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For Unaffiliated Kavats, see Feral Kavat.
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Kavats are terrain-restricted melee feline companions similar to Kubrows. They also have different breeds, color palettes, and patterns. There are currently three types of Kavats.


Kavats normally live in Infested areas and feed on the Infestation. Feral Kavats are naturally invisible and are not hostile to players unless they are scanned.

Due to their anti-Infested potential, the Grineer have domesticated Kavats for use in clearing out the Infestation from their ships. Kavat handlers, known as Hyekka Masters, are equipped with advanced sensors to detect Kavats, which can also detect invisible players, serving as an additional stealth hazard in Grineer missions.


Piercing eyes reflect deadly instincts.

This sly feline is playful yet devious.

A drinker of life, this Kavat prowls the Plains upon dusk.

Main article: Khora/Abilities

Khora's ferocious Kavat, Venari, fights alongside her with steadfast zeal. Venari is an exclusive Companion for the KhoraIcon272.png Khora Warframe, integrated as her signature passive ability. Venari will spawn beside Khora when the player first enters a mission, as a permanent companion that lasts until killed.

While Venari is alive, Khora passively gains a movement speed boost. If Venari is killed, she will respawn beside Khora after 45 seconds, or instantly if summoned via the third ability for an energy cost. Both passive features are tied to Khora's Venari130xDark.png Venari ability allowing her to be modified.

The most common Vulpaphyla, they travel in packs and are generally non-aggressive.

The Crescent is the most pugnacious subspecies of Vulpaphyla, they will rush anything they perceive as a threat.


This variant of Vulpaphyla only shows up when Vome watches over the Cambion Drift.

This hardy creature has a collagenous dermis that acts as a thick, protective armor.



The Adarza Kavat and Smeeta Kavats are acquired through Incubation. Kavats are bred using the Orbiter's Incubator, which must first be upgraded with a Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment. This Upgrade Segment may be purchased from the market for Platinum64.png 175 or crafted from its corresponding blueprint which must be researched and purchased in the Dojo or dropped by Hyekka Masters. The blueprint assembly for the Upgrade Segment costs 10 Kavat Genetic Codes, which are obtained by scanning Feral Kavats with a Codex Scanner or Synthesis Scanner. Once installed, each breeding attempt requires 10 Kavat Genetic Codes and an Incubator Power Core.

Once the player meets the necessary requirements to begin breeding, the incubator offers a choice between a Random incubation or the use of Genetic Code Templates.


As the name implies, a Random incubation offers no guarantees on the resulting Kavat's Variant, head, tail, sex, color, or fur pattern.

Genetic Code Template[]

An incubation utilizing Genetic Code Templates offers a much higher probability of the traits imprinted on the Template to be present in the resulting Kavat, however, this is still not guaranteed, and certain Kavat traits are not even imprinted on the Template in the first place. See the Genetic Code Template article for more information about the transferral of traits from one Kavat to another when starting this type of incubation.

Regardless of the type of incubation, once the process is started, it will require 48 hours (24 hours with an Incubator Upgrade Segment) to complete. This stage may, however, be rushed for ‍Platinum64.png 15.


When the incubation process completes, either naturally or by rushing, the player will be able to name their new Kavat for free, subsequent renaming is possible for Platinum64.png 15. The named but non-mature Kavat can be kept for as long as the player wants, and will walk around the Orbiter; however, to be usable in missions, it must be matured, which is instantaneous.

Genetic Age Regressing[]

Players can regress the age of their Kavats back to their infant forms through the incubator. In their baby forms, they cannot be brought into missions to be used for combat or utility. Installed mods, Formas, and Orokin Reactors will still be intact if the player chooses to mature their Kavats again.


Venari130xDark.png Venari is KhoraIcon272.png Khora's companion that functions as her passive and third ability, and will always appear next to her. Venari cannot be separated from Khora.

Vasca Kavat[]

Vasca Kavats are Kavats that have been infected by the Vasca Virus that appears at nighttime in the Plains of Eidolon. When a player brings their Kavat to the wild Vasca and is attacked by them, it will become infected, indicated by a red overlay. The player must then take their infected Kavat back to the Orbiter's Incubator and use a Genetic Code Template on them, acquiring a Vasca Imprint while also removing the virus. Two Vasca Imprints are needed to guarantee a Vasca Kavat.

Note that breeding a domesticated Vasca Kavat still requires one Incubator Power Core and ten Kavat Genetic Codes.


Vulpaphylas are modular Kavats[citation needed] created through a process called Revivification with Son, using Mutagens and Antigens sold by him along with finding wild Vulpaphyla in Cambion Drift, Deimos via Conservation that have been weakened by hostile Infested.

Companion Slots[]

To begin, all Kavats will first need a Companion Slot (which can be bought for Platinum64.png 12 for 2 slots) to grow and mature before being usable in missions and will permanently occupy one Companion Slot. In the event that a player wishes to permanently remove a Kavat from their possession, such as due to the lack of vacant Companion Slots, the Kavat can be consigned to the Lotus for Credits64.png 25,000, freeing up their Companion Slot.



  • Kavats are referred to as "Catbrow" in the game files, a portmanteau of "cat" and "Kubrow."
  • The name of at least one breed of Kavat is derived from Sanskrit, which seems relevant to the breed's specialty;
  • While Incubating, when the Kavat shows up in kitten form, you can pet your Kavat by pressing your interact button when standing in front of the Incubator.
  • Despite technically being considered Kavats, Vulpaphylas have more in common appearance-wise with foxes, which in real life are part of the canidae (dog) family and not the felidae (cat) family of animals. This is furthered by their name, which is taken from the Latin word and genus "vulpes," meaning fox, and the plural form of phylum "phyla," the taxonomic rank below kingdom.

Patch History[]

Hotfix 31.5.2 (2022-04-28)

  • Fixed script error when Mod linking Kavat.

Update 31.1 (2022-02-09)

  • Fixed equipped Kavat lifting us its forelimb when swapping between Pets.

Hotfix 31.0.3 (2021-12-17)

  • Fixed broken textures on the Vasca Kavat fur.

Update 30.7 (2021-09-08)

  • Fixed a Look Linked Kavat appearing to have 2 tails.

Update 30.5 (2021-07-06)


The Companion System has received a much awaited overhaul! The Companion System has undergone many iterations: DNA Decay rate reductions, adding the option to ‘Consign’, removing the negative effects from a lack of Loyalty or Integrity, removing Stasis completely - the list goes on!

The below are our continued efforts to streamline the Companion System structure that is now almost 7 years old! With a combination of Community feedback and internal desires we’ve changed the following:

Genetic Aging Regressing

Within the Incubator you can now choose to “Regress Genetic Aging” of an existing Mature Companion back to their non-mature state (puppy, kitten, etc). Keep in mind that this unequips said Companion (if it was equipped) and it’s Armor/cosmetics are removed. At any time you can choose to Mature said Companion at which it will revert to its former Mature state with its existing Levels, stats, and Armor/cosmetics intact. There’s no limit to how many times you can Regress your Companion!

Stability & Loyalty Removal

We have removed the DNA Integrity and Loyalty groups from the Companion Management Screen, and removed DNA Stabilizers from the Market. Previously only the Nutrio Incubator Upgrade Segment could eliminate DNA degradation. No more Stability or Loyalty degrading!

Hotfix 30.3.4 (2021-06-02)

  • Fixed incorrect head and tail coloring when previewing a Kavat Skin while having an incompatible pet type equipped.

Hotfix 30.3.3 (2021-05-28)

  • Fixed inconsistent placement and type of Emblems while using Kavat Armor.

Update 29.5 (2020-11-19)

Hotfix 28.0.6 (2020-06-24)

  • Fixed Vasca Kavat babies having broken textures when previewing in the Arsenal.

Update 28.0 (2020-06-11)

Pet Companion Stasis Removal

All Stasis slots have been converted into Companion slots. All your Kubrows and Kavats are now listed upon equipping a Companion in the Arsenal!

Due to no longer having Stasis, if you currently have a pup Companion (not yet Matured), upon equipping it in the Arsenal the UI will prompt you to either Mature or let it roam your Orbiter. The option to let it roam is only available if you don't have a proper Kubrow/Kavat equipped. When starting an Incubation your current roaming Companion will be put away.

  • The ‘Nutrio Incubator Update Segment’ now entirely disables DNA degradation!
  • The Pets Breed is now displayed beside the Pets name in the description when viewing in the Arsenal.

Hotfix 27.5.4 (2020-05-20)

  • Fixed another case of the Vasca Curative not working on Kavats.

Hotfix 27.5.2 (2020-05-13)

  • Fixed Kavats being re-infected with Vasca after being cured and then completing a mission with said Kavat.

Update 27.4 (2020-05-01)

  • You can now customize your Kavat’s Emissive color, which will affect their tail and eye color.
  • This option also fixes not being able to change the color of the fan-like Kavat tails due to it being based on energy color.
  • Fixed the Kavat Starter Pack only giving 1x Kavat Genetic Code instead of the intended 10x. This also fixed purchasing Kavat Genetic Codes from the Kavat Starter Pack only giving 1x, when the UI indicated 10x.
    • We removed the ability to purchase them in the bundle to prevent this issue, but they can still be purchased individually in the in-game Market outside of the bundle.

Update 27.3 (2020-03-24)

Hotfix 27.0.10 (2020-01-11)

  • Fixed Kavat Companion Emblems being equipped on the wrong side.

Update 26.0 (2019-10-31)

  • Each Kavat can now give you 3 Imprints (up from 2). This will apply to all Kavats that predate this update. If you’ve already used 2, you'll find 1 more ready to go!

Hotfix (2019-09-05)

  • When previewing Kubrow/Kavat Armor that cannot be equipped on your current Kubrow/Kavat (Hyekka, Moonless, etc) it will now display the compatible Kubrow/Kavat Skin.

Update 25.7 (2019-08-29)

  • Fixed previewing Kubrow Armor in the Market with a Kavat active resulting in the default preview Kubrow’s fur clipping through the Armor.
  • Fixed being able to collide with Kavats in the Orbiter.

Hotfix 25.2.3 (2019-06-25)

  • Fixed performance issues related to Kavat ragdolls.

Hotfix 25.1.1 (2019-06-06)

  • Fixed Kavat tails not applying the chosen Energy colors.

Hotfix 25.0.4 (2019-05-28)

  • Fixed Kavats becoming stuck in their Idle animation (most commonly seen when near the Domestik Drone). 

Hotfix 24.5.7 (2019-03-28)

Pet Incubator Changes

Pets no longer suffer negative effects from a lack of Loyalty or Integrity! Integrity and Loyalty are now strictly a bonus on top of your Pet’s base Health and Damage. This also removes the function of auto-Stasis when Loyalty and Integrity hits 0, at which your Pet will just simply not have a bonus and continue to live peacefully. The Pet Incubator has undergone many changes, and these are small steps in a larger plan to simplify this system for a more streamlined structure.

Hotfix 24.1.1 (2018-11-23)

  • Fixed Kubrow and Kavat Companions sometimes attacking/using abilities on animals.

Hotfix 24.0.9 (2018-11-21)

  • Improved Kubrow and Kavat cold shivers, and they now also shake off accumulated snow when out in the Orb Vallis!
  • Increased the speed at which MOAs/Kubrows/Kavats attempt to catch up to you from far distances.
  • Fixed Kavat Roar & Kubrow Howl Precepts not creating FX on Clients unless they were the second Precept equipped.

Hotfix 24.0.8 (2018-11-15)

  • Fixed a script error related to Khora’s Venari.

Hotfix 24.0.7 (2018-11-15)

  • Fixed the Fetch Mod not functioning for a Client Venari.

Hotfix 24.0.5 (2018-11-12)

  • Fixed the Fetch mod causing other Companion Mods to not function (specific to Kavats and Kubrows).

Hotfix 24.0.2 (2018-11-09)

  • The Hastened Deflection Mod is now a ‘BEAST’ Mod, meaning it’s also compatible with Kavats and Helminth Charger.
  • Fixed inability to catch fish with the Pulse Spear when affected by Smeeta Kavat’s Crit buff.

Update 24.0 (2018-11-08)

  • A new Mod, Fetch, for Kubrows and Kavats (Beasts) has been added - Detects and collects items within an area for its master, including Mods. Fetch operates the same as the coveted Vacuum Mod for Sentinels.
  • New Kavat mods introduced:
    • Tek Assault: Kavat has Increased chance to ignore Lethal Damage and be immune for a limited time
    • Tek Enhance: Increased Kavat Ability Duration

Update 23.10 (2018-10-12)

  • Fixed Khora’s Venari being invisible in the Cetus Arsenal when accessing it as the Operator.

Update 23.10 (2018-10-12)

  • Introduced ‘BEAST’ category for Kubrows, Kavats (instead of COMPANIONS) and the Helminth Charger, and added ‘ROBOTIC’ category for Sentinels. Remaining Mods that indicate ‘COMPANION’ are useable across all Companion types.
  • Adjusted chances for Kavats to use the Pet Bed to prevent unrealistic bed usage. Reddit has shown us that we have fake cats in Warframe.
  • Fix an issue where switching from Sentinel to Kavat/Kubrow in the Simulacrum Arsenal would lead to heavy spot-loading.

Update 23.5 (2018-08-24)

  • Kasga Kavat Armor introduced.
  • Fixed sometimes getting unintended colors on Venari when using the Randomize feature.

Update 23.2 (2018-08-02)

  • Fixed Kavats spawning inside the railing and twitching when loading into the Corpus Ship Freight Captura Scene.

Hotfix 23.1.2 (2018-07-24)

  • Kavats are now included in the description for DNA Stabilizers in the market.

Update 23.0 (2018-06-15)

  • Umbra Kavat Armor introduced.
  • While Exalted Weapons can be ranked, they do not count towards Mastery Rank (with the exception of Khora’s Venari).
  • Fixed Khora’s Venari disarming Vor after attacking him.

Hotfix 22.20.5 (2018-05-24)

  • Fixed Kavat interaction animation sometimes being incorrect immediately after retrieving the Kavat from Stasis.
  • Fixed a Venari script error in rare cases where the player's Warframe is not available (ex. War Within).

Update 22.20 (2018-05-17)

  • Khora's Kavat now teleports to a given target instead of pathing there if the target is too far away!
  • Changed Khora’s Venari animations from domestic Kavat to Feral Kavat.
  • Tweaked Venari command sounds.
  • Fixed Khora’s Venari getting locked in her Attack Mode when attempting Mastery Rank tests, which can cause failure on stealth tests (MR9 for example).
  • Fixed Venari freezing in place when entering Cetus from the Plains, and subsequently duplicating if you head back out, eventually leading to a hall of kitty statues.
  • Fixed being able to pet an invisible Venari if interacting with her immediately after exiting her upgrade screen in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed a script error with Khora’s Venari.
  • Reduced the damage of Khora's Venari in Conclave.

Update 22.19 (2018-05-02)

  • Operators can no longer be targeted for Venari to Heal. This follows precedent with other Warframe abilities not being castable on Operators.
  • Fixed Venari’s ability stats and passive speed buff UI appearing to be affected by Efficiency Mods. Ability Strength Mods are what applies to Venari’s abilities/passive.
  • Fixed Venari’s Heal being permanently active when equipping negative Duration Mods on Khora.
  • Fixed not being able to see Venari’s hold indicator when switching postures.
  • Fixed incorrect icon displaying for Venari’s Healing posture.
  • Fixed Venari script error that would occur if you're controlling the Operator when Venari respawns.
  • Fixed Venari not disappearing when playing an Archwing mission as Khora.
  • Fixed a case of Khora getting the Venari speed buff HUD icon when Venari fails to spawn.
  • Fixed Venari attacking you in the Simulacrum Arsenal when Friendly Fire is enabled.
  • Reduced the damage of Khora's Venari in Conclave.
  • More fixes towards cases of ‘Supercat’ Kavat issues.

Hotfix 22.18.8 (2018-04-28)

  • New Khora Passive: The ferocious Kavat, Venari, fights by Khora’s side and provides her with a speed boost while active. If killed, Venari will reappear after a short time.
  • Venari is now a Passive ability - Venari is simply there, no casting required. If Venari dies, she will respawn in 45 seconds or you can summon her back by using the Venari ability for an Energy cost of 50 that scales with the Respawn timer.
  • New Venari Ability Description: Command Venari to focus on a target. Hold to cycle between Attack, Protect, and Heal postures. If Venari is killed, use this ability to revive her instantly
  • Venari fights independently until she receives a command. Khora’s third ability (Venari) overrides Venari’s target, as indicated by the icon over Khora’s head.
  • Commanding Venari while in the Heal posture without a valid target will command Venari to heal Khora.
  • Companion mods like Animal Instinct have been fixed so they will work properly on Venari.
  • Venari deals Slash damage to enemies instead of Impact damage.
  • Ability Strength Mods on Khora now affect Venari abilities.

Hotfix 22.18.7 (2018-04-25)

  • Fixed Venari UI stats overlapping text when Dual Wielding.
  • Fixed Venari's loadout slot appearing in the Conclave Arsenal even if Khora is not equipped. Interacting with Venari’s loadout slot would result in a crash.

Update 22.18 (2018-04-20)

  • The warframe Khora and her Kavat companion, Venari introduced.
    • Summon a ferocious, gleaming Kavat. Use again to cycle between Attack, Protect, and Heal postures.

Hotfix 22.17.4 (2018-04-13)

  • Fixed Smeeta’s Charm cooldown being removed if you were to Revive or be Revived.

Update 22.17 (2018-03-28)

  • Fixed Kavats equipped with Mischief appearing headless after a Host migration occured.

Hotfix 22.13.3 (2018-02-21)

  • Tweaked Kavat wall attack behaviours to prevent ‘supercat’.
  • Adarza Kavat’s Cat’s Eye Critical Chance Buff no longer apply to Operators.
  • Smeeta Kavat’s Charm Critical Chance and Energy recharge Buffs no longer apply to Operators.

Update 22.12 (2018-02-09)

  • Fixed the icon for the Kavat Sentinel tail (was on upside down).

Update 22.10 (2018-01-25)

  • Fixed Kavats playing death sounds when changing Mods in the Simulacrum Arsenal.

Hotfix 22.8.2 (2018-01-04)

  • Fixed the Hunter Command Mod not allowing pets to use other scripted abilities they have equipped (such as Smeeta Charm).

Update 22.5 (2017-11-30)

  • Fixed issues with the way Kubrows and Kavats looked in dioramas.

Hotfix 22.2.4 (2017-11-06)

  • Fixed certain Kavat Skins being shown in Market previews for Kavats Armor even though those Skins are not compatible with Armor.

Update 22.0 (2017-10-12)

  • Animals - Master Teasonai's Unique Kubrow & Kavat Gene Masking Kits introduced.
  • The Sharpened Claws Kavat Mod now only applies the Armour debuff when actually dealing damage. Previously the Armour debuff would activate even if no damage was dealt.
  • Fixed being unable to preview changes done to a Kubrow or Kavat after removing them from Stasis if they are part of a Loadout.

Update 21.4 (2017-08-10)

  • Fixed an issue where various glow FXs wouldn't appear to apply to attachments in certain cases, most notably on the Kavat's head.

Update 21.2 (2017-07-26)

  • Fixes towards Smeeta Charm buffs not consistently applying to the Operator.

Hotfix 21.1.1 (2017-07-20)

  • Companion Kavats will now get knocked back and dissolve (instead of just vanishing) when they sadly die because you either left them or didn’t make it in time.

Update 21.1 (2017-07-19)

  • Improved the Smeeta Kavat Mischief buff for Operators. Relevant buffs on the Warframes will always be transferred to the Operator and vice versa.

Hotfix 21.0.9 (2017-07-17)

  • Operators are now affected by the Smeeta Kavat Mischief/Charm buffs.

Update 21.0 (2017-06-29)

  • Changed Kavat animation looping from laying on side to sitting up to growl, and then lay back down. Essentially, your classic cat behavior - unbothered.
  • You can now search for your Kubrows and Kavats by name.
  • Fixed Kavat and Kubrow bundles from the Market not awarding Incubator Power Cores.
  • Fixed petting the air animation when attempting to interact with your Kavat immediately after putting it in stasis.
  • Fixed Kavat customizations not showing up in the Stasis preview.

Hotfix 20.6.2 (2017-05-30)

  • Pet Kubrow and Kavats will now recover from ragdoll instead of dying when they are ragdolled off the level or in bad positions.

Hotfix 20.5.2 (2017-05-18)

  • Fixed the Sharpened Claws Kavat Mod giving Armor removed by 4 Corrosive Projections back to enemies. Bad kitty!

Hotfix 20.4.6 (2017-05-11)

  • Fixed not being able to use the vault doors in the Orokin Derelict if there's a Kavat/Kubrow or other player in the way.

Update 20.4 (2017-05-04)

  • Fixed unequipping Oberon not returning Kavat/Kubrow Health to its original value until you enter a mission.

Hotfix 20.2.3 (2017-04-19)

  • Changed the Kavat icons on Mission Progress, End of Mission and Last Mission results to consistently show your Kavat's face (like the Arsenal); Pablo claims this is because they have personality.

Update 20.2 (2017-04-12)

  • Fixed interacting with your Kubrow/Kavat in the Helminth Infirmary causing the door to close/remain closed on you.

Update 20.0 (2017-03-24)

  • Myrdin Kavat Armor introduced.
  • Lowered the specular lightning on the Smeeta Kavat to address ‘plastic’ looking issues.
  • Fixed issues with Kubrow / Kavats having incorrect icons in the End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed a script error when viewing the Kavat diorama in the Codex

Hotfix 19.13.1 (2017-03-10)

  • Fixed the Nexus Kavat Fur Pattern not appearing correctly when linking it in Chat.

Update 19.12 (2017-03-02)

  • Fixed Kavat interaction sounds sometimes not playing.

Hotfix 19.11.1 (2017-02-16)

  • Fixed Smeeta’s Charm precept buff giving Bows an unintended insane Fire Rate.

Hotfix 19.7.2 (2017-01-23)

  • Updated the Incubator Upgrade Segment description to read "Pets" instead of "Kubrows" so it addresses Kavats as well.

Hotfix 19.5.1 (2016-12-22)

  • Fixed undiscovered Kavats showing in the codex.

Update 19.5 (2016-12-22)

  • Fixed Missing Smeeta Kavat icon and wrong Adarza icon.

Update 19.4.2 (2016-12-20)

  • Fixed Kubrow and Kavat mini-map markers disappearing on Grineer Shipyard Defense missions.

Update 19.4 (2016-12-16)

  • Hyekka Kavat skin introduced. (Kavat armor unavailable for the Hyekka for now while we work on setting it up)

Update 19.3 (2016-12-06)

  • Fixed Kavat Genetic Codes from Alerts not being given out in intended quantities. Alerts will now grant 5 Kavat Genetic Codes.

Update 19.1 (2016-11-25)

  • 10x Kavat Genetic Codes have been added to Alerts!
  • Fixed Smeeta's Charm ‘Doubled Pickups and Affinity’ buff not working as intended and doubling a number of things that were unintended. It now properly doubles pickups: Resource, Health, Energy, Affinity, Credit and Ammo (previously it would).

Hotfix 19.0.3 (2016-11-14)

  • Fixed the whisker placement on Kavat heads.

Hotfix 19.0.1 (2016-11-11)

  • Kubrows and Kavats can now be renamed for 25 Platinum!

Update 19.0 (2016-11-11)

  • Kuva Kavat Armor introduced.
  • The ‘squished face’ Kavat has received it’s visual update! Thanks to feedback we've revised the visuals of this Kavat face. We hope you enjoy the new and improved look!
  • The Kubrow and Kavat section of the Player Profile has been renamed to Companions.

Hotfix: The Vacuum Within 3 (2016-10-13)

  • Fixed the Ki'teer Kavat Armor projectors not changing with energy colour.

Hotfix: The Silver Grove 1.2 (2016-09-02)

  • Changed Smeeta's Charm ability, specifically the Resource related Charm, to give a single Resource pickup rather than a random stack of resources that may not be the appropriate size for the chosen Resource type.
  • Fixed Kavats floating in mid-air when they are killed during their jump attack.

Update: The Silver Grove (2016-08-19)

  • Kavats no longer use their Pounce ability when trying to be stealthy and have the Pounce mod equipped.
  • Fixed the Sense Danger Kavat Mod always displaying bright pink enemies.
  • Fixed an exploit with Smeeta's Charm ability.

Hotfix: Specters of the Rail 1.1 (2016-07-29)

  • Tweaked Kavat behaviors to get them to attack more consistently.

Update: Specters of the Rail 1 (2016-07-28)

  • Tweaked some pet behavior logic related to cloaking and targeting. This should sort out some targeting issues for Kubrows and Kavats where they would become targetable when leaving their stealth state but were still visually cloaked by a player ability.
  • Fixed incorrect camera positioning when attempting to pet your Kavat companion.
  • Fixed enemies appearing to run in place like they are slipping on ice after your Kavat has used Pounced.

Hotfix: Specters of the Rail 0.12 (2016-07-20)

  • Replaced the unreleased Rank-5 version of Link Health for Kavats with the proper Rank 10 version that is shared with Kubrows. This mod was only obtainable through Transmutation.

Hotfix: Specters of the Rail 0.8 (2016-07-14)

  • Fixed misleading descriptions about Kavat Gene-Masking kits.

Hotfix: Specters of the Rail 0.5 (2016-07-12)

  • Fixed an issue with Kavat's appearing to get infinite Affinity in Dojos.

Hotfix: Specters of the Rail 0.4 (2016-07-11)

  • Doubled the chance to get a Kavat Genetic Signature on scanning of Feral Kavats.
  • Fixed issues with volume and radius of Kavat precept sound effects.

Hotfix: Specters of the Rail 0.1 (2016-07-08)

  • Fixed Kavats being bred with missing body parts.
  • Fixed an issue with the Landing Craft ramp closing while poor Kubrows are Kavats were still on them.
  • Fixed some missing sound effects on Kavat kitten interaction animations.

Update: Specters of the Rail 0.0 (2016-07-08)

  • Wysar Kavat Armor and Saraba Kavat Armor introduced.
  • Kavats & Companion System Improvements

With the introduction of a new species also comes some new features for the Companion system overall! All biological Companions can now roam the ship in their kitten/puppy or adult form, and it's up to you to decide to Mature them with the click of a button – no more mysterious wait times that can't be bypassed.Adorn your faithful companion in the Armor it deserves and enhance it with new Mods!

There are two Unique Breeds of Kavat, the Adarza Kavat and the Smeeta Kavat! Each Kavat breed will have a set of unique perks:

  • Adarza Kavats, lethal and sly, have learned the following:
    • Cat’s Eye - Adarza Kavat grants increased critical chance to all nearby Tenno for a short duration.
    • Reflect – Reflects damage back at attackers with increased lethality.
  • Smeeta Kavats, aloof but powerful, have learned the following:
    • Mischief - Allows Smeeta Kavat to become invisible while a decoy Kavat draws fire by running toward the enemy.
    • Charm - Smeeta Kavat bestows its owner with good fortune during the course of a mission.

Kavats can also equip other Companion Mods to help you better customize your newest (and perhaps cutest) companion yet!

  • New Kavat Mods:
    • Sense Danger - The Kavat alerts their master of nearby enemies.
    • Territorial Aggression - The Kavat marks their territory, pacifying any wild creature within it.
    • Pounce - The Kavat pounces at an enemy, stunning them for a short duration.
    • Sharpened Claws - A vicious attack that sunders armour and rends flesh.
    • Swipe - Strikes additional enemies and gains increased range. +1 enemies. +0.5m to attack range.
  • Kavats introduced.

Last updated: Hotfix 24.1.1 (2018-11-23)