Used in the construction of Javloks.

The Javlok Capacitor is a special resource that is used exclusively for crafting the GrnFlameSpear Javlok. Javlok capacitors can only be acquired as a drop from Prosecutors in the Grineer Shipyard tileset, with a 100% drop chance.

As of Hotfix 24.2.7, you can sell the Javlok Capacitor for Credits642,500.

Blueprints Requiring Javlok CapacitorEdit

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Blueprint Type Quantity
Javlok Primary 6


  • A Capacitor is a device used to store an electric charge, consisting of one or more pairs of conductors separated by an insulator.
  • The model of the Javlok Capacitor looks like a sound speaker.

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 24.2.7
  • Javlok Capacitors can now be sold to 2,500 Credits (as to not pile up in your Inventory).
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