
    • Because boosters now affect Kavat Codes, Smeeta Kavats that prioritize Charm are a viable option in Code farming. However, they should be modded to deal as little damage as possible as to not kill Feral Kavats too quickly.
  • Helios' Mod TT 20px.png Investigator and AtlasIcon272.png Atlas' Mod TT 20px.png Ore Gaze can be used to acquire Genetic Codes, but only if the Feral Kavat's Codex entry has not been fully researched.
  • The Heliocor.png Heliocor and its variant SynoidHeliocor.png Synoid Heliocor can easily collect Kavat Genetic Codes with its Codex scanning mechanic when soloing, though bear in mind that only the killing player will collect the codes, and also this method will not take into account the Cross-Matrix Widget if you have it installed.
  • Using BallisticaPrime.png Ballistica Prime's passive to create ghosts is useful, as each ghost can be scanned like a normal kavat, and can take advantage of the Cross-Matrix widget, giving a second chance to get Kavat Genetic Codes from the same feral Kavat.
    • Ghosts made from unalerted Kavats are sometimes completely invisible, but still scannable in this state if you can find them.


Patch History[]

Update 26.0 (2019-10-31)

  • (Undocumented) Updated image.

Update 24.3 (2019-02-27)

  • Introduced Nightwave replacing Alerts and Challenge Rewards systems.
    • Alert Rewards 5x Kavat Genetic Codes are not moving into the Nightwave Cred Offerings

Hotfix 24.2.15 (2019-02-15)

  • Increased chance of Kavat scans yielding Genetic Codes to 25% (from 15%) and made drop chance/amount Boosters apply to all scans that yield Resources.

Update 19.3 (2016-12-06)

  • Fixed Kavat Genetic Codes from Alerts not being given out in intended quantities. Alerts will now grant 5 Kavat Genetic Codes.

Update 19.1 (2016-11-25)

  • 10x Kavat Genetic Codes have been added to Alerts!

Hotfix: Specters of the Rail 0.4 (2016-07-11)

  • Doubled the chance to get a Kavat Genetic Signature on scanning of Feral Kavats.

Update: Specters of the Rail 0.0 (2016-07-08)

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Update 26.0 (2019-10-31)