Jen specializes in corporate espionage and uses the information she gathers to facilitate sudden downturns for her opponents.

Jen Dro is one of the many Brokers that the player encounters while participating in The Index. She is armed with the DualCorpusMinigun Dual Cestras and has the unique ability of disguising herself as a player.


  • Jen Dro's signature ability, Mimic, does not entirely copy the rival Tennos' Warframes, having several imperfections such as retaining their previous Armor values, speed and dynamic accents such as the ones found on Nova PrimeIcon272 Nova Prime and NidusIcon272 Nidus.
    • Additionally, Jen Dro has no preference with regards to targeting priority and will often attack the Warframe they are currently disguised as, further drawing attention to themselves.
  • Jen Dro can also deploy Translocator, which provides teleportation for Anyo Corp brokers. They will remain deployed until a player manages to destroy them.
  • She will dodge as soon as the player is aiming at or targeting her.


  • Jen Dro may be a reference towards the often clouded reference to names that are not yet known or aware of in either a placeholder situation or one of anonymity named "Jane Doe".
    • This further is referenced by the act of Jen Dro consistently hiding her identity with the use of disguises.

Bugs Edit

  • Despite the Codex stating that she has 100 shield, 150 flesh, and 200 alloy armor at base, she actually has 2500 shield, 1000 flesh, and 50 alloy armor at base.
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