Father, do you remember your Shawzin? Remember how you'd sing to us 'Smiles from Juran'?


Isaah was a Dax soldier seen in The Sacrifice, and is the son of the Dax warrior who would become Excalibur Umbra.


The SacrificeEdit

During the events of the quest, Isaah is seen during the Operator's forays into Umbra's memories. With his father having been afflicted with a debilitating illness, Isaah stands guard to watch over him along with Ballas. Isaah talks to his father about various things, such as his father's various accomplishments, which Isaah holds in high regard, to the point of wanting to follow in his father's footsteps.

Isaah is ultimately killed by his own father after the latter has been driven mad by the Infestation Ballas had injected him with under the guise of "treatment".


  • Isaah is voiced by Joshua Story.
  • After The Sacrifice quest Isaah can be seen in your orbiter as your operator form asking about ballas. The Tenno tells him that he killed ballas.

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