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Charges into an opponent as soon as it takes damage, self-destructing at close proximity.
Strength:250 (Damage)
Range:5 Meters
Users:Oxium Osprey

  • This ability will only activate if its user takes direct damage to health.
  • The user will self-destruct upon close proximity of a valid target, therefore it does not have to charge directly into it.
  • This ability has a maximum range to activate; if there are no valid targets, the ability will not trigger.
    • The ability also has a minimum range; the user must keep its distance in order to charge.
  • If the user misses its target, it can use this ability again, with a short delay between uses.
  • Distance traveled is reduced by a Cold proc.

Tips & Tricks
  • Oxium Ospreys emit high-pitched chirps before they charge. Use this as a cue to move out of its way.
  • Because of its maximum trigger range, keeping your distance will prevent its use.
    • Alternatively, stay strictly within melee range and don't let the Osprey escape your reach.

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