When intrepid explorers returned from the Void they would isolate themselves in the vaults until they re-aligned with causality and sanity. Technology useful against the Infestation may still -

You stay out, Tenno, there's only death and decay down there!

Loid and Otak

Isolation Vaults are Entrati facilities built deep within Deimos, which safeguard the various treasures and information that Entrati explorers have acquired from the Void. With Deimos overrun by the Infested, these vaults now serve as tantalizing places for explorers to try their hand at various riches if they can survive the dangers within.


The Cambion Drift hides numerous Isolation Vaults that are closed off by Infested masses. To access them, players must initiate an "Isolation Vault" Bounty from Mother either from inside the Necralisk or from Mother's various outposts within the Drift.

Deimos map 1.3

Deimos Cambion Drift annotated map: Mother, necramech, active crystals, conservation, caves, and K-drives

A total of three Isolation Vaults can be accessed per mission, requiring players to reaccept the Bounty, in different Tiers, from Mother within the Cambion Drift. The Isolation Vaults Tiers are as follows:

  • Tier 1 - Represented by 3-Stars and Lvl. 30-40.
  • Tier 2 - Represented by 4-Stars and Lvl. 40-50.
  • Tier 3 - Represented by 5-Stars and Lvl. 50-60.

Each successive Vault unlocks the next Bounty Tier, adding harder enemies but yielding greater rewards. The first Vault pulls from the "common" reward list, the second from "uncommon", and third from "rare". The location of the Vaults are as follows:

  • The center of Cambion Drift, in the cave below Undulatum
    • Accepting the Bounty inside the Necralisk will direct to this Vault.
  • The southeastern side, south of The Abscess
  • The westernmost side, west of Catabolic Gutter

All three Isolation Vault bounties must be performed within a single Deimos 'day' cycle, refreshing whenever Fass overtakes Vome. If the cycle changes partway during or after completing a vault, the succeeding Isolation Vault will reset to Tier 1. The completed vault will again be available as a bounty, but the 1st stage will be automatically skipped and players can pass through the unlocked Infested door to begin the 2nd stage.

It is important to note players that have not unlocked Transference from The War Within won't have any means to properly open the Vaults.

Stage 1Edit

Players must collect Fass Residue or Vome Residue depending on the current Cycle in the Drift. The amount of Residue needed varies by Squad Number: 6 in a 1-2 Player Squad and 12 in a 3-4 Player Squad.

The collected Residue must be brought to a Bait Station, which will mix the Residue into a Concoction to access the caves. The process attracts Infested, and the players must defend the Bait Station for 90 seconds.

Once the Concoction is made, the players can take it down into the caves and "feed" it to an Infested door by throwing it with the Alternate Fire button.

If the Concoction is thrown anywhere other than the Infested door, it will be lost, forcing players to create a new one. They only need to interact with the Bait Station again, and do not need to gather more Residue.

Stage 2Edit

Access to the depths is further blocked by a zone that is highly toxic even to Warframes. A Toxic Gauge will appear from 0/100 and gradually increases by 1 every 0.5 seconds, and marked Infested enemies that appear will drop Pickups that reduce the Toxicity Levels by 10. Players must hold out for 90 seconds while preventing the Gauge from completely filling. The stronger Deimos Carnis Rex and Deimos Saxum will appear during the final minute.

Stage 3Edit

The Vault is guarded by a Necramech, which must be slain. The amount of Necramechs increases with Vault Tiers: One Necramech in a Tier 1 Vault, two Necramechs in a Tier 2 Vault, and three Necramechs in a Tier 3 Vault respectively.

Scintillant may appear in the area outside the Vault as floating lootable objects, which can be picked up similar to Cetus Wisps, except they won't despawn.

After all Necramechs are defeated, an Esophage will appear which will take players back to the surface. Players can interact with the Esophage now to claim their rewards or attempt to open the vault for bonuses.


Players must find the Vault door and hit the Reactive Crystal on the plinth in front of it with the Operator's VoidTearIcon b Void damage. This will spawn Loid, who will roam around to activate the door's keys. Players must defend him from continuously spawning Infested; the Necraloid can be healed for 500 health if he is hit with Void Blast.

Once Loid has activated the keys and returned to the door, players must solve the Vault's Requiem Cipher. They are only given a brief moment to memorize the pattern on the door before interacting with the nearby Reactive Crystals via VoidTearIcon b Void damage, in the order of the symbols from top to bottom. Failing the cipher does not alter its pattern, but three failures will trigger the failsafe and cause the Vault to become permanently inaccessible.

Solving the Requiem Cipher will complete the bonus bounty and provide an additional Reward from the drop table, and players may help themselves to the many Cambion Drift resources inside the vault, including fishing and mining parts, along with Argon Crystals and Ayatan Stars.


Certain vault designs have hidden mechanisms that can be activated to reveal additional secret caches and rooms with resources. Different vault designs have different vault mechanisms unique to them, but all requiring activation of Reactive Crystals using VoidTearIcon b Void. Some vaults may have hidden locked doors and hatches, while others may have portal generators that need to be activated to access these hidden treasures. These secrets may also house an inactive Necramech wreckage which players can commandeer to fight inside the vault.

Vault Variant A

No known secrets.

Vault Variant B

Shooting three Reactive Crystals on each side of the center room will activate circular rings in the center of the vault, aligning them to create a Void portal that players to go in, similar to Halls of Ascension tests on Lua or Void Sabotage missions. There is an inactive Necramech that players can perform Transference onto through the portal.

Vault Variant C

No known secrets.

Vault Variant D

Shooting the two Reactive Crystals above two doors inside the center room with the decaying tree will reveal breakable statues in the hallways.

Vault Variant E

Shooting the two Reactive Crystals hidden on opposite ends of the room will open up the locked door in the middle of the room. Another Reactive Crystal in the center of the secret room can be shot to reveal breakable statues.

Vault Variant F

No known secrets.


  • Isolation Vaults have a limited degree of procedural generation that randomizes the spaces that are encountered underground. These include the tunnel leading to the vault, the design of the vault facility, and the location of the vault cipher door. The vault surface entrance and the toxic tunnels are fixed to the location the vault is in however.
  • Should Stage 2 be failed, it is possible to reaccept the bounty from Mother just outside the caves. This skips Stage 1, as the Infested door is already opened.
  • If the world changes before reaching Stage 3, there will only be one Necramech inside the vault (possibly due to reset to tier 1). Loid and the Infested will still retain their levels until the bounty is over.
  • If by any way the Tenno gets inside of the vault without opening the door, they will be forcefully teleported outside of the door.


Vaults also contain Storage Containers that, when broken, may drop the following resources:

Scintillant64 Scintillants may also appear floating around in the Entrati ruins that contain these vaults. Players must destroy its casing before being able to pick it up.

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 29.2.4

  • Reduced Isolation Vault Bounty Toxicity phase from 3 minutes to 1:30 minutes.

An early change meant for Update Deimos: Arcana that was low risk to add now! Feedback alluded to this phase not offering much variety within the Bounty - so we’ve shortened it to get you to the meat of the Bounty quicker!

Hotfix 29.2.2

  • Fixed Isolation Vault Bounty Bait and objective markers remaining after the Bounty is abandoned.

Update 29.2

  • Fixed a matchmaking exploit related to Isolation Vaults.
  • Fixed Clients unable to re-activate the Bait Station if the Bait is lost during an Isolation Vault Bounty.
  • Fixed ability to grab numerous Concoctions if all squadmates trigger the context action at the same time during an Isolation Vault Bounty.

Hotfix 29.0.8

  • Fixed inability to Operator Void Dash after getting nullified by a Necramech during the Isolation Vault Bounty.
  • Fixed Clients always hitting a fade-to-black teleport volume when entering the Isolation Vault.

Hotfix 29.0.7

  • Fixed some Client players seeing the same identical Fass symbol on the Isolation Vault doors.
  • Fixed the Isolation Bounty objective not properly updating upon the second Vault's completion.
  • Fixed Isolation Vault Esophage waypoint lingering after having left the Vault.

Hotfix 29.0.6

  • Fixed Isolation Vault Necramech Damage resistance not applying to Clients.
  • Fixed ability to reach the Isolation Vaults without doing an Insolation Bounty.

Hotfix 29.0.4

Isolation Vault Bounty Changes & Fixes
  • Increased the Bait Defense time from 60s to 90s and increased enemy reinforcements.
  • Lowered drop rate of the Infested anti-toxin during the Toxin Level phase to increase difficulty - it’s too easy!
  • Toxin Level will now greatly increase if players leave the designated area in an effort to increase team coordination and difficulty.
  • Replaced the Volatile Runner with a Deimos Runner in the Toxin Level phase.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if the Host migrated during an Isolation Vault Bounty.
    • This also fixes having to repeat Isolation Vault stages if a Host migration occurred.
  • Fixed a ‘worst case scenario’ procedural generation where some Isolation Vaults would not have the Reactive Crystal intact, which occurred in a 1 hour window last night.

Hotfix 29.0.3

Isolation Vault Bounty Changes & Fixes
  • Updated the Cambion Drift Isolation Vault Bounty description to hint at clearing multiple Vaults in the same session for better rewards.
  • Moved 2 Scintillant spawn points within the Isolation Vaults to be in more trafficked areas.
  • Reduced the amount of spawned Residue per Wyrm puddle from 5 to 3, and also lowered the amount of Residue needed for the first stage of the Isolation Vault Bounty:
    • 6 Residue for 1 or 2 player teams
    • 12 Residue for 3 or 4 player teams
  • Fixed cases of the Esophage losing its waypoint in the Isolation Vault Bounty.
  • Fixed looping Otak/Loid Transmission when picking up 50% of the required Residue for the Isolation Vault Bounty.
  • Fixed a script error related to the Isolation Vault.
  • Fixed numerous script errors when encountering an enemy Necramech.

Update 29.0

  • Introduced.
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